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					Diploma in Business

    Acelin CRICOS Provider Code: 02854D
Chief Executive’s Message
                                                                    The tuition fee of Acelin’s Diploma in Business program is
                                                                    extremely competitive yet the quality is high, making our
                                                                    program especially attractive. The Program has credit
                                                                    transfer arrangements with undergraduate business
                                                                    programs at a number of Australian universities and
                                                                    therefore, provides students with a cost-effective pathway
                                                                    to degree studies.

                                                                    Deciding where to pursue your studies is one of the most
                                                                    critical decisions you make. There are several important
                                                                    dimensions for you to consider as you assess your
                                                                    options. I am keen to talk with you about our program and
                                                                    approach to learning. Be assured that we at Acelin
                                                                    Institute of Business are committed to providing you with
                                                                    an excellent learning experience and delivering quality
                                                                    outcomes that support your quest for a rewarding future in
                                                                    business fields.

                                                                    I hope you can join our program and experience the

                                                                    Michael Lin
Chief Executive, Mr. Michael Lin
                                                                    Chief Executive
                                                                    Acelin Institute of Business
Rapid economic development in the Asia Pacific region
creates an increasingly strong demand for rigorous
business education programs at tertiary level, which can
help students develop a solid business foundation with a
clear Asia Pacific perspective.

Acelin recognises the demand and has developed its
Diploma in Business program accordingly. Each subject
is delivered using quality study materials, which are
designed to emphasize conceptual knowledge and its
links to real-world practices. Acelin’s excellent faculty are
not only suitably qualified, but also possess both industry
and international education experience.          Acelin will
actively customise the program to suit the needs of the
industries, employers and the communities we serve. The
program will provide a great opportunity for students to
have a better understanding of different cultures as they
will have the option to study in a few offshore locations as
an important feature of the curriculum.

Besides having a team of reputable faculty, we also have
experienced program managers to manage the programs.
They provide professional supports and services to our
students during the course of their studies at Acelin. In
particular, we have a bilingual program manager and the
network to support students from the Greater China
region, helping them to readily settle into their life in
Australia and study at Acelin.

Acelin Institute of Business                                       Accreditation and Registration

Acelin Institute of Business is a Higher Education                 Acelin is accredited and registered in South Australia
Institution registered and accredited in South Australia           under the Training and Skills Development Act 2008 to
under the Training and Skills Development Act 2008.                deliver Higher Education award programs leading to
This modern, innovative and vibrant organization is                qualifications in the fields of business and management.
geared to establishing itself as a highly respected                These programs are listed on the Department of Further
business school locally, nationally and across the Asia            Education, Employment, Science and Technology website
Pacific. Acelin has a special interest in the Greater China        at www.training.sa.gov.au.
Region which represents a huge market of great
importance to Australia. Acelin has branches in Hong               The Training and Skills Development Act 2008 enables
Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam, and will shortly be                      non-university institutions that have demonstrated their
established in Mainland China.                                     academic capability to meet the requirements of the
                                                                   national regulatory framework for Higher Education set
Moreover,     Acelin     programs, offered    at    both           forth in the National Protocols for Higher Education
undergraduate and post-graduate levels, reflect both the           Approval Processes and the Australian Qualifications
demands of the market and the significance of the region           Framework to issue Higher Education qualifications. This
to Australia. Of particular importance are Acelin’s                includes degrees and higher degrees.
programs in China Business. These are the first of their
kind to be offered in Australia and were developed in              Capacity to meet appropriate academic standards and to
collaboration with leading management schools in China.            comply with the national regulatory framework is assessed
                                                                   by a Course Assessment Panel approved under the
Acelin is led by a university-experienced senior                   Training and Skills Development Act 2008. This comprises
management group with extensive experience in                      subject specialists from the university sector and includes
international education at the highest levels. This includes       a nominee from each of the universities in South Australia.
over twelve years of direct involvement in the Greater
China Region. Acelin’s Australia-based teaching staff              Acelin is listed on the South Australian Higher Education
have a wealth of international and multicultural experience        Register at the above website and the Australian
and have been consistently rated highly over many years            Qualifications Framework Advisory Board’s Register of
by local and overseas students. These attributes are               Bodies      with   Authority  to    Issue    Qualifications
augmented by highly qualified and experienced overseas             (www.aqf.edu.au/register.htm).
lecturers that Acelin will bring to Adelaide on a regular
basis. Additionally, our system of having dedicated                The qualifications issued by organizations listed on these
program managers for each intake of each program                   Registers are deemed to have the same standing as
provides a personalized ‘one-stop’ service of the highest          similar qualifications issued by an Australian university.
                                                                   Organizations listed on the Registers are quality assured
Acelin works cooperatively with Australian universities            by Australian government to guarantee the standard of the
such that its graduates have guaranteed pathways to the            degrees and other Higher Education qualifications they
degree programs of a selection of universities in major            are authorized to issue.
Australian cities. Additionally, agreements are in place
between Acelin and a number of Australian universities
for the delivery of their higher degree programs in
Australia and the Asia Pacific Region.

