Outdoor Porcelain Post HV SF6 Circuit Breaker

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					LW8A-40.5 Outdoor Porcelain Post HV SF6 Circuit Breaker
1     Application

     LW8A-40.5 outdoor porcelain HV SF6 circuit breaker
applies to the power system of AC 50Hz for the rated
voltage of 40.5kV to act as the control and protection
equipment as well as the interconnecting with circuit
breaker. The circuit breaker is fitted with CT for the aim
of measuring and protection. Adopting the structure of
single-pole single-column and single-break and the
principle of self-expansion arc-quenching, the circuit
breaker is fitted with CT14spring operating mechanism
and three-phase mechanical interlocking.
2. Model and meaning

2 Model and meaning
      LW 8A-40.5
                            Rated voltage
                            Design serial number
                            Outdoor SF6 circuit

3 Main technical parameter

 No.                Name                                           Unit   Data
 1                  Rated voltage                                  kV     40.5
 2                  rated frequency                                Hz     50
 3                  rated current                                  A      2000/1600/1250
 4                  rated short-circuit breaking current for lsc   kA     31.5
 5                  rated short-time withstand current             kA/s   31.5/4
 6                  rated peak withstand current                   kA     80
 7                  rated short-circuit making current             kA     80
 8                  Near zone default breaking current             kA     lsc    90%   lsc 75%
 9                  rated out-of-step breaking current             kA     7.9
                    power frequency withstand        Dry test             95
 10                                                                kV
                    voltage for 1min                 Wet test             95
 11                 lightening impulse withstand voltage           kV     185
 12                 rated operating sequence                              O-0.3s-CO-180s-CO
 13                 rated pressure of Sf6    20                    MPa    0.50
                    breaking times of the rated
 14                                                                time   20
                    short-circuit breaking current

 15                 mechanical endurance                           time   3000
                                                                                          Medium voltage apparatus series

4 Service Environment Condition
3.1 Ambient temperature:                                               3.4 degree of pollution: not exceed degree       ;
   -3 0      ~+ 40   ; an d da il y temperature difference is          3.5 anti-seismic level: horizontal acceleration is 0.25 ;
    not more than 25       .                                                   vertical acceleration is 0.125
3.2 Altitude: not exceed 2000m;
               (for higher altitudes, please contact us)
3.3 wind velocity: not exceed 34m/s;

5 Main Characters
5.1 Self-expansion arc-quenching theory and excellent                  5.4 Easy to mount and adjust, low noise.
    breaking performance.                                              5.5 Reliable sealing.
5.2 Excellent electric performance and high insulation                 5.6 Long mechanical life time and safe and reliable
    level.                                                                     operation.
5.3 High mechanical reliability, long period of mainten
    -ance and little work for maintenance.

6 Structure
6.1 Arc-quenching Chamber                                              fitted with the maximum of 12 current transformers for
    The circuit breaker is outdoor porcelain post and                  each set for measuring and protection. Its winding is
every pole takes the shape of letter I. The current tran               immersed in SF6 gas and the conductive pole is primary
-sformer (inside the porcelain sleeve of chamber) is                   circuit. The outgoing of secondary circuit passes through
fitted between the chamber and the post porcelain                      wiring board with good sealing performance to the out
sleeve and the three poles are mounted paralleled on                   -side and connects with secondary terminal board in
the base frame. Adopting vertical transmission method                  the mechanism tank by patch plug. There are two
and CT14 spring operating device, the mechanism tank                   types of transformers. They are LR-35 for measuring
is down the base frame. SF6 gas in the three poles is                  and LRD-35 with 10P for protection. LW8A-40.5 can be
interconnected through copper tube, which is in the                    equipped with 6 pieces of LR-35 and 6 pieces of LRD-35.
frame.                                                                 Every type has four joints and three current ratios. Be
6.2 Current Transformer                                                -sides these, we can satisfy the other special require
    LW8A-40.5 porcelain post circuit breaker can be                    -ments of our customer after consultation.

7 Outline and Mounting Dimensions

                                                   700           700


8    Arc-quenching principle of CB

    The arc-quenching chamber of circuit breaker is filled     of the electric arc. To raise the mechanical efficiency
with 0.50MPa SF6, a kind of excellent arc-quenching and        and decrease the operation power, the circuit breaker
insulation medium. The chamber adopts self-expansion           is equipped with spring operating mechanism with
arc-quenching principle and makes fully use of the energy      maintenance-free.

9    Operating Mechanism

    The circuit breaker is fitted with CT14 spring operating   9.1 Breaking, making and re-closing operation can be
mechanism, which is mounted inside the tank and the                made according to the requirement of the customer
mechanism tank is below the frame of circuit breaker.          9.2. Local and remote control
                                                               9.3. Manual breaking and making.

10 Order Notice
    The following data should be specified when ordering:      10.5 Quantity, ratio, capacity and accuracy of current
10.1 models                                                         transformers
10.2 Rated electric parameters                                 10.6 The name and quantity of necessary spare parts,
10.3 Service environment conditions                                 accessories, special tools and equipments.
10.4 Voltage of control supply                                 10.7 If you have special requirements, please contact us.