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					Contacts Presse – Parc Astérix
 Karine Angeli / Caroline Bisson
Tel: +33 3 44 62 34 11 / Fax: - 34.13

 On our 20th birthday,
The party will be yours!

    FROM 4 APRIL 2009


    p. 3:           In 2009, every day will be a party at Parc Astérix!

    p. 4 :          Guided Tour to learn everything about Parc Astérix.

    p. 5-6 :        31 attractions as mind-boggling as the magic potion.

    p. 7 :          The live shows at the Parc… laughter-mania!

    p. 8:           Special Breaks: the Parc Astérix Hotel

    p. 9 :          Great Gaulish deals

             Contacts Presse – Parc Astérix
              Karine Angeli / Caroline Bisson
             Tel: +33 3 44 62 34 11 / Fax: - 34.13

In 2009, every day will be a party
         at Parc Astérix!
   When Parc Astérix, the zaniest theme park ever, invites you to celebrate its 20th
   birthday, you can be sure of a wild time! It’s a birthday party every day, with
   your favourite Gaulish heroes, birthday cake by the lake to eat up a big
   slice of laughter, Celtic concerts during July and August nighttime
   events… All this mixed with thrills like Le Défi de César, Goudurix or knock-
   down shows with the dolphin ballet or the fearless stuntmen of Main Basse
   sur la Joconde… Frolicking, feasting and fun are guaranteed at Parc Astérix
   in 2009!

   A birthday party like no other!
   All of Astérix and Obelix's friends from Gaul and Navarra are here to celebrate the
   event. At opening time, the park's streets will be filled with action and visitors will
   be invited to join in the preparations, as nothing is going according to plan.... Yes,
   that's right, the present has just been flattened by a menhir... Now we have to
   think of something else! And why not a live dance show? We'll have to
   improvise and hope the visitors are willing to help!

   The party will be yours!
   Throughout the park, Astérix and Obelix's friends will seize upon visitors to help
   prepare the show! There will be conscriptions going on in each of the Parc's zones.
   What are the qualifications needed? From 7 to 77 years old, men, women and
   children… These Gauls are crazy!
   The clever Gauls will creep into the Roman Arenas to recruit courageous
   candidates without the Legionaries knowing. The Vikings on their funny long boats
   will invite old and young alike to sing along… as for the Greeks, watch out, they
   may trade you some of their shawls in exchange for your participation! And on the
   rue de Paris, an acrobatic duo is preparing an act for Astérix…
   Attention! Close ranks … the parade is starting!
   At around 5 pm, on top of a chariot, a group of musicians will beat the time to rally
   the troops through the streets of the park. This will turn into a real parade with all
   the visitors being enlisted during the day, with the lake the destination. All the
   Gauls will be there to put on the show orchestrated by all our invincible visitors for
   Astérix and Obélix. Lively choreography with a frenzied rhythm are guaranteed!

   The grand finale… a good dose of laughter best served hot!
   Then it's time for the much awaited final banquet and the opening of the enormous
   package placed on the lake. Opening to the sound of music, a superb giant cake
   full of surprises will appear! This marks the start of a typically Gaulish show, with
   sketches, acrobatics, throwing fish… and plenty of laughter all on the menu. All
   this will end... with a relentless chase between Romans and Gauls! The truce will
   only have lasted a day.

                      Contacts Presse – Parc Astérix
                       Karine Angeli / Caroline Bisson
                      Tel: +33 3 44 62 34 11 / Fax: - 34.13


Parc Astérix is already 20 years old! 30 km north of Lutetia (err… sorry Paris), Parc Astérix, the 2nd
theme park in France, cleverly combines humour, merrymaking, sharing and authenticity for a great
family day out and each season, it offers its indomitable visitors an adventure made to their measure.
The “leisure potion” of Parc Astérix has been tried and tested since 1989? A knock-out mixture of 31
attractions and big live shows, all staged in 6 themed worlds decorated with Gaulish humour:

• Gaul
Dive right into the comic! Here, try out the joys of Gaulish life and discover their scouring humour!
There’ll be squeals on board the Trace du Hourra, an amazing ride on Gaulish bobsleighs… splashes are
guaranteed on the Menhir Express and the Grand Splatch before spinning on the Petite Tempête… and
don't forget the presence of all our proud heroes bringing the Village to life all day long, just like in the

• The Roman Empire:
With Caesar, enlist in the Roman Legionary to spy on the Gaulish camp and rush to the recruitment centre
opened by Caesar himself: le Défi de César, unless you would rather play truant on board the Espions de
César before joining the Arena show dedicated to the feats of our proud legionaries… Glory to Rome!

