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									                       NORTH HERTFORDSHIRE DISTRICT COUNCIL
                         CUSTOMER SERVICES DIRECTORATE

                                          JOB DESCRIPTION

Date Issued: January 2007                                                    Post No:

Job Title:                         Production Supervisor

Service/Unit Area:                 The Document Centre

Grade:                             8

Hours:                             Full Time

Responsible to:                    The Document Centre Manager

Responsible for:                   1x Litho Printer/Finisher,
                                   1 x Finance/Document Centre Officer,
                                   1 x Artworker/Document Centre Officer,
                                   1 x Stationery/Document Centre Officer,

Contacts:                          Regular contact with: officers at all levels in the council,
                                   employees of external customers such as Community
                                   Voluntary Services and North Hertfordshire Homes,
                                   contractors and suppliers that provide outsourcing
                                   services, supplies and materials and equipment


Job Summary:

•   To motivate and give direction to a small team developing and maintaining
    quality-based production, whilst monitoring individual, team and machine
    performance. Supervising all aspects of print production and providing additional
    resource whenever necessary.
•   To control the flow of work to meet customer deadlines; from checking and
    managing the product specification, making adjustments and keeping clients
    informed, to overseeing the work of the staff, taking responsibility for the finished
    product by monitoring and maintaining quality.
•   To offer expert advice supporting the operation of the Document Centre by giving
    recommendation and guidance on document and finishing solutions to both
    customers and staff, and in doing so provide continual staff training and
•   To deputise for The Document Centre Manager when required.

Key Responsibilities:

1      Principal Responsibilities

Customer Service

•   To give customers a positive impression of The Document Centre. Establishing
    and maintaining effective relationships with both internal and external customers.
•   To work proactively with customers to identify the appropriate document solution
    to meet their needs, taking into account quality, costs and existing workloads.
•   Liasing with customers to discuss changes to specifications.
•   Liasing with customers and The Document Centre Manager to advise on
    problems or delays. Troubleshooting potential problems and providing solutions
    in advance.

Performance Management & Quality Control

•   Checking the accuracy of product specification.
•   Creation of job dockets on the management information system (Accura) as part
    of the production process and then on-going monitoring to ensure accuracy
    through all production processes associated with each job.
•   In conjunction with The Document Centre Manager, input and maintain accurate
    cost information (hourly rates, materials etc.) into the management information
    system, to ensure it is always up to date.
•   Checking the suitability and quality of materials and all print operations during the
    production process through to the final quality check and despatch.
•   To review and make recommendations for the smooth running of the department.
•   To work closely with The Document Centre Manager to produce and review
    individual/team performance. Providing information and commentary on a regular
    and ad-hoc basis.


•   To work across the production cycle to ensure the flow of work meets customer
    deadlines including raising works orders the computerised management system
    generating an accurate specification for the product. Supervising origination of
    artwork and digital images, timely production of printing plates, the running of
    presses, binding and finishing machines, and final despatch, often taking
    immediate decisions in problem solving.
•   Allocating work to, and overseeing the work of the production team.
•   To undertake operational duties as required to meet deadlines and/or cover for
    staff absence, filling gaps in resources in all areas.
•   To outsource work as required from the agreed contractor lists.
•   To maintain stocks of materials and consumables and their appropriate storage
    as required along with their cost effective usage whilst meeting production
•   To ensure all production equipment is maintained and serviced appropriately.
    Keeping daily safety check books where necessary.
•   In conjunction with The Document Centre Manager, ensure The Document
    Centre complies with current HSE legislation. Carry out continual re-evaluations,
    risk assessments and ensuring prompt action is taken and training be given
    whenever appropriate.

2      Staff Management

•   To provide a positive ‘can do’ approach to management, whilst leading the team
    by example.
•   To provide supportive management to coach, develop and motivate their team.
•   To deploy staff effectively and ensure they are performing to agreed standards
    (including maintaining monthly 1:1 employee meetings).
•   To manage staff leave and working arrangements within the production team to
    ensure all operational areas of print production are adequately staffed and
    maintained in a professional and tidy manner, including maintenance of accurate
    flexitime and absence records, along with the preparation of efficient and
    workable rosters in conjunction with The Document Centre Manager.
•   Reallocating tasks (and rescheduling) whenever needed to achieve deadlines.
•   In agreement with The Document Centre Manager, take responsibility for the co-
    ordination of and supervision of staff training within the production team.

3      Service Management

•   To review and develop the services for which the post holder is responsible and
    manage change, to achieve continuous improvement; maintaining agreed
    performance targets and meeting the requirements of Best Value.
•   To ensure the service meets the Council’s ‘Customer First’ standards.
•   To actively promote the service in order to raise the profile of the Council and
    demonstrate its value to residents and customers.
•   To provide support and assistance to The Document Centre Manager and
    provide cover when required.

4      Financial Responsibilities

•   To proactively manage budgets under your control within agreed financial limits
    to provide value for money in delivering services and maximise the achievement
    of Council policy.
•                             s
    To work within the Council' Standing Orders for Contracts and Financial

5      Other Responsibilities

•   To ensure that all dealings with staff and the public are conducted within the
    Council' Equal Opportunities framework.
•   To comply with all relevant legislation to ensure effectiveness in the role.
•   To have regard for the duty of care of information (with particular reference to the
    Data Protection Act and Freedom of Information Act) gained during the course of
    employment that relates to other employees, the public, contractors, Elected
    Members etc.
•   The jobholder is responsible for the implementation of safe systems of work and
    the application of established health and safety procedures. They must conduct
    regular risk assessments of their areas of responsibility, exercise such
    supervision and communicate such information as is necessary to ensure the
    health and safety of their staff, visitors and the general public whilst in the pursuit
    of NHDC’s undertaking. This includes operational responsibility for the health
    and safety of all activities covered by The Document Centre in the absence of
    The Document Centre Manager.
•   To undertake other duties which may arise or as may be delegated from time to
    time, appropriate to the grade of the post.

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