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					Math 9 Course Information (2009-2010)
Mrs. A. Lo (Room 302)

What do I need to bring to class?
1) Textbook
2) Three-ring binder
3) HB pencil, pen, eraser, ruler, color pencils, graph paper, lined paper
4) Scientific Calculator

What are we going to learn?
The course will cover 9 major topics, they are:
1) Sq. roots & surface area              5) Linear Equations and Inequalities
2) Powers and Exponent Laws              6) Similarity &Transformations
3) Rational Numbers                      7) Circle Geometry
4) Linear Relations                      8) Probability & Statistics
5) Polynomials

What is my responsibility?
  1) To put it simply, your job is to attend, participate, and do your best.
  2) Your homework is whatever you cannot complete in class.
  3) Workbooks will be checked for completion in the next class.
  4) Hand-in assignments are always due at the start of the next class and a penalty will be imposed on
       late assignments.
  5) If you happen to miss a class for any reason, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make up the work

What other help is available?
First you must make sure that you keep up with the work in class. If for any reason you do not understand
the lesson, you must get help right away. There are several ways to get extra help:
1) My room is usually open during the latter part of lunch. You may bring your work in then to seek help
     or to work with a friend.
2) If you need one-on-one help from me before or after school, let me know and we’ll set up a time
     convenient to us both.

How will I be evaluated?
Your term mark will be assessed as follows:
1) Classwork/ Cooperative group assignments               10%
2) Hand-in Homework Assignments and Projects              30%
3) Quizzes                                                20%
4) Tests                                                  40%

All students are required to write a final exam which counts for 20% of the total mark.

Daily assignments can be reviewed on my website

Good luck and we shall have an enjoyable semester together!