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                            What can I do with this degree?
                    AREAS                   EMPLOYERS                                                 STRATEGIES

  Research                  Nonprofit organizations                                   Develop excellent verbal and written communication
  Staff Positions           Organizations serving the arts                              skills.
                            Social service organizations                              Gain related work experience.
                            Public interest research groups
                            Libraries                                                 Acquire master's degree in Library and Information
  Counseling                Mental health organizations                               Take counseling courses.
                                                                                      Obtain master's degree in social work or counseling
                                                                                        for therapy positions.

  Clergy                    Local churches/synagogues                                 Obtain appropriate seminary training for clergy.
  Staff positions           District, jurisdictional, national, and world divisions   Become certified through a denomination for
                               of denominations                                         specialized staff positions.
                            Religiously affiliated schools, colleges, and             Gain related experience through local churches or
                               universities                                             religious organizations.
                            Local, national, and international mission field
                            Religious organizations

  Teaching                  Colleges and universities                                 Obtain Ph.D. for most teaching and research
  Research                  Adult education programs                                    positions.
  Administration            Vocational-technical educational programs                 Develop one or more concentrations, such as
  Student Affairs           Professional or graduate schools including                  mathematics, medical or business ethics, science,
                               medical                                                  religion, etc.
                                                                                      Gain related experience.
                                                                                      Combine with a master's degree in a specialized area,
                                                                                        e.g., Library and Information Sciences, College
                                                                                        Student Personnel, etc.
                                                                                      Secure an internship in your area of interest.
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                  AREAS                   EMPLOYERS                                          STRATEGIES

RESEARCH                  Colleges and universities                          Obtain a Ph.D. for advancement in college and
                          Government agencies                                  university positions.
                          Insurance companies                                Develop excellent research and verbal and written
                          Publishers                                           communication skills.
                          Museums                                            Gain related experience through volunteer or paid
                          Political organizations                              positions.
                          Public interest research groups
                          Nonprofit organizations

                          Federal, state, and local government               Learn federal, state, and local job application
  Staff Positions                                                               process.
  Congressional Staffs    Commission on Civil Rights
  Lobbying                Consumer Product Safety Commission
                          Department of Energy
                          Federal Communications Commission
                          Foreign Service
                          Federal Municipal Archives
                          National and State Endowments for the Humanities

ETHICS                    Medical and professional schools                   Obtain Ph.D. for most positions.
  Medical                 Colleges and universities                          Participate in related professional organizations.
  Environmental           Consulting services                                Join debate groups.
  Research                Research organizations                             Develop excellent research skills.
                          Health science funding agencies                    Hone verbal and written communication skills.
                          Environmental agencies

  Civil                   Corporations
  Criminal                State and federal legal offices                    Obtain law degree.
                          Independent, private firms                         Develop excellent research and writing skills.
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                   AREAS                                                      EMPLOYERS                                                         STRATEGIES

  Writing                                                     Publishing companies                                           Serve on college newspaper staff.
  Editing                                                     Magazine and newspaper companies                               Develop excellent writing and desktop publishing
  Technical Writing                                           Professional/trade associations                                   skills.
  Journalism                                                  Advertising agencies/departments                               Take courses, minor or double major in journalism,
  Advertising                                                 Electronic media organizations                                    advertising, or English.
                                                                                                                             Gain related experience.
                                                                                                                             Become a student member of a related professional

                                                          Business firms                                                     Minor in business.
                                                          Insurance companies                                                Get related experience through internships or part-
                                                          Bookstores                                                            time jobs.
  Human Resources
                                                          Marketing research departments/organizations                       Obtain leadership role(s) in campus organization(s).
  Marketing Research
                                                          Museums                                                            Develop computer skills in word processing,
                                                          Advertising agencies/departments                                      databases and spreadsheet programs.
  Insurance                                               Real estate companies

• Philosophy students develop many functional
      skills which can be transferred from one            • Undergraduate degree qualifies you for entry-level               • Develop aptitudes for analytical thinking, logic
      career/job to another and which can demon-                   positions in business, nonprofit organizations,                   and statistics in order to apply philosophy to
      strate the flexibility and capacity for growth               and government.                                                   a broad range of professions such as law,
      that employers find valuable.                       •     Graduate studies usually lead to careers in law,                     government, finance, management consult-
• These skills and abilities include analytical,                   ministry, finance, psychology, counseling,                        ing, and related areas.
      organizational, research, and oral and written               diplomacy, and related areas.                             •   Join related student or professional organiza-
      communication skills.                               • Ph.D. is required for college/university teaching                        tions.
• The abilities to generate ideas, formulate and                   and research.                                             •   Seek related summer or part-time work experi-
      solve problems, integrate diverse data,             •     Concentrations with other areas can include                          ence or internships in area(s) of interest.
      construct useful analogies, adapt to change,                 philosophy and mathematics, religion,
      elicit hidden assumptions, persuade people
                                                                                                                            • Take computer courses to increase employment
                                                                   science, history, women, Eastern philoso-                         opportunities.
      and summarize complicated material are also                  phy, and medical or business ethics.
      attractive to employers.                            .

                                 Prepared by the Career Planning staff of Career Services, at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville. (1995, Revised 2000)
                                                           UTK is an EEO/AA/Title VI/Title IX/Section 504/ADA/ADEA Employer

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