As a private business school Acelin is able to focus totally
on the teaching and learning process. Thus it is able to
deliver excellent cost-effective learning outcomes. As a
dedicated business school Acelin can respond quickly to
rapidly changing economic conditions. In this way Acelin
can ensure contemporary relevance in all curriculum
content and programs. Students can be confident of the
highest standards as all Acelin programs are fully
accredited through special course panels. These panels
include representatives of Adelaide’s three universities.
This    accreditation process       guarantees    program
equivalence to Australian university standards.

                                                                   Acelin Senior Management Committee

Advantages of the Program                                         Program Aim and Structure

Acelin’s Diploma in Business program presents some                This 36-unit (8 subjects) Diploma in Business program is
particular advantages to the students who choose to               designed to provide students with a broad based body of
study at Acelin:                                                  knowledge and skills in key functional areas of business.
                                                                  Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of
A cost-effective pathway to universities                          key concepts and fundamental principles and theories,
                                                                  and the ability to apply the knowledge and skills to a broad
Acelin has established credit transfer arrangements with a        range of business situations.
number of Australian universities in different states. Upon
successful completion of the program, students can                Diploma in Business program consists of eight (8) core
articulate into the second year of undergraduate business         subjects:
programs at those universities with credits for eight (8)
subjects in most situations.                                      •   BUSS1001   Management, People and Organizations
                                                                  •   BUSS1002   Accounting Fundamentals
Yet the tuition fee of Acelin’s Diploma in Business               •   BUSS1003   Marketing
program is extremely competitive.     This makes the              •   BuSS1004   Business Information Systems
program a very cost-effective pathway to undergraduate            •   BUSS1005   Fundamentals of Economics
business programs at universities.                                •   BUSS1006   Introduction to Business Law
                                                                  •   BUSS1007   Business Statistics
Solid foundation knowledge and skills
                                                                  •   BUSS1008   Business and Professional Communication
The program helps students to develop and acquire solid
knowledge and skills in core business discipline areas            Program Schedule and Delivery
such as management, accounting, marketing, business
information systems, economics and business law.                  The program adopts a 17-week semester system. In each
These general and functional knowledge and skills are             semester, students study two (2) or three (3) subjects on a
developed in a systematic way to prepare our students for         part-time basis. Full-time students will study four (4)
their future career in business fields.                           subjects per semester and it will take one (1) year to
                                                                  complete the program.
Small class and individual attention
                                                                  Overseas students must study full-time to meet the
                                                                  requirements of a student visa.
There will be no more than 30 students per intake to
ensure the intensive interactions in class and that
                                                                  Each subject has 2 hours of lectures and 1 hour of tutorial
students are given sufficient individual attention. We aim
                                                                  plus 2 hours of directed group and individual learning
to provide our students with a quality learning experience.
                                                                  activities, including workshops, per week. Face-to-face
                                                                  lectures and tutorials will be conducted as weekly
Professional support and services
A dedicated Program Manager is assigned to each intake
to provide students with professional support and services
                                                                  Students will also be provided with academic
and to ensure that the students have a productive,                support via an Email-a-Lecturer system.
enjoyable and culturally enriching learning experience.

This “Contact Person” program management system at
Acelin ensures efficiency, personalization and quality of
student services, in a mutually respectful way.