• Ancient Greece
Relive all the myths of Antiquity! The most courageous of you will face Zeus on board his breathtaking
wooden rollercoaster, and the bravest will don their wings on board the Vol d'Icare. As for the little ones,
they will enjoy a cruise on la Rivière d’Elis… and will go to the Théâtre de Poséidon to discover the
incredible aquatic ballet performed by the dolphins and sea lions!

• The Vikings
This is where we'll see how brave you all are. Anyone who has the Goudurix will turn upside down 7
times on this incredible rollercoaster and will brave the storm in an breath-taking swinging boat while the
younger ones will go off on an adventure on board little longboats or flying swings!

• Through the ages
Need some peace and quiet? Go back to the 1900’s to take a breath of fresh air thanks to the
Oxygénarium before going on the breathtaking Chaises Volantes! For some action, go for the 30's by
taking part in the most spectacular heist of the century, Main basse sur la Joconde, and for some humour,
go for a ride on a funny old banger on the Nationale 7. And for a good dose of history, discover the middle
ages and their ancestral arts!

• Via Antica
The ideal place to find a souvenir of your visit. From Numérobis to chez Rahazade, from the Bon
Légionnaire to the Galeries Gauloises, there is something for all ages and tastes...

And to continue the adventure, Parc Astérix invites its guests to stay at the Hôtel des Trois Hiboux, a
comfortable, friendly three-star hotel, located in the heart of the forest to discover the riches of the local
fauna and flora.

                                        Contacts Presse – Parc Astérix
                                         Karine Angeli / Caroline Bisson
                                        Tel: +33 3 44 62 34 11 / Fax: - 34.13


      The 31 attractions at Parc Astérix, including a dozen especially for those
      under 6, offer each of our indomitable visitors an adventure made to their measure.
      Everyone, from Village elders to young Gaulish apprentices, will find their fun here!

      • TONNERRE DE ZEUS: Do you dare defy Zeus? The breathtaking course of this
        wooden rollercoaster rockets at 80kph to heights of up to 30m… 90 seconds of
      • GOUDURIX*: you won’t know which way is up onboard this incredible ride with its
        7 hair-raising loop-the-loops!
      • LA TRACE DU HOURRA: jump onboard this thoroughly Gaulish bobsleigh and whiz
        down the 900 metre descent at 60kph! You’ll squeal with delight!
      • LES CHAISES VOLANTES: lose your bearings aboard the 48 swings on this
        carousel which will tilt you 10m into the air!
      • LA GALÈRE: a storm is brewing… Now’s the time to prove your courage aboard
        this giant swinging boat!
      • LE CHEVAL DE TROIE: a rotating flying carpet that soars up to 12m above the
        ground! Not for the faint hearted!

      • LE DÉFI DE CESAR, the attraction of the year in 2008. A 20 min dive right into
        the comic to take up the 4 interactive challenges presented by Caesar and
      • TRANSDEMONIUM: a ghost train to play at giving yourself a fright as you brave the
        castle dungeons!
      • LE VOL D’ICARE: a family rollercoaster, come relive the spirit of Icarus!
      • L’HYDRE DE LERNE: come take a whirl in the tentacles of a fearsome 7-headed
      • NATIONALE 7: enjoy a preview of your summer holiday as you take the wheel of
        these funny old bangers!
      • LES ESPIONS DE CÉSAR: spy on the Gaulish village from the comfort of a pedal-
        powered chariot!
      • LES CHAUDRONS: take a spin in the whirling cauldrons… just make sure to keep
        your feet on the ground!
      • PÉRIFÉRIX: a high-speed train for our younger visitors to play at being “grown-
      • LA RONDE DES RONDINS: a mini-rollercoaster for the little ones!
      • LES PETITS DRAKKARS: these Viking boats are ready for boarding!
      • LA PETITE TEMPÊTE: ride up and down across the waves on these small boats!
      • LES CHEVAUX DU ROY ET LE CARROUSEL DE CÉSAR: two traditional rides with
        wooden horses and favourite characters from the comic book.

