Tips on Teaching with Blackboard Ways of Delivering Orientation Information

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					                 Tips on Teaching with Blackboard

Ways of Delivering Orientation Information and Assessment Strategies

   •   Handout Written Instructions
   •   Presentation by Blackboard Administrator
   •   Video Demo
   •   In-person Orientation
   •   CD (.avi version of the video demo) also include all plug-ins and resources
       needed to complete the course.
   •   Interactive tutorial
   •   Talk about Blackboard to new students.
   •   Blackboard Help site – Include links to Blackboard
   •   Campus Web Page
   •   Student Assessment Check list – Have advisor give to students before enrolling
       (identifies skills and technical prerequisites.)
   •   Sample course – include support, web resources, login information for students.
   •   Online Assessment

Strategies for teaching online

   •   Prepare a one-page technical help sheet to distribute to your students. Include –
       email, URLs, office hours, locations, support numbers, password information.

   •   Set rules and standards for good “netiquette” within the discussion forum.

   •   Encourage communication – create a discussion forum which introduces each
       student to the class.

   •   Give extra credit for participation

   •   Good navigational course design

   •   Create assignments early in the course that involve emailing and attachments.
       Have it as extra credit. This will familiarize the student with the Blackboard
       environment and make sure everybody’s email accounts are established.

   •   Make sure you are available during “virtual office hours”

   •   Be flexible yet creative.
   •   Evaluations are important – Will help you shape the next online course that you

   •   Make sure course is easy to navigate – Detail instructions – double talk

   •   Simplicity – choose the right tools

   •   Have a good support team

   •   Plan in advance – Be prepared to make readjustments – Prepare materials for
       electronic delivery. This may include scanning graphics, PDF files etc.

   •   Demonstrate good writing skills

   •   Show personality and enthusiasm

   •   Welcome student comments

   •    Learn from mistakes

The “Muddiest Point”

Have students relay back to you at the end of a chapter or course the “Muddiest Point”.
This refers to what the student understood the least. Each student is asked to email a one
sentence response. (Encourages the students to read as well as help the instructor to
recognize the weak spots in their course.

Communication Strategies

   •   Be responsive
   •   Send out email frequently
   •   Use announcement page
   •   Encourage communication

Helpful tips for students
   •   Have students print out the entire course.

   •   Print out confirmations of assignments when sent.
  •   Bookmark the course – Enter the URL to the site.
  •   Use Electric Noteboard to take notes.

Known Quiz Problems in Blackboard
  •   When making a Quiz unavailable after it has been made available and a student
      has already accessed it, will wipe out that students grade out of the grade book.

  •   Make sure to notify students that they cannot look at the quiz before they take it.
      Once they begin the quiz function is active.

  •   Inform students that when they begin the quiz, they should not leave it up and
      running for along period of time. Some browsers will kick out the blackboard

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