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									                                                            Business and
                                                            professional services
                                                            in atlantic canada

Atlantic Canada has more than 10,000 firms operating in the business and professional
services industry. Business and professional service firms operate with a global
perspective providing services that include marketing, engineering, management,                       Atlantic Canada’s workforce
financial, scientific, technical and legal.
                                                                                                      offers many valuable
                                                                                                      attributes, making the region
                                                                                                      one of the most economical
                                                                                                      and advantageous places
                                                                                                      in the world to do business.
                                                                                                      Companies in Atlantic Canada
                                                                                                      have access to a labour
                                                                                                      force that is bilingual, highly
                                                                                                      skilled and highly educated.
                                                                                                      The region claims the lowest

        Competitive Alternatives: KPMG’s guide to international business costs, 2006 Edition.
                                                                                                      turnover and absenteeism
* Business costs are expressed as an index, with the United States average being assigned the
  baseline index of 100. A cost index of less than 100 indicates lower costs than those in the U.S.   rates in North America.

BusinEss EnvironMEnt
Atlantic Canada has the lowest business cost environment among G7 countries. This is
according to Competitive Alternatives: KPMG’s guide to international business costs,
2006, which analyzed 27 location-sensative cost factors in more than 125 cities. The study
showed that Atlantic Canada’s available skilled workforce costs are, on average, 21% lower
than in the U.S., corporate taxes are, on average, 4.8% lower than in the U.S. and property
taxes are 18% lower than the U.S average. Add to that low energy costs and excellent
business, telecommunications, and transportation infrastructure, and it is easy to see why
Atlantic Canada’s business and professional services industry is performing so well.

Atlantic Canada benefits from having one of the best labour markets in North America,
with a productive and bilingual workforce of 1.2 million people (Statistics Canada 2005)
and the lowest turnover and absenteeism rates in North America.

Atlantic Canada has a strong commitment to innovation in all industries and boasts
a cutting-edge telecommunications infrastructure, supporting one of the highest
percentages of high-speed Internet users in North America. Halifax, Nova Scotia, for
example, has the second highest rate of households connected to the Internet of all cities
in Canada.
                                    Business and profesional services IN ATLANTIC CANADA

                                    ProfEssional sErvicEs                        BusinEss sErvicEs
                                    While Atlantic Canada is at the forefront    Engineering
Atlantic Canada has more            of providing innovative solutions to         Atlantic Canada has close to 1,100
                                    businesses, it also remains strong in        engineering firms employing
than 10,000 business and            traditional support services such as         approximately 11,000 engineers
                                    accounting, financial and legal services.    and engineering technologists. The
professional services firms,                                                     Fredericton, New Brunswick, area
                                    accounting                                   boasts the most engineers per capita in
including approximately:            More than 1,200 accounting and               Canada. Many of these firms have major
                                    bookkeeping offices are located              international contracts and a wealth of
• 1,200 law firms                   throughout Atlantic Canada. They             expertise in everything from construction
                                    accommodate small and medium-sized           to environmental engineering.
• 1,450 management                  operations along with national and
                                    international firms such as Deloitte &       Atlantic Canadian engineers are building
  consulting firms                  Touche, KPMG, Ernst & Young and              anaerobic wastewater treatment systems
• 1,350 computer and system         PricewaterhouseCoopers.                      around the globe. They are heading
                                                                                 breakthrough projects such as a plasma
  design firms                      financial                                    reactor pilot plant project in Singapore
                                    There is also a full range of financial      to destroy hazardous wastes, and the
• 1,100 engineering firms           services and investment firms in the         development of new electromagnetic
                                    region. Financial institutions including     methods to extract minerals.
• 400 scientific and technical      banks, trust companies, insurance
                                    companies, loan companies and credit         Brooke ocean technology limited
  services providers                unions are located in each of the Atlantic   (Halifax, Nova Scotia) is an example of a
                                    provinces.                                   leading-edge ocean engineering company
• hundreds of firms offering                                                     that markets its expertise internationally.
                                    Canada’s five largest banks – Scotiabank,    Additionally, Brooke manufactures
  marketing, training and           RBC Royal Bank, CIBC, BMO Bank of            advanced data collection platforms for
                                    Montreal, National Bank and TD Canada        the marine science, naval and offshore
  financial services                Trust - are well represented throughout      sectors. Over 70% of Brooke Ocean
                                    the Atlantic provinces and have a            Technology’s work is done outside the
                                    presence in all urban areas. One or more     country and its exports have jumped by
source: Statistics Canada,          of the six have branches in most towns       almost 50% since 2000.
Canadian Business Patterns (2005)
                                    and villages in the region.
                                                                                 ManagEMEnt consulting
                                    legal                                        Another large component of the region’s
                                    The legal profession is made up of           service industry is management consulting,
                                    practices that range in size from small      with more than 1,400 companies
                                    and local to large and regional. With        providing management consulting and
                                    many firms working in both English and       communications support to businesses.
                                    French, specialized expertise is offered
                                    in areas of law including maritime,          communications
                                    constitutional, intellectual property and    Atlantic Canada also has a wealth of
                                    telecommunications. In a region that is      award-winning national and international
                                    home to the Sable, Hibernia and Terra        communications firms specializing in all
                                    Nova energy mega-projects, the legal         aspects of communications, including
                                    aspects of oil and gas are a specialty.      marketing, branding, advertising, event
                                    Regional firms are rivalling those from      management, public relations, government
                                    Alberta’s energy patch for breadth and       relations and research. Communications
                                    depth of expertise in energy resources.      firms in Atlantic Canada offer world-
                                                                                 class services and results, especially
                                                                                 where significant industry clustering has
                                                                                 taken hold: St. John’s, Newfoundland
                                                                                 and Labrador; Halifax, Nova Scotia; and
                                                                                 Moncton, New Brunswick.
                                               Business and profesional services IN ATLANTIC CANADA

