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									            ANNUAL PERFORMANCE                             objectives that directly supports the mission of
            EVALUATIONS ARE DUE                            the organization.

I t’s that time again! The performance appraisal
  cycle ends on March 31. All employees’ final
performance evaluations are due to Human
                                                           Exceptional (Previously “Outstanding”)
                                                           This rating represents consistently exceptional
                                                           and documented performance or consistently
Resources no later than April 16, 2007. The final          superior achievement beyond the regular
evaluation must be in hard copy format, signed by          assignment. Employees make exceptional
the reviewer, supervisor and employee. Final               contribution(s) that have a significant and
ratings should be listed as O, C, S or NI only.            positive impact on the performance of the unit
Remember that any factor or overall evaluation of          or the organization and may materially
Commendable or Outstanding must be                         advance the mission of the organization. The
accompanied by written documentation.                      employee provides a model for excellence and
Evaluations of overall Needs Improvement require           helps others to do their jobs better. Peers,
a performance improvement plan or a Corrective             immediate supervision, higher-level
Action to be attached to the final evaluation.             management and others can readily recognize
Please contact Human Resources immediately if              such a level of performance.
you anticipate giving a rating of Needs
Improvement. Please be sure that the reviewer has          Needs Improvement (No changes)
signed the evaluation before finalizing with the           This rating level encompasses those
employee. The Division Directors will be reviewing         employees whose performance does not
all evaluations for their Division to ensure accuracy      consistently and independently meet
and consistency.                                           expectations set forth in the performance plan,
                                                           as well as those employees whose
        CHANGE IN THE PERFORMANCE                          performance is clearly unsatisfactory and
          MANAGEMENT PROGRAM                               consistently fails to meet requirements and

E   ffective with the April 1, 2007 performance
    cycle, three rating levels will be used for final
evaluations for performance awards that are
                                                           Marginal performance requires substantial
                                                           monitoring and close supervision to ensure
payable on July 1, 2008. The three rating                  progression toward a level of performance that
definitions are as follows:                                meets expectations. Although these
                                                           employees are not currently meeting
Proficient (Previously “Successful” and “Commendable”)     expectations, they may be progressing
This rating level encompasses a range of expected          satisfactorily toward a “Proficient” rating and
performance. It includes employees who are                 need coaching/direction
successfully developing in the job; employees who          in order to satisfy the
exhibit competency in work behaviors, skills, and          core expectations
assignments; and accomplished performers who               of the position.
consistently exhibit the desired competencies
effectively and independently. These employees
are meeting all the expectations, standards,
requirements, and objectives on their performance
plan, and on occasion, exceed them. This is the
employee who reliably performs the job assigned
and may even have a documented impact beyond
the regular assignments and performance

                                                  March 2007
Supervisor training sessions will be conducted to
assist supervisors in using AHEC’s new performance                   5 Years
management form and to review the performance                 Denton Archibeque
management program. The following sessions will be                Gary Borkan
held in the Administration Building, Room 370:                    Ray Chavez
                                                               Shannon Fluckey
          Date                        Time                        Jeffrey Halls
    3/27/07 (Tuesday)        11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.              Betty Ingels
  3/28/07 (Wednesday)         3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.             Davonna Lopez
    4/03/07 (Tuesday)         6:00 a.m. – 7:00 a.m.             Deidre McDuffe
                                                               Jason Mollendor
Please e-mail Colleen Consol at                James Moodie
to register for the session you wish to attend.                Kenneth Moodie
                                                                  Kenneth Olin
             STATE SERVICE AWARDS                                 Carol Peters
                                                                Terry Sambula
W      e will recognize and celebrate fellow
       employees who have reached
the five, ten, fifteen, twenty and
                                                               Donald Schmertz
                                                                  Tom Spiker
twenty-five year mark of                                            10 Years
service with the State of                                        Adrian Alvisio
Colorado. Recipients,                                          Peter Candelaria
their supervisors, and                                          Aimee Carbajal
Division Directors are                                          Michele Garcia
invited to a luncheon at                                       Kimberly Gomez
which certificates and                                        Leonard Gutierrez
awards will be presented                                          Nam-Su Kim
to all of the recipients.                                         Paula Meza
There will be an evening                                        Leonard Peete
Awards presentation for                                       Arminda Sifuentes
those employees who work                                          Linda Taylor
the second and third shifts.                                   Frank Thompson
The dates and times for both                                      Richard Vigil
ceremonies will be announced later.                               Dave Wykry
                                                                    15 Years
The criteria used to determine state service awards                Terry Buck
are based on hire dates. Employees eligible for                Bertha Enriquez
awards this year were hired during the following                John Osterman
calendar years. Note: employees may have reached                 Randy Tatroe
their particular service date in 2006:                           Renee Wilson
                                                                    20 Years
     5 Years    January 2001 – December 2001                   Maria Castorena
    10 Years    January 1996 – December 1996                    Philip Pacheco
    15 Years    January 1991 – December 1991                   Barbara Weiske
    20 Years    January 1986 – December 1986                   John Zamparelli
    25 Years    January 1981 – December 1981                        25 Years
                                                                KaLynn Busler
In addition, award recipients are presented with gifts
                                                                 George Delve
of appreciation for their dedication to the state and to
                                                                   John Egan
AHEC. The recipients of 2006 State Service Awards
                                                               Thomas Lindsey
are listed below:
                                                                    Gail Losh
If you think your name should be on this list, or if you         James Walker
have any questions, please contact Patti Dewhurst at            Vance Womack
                                                 March 2007

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