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    Fair Tips
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          Presentation Overview
•   Before the fair
•   Research
•   Preparation
•   Dress
•   During the fair
•   Follow-up
                Before the Fair
• Find out which companies are attending and
  identify 10-15 companies which are of interest
  to you
• You will be more productive and efficient if you
  identify in advance who you want to talk with
• If you are searching for an internship, don’t
  waste your time talking to companies that only
  offer full-time positions
              Why Research?
• Research provides:
  – Information specific to the position within the
  – General knowledge of company
  – Ability to ask informed questions
  – Insight into whether you want to work for company
      Researching Companies
You should know:
  •   Type of organization
  •   Goals and mission
  •   Products or services
  •   Current projects/research
  •   Sales and earnings
  •   New trends in the field
            Come Prepared
• Come prepared with questions
  (this displays interest)
• Update your resume and bring copies to
  hand out
• Bring pens, paper, and something to carry
  materials in
     Come Prepared (cont.)
• Turn off your cell phone!
• All conversations should be professional
  – Talking with friends should be kept to a minimum
• Act professional at all times
• Avoid substances as a means to relax
        Dress for the Occasion
• Professional attire is appropriate and encouraged
• Women:
  – A comfortable and well-fitting pant or skirt suit is
    acceptable. Avoid bright colors.
  – Wear a solid color blouse or button-front shirt
  – Avoid tall heels or platform shoes
  – Avoid hosiery with patterns
  – Keep your accessories simple
         Dress for the Occasion
• Men:
  – A conservative well-pressed, dark colored pant suit is
  – Wear a solid button-front dress shirt
  – Coordinate your tie with your suit
  – Wear shoes to coordinate with your suit
  – Avoid white or bright colored socks
  – Appear well-groomed and keep accessories simple
             During The Fair

• Be Polite and Professional
• Visit your targeted employers first
• On average you should spend 3-5 minutes with
  each employer
• Greet the employer with a smile and handshake
              During The Fair
• Ask the representatives questions about their
  company or positions
  – Avoid questions you should know
    the answer to.
• Leave a resume!
• Tactfully ask for a business card and collect
  necessary materials
  Take Advantage of this Opportunity!

• Use this event as a chance to mini-interview the
  employer, but understand that you may not receive
  private time with a representative
• Observe and listen carefully
   – Pick up clues about whether this company is a
     good fit for you, and you for them
         Take Advantage of this
          Opportunity (cont.)
• Network! Every connection counts! Keep
  business cards in case you need to speak to a
  representative 1 month or 2 years down the road
• If you are not looking for a job or internship,
  gather information about potential employers so
  you can learn more about the industries that
  interest you
                  Follow Up
• Follow up on promises made to employers
• Send thank-you notes within 3 days
  – To all employers you speak with who have a job or
    internship you are interested in
  – To all employers who work in the industries of
    interest to you
  – To all employers who provide you with useful
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