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									Sunday School Superintendent Job Description
Selection of Position- This person will be appointed by the BOYAFE and is an ex-official member of the

Purpose of Position- This person is responsible for operating Redeemer’s Sunday School Ministry. This
will require preparation, which will be time consuming at times. Redeemer Sunday School uses a
curriculum that is approved by the Board of Youth and Family Education. This educational ministry is
Redeemer’s central effort wherein we seek to supplement our families through Christian education and
atmosphere. The Superintendent builds relationships with members of Redeemer, with the staff, and with
the Lord through this important service.

Type of Work- This person is responsible to set up for Sunday School each Sunday, to greet, support, and
encourage teachers, parents, and children, to collect offerings and attendance, to plan bi-monthly mission
offering recipients, and to maintain Sunday School office supplies. This person is responsible to supervise,
manage, maintain, and monitor Sunday School workers in the performance of their duties. In addition to
collecting money, the Superintendent should verify the total as recorded by the treasurer. This person is
expected to be prepared and present each Sunday morning or to find someone else who will be.

This person is also responsible for the following:
          Remind teachers to consider having children remember Father’s Day
          Teacher selection for fall
          Letter to be mailed to parents of two year olds in early August
          order and distribute curriculum materials for fall
          fall Sunday School teacher’s meeting
          Plan promotion Sunday
          Plan Sunday School teacher’s installation

          order and distribute curriculum materials for winter
          work w/ Sunday School Christmas program directors as needed

          order and distribute curriculum materials for spring
          Plan Palm Sunday processional
          Promote Sunday School through Ministry Fair

          Remind teachers to consider having children remember Mother’s Day
          order and distribute curriculum materials for summer

Term of Position- The person in this position is expected to serve for at least two years beginning in the
fall, if possible. This person is expected to train the next Superintendent to ensure a stable ministry. The
BOYAFE will conduct an evaluation of the Sunday School Ministry annually for the purpose of
reaffirming this servant’s service.

Redeemer Expectations- This person is expected to set an example of excellence and demonstrate a
commitment to Sunday School.

Accountability- This person is accountable to the Board of Youth and Family Education and to the staff
person responsible for this ministry. This Board and staff person may be consulted during the week about
any question or problem the Superintendent is having and will strive to be available on Sunday mornings.
Relationships to Staff members- The DCE is the resource person for the Superintendent and may be
consulted regarding questions of theology or practice. The DCE will also assist the Superintendent to have
the office make copies or to fulfill other requests.

Qualifications of the Superintendent- Several major qualities are sought in this person. This person
should be a person of faith and commitment who enjoys people. This person must have a good background
in the Bible and basic beliefs of our church. This person must be very organized and have gifts of
leadership as well as service. This person should have high standards in terms of expectations of others.

Support of the Superintendent- The person preparing for this position will be given the opportunity to
observe for several weeks before being responsible for this ministry. Redeemer desires to encourage the
Superintendent to learn as much as possible and will pay or reimburse for books, workshops etc. The
Superintendent is encouraged to speak with members of the Board of Youth and Family Education, the
DCE, or any staff person. Others who share similar commitments and values will also support the
Superintendent. The Superintendent will have the respect and appreciation of the Redeemer Sunday School
community. Finally, the Superintendent is encouraged to pray. God will surely give this person strength,
wisdom, courage, and joy in this service.
                             Sunday School Superintendent
August (approximately 12 hours)
   1. Finish recruitment
   2. Revise letter to parents of 2 year olds and registration form
   3. Type Sunday School teacher roster and substitute roster (make copies for Sunday School
        teachers and staff)
   4. Type letter for SS teachers announcing beginning of year meeting
   5. Plan meeting with SS teachers and type agenda
   6. Priority One article announcing new SS year
   7. Notes sent home with children announcing first Sunday in September as move up date
   8. Meeting with teachers

September (10 hours)
    1. Replenish materials and boxes for each SS class
    2. Prepare display for Ministry Fair- attend Saturday evening and Sunday morning viewings
    3. Priority One article

October (3 hours)
    1. 3rd week of month, place order for winter quarter of SS materials
    2. Choose charity for SS donations- make labels for bowls
    3. End of month discuss plans for Christmas program (someone else is in charge of the
        program). Determine how much SS time and when (inform teacher of any changes in the
    4. Priority One article

November (1 hour)
   1. Two weeks prior to first Sunday in December, pass out new quarter materials
   2. Priority One

December (1-2 hours)
   1. Notes home with children announcing no SS for Sundays around Christmas
   2. Priority One- announce date and where children should go for Christmas program rehearsal
      and dates of no SS around Christmas
   3. Choose charity for Jan and Feb donations- make labels

January (1 hour)
    1. Third week in Jan place order for Spring materials
    2. Priority One

February (1 hour)
    1. Pass out materials 2 weeks prior to first Sunday in March
    2. Priority One
    3. Choose charity for March and April donations- make labels

March (2 hours)
   1. Order palms for Palm Sunday 2-3 weeks prior
   2. Send note home with children regarding Palm Sunday processional
   3. Attend both Sunday services Palm Sunday to organize children’s processional

April (3-4 hours)
     1. Ask teachers if they will continue teaching the next year
     2. Begin recruitment of teaching openings
     3. Third week- order next quarter’s SS materials
     4. Priority One
     5. Choose charity (usually Redeemer’s trip to Mexico) for donations for May & June- make labels
May (6 hours)
   1. Continue recruitment (June and July not good months due to vacations)
   2. Prepare to meet with Board of Youth and Family Education
            a. Ask Valerie to prepare attendance and contribution reports
            b. Ask Erna to give you check book balance
            c. Board will give you questionnaire to complete
   3. Pass out Summer Quarter materials 2 weeks prior to first Sunday in June
   4. If any grades will be combining classes during the summer (3rd & 4th) prepare a schedule for
        them to complete- who will teach each week during the summer

June (1-2 hours)
    1. Meeting with the Board of Youth and Family Education
    2. Priority One
    3. Choose new charity and prepare labels for July & August donations

July (1/2 hour)
     1. Order new SS materials for Fall Quarter (third week of the month)

Teachers usually need help getting subs- sometimes just need phone numbers but sometimes they
need you to make those phone calls for them. Parents usually need info. Others may call for
permission to present to SS (like Operation Christmas Child). Some require follow-up calls.

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