A bilingual Program Manager and our local community
network will assist students from the Greater China region
with good support services, making them feel more “at

Subject Descriptions

BUSS1001 Management, People and Organizations                              BUSS1005 Fundamentals of Economics

This subject examines contemporary approaches to the                       This subject introduces students to basic microeconomic and
management of business, people and organizational processes,               macroeconomic principles, models and research so that they are
including the approach to change management strategy. It                   able to produce relevant and useful economic analysis of current
investigates the establishment of purpose and meaning for                  events, policy issues and debates. The topics include the
organizations, their structures, and factors in organizational             economic perspective, market analysis, national objectives, the
design, considering primary mechanistic and organic paradigms,             aggregate demand – aggregate supply model, demand and
and bureaucratic, hierarchical and flat forms of structure, as well        supply-side government policies, money, the financial system and
as emerging alternatives in the face of change in the business             the international economy. Students will be expected to work
environment. The subsequent focus is on organizational process             productively within small groups and to be able to link economic
and people, exploring leadership, interpersonal interaction within         theory to real-life situations.
the organization, team participation and management practice.
                                                                           BUSS1006 Introduction to Business Law
BUSS1002 Accounting Fundamentals
                                                                           This subject introduces students to business trading entities, the
This subject introduces students to the concepts in accounting             laws of contract, agency and misrepresentation relevant to
and the process of recording accounting information. It aims to            business and commercial practices in Australia, and looks at the
provide students with an understanding of accounting information           relevant common law and equitable principles with respect to
and how it assists in decision making, planning and budgeting in           these aspects. Further, this subject introduces students to the
a business environment. The topics include: role of accounting;            Australian constitution, the federal system of government, the
recording and reporting processes in accounting; the elements in           doctrine of precedent, and the judicial systems.
accounting and the double entry system; preparation of income
statement and balance sheets; preparation of cash flow                     BUSS1007 Business Statistics
statements; regulation and accounting standards that impact on
accounting information; accounting framework, accounting                   This subject aims to assist students in developing the basic
standards and corporations law; management accounting and                  concepts of statistical analysis in business. It provides students
budgeting; and financial statements analysis using financial               with the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills for
ratios.                                                                    application of statistical tools. The subject will cover the topics on
                                                                           descriptive and inferential statistics.          Descriptive statistics
BUSS1003 Marketing                                                         consists of methods of organizing, summarizing and displaying
                                                                           information in an effective way. It will cover the various features
This subject introduces students to the evolutionary practice of           of a data set. Inferential statistics will be used to draw conclusions
marketing that adds value to an organization to assist in                  about the estimation or to make decisions about population
generating positive net incomes and achieve desired results.               characteristics based on samples.
This subject examines the fundamental principles that underpin
marketing thinking, consumer behaviour and implementation.                 BUSS1008 Business and Professional Communication
The topics include: understanding marketing and how it fits into
organizations; market research – primary and secondary;                    Effective communication is vital in every business and
consumer and organizational buyer behaviour; segmentation and              professional situation. This subject takes a practical approach to
implementation of target marketing; positioning products and               communication. It focuses on features of effective written and
services;    pricing  and    pricing    strategies;   marketing            spoken communications in the context of business: letters,
communications and its mix; marketing channels; branding and               reports, job applications, meetings, e-communications, interviews
brand management; and development, implementation and                      and presentations. Alongside these practical contexts, it explores
performance measurements of marketing action plans.                        principles of communication, and offers case studies as
                                                                           examples. The final part of the subject involves a critical
BUSS1004 Business Information Systems                                      exploration of theories and examines current and future
                                                                           perspectives on communication, inter-culture and organizational
This subject aims to develop an understanding of the importance            behaviour.
of information and information technology in the business
enterprise. In this practically oriented subject, students will come
to understand the role of information systems in solving problems
and decision making. Students will develop the ability to apply
basic information systems concepts to a broad spectrum of
business disciplines. This subject focuses on the information
technology infrastructure of modern organizations and the
application of spreadsheet and database software to meet simple
business information needs. Extensive use of case studies will
help students to appreciate how business information systems
support the operational, tactical and strategic activities of an

