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									fALL 2009

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                                           800.944.2432 |

                          At ScanSource,
                          we pledge to be

                          a different kind
                          of partner for you
                          in these difficult
                          times. Now more            – our state-of-the-art warehouse improves
                                                       productivity and enhances efficiency
                          than ever, you can
                          lean on us to take
                          advantage of the      Our 600,000-square-foot North American distribution
                                                center in Southaven, MS features a technologically
                          many resources
                                                advanced “picking, packing and shipping” conveyor
we provide, including technical support,        system with 40 lanes, 30,000 square feet of system
marketing assistance, financial services        integration space, greater warehousing capacity,
                                                and enhanced storage space – not to mention a few
and educational programs. Despite
                                                amenities for ScanSource’s dedicated employees,
the economy, we’ll continue to make             including a gym and reading room. The innovative
investments to help you succeed.                facility even includes a trucker’s lounge, where
                                                suppliers can take a break between deliveries.

In this Solutions catalog, you’ll find a wide
variety of technology solutions that are
perfect for specific vertical markets. You’ll
also find great deals, rebates and special
promotions that you can take advantage
of to win business in this challenging

Let us help you make the smart choices
that can move your business ahead today.
Our sales reps can dig deep with you to
help you focus on the revenue-producing
areas of your business. Work with our
team to create a plan for profit in 2009
that meets your goals and objectives, and
let us know how we can offer you more
resources like this catalog to help you
move ahead.


Mark Morgan
Vice President of Sales
                  SavE!! with SCanSOurCE POS & barCOding.
  gO tO www.SCanSOurCE.COM/PrOMOtiOnS fOr vEndOrS’ EXCLuSivE OffErS.
        thE right SOLutiOn fOr thE right MarkEt…at thE right PriCE.

$10 inStant rEbatE On thE nEw CitizEn                LXE MX8 with windOwS MObiLE
Ct-S801 POS PrintEr!                                 6.1.5 inStant rEbatE!

$100 tradE-in CrEdit whEn yOu buy
thE nEw CitizEn Ct-S801 PrintEr!!!

$20 inStant rEbatE On CitizEn CLP521/621* bar-
COdE PrintErS! *vaLid OnLy On dark gray/bLaCk
Part nuMbErS                                         nCr dEaLEr rEady PrOgraM

hOnEywELL dOLPhin 9500 tradE-in
PrOgraM!                                             PrintrOniX LinE MatriX tradE-in PrOgraM

CaLL 1.800.370.1210 tO takE a briEf LinEar SCannEr
SurvEy fOr a ChanCE tO win a grEat PrizE!

                                                     PiOnEEr POS rEbatES at SCanSOurCE OnLy!

MOtOrOLa buSinESS buiLdErS PrOgraM: MObiLE
COMPuting fOr PartnErS

MOtOrOLa MC9060/9090-g rfid and COMPEtitivE          unitECh - whEn yOu buy 5 MS SEriES SCannErS,
handhELd rEadEr tradE-in PrOgraM (nOrth              yOu gEt OnE frEE!

MOtOrOLa dS9808 firSt StOrE                          unitECh - $50 inStant rEbatE On unitECh Pa600
frEE PrOMOtiOn                                       SEriES POrtabLE tErMinaLS!

MOtOrOLa SErviCE frOM thE
Start PrOMOtiOn

MOtOrOLa’S M MarkS thE SPOt PrOMOtiOn

MOtOrOLa MC9500 givEaway

                        THE BEST SoLuTIonS AT Low SALE PRICES
                                                                           A critical issue for the healthcare industry is patient safety.
                                                                           reducing hospital acquired infections and preventing medical

                                                                           mistakes will save lives. At the same time, hospital systems must
                                                                           find ways to save money and protect their current investments.
                                                                           here, we feature two different solutions. The “point of care”
                                                                           solutions ensure patient safety. And the asset tracking solution
                                                                           provides for cost-effective asset management.

