Job Description for Weather Data Assistant by dbh19567


									Job Description for Weather Data Assistant

Contact / Supervisor:
Dr. John Hanesiak
Associate Professor
Department of Environment & Geography
Centre for Earth Observation Science
Ph: 474-7049

Weather Data Assistant Responsibilities

The successful applicant will work with the primary supervisor (John Hanesiak) and UM
Academic Computing personnel to produce web graphics of real-time and computer
model weather data. This will require that the assistant is good with coding and scripting
and has the ability to learn new software quickly and effectively and can work in a team
environment. The primary software that will be used are GEMPAK, McIDAS, and Local
Data Manager (LDM) (more information at :, although Javascript
will also be used for animations for example. A breakdown of requirements and work is
given below:

   1) Work with the project lead (Hanesiak) and UofM Academic Computing (when
      required) to produce web-based weather display graphics.
   2) Assistant will learn required software (GEMPAK, McIDAS, Local Data Manager
      (LDM) and Javascript) and how they function together in order to understand how
      the weather data products are generated.
   3) Assistant will create code/scripts needed to display weather data in various ways
      and make these products available on a primary web server for public access.
   4) The types of weather data will vary from satellite/ radar imagery, surface weather
      observations, upper air observations, forecast products/bulletins as well as many
      computer model outputs. Visualizations of these data is what’s needed (as stated
      in (3)).
   5) Total hours per week is flexible, depending on the student’s time available,
      however a minimum of 5 hours per week will be needed.
   6) The position can be either part-time or full-time.
   7) Start date is ASAP and the duration of the position will be at least two months –
      most likely longer, depending on how many hours per week the student can work
      and how efficient they are in the tasks.

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