translation                                    rEsEarch and dEvEloPMEnt
Atlantic Canadian translation firms have       Atlantic Canada is home to an elaborate
a worldwide appeal that is growing as          infrastructure of research facilities,          Doing business in Atlantic
companies strive to meet the demands of        including eight National Research Council
the North American Free Trade Agreement        facilities. As part of the Government of        Canada means more
(NAFTA) and the European Union — to            Canada’s Atlantic Investment Partnership
say nothing of Canada’s own bilingual          initiative, the National Research Council       than cost efficiencies and
requirements. Professional, diligent and       has launched a project to further develop
resourceful, Atlantic Canada’s translators     the region’s existing strengths by forging      innovation – it includes a way
are leaders in their field.                    partnerships and creating dynamic
                                               industry clusters. Research in the region       of life seldom found in the
New Brunswick is fueling the translation       focuses on a number of industries, ranging
services segment. lexi-tech of Moncton,        from life sciences and marine biosciences       world today.
New Brunswick is Cananda’s leading             to e-business and ocean technologies.
supplier of translation services, employing
120 translators who work in 30 languages,      E-lEarning
processing over 60 million words annually.     Atlantic Canada’s training and e-learning
The company utilizes an integrated             industries rank among the world’s best.
electronic and Internet-based solutions
model. The université de Moncton               The region is home to one of North
                                                                                               The dedication of Atlantic
offers a degree in translation, creating a     America’s largest e-learning clusters,          Canadian workers combined
steady pool of talented translators.           with more than 1,100 training companies
                                               and institutions in the four Atlantic           with its high standard of
In addition to its translation competencies,   provinces. Their training programs
cidif, based in Edmunston, New                 include communication and interpersonal         living results in a very
Brunswick, is a research and development       skills, management and human resource
center for the “internationalization” and      development and planning, quality               productive and stable work
“localization” of software and Internet        assurance and on-line multimedia design,
applications. CIDIF’s goal is to develop       and specialized industry training in fields     environment.
software and Internet applications which       as varied as customer contact centre
are better adapted to the cultural and         operations and hotel management. A
linguistic differences of their users.         focus of attention for the region’s training
                                               programs is on computer-related skills.
scientific and technical
Scientific and technical expertise             A leader among e-learning firms is
throughout the region provide specialized      Bluedrop Performance learning in
services globally.                             Newfoundland and Labrador, which offers
                                               fully integrated e-learning to clients such
In Prince Edward Island, the food              as Cisco Systems, Health Canada and
technology centre offers food safety           Schering-Plough. Bluedrop Performance
and quality management systems for food        Learning has received award recognition
processing and food service companies.         with the Silver Medal for Excellence in
The Centre is developing specific              Learning from e-learning guru Brandon
extraction technologies involving a new        Hall for its on-line course, “Introduction to
family of eco-friendly solvents, as well as    Aviation”, developed for NAV CANADA.
a process that will extract glucosamine
from lobster/crab/shrimp shell waste. The      The Justice Knowledge network,
Centre entered the age of sonochemistry        a Prince Edward Island based e-
with the introduction of ultrasonic            learning consortium, develops and
applications to extract high-value natural     delivers innovative products to the law
products from agricultural and marine          enforcement community. The Network
bioresources. Similar centres operate          builds web-based learning products for
across the region, answering the demands       law enforcement organizations. Not
of industries such as forestry, construction   just e-learning, but also knowledge
and aquaculture.                               management and communities of practice
                                               capabilities, enabling police to share
                                               information and collaborate with peers
                                               across the country. With an initial focus on
                                               Canada, the company’s vision is very much
                                             Business and profesional services IN ATLANTIC CANADA