                     Contacts Presse – Parc Astérix
                      Karine Angeli / Caroline Bisson
                     Tel: +33 3 44 62 34 11 / Fax: - 34.13

               AND MORE …
• MENHIR EXPRESS: for everyone who’s ever dreamed about helping Obélix
  deliver his menhirs! Watch out for whirlpools, eddies and that final 13-metre
  high waterfall!
• LE GRAND SPLATCH: There’s no talking back to a Numide! Splashes are
  guaranteed on this booby-trapped ride of aquatic high jinks!
• ROMUS ET RAPIDUS: white water ride on giant rubber rafts down rapids, swirls,
  geysers and falls… These Romans are crazy!
• L’OXYGÉNARIUM: Come see this breathtaking attraction famous for its
  sophisticated air purification system! Giant rubber rafts zoom down a 195-
  metre slide for a great breath of fresh air!
• LA RIVIÈRE D’ELIS: sail along the Mediterranean coast under the benevolent
  eye of the Greek Gods!
• CROISIÈRE EPIDEMAÏS: cruise through the Gaulish village and enjoy some
  madcap moments!

• L’ESCADRILLE DES AS: enjoy a flight on one of these Cuckoos and take a step
  back in time to the 1900s.
• LES PETITES CHAISES VOLANTES: a miniature version of the famous carousel,
  for smaller children!
• LE PETIT TRAIN AND LE MINI CARROUSEL: a train and carousel that younger
  kids are sure to enjoy.
• LES PETITS CHARS TAMPONNEURS: defeating the Roman troops in these
  Gaulish chariots is guaranteed fun for even the youngest of our visitors!
• LA FORÊT DES DRUIDES, an enchanting place for our Little Gauls, featuring
  tree-toboggans, giant mushrooms to climb all over, an echo cave to shout
  themselves hoarse, and a ride in a miniature train to make anyone brim with
  joy! And, for even more fun, an acrobatic course through the trees lets the
  little ones pour water over Caesar’s spies. All this is part of their playtime!

             Contacts Presse – Parc Astérix
              Karine Angeli / Caroline Bisson
             Tel: +33 3 44 62 34 11 / Fax: - 34.13

                      A FESTIVAL OF LIVE SHOWS
Amongst all the attractions at Parc Astérix, our truly unique, live shows mix acrobatics and special
effects to wow everyone in the audience!

                         On the foggy docks at Le Havre, a gang of bandits is plotting to steal the Mona Lisa as it
                         is about to be shipped to an exhibition at the famous New York Metropolitan museum.
                         But they didn’t bank on Marcel, a humble housepainter, who after having unwittingly
                         witnessed the theft, sets out on an unlikely quest to save the famous
                         masterpiece…Explosions, chases and stunts are what make this mind-blowing show
                         with devilish suspense!
                         Backstage: eight stuntmen-actors including a trapeze artist treat us to 30 minutes of acrobatics
                         and special effects in a set that rivals the show in outrageousness, featuring no fewer than three
                         cars, a motorbike, a train and a sidecar all rushing around the 50m-wide stage… all staged by 7
                         Vieux Paris – 2,000 seats – for audiences of all ages – show length: 30 min

                         • “LA LÉGION RECRUTE” IN THE ARENAS! AVE CAESAR
                         Notice to the population: A career of glory and honour is waiting for you as a
                         legionary! If not in Caesar's proud legionaries, then at least join the Roman Arenas to
                         watch this show combining stunts, magic and... real fun for the whole family.
                         During an “open door” day at Babaorum camp, soldiers are training to try and attract
                         new recruits. Military training quickly turns into a fiasco when a Gaulish lady spy comes
                         to infiltrate the ranks to sabotage the morale of the troops. Will she accomplish her
                         Backstage: 15 people are mobilised under the Roman eagle including 8 stunt actors to perform
                         acrobatic acts and a tightrope act.
                         Arènes Romaines: 1,100 seats – for audiences of all ages – show length: 25 min