Faculty and Support Staff                                     Assessment

Acelin has assembled a strong team of highly qualified        There are normally three areas of assessment for each
and experienced faculty to conduct its Diploma in             subject:
Business program.        All faculty members combine
impressive qualifications with many years of experience       •   Group and/or Individual Assessment 40%
teaching undergraduate programs.                              •   Final Exam    60%

A dedicated professional Program Manager is assigned to       Students will be provided opportunity to demonstrate their
each intake and is responsible for coordinating program       knowledge and understanding of the topics covered in the
administration activities and student support services.       subject, and their ability to apply the knowledge and skills
                                                              they have developed to real business situations.


                                                              Upon successful completion of the program, students will
                                                              be conferred with a Diploma in Business in accordance
                                                              with the Australian Qualifications Framework.

                                                              Those students who have completed some program
                                                              subjects will be awarded a ‘Statement of Attainment’.

                                                              The qualification is accredited under the Training and
                                                              Skills Development Act 2008 and in accordance with the
                                                              Australian Qualifications Framework and is therefore,
                                                              recognized throughout Australia.

                                                              Graduation ceremonies will be held annually in Adelaide.

Prof. Rod Oxenberry
Chair of Academic Studies

Associate Prof. Graham Arnold
Director of Business and International Development

Entry Requirements                                                 Applications

For admission into the program, applicants must satisfy            All applications must be submitted to Acelin or its agents
the following requirements:                                        before the closing date. Each application must contain:

Successful completion of Australian Year 12 with                          •      A completed Application for Admission form
acceptable grade or equivalent.                                           •      Certified copy of qualification(s) and official
International Students                                                    •      Other documents required
                                                                          •      Non-refundable application fee
Successful completion of Senior Middle 3 with average              An application package is available on request.
75% in four (4) academic subjects.                                 Applicants are advised to read all of the relevant
                                                                   information, including terms and conditions, before
Hong Kong                                                          submitting their application.
Successful completion of Form 6 with one (1) “A’ level
pass and two (2) “AS” level passes in the HKALE.                   The full application should be directed to:

Taiwan                                                                Program Director: Undergraduate Programs
Successful completion of Senior High School Diploma                   Acelin Institute of Business
with average 75% in four (4) academic subjects.

In addition to the above entry requirement, international          Selection
students are also required to demonstrate an English
proficiency level of IELTS 5.5 overall score or greater with       Applicants are selected on the basis of academic merit
not less than 5.0 in any sub-score. Acelin also accepts            and other essential entry requirements.           Acelin
other English test scores which are equivalent to IELTS            encourages a diversity of backgrounds in age, gender and
5.5.                                                               culture to enrich the learning environment.
Please contact Acelin for entry requirements for students
from other countries.
                                                                   Further Information
Credit Transfer                                                    To register your interest or to obtain more information,
                                                                   please contact Acelin’s agents or Program Director:
Acelin has established approved pathways with Australian           Undergraduate Programs at Acelin.

Acelin’s Diploma in Business program has been granted
credits for eight (8) subjects towards the undergraduate
business programs at Victoria University and University
of South Australia. Acelin graduates will be able to enter
directly into the second year of their undergraduate
business programs.

Acelin is currently developing approved pathways with
more Australian universities. Please contact Acelin for an

Fee Schedule

Program fees are detailed in Acelin Fees and Charges
included in the application package. Fees are extremely
competitive with those of Australian universities and
attractive payment options are available.

Program finance is also available with local banks.
Interested students may contact National Australia Bank
for information about their Tertiary Student Package                Acelin Institute of Business reserves the right to
Deferred Repayment Loan. Detailed information is                    change the program structure, contents and all
available by calling 131312 or visiting the bank’s website:         terms and conditions relating to the Diploma in
www.nab.com.au/Personal_Finance/0,,82441,00.html.                   Business program at its sole discretion.

      Level 3, 14 Grenfell Street, Adelaide SA 5000
Phone: (+61 8) 8212 0184         Fax: (+61 8) 8212 7824
Email: acelin@acelin.edu.au      Web: www.acelin.edu.au

         Acelin CRICOS Provider Code: 02854D


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