Intrapower Customer Support Escalation

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					Intrapower Customer Support Escalation

 Faults                       Contact                                Telephone
 TO LOG A FAULT               Customer Support                       1300 136 741
 24 hours 7 days    

 First Escalation             On Shift Team Leader                   1300 136 741
 At 80% of SLA            Request for Escalation
                                                                     to the Team Leader

 Second Escalation            Robert Zulueta                         1300 136 741
 100% Breach of SLA           Call Centre Manager                    07 3032 3000

 Third Escalation             Tim Ware                               1300 136 741
 As required providing        General Manager of Customer            07 3032 3000
 prior escalation points      operations
 have been contacted.

 Fourth Escalation            Darc Rasmussen
 Third Escalation             Chief Operating Officer                1300 136 741
 As required providing       07 3032 3000
 prior escalation points
 have been contacted.

 Escalation Guidelines

 A fault can be escalated subject to the following Criteria:

          SLA has been Breached, Or will be Breached ( Greater then 80% of SLA period has
          It can be demonstrated that Intrapower have been ineffective in fault handling.
          Intrapower can alter the outcome through escalation
          Previous escalation level has not responded


 There are extenuating circumstances such as:-

          Medical Emergency
          National security impact or potential impact
          Regional disaster
          Demonstrated critical business impact.

 Intrapower Customer Escalation
                                                                               Updated 30/07/09