                            DAILY LIFE!
                         Starting at 12.30 every day, you’ll find actors and well-known personalities in the
                         Gaulish Village, busy getting ready to celebrate the festival of Toutatis. If you’d like a
                         permanent memento of this special visit, go and have your picture taken with Astérix
                         and Obélix in front of Getafix’s hut.
                         Every day from 12.30 in the Gaulish Village

                         • THE DOLPHIN AND SEA LION SHOW
                         In a brand new decor, the dolphins and sea lions in the Parc Astérix dolphinarium have
                         the lead in this educational aquatic ballet! Incredible time of leisure and sensations, dive
                         into the fascinating world of these marine mammals and find out all about their way of
                         life and learn about the complicity between the animal and its trainer - you simply must
                         not miss the show at the Théâtre de Poséidon!
                         Théâtre de Poséidon – 2,000 seats – for audiences of all ages-: 20 min

                         • PARIS, ERR…LUTETIA, AS SEEN BY THE GAULS!
                         As soon as you enter the Rue de Paris, you are whirled back through the centuries in a
                         bliss of laughter and high spirits! A simple stroll down the street takes you on an
                         extraordinary trip from the Middle Ages to the late 19 century! Take a close look at
                         shops and stalls from the 19 century, and meet real craftsmen working in their
                         Our actors play out scenes from the Middle Ages as master glassmakers,
                         blacksmiths, potters, wood sculptors and stone carvers - all of them
                         demonstrating their trade just as it used to be in days of yore… a truly eye-opening
                         educational experience!

                                          Contacts Presse – Parc Astérix
                                           Karine Angeli / Caroline Bisson
                                          Tel: +33 3 44 62 34 11 / Fax: - 34.13


            The hotel's location in the heart of the forest makes it the perfect place for
            some blissful relaxation after a day of thrills at Parc Astérix! This three-star
            hotel, in its lush forest setting, offers 100 large 30m² family rooms for
            between 5 and 7 people!

            A CHILD’S PARADISE!
            The children's bunk beds are separated from the parents' room for greater
            comfort and independence. All the furniture is pinch-proof for finger safety, and
            cribs are available, as well as high chairs, bottle warmers and children's
            menus...Everything has been designed with the comfort and safety of our
            little Gauls in mind!
            For those who wish to play outdoors, the hotel offers plenty of space to run
            around. Indoors, you'll find a large games room dedicated to fun! On
            weekends and during school holidays, magicians and Parc Astérix
            characters visit the hotel to say hello to the indomitable little Gauls
            before they tuck in to their special banquet… of French crêpes, yum yum!

            FOR OLDER GAULS …
            There is a friendly and well-appointed lounge that allows you to relax next to an
            impressive 20-metre-high fireplace. There's also a large patio, a den where
            you'll find a pool table and a library, WiFi access and a lounge bar.
            There are several dining options: à la carte selections for fine dining, a buffet
            for those with hearty appetites, and sandwiches and snacks at the bar for those
            who just want to nibble.

            The hotel offers you an opportunity to discover the huge diversity of local flora
            and fauna thanks to a two-kilometre nature trail starting just behind the hotel.
            You'll find 8 highly instructive observation points.

                            A free shuttle bus service is available
                                 between the hotel and the main Parc.

            RATE for 1 day & 1 night! Stay with friends at the “Hotel des Trois
            Hiboux” based on 4 adults: from €62/person.