                                             Education and training                              Dalhousie University and the University
                                             The region has more than 160 private                of New Brunswick are the two oldest law
                                             colleges and specialty learning centres             schools in Canada, and the Université
                                             that are governed by rigorous standards of          de Moncton is one of only two schools
                                             accreditation. These institutions cover a           in Canada that teaches common law in
                                             wide range of specialties and continue to           French. The université de Moncton
                                             insure that the workforce benefits from the         also houses the highly specialized centre
                                             most up-to-date information, knowledge              de traduction et de terminologie
                                             and skills.                                         juridiques (Centre for Legal Translation
                                                                                                 and Terminology). The Centre is
                                             A number of Atlantic Canadian                       recognized as an international authority
                                             universities offer traditional law programs.        in the use and promotion of French in the
                                             dalhousie university (Halifax, Nova                 fields of law and commerce.
                                             Scotia), university of new Brunswick
                                             (Fredericton) and université de Moncton
                                             (Moncton, New Brunswick) all offer
                                             degree programs in the legal field with
                                             specializations ranging from corporate
                                             to criminal law. All three schools have
                                             a longstanding tradition of producing
                                             superior legal talent.

ProvincEs and aBBrEviations                       BusinEss and ProfEssional sErvicEs in action
PE - PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND                        “Keane has had great success in finding and hiring highly skilled and motivated workers to
NS - NOVA SCOTIA                                  power the growth of our Halifax Advanced Development Centre. Our success in this area
NL - NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR                    continues to be fundamental to the growth of Keane’s Application Outsourcing business,
                                                  and is enabled by our strong partnership with the Government of Nova Scotia.”

                                                 James T. Brewer
                                                 Vice President, Global Services Delivery, Keane Inc.

If you would like more information on this        Keane Inc. delivers its services with world-class processes, management disciplines
industry, please contact:                         and performance metrics via an integrated network of branch offices in North America
                                                  and the United Kingdom. It also has Advanced Development Centres in the United States,
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency              Canada and India. This global service delivery model offers customers the flexibility
P. O. Box 6051                                    and economic advantage of fluidly allocating work between a variety of delivery options
644 Main Street                                   including on-site at a client’s facility, off-site at a remote location, nearshore in Halifax,
Moncton, New Brunswick E1C 9J8 Canada             Nova Scotia, and offshore in India. Branch offices work with Keane Consulting Group,
                                                  the company’s consulting arm, and are supported by centralized strategic practices and
Phone: 506-851-2573                               quality assurance groups.
Toll-free: 1-800-561-7862
(Canada and United States)
Fax: 506-851-7403

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