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					Tips on Encouraging Students to                       Webpage Information                        Faculty Information Pamphlet
        Come to CLASS
1.   Share our contact information by
     mentioning our center in your
     syllabus or by providing a link to our
     webpage on your course or
     Blackboard homepage.
                                               Our webpage is the best way to obtain             The Center for Learning & Academic
                                               information whenever you or your                           Support Services
             SCC Building 11
                                               students can’t contact us in person. Log on
           anytime for:

                                                           Tutoring Schedules
                                                          Workshop Schedules                              Tutoring Center
                                                       Appointment Information
                                                     Contact & Location Information
                                                      Online Tutoring Information
                                                      Writing Links and Worksheets
2. If you are teaching in a SMART                           Study Skills Links
     classroom, log onto our webpage                         Academic Links
     and click on our 6-minute services                     Discussion Boards
     video                       Center Policies
                                                             Services Video
                                                             And More . . . .


     You can also call us at ext. 3827 and                     CLASS
     borrow a DVD or VHS copy of our                     Administrative Staff
     video.                                                            Director
                                                                 Dr. Caron Mellblom
                                                                       Ext. 2713
3. Require students to visit our center                          Assistant Director
     or log onto our webpage and bring                 Writing/Humanities Tutoring Coordinator
                                                                    Peggy Ozaki
     you a copy of our tutoring schedule                              Ext.2324
     for credit. This is a great alternative                               Small College Complex
     to requiring or “forcing” students                       Information Technologist                     Building 11
     who may or may not need                              Math/Science Tutoring Coordinator
                                                                  Francisco Romero                        310-243-3827
     assistance to learn about our center.                            Ext.2322
                                                               Administrative Assistant
                                                                  Patrick Naranjo
                                                                      Ext. 3827
                                                                     Created & Updated
                                                                       by Peggy Ozaki
                                                                                                                        Frequently Asked
The Center for Learning and Academic Support                                                                           Questions & Answers
Services (CLASS) is the campus tutoring center.
                                                      Computer Assisted Instruction
Located in SCC building 11, our center offers a       CLASS offers self-paced computer assisted           Q: Do tutors proofread or check assignments?
variety of academic support services in a             instruction in writing and math through PLATO       A: No, proofreading does not allow students to
comfortable learning environment.                                                                         learn from their work. Instead of proofreading or
                                                      software. Students must contact us and attend       checking, tutors address questions and offer
                                                      a brief orientation in order to use the program.    suggestions based on the patterns of errors that
All of our of tutors and student assistants are
CSUDH students or former students who have                                                                they see in assignments. They also help students
excelled in their studies. They have also been                                                            with their study and revision skills to develop their
highly recommended by at least 3 CSUDH                                                                    overall academic skills.
faculty members and have been extensively             Workshops
trained by the center’s administrative staff.         The Enhancing Critical Literacy Project (ECLP)      Q: Can I require ALL my students to participate
                                                                                                          in tutoring?
                                                      allows us to offer workshops that cover critical    A: Yes, but understand that our center has a fixed
During the fall and spring semesters, we are          thinking, reading and writing throughout the        amount of tutoring time and space. In order to
open:                                                 semester. A complete listing of workshops can       serve the most students, we have instituted a one
                                                      be found online or at our center. In addition,      tutoring session per day, per subject limit. If you
                Monday-Thursday                       group study tutors or Supplemental Instruction      decide to require your students to use our
                 8:30am -8:00pm                       (SI) leaders are available for designated courses   services, please suggest that they attend a
                                                      listed in the college schedule.                     workshop. Also, please caution students not to
                     Friday                                                                               wait until the last week of classes to fulfill this
                 8:30am-3:00pm                                                                            requirement, because tutoring slots may not be
                                                                                                          available at the last minute.
                 9:00am-1:00pm                        Online Tutoring                                     Q: Can I refer students to CLASS?
                 Times are subject to change.         We provide online discussion boards and             A: Yes, simply contact us and request a Referral
                                                      tutorials for distance learners. If you are         From or download a copy from our website.
Hours differ during the summer and winter             teaching a distance learning course and would       Complete the form and have your student bring it
semesters.                                            like more information, give us a call.              to our center. We recommend referrals for
                                                                                                          students who are required to seek assistance.
                                                                                                          Please keep in mind that it is the student’s
                                                                                                          responsibility to contact us and make an
We provide the following services and                                                                     appointment.
facilities:                                           Computer Stations
                                                      Our center has computers that are equipped          Q: Do I have to refer or require students to use
                                                      with Internet access and current software.          the center?
                                                      Computers are located in our main labs and in       A: No, referrals and requirements are completely
                                                      our Quiet Computer Lab. If you have software        optional. Students can participate in drop-in
                                                      that you would like to make available through       tutoring and be helped on a first come, first served
                                                      our center, please let know.                        basis according to tutor availability.
One-on-one Tutoring
Tutors are available for 30-minute drop-in                                                                Q: How do I know if my students have worked
                                                                                                          with a writing tutor?
sessions or appointments according to their           Study Space                                         A: Tutors complete a Writing Tutoring Log as
posted schedule. Tutors do not edit, check or         Breakout rooms are available for small group        they work with students. When the session ends,
proofread assignments. Instead, tutors help           study sessions or for quiet study. Rooms are        the student will receive a copy of the log for
students review course material and develop           available on a first come, first served basis and   reference. You may request that students turn in
better critical thinking, writing and study skills.   are open during normal operating hours.             their copy with their assignment as a record of
Log onto our webpage                                                          their tutoring session.
to view our current tutoring schedule.

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