            RATE for 2 days & 1 night! Family Stay based on 2 adults & 2 children
            under 12 years old: from €77.50/person.
                      Information and reservations: www.parcasterix.fr
                                or 0826 30 10 40 (€0.15/min)

                         Contacts Presse – Parc Astérix
                          Karine Angeli / Caroline Bisson
                         Tel: +33 3 44 62 34 11 / Fax: - 34.13

For its 20th birthday, Parc Astérix is celebrating in style and is offering a
wide range of rates from €20*
Discover all our exclusive offers now on our website www.parcasterix.fr
                              *Offers for dated tickets and subject to special conditions

Invincible Gauls, join up and book now!
•   Weekly rate: from €25/person when booking 7 days in advance
•   Weekend rate: from €29/person when booking 7 days in advance
•   Birthday rate of €20 certain days of the week – limited offer

Want to be the 20th birthday VIP? The Premium Pass
For its 20th birthday, Parc Astérix is launching a new range of special VIP products
for all those who want a truly privileged experience! With this pass, visitors will be
able to bypass the queues for the rides, eat and drink as much as they want and
will be showered with gifts during their visit.
The premium pass is a new solution for those who want an all inclusive package
and to treat themselves to VIP treatment throughout their visit!
The Premium Pass includes:
      - Access to VIP parking
      - A full breakfast at the restaurant
      - Unlimited soft drinks
      - A souvenir photo to remember your visit
      - Private time with the the dolphin carers of the Parc
      - And above all “QUEUE JUMPER” PRIORITY ACCESS to 4 major
  attractions: Tonnerre de Zeus, La Trace du Hourra, Le Défi de César and
  Menhir express
•   Adult rate: €99 – Child rate: €75

The Pass Paradiloisirs provides unlimited access to Parc Astérix and to three
other major theme parks in the Ile-de-France region located less than one hour
from Paris: France Miniature, Musée Grévin and Mer de Sable for 1 year from the
issue date!
Holders of the Pass will get exclusive benefits:
- 20% discount on the price for one night including breakfast at the Hôtel des Trois
Hiboux***, the Parc Astérix hotel!
- 50% discount at 18 other theme parks in France and Europe listed below upon
presentation of the Pass Paradiloisirs!

•   €84 rate – Pass can be purchased directly from the park cash desks.

                 Contacts Presse – Parc Astérix
                  Karine Angeli / Caroline Bisson
                  Tel: +33 3 44 62 34 11 / Fax: - 34.13


         All raods lead to Parc Astérix
                                       - By car
                                       30 km North of Paris. A1 Paris/Lille motorway, direct
                                       exit to Parc Astérix, between #7 and #8. Paying car park.
                                       - From Paris
                                       • Direct shuttle Paris / Parc Astérix
                                       From the Louvre museum: access by the «Carrousel
                                       du Louvre»(99 rue de Rivoli) or direct access by the «Palais
                                       Royal» metro station.Take the escalator located in Hall
                                       Charles V (Shop level) and leadingto the coach park.
                                       Departure at 8.45am, return at 6.30pm (except Christmas).
                                       Return ticket rates: €20/adult - €16/child (3 to 11 years
                                       old inclusive) -Child return ticket under 3 years old : free.
                                       • Metro / RER B
                                       Line RER B3. Get off at the «Aéroport Charles de Gaulle 1»
                                       station thentake the Parc Astérix shuttle at the bus station
                                       (platform A3).
                                       - From Charles de Gaulle Airport
                                       Regular shuttle Aéroport Charles de Gaulle/Parc
                                       by Bus Courrier-Ile-de-France (CIF), platform A3. Departure
                                       every 30 mn - from 9am to 6.30pm. Return every 30 mn from
                                       9.30am to 7pm.
                                       Shuttle information: +33 (0)1 48 62 38 33.
                                       Return ticket rates: €7.50/adult - €5.50/child (3 to 11
                                       years old inclusive) - Child return ticket under 3 years old :
                                       - From outside Paris
                                      Arrival by train (TGV) or by air at Charles de Gaulle
                                      Airport: take the CDGVAL inter-terminal metro leading to
                                      Terminal 3 until the Bus station. Tickets on sale at the
                                      “Astérix” office. Take the shuttle from platform A3.

TEL : + 33 3 44 62 31 31 / website : www.parcasterix.fr

                Contacts Presse – Parc Astérix
                 Karine Angeli / Caroline Bisson
                 Tel: +33 3 44 62 34 11 / Fax: - 34.13


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