                                                                                                            [ thE nEw dataMaX M-CLaSS
                  [ ChErry J84-2800
                                                                                                              COMPaCt induStriaL
                    SEriES kEybOard
                                                                                                              StrEngth PrintEr

                     [ ELO 1928L tOuChMOnitOr                                                                         ALIEn
                                                                                                                      [ aLiEn aLn-9529 -
                                                                                                                       “SquiggLE® -Sq”

             [ MOtOrOLa
               handhELd                                                                                         [ MOtOrOLa MC9090-g
               SCannEr                                                                                            rfid rEadEr

                                                                                                                          [ rEdbEaM rfid
                                                                                                                            aSSEt traCking
                        [ unitECh Pa600
                          MCa rfid and
                          2d rEadEr                               KIoSKwoRKS
                                                                  [ PatiEntwOrkS

                                                                                                                         BETTER HEALTHCARE AT
                                                                                                                         YouR fIngERTIPS
                                                                                                                         [ SOftwarE tOOLSEt
    CHERRY J84-2800 SERIES        ELo 1928L TouCHMonIToR    MoToRoLA LS4278’S             unITECH PA600 MCA RfID           OwnErShiP and
    KEYBoARD                                                HAnDHELD SCAnnER              AnD 2D READER                    indEPEndEnCE tO buiLd
                                  [ wOrLdwidE MEdiCaL
    [ COMPLEtELy SEaLEd                                                                                                    uSEr dESignEd intEraCtivE
                                    CErtifiCatiOnS and      [ high PErfOrManCE,           [ antiMiCrObiaL hOuSing
      waShabLE/SubMErSibLE                                                                                                 kiOSk EnvirOnMEntS
                                    iPX1 driP-PrOOf           COrdLESS handhELd             SPECiaLLy dESignEd
      kEybOard                      EnCLOSurE                 SCannEr                       fOr hEaLthCarE               [ SELf ChECk-in, traCkS
    [ 15” 104 uS kEy LayOut                                                                 EnvirOnMEntS                   PatiEnt PrOgrESS and
                                  [ tOuCh Can bE            [ idEaL fOr 1d, Pdf417, a
      with rOundEd kEyS                                                                                                    PrOvidES SuPEriOr
                                    aCtivatEd with            gS1 databar and OthEr       [ intEgratEd rfid and 2d
      fOr bEttEr CLEaning                                                                                                  PayMEnt and rOi
                                    gLOvEd handS              COMPOSitES                    bar COdE rEadEr
      aCCuraCy                                                                                                             OPPOrtunitiES
                                  [ LEading EdgE OPtiCaL    [ durabLE PLaStiC tO          [ buiLt in wLan and
    [ CLEan kEy diSabLES                                                                                                 [ intEraCtivE MaPS fOr
                                    PErfOrManCE               withStand COMMOn              bLuEtOOth
      kEybOard fOr quiCk                                                                                                   wayfinding and Staff
                                                                                          [ LightwEight and                dirECtOriES
      and EaSy SanitatiOn
                                                                                            ErgOnOMiC yEt ruggEd
                                                                                            with an iP64 rating

                                                             PATIEnT CARE
2                                                    800.944.2432 |
         MoToRoLA MC9060/9090-g
           RfID AnD CoMPETITIvE
         PRogRAM (noRTH AMERICA)

          In the RFID Handheld Reader Trade-In
          Program, customers can return select
            competitive RFID handheld readers
          or Motorola’s older model MC9060-G
            RFID or MC9090-G RFID handheld
                readers to be eligible for a
                  significant price break.

REDBEAM RfID                  MoToRoLA MC9090-g RfID READER       ALIEn ALn-9529 - “SquIggLE®-Sq”   THE nEw DATAMAx M-CLASS
ASSET TRACKIng                [ abiLity tO rEad and writE gEn 1   [ gLObaL OPEratiOn - 860          CoMPACT InDuSTRIAL STREngTH
[ aLLOwS EnCOding Of            and gEn 2 rfid tagS, CaPturE 1d     tO 960 Mhz                      PRInTER
  rOOM and aSSEt tagS uSing     and 2d bar COdES, and CaPturE     [ idEaL fOr itEM LEvEL tagging    [ faSt and COMPaCt
  fLEXibLE uSEr dEfinEd         iMagES                              Of PLaStiC PaCkaging SuCh aS      induStriaL PrintEr fOr
  fiELdS                      [ intEgratEd 802.11 a/b/g and         PharMaCEutiCaL PiLL bOttLES       any vOLuME aPPLiCatiOn-
[ CrEatE OnE CEntraL aSSEt      bLuEtOOth                           and aPParEL hang tagS             adMiSSiOnS, PatiEnt id,
  rEPOSitOry in thE rfid                                                                              LabOratOry OPEratiOnS and
                              [ EXCEPtiOnaLLy ruggEd              [ nEar-fiELd and far-fiELd          PharMaCEutiCaL
  SOftwarE aPPLiCatiOn          COnStruCtiOn dELivErS an            COMMuniCatiOn MOdES
  whiLE Maintaining a           EXtraOrdinariLy LOw tOtaL COSt                                      [ idEaL fOr wriStband and
  hiStOry Of aSSEt uSE          Of OwnErShiP and thE LargE                                            barCOdE LabELing
  and MEEting audit             diSPLay PrOvidES EXCEPtiOnaL                                        [ SMaLL fOOtPrint, ruggEd and
  rEquirEMEntS                  CLarity and COntraSt fOr EaSy                                         rELiabLE POwErhOuSE
                                rEading in a widE variEty Of
                                Lighting COnditiOnS

                                             RfID ASSET TRACKIng
           RETAIL                                               [         Innovative solutions are essential to specialty retailers –
                                                                          particularly during a tough economy. Checkout the latest
                                                                          product trends and exciting opportunities that can help them
                                                                          (and you!) generate more revenue.

              [ ibM SurEPOint
                4820 diSPLay and                                                                              MICRoSofT
                SurEPOS 300                                                                                   [ MiCrOSOft
                                                                                                                dynaMiCS rEtaiL

                                                                                                                        [ PrEhkEytEC rMS
          TRAnSACT TECHnoLogIES
          [ tranSaCt tEChnOLOgiES
            ithErM 280

                                                                                                       [ MMf advantagE SEriES CaSh drawEr

                       [ OPtiCOn OPv 1001

                                                    ITHACA ITHERM 280                              oPTICon oPv 1001
    IBM SuREPoInT 4820 DISPLAY                      [ ruggEd dESign with aLL Of thE                [ COMPaCt OMni-dirECtiOnaL LaSEr
    [ EnabLE CaShiErS tO uSE a brOad array            Standard ithaCa fEaturES                       SCannEr with an EXtrEMELy SMaLL
      Of intEraCtiOn tOOLS                                                                           fOOtPrint rEquiring LESS than
    [ aCCELEratE EMPLOyEE training                  [ LargE “drOP in” PaPEr rOLL fOr
                                                                                                     3 SquarE inChES
                                                      MaXiMuM OPEratiOnaL EffiCiEnCy
    [ intEgratE with EXiSting hardwarE,
      SOftwarE and PEriPhEraLS                                                                     [ POwErfuL PrOCESSOr and 20 LinE
                                                    [ SMaLL fOOtPrint with a PrOtECtEd
                                                                                                     OMni-dirECtiOnaL SCan PattErn
    IBM SuREPoS 300 SERIES                            intErnaL POwEr SuPPLy
                                                                                                     aLLOwing fOr quiCk handS-frEE
    [ innOvativE POS OffErEd at thE LOwESt
                                                                                                     SCanning withOut thE nEEd fOr
      PriCE EvEr
                                                                                                     barCOdE OriEntatiOn
    [ highLy EffiCiEnt PErfOrManCE and rEtaiL
      SyStEMS ManagEMEnt hELP dELivEr quiCk rOi                                                    [ fuLLy COnfigurabLE POwEr Saving
    [ thiS SMaLL POint-Of-SaLE SOLutiOn OffErS                                                       OPtiOn that aLLOwS it tO hibErnatE
      SPaCE-Saving PLaCEMEnt and                                                                     whiLE nOt in uSE, yEt it inStantLy COMES
      rEMarkabLE vErSatiLity                                                                         aLivE whEn it dEtECtS a barCOdE
    [ Earth-friEndLy tEChnOLOgy SavES POwEr,
      LOwErS hEat and rEduCES nOiSE whiLE
      inCrEaSing rELiabiLity

4                                                 800.944.2432 |
      The only association dedicated
          to the retail technology
        industry. Members include
      resellers, distributors, hardware
    manufacturers, software developers,
     consultants and service providers
        who bring retail technology
       solutions to the marketplace.
         Visit for
           membership benefits.

                                                                             MAnAgEMEnT SYSTEM
[ 5 nEw SizES tO COMPLEMEnt           [ ‘hOt kEyS’ taiLOrEd with EMbEddEd
  MOSt POS SyStEMS                      PrOgraMMing fOr MOSt COMMOn rMS      [ StrEaMLinES buSinESS OPEratiOnS
                                        funCtiOnS                            [ PrOvidES aCCuratE data and
[ hiddEn, LOCkEd drOP SafE
  in aLL SLOttEd MOdELS               [ OnE intErfaCE CabLE fOr thE            POwErfuL rEPOrting data fOr
                                        kEybOard and intEgratEd MSr and        infOrMEd dECiSiOn Making
[ COnfigurabLE gLObaL tiLL
                                        tOuChPad                             [ EXPandS EaSiLy tO
  w/ undEr-tiLL StOragE
                                      [ twO SizES avaiLabLE tO fit variOuS     MuLti-StOrE OPEratiOnS and
                                        POS SyStEMS                            E-COMMErCE

                                   800.944.2432 |                                             5
             TABLE                                                [
                                                                            We offer table service solutions that have the POS features
                                                                            and flexibility needed to help your end user customers
                                                                            increase revenue while ensuring excellent customer service.

             SERvICE                                                        The solutions featured here can help decrease costs, improve
                                                                            efficiencies and increase revenue.

                       [ ELO 1215L 12”
                         LCd dESktOP                                                                     [ thE rEtaiL SOLutiOn
                         tOuChMOnitOr                                                                      PrOvidErS aSSOCiatiOn

            PoSIfLEx                                                                                            EPSon
            [ POSifLEX kvS SyStEM                                                                               [ EPSOn MObiLink wirELESS
                                                                                                                  MObiLE PrintEr

             [ POSX XPC515

                                                                                                                           [ MOtOrOLa rfS6000
                                                                                                                             wirELESS rf SwitCh

                                    [ MOtOrOLa MC75 with
                                      SnaP-On PayMEnt                                                              IBM
                                      dEviCE                                                                       [ ibM SurEMark™
                                                                                                                     SingLE-StatiOn PrintEr

    ELo 1215L 12” LCD DESKToP TouCHMonIToR
    [ SPaCE-Saving 1215L fEaturES a ChOiCE Of
                                                      PoSx xPC515 TouCHPC                              MoToRoLA MC75 wITH SnAP-on
      tOuCh tEChnOLOgiES and SPiLL
                                                      [ induStry LEading PErfOrManCE                   PAYMEnT DEvICE
      rESiStant SEaLing
                                                        and vaLuE                                      [ POwErfuL COMPuting PLatfOrM in a
    [ rELiabLE and durabLE OPEratiOn fOr
                                                      [ nEwLy dESignEd EzaCCESS SErviCE PanEL            COMPaCt, EaSy-tO-Carry ruggEd
     rEtaiL, POS, and hOSPitaLity MarkEtS
                                                                                                         fOrM faCtOr
    [ duaL SEriaL/uSb intErfaCE                       [ 3-yEar raPid rEPLaCEMEnt warranty
                                                                                                       [ bi-dirECtiOnaL, 3 traCt MagnEtiC StriPE
    PoSIfLEx KvS SYSTEM                                                                                  rEadEr – SuPPOrtS virtuaLLy any kind
    [ PrOvidES an EnhanCEd POS OrdEr                                                                     Of Card: CrEdit, dEbit, gift CardS, EtC.
      ManagEMEnt SOLutiOn tO a kitChEn Or                                                              [ 1d and 2d bar COdE SCanning, a
      bar EnvirOnMEnt                                                                                    high-rESOLutiOn CaMEra, 3g wirELESS
    [ thiS “fan-frEE” dEviCE runS COOL in thE                                                            wan, wirELESS Lan, wirELESS Pan and
      MOSt EXtrEME EnvirOnMEntS iMPrOving                                                                irda COnnECtivity
      OrdEr COntrOL fLOw, SErviCE, and
    [ Can bE uSEd aS a SELf-COntainEd dEviCE
      COntrOLLEd by a baCk-OffiCE COMPutEr
      thrOugh an intEgratEd nEtwOrk

6                                                  800.944.2432 |
                                                                            Motorola Business
                                                                         Builders Program: Mobile
                                                                          Computing for Partners

                                                                           Business Builders provides
                                                                       participating partners with rebates
                                                                        on Motorola’s popular MC55 and
                                                                         MC75 terminals based on their
                                                                         PartnerSelect partner level and
                                                                          their achievement of specific
                                                                        growth criteria for overall mobile
                                                                                 computing sales.


IBM SuREMARK™ SIngLE-         MoToRoLA RfS6000              MoBILInK wIRELESS                thE OnLy aSSOCiatiOn
STATIon PRInTER               wIRELESS Rf SwITCH            MoBILE PRInTER                   dEdiCatEd tO thE rEtaiL
                                                                                             tEChnOLOgy induStry
[ faStESt ibM rECEiPt         [ dELivErS SECurE and         [ faStESt in itS CLaSS           MEMbErS inCLudE rESELLErS,
  PrintEr EvEr—80 LPS—27%       rELiabLE vOiCE, vidEO and   [ rECEiPt Or LabEL Printing      diStributOrS, hardwarE
  faStEr than tOP               data aPPLiCatiOnS                                            ManufaCturErS, SOftwarE
  COMPEtitOr                                                [ uP tO 20-hOur battEry LifE     dEvELOPErS, COnSuLtantS and
                              [ PrOvidES wirEd and
[ rESiStS SPiLLagE –            wirELESS nEtwOrking                                          SErviCE PrOvidErS whO bring
  ChannELS LiquidS away         SErviCES, MuLtiPLE                                           rEtaiL tEChnOLOgy SOLutiOnS
  frOM CritiCaL COMPOnEntS      LOCatiOning tEChnOLOgiES,                                    tO thE MarkEtPLaCE.
[ fLEXibLE MOunting OPtiOnS     and high PErfOrManCE with
  inCLudE waLL MOunting         802.11n nEtwOrkS
                                                                                             viSit www.gOrSPa.Org fOr
  with uPSidE dOwn Printing   [ CaPabLE Of SuPPOrting                                        MEMbErShiP bEnEfitS.
                                2,000 tO 20,000 MObiLE
                                dEviCES PEr SwitCh

                                    800.944.2432 |                                                      7
                                                                              In today’s challenging business environment, it’s never been
        MAn ufACTuRIng                                                        more critical that every aspect of a warehouse be operating at

                                                                              peak efficiency. We have the ideal solutions for your customers
                                                                              in the manufacturing space who want to source, manufacture,
                                                                              and ship more products on time and more profitably.

                  PRInTRonIx                                                                                     [ wavELink dEviCE
                                                                                                                   ManagEMEnt SOftwarE
                  [ PrintrOniX t5000r
                    thErMaL PrintEr

                                                                                                                           [ LXE vX6

        [ MObiLE PrintCart by


                          CISCo                                                                        [ hOnEywELL 3820i

                          [ CiSCO air-aP1252ag-a-k9

    PRInTRonIx T5000R THERMAL PRInTER                  MoBILE PRInTCART BY PRInTRonIx                    CISCo AIR-AP1252Ag-A-K9
    [ avaiLabLE in 4”, 6”, and 8” Print widthS         [ twO 100 aMP-hOur, 120 vOLt battEriES            [ 6X thE thrOughPut Of 802.11a/g
      and 203 Or 300 dPi COMbining thE                  POwEr a PrintEr and tErMinaL fOr uP                (baCkwardS COMPatibLE with a/b/g
      rELiabiLity, utiLity, and POwEr yOu               tO 20 hOurS Of rEguLar uSE                         CLiEntS)
      EXPECt frOM PrintrOniX                           [ fuLLy rEChargEabLE in 4 hOurS with              [ rObuSt MOduLar PLatfOrM dESignEd
    [ COMES Standard with OvEr 6 diffErEnt              OnbOard battEry StatuS diSPLay and                 fOr EaSy fiELd uPgradES
      PrintEr LanguagES EMbEddEd aS                     rEChargE aLarM                                   [ MiMO (MuLtiPLE inPut, MuLtiPLE
      wELL aS rfid fiELd uPgradabiLity and             [ wOrkS with MuLtiPLE PrintEr brandS                OutPut) tEChnOLOgy fOr EnhanCEd
      MuLtiPLE intErfaCES                               and haS MuLtiPLE OPtiOnS avaiLabLE                 rELiabiLity
    [ SidE LOad aCCESS fOr SiMPLE LabEL and                                                              [ 2.4-ghz and 5-ghz radiO MOduLES –
      ribbOn rEPLaCEMEnt whiLE Maintaining                                                                 ruggEd MEtaL EnCLOSurE
      thE fLEXibiLity and durabiLity Of an
     induStriaL PrintEr

8                                                     800.944.2432 |
                       foR A LIMITED-TIME onLY from LxE:

              Receive an “Instant Rebate” of $300 