1. Understand and abide by the Parents’ Auxiliary Constitution and Bylaws and enhance
   the Auxiliary’s role in the school community.

     According to the PA Constitution, the purposes of the PA Society are [2 (a) – (d)]:
     (a) To promote the welfare of St. Michaels University School, both generally and
     (b) To provide those facilities which will promote additional educational, recreational,
         and cultural development for students of the school;
     (c) To develop a common interest in the stature and growth of the school;
     (d) To do everything incidental and necessary to promote and attain the foregoing

2. Understand and abide by the Parents’ Auxiliary Policies and Guidelines (see website and
   School Liaison binders).

3. Serve as the liaison between:
       a. The School Director and the Parents’ Auxiliary.
       b. The School Grade Representatives and the Parents’ Auxiliary.

4. Meet as necessary with the Director of the School to update him/her re: Parents’
   Auxiliary activities, to obtain feedback, to plan, etc.

5. Participate in the following:
       a. Monthly PA meetings, Spring General Meeting, Fall AGM, and other meetings
           as required.
       b. Allocations Committee.

6. Support Parents’ Auxiliary:
      a. Encourage parents at the School to join the Parents’ Auxiliary.
      b. Recruit volunteers for Auxiliary fund-raising and social events as needed.
      c. Set up (or have a designate set up) the PA Advertising Sign for PA events as

Parents’ Auxiliary Job Description – School Liaison. June 2006                              1 of 2
          d. Update info on the Parents’ Auxiliary bulletin board(s) at the school as needed
             (post the current PA Newsletter, PA Minutes, flyers, etc.).

7. Support school-wide initiatives and events:
      a. Encourage parents to volunteer as needed for events such as Spring Fair.
      b. Participate in school-wide activities and events as time permits.

8. Attend and assist with “Welcome” events:
       a. Parent Coffee Party on the first day of school.
       b. New parent orientation events.

9. Meet with Grade Reps to:
      a. Make plans for the school year.
      b. Communicate important information.
      c. Follow-up on necessary items.
      d. Answer questions Grade Reps have received from other parents.
      e. Explain Allocations Process.
      f. Provide Grade reps with a phone/email list for their grade (to be used for PA
          sponsored events only – as per PA Communications Policy).

10. Facilitate communication within the School community by:
       a. Following the PA Communications Policy.
       b. Reporting regularly to the Auxiliary Executive.
       c. Sharing information with parents as needed.

11. Participate in the Allocations Process:
        a. Attend Allocations Committee meetings (most are held in the Spring term).
        b. Encourage parents to complete and submit Allocations Surveys.
        c. Encourage faculty, staff and parents at the school to submit Funding Request

12. Plan, with the assistance of Grade Reps, a Staff Appreciation event to be held at the end
    of the school year.

13. Identify, with the assistance of current Grade Representatives, and/or the School
    Director, new Grade Reps for each grade for the new school year.

14. Maintain a positive, encouraging atmosphere.

School Liaisons serve a one-year term, from July 1 to June 30, up to a maximum of
two successive years.

Parents’ Auxiliary Job Description – School Liaison. June 2006                            2 of 2

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