Persuasion Speech Problem Solution Outline Format by ggz11324


									             Persuasion Speech Problem Solution Main Point Checklist

I. Statement of the problem
         A. Statement showing the problem exists _______________5________Points
                   1. Evidence the problem exists
                   2. Evidence the problem exists
                   3. Etc

         B. Statement showing that it is a significant problem _______5______Points
                  1. Evidence showing it is significant
                  2. Evidence showing it is significant

         C. Statement showing that there are harms associated with the problem._______5_____Points
                  1-3. Category that there are harms (physical, mental, financial, social etc)
                     Evidence that there are harms being done with this problem existing. (make sure it is
                     in a logical format!)


II. State your solution. (Same as your thesis and header) ________________5___________Points
          A. Statement of how your solution will work. (nuts and bolts of the entire plan)
                   1-3 This is the nuts and bolts section of how your solution will work. Think-
                   implementation and execution of the solution.

         B. State that your solution is Practical ____________________5________Points
                   1-3. This is where you will show how it will be logically and easily adopted into the
                   current systems, how it has worked in other places and how it will solve the problem.

         C. Statement that your solution is desirable. _______________5_______Points
                  1-3 show there are many good things to come out of your solution, how things will
                  improve and/or how/why the public will support the change.

________ 35 points
_______- 2 for every cite not cited in outline (up to -10)

_______ - 5 if everything is not in full sentences.

Comment on what needs to be worked on for the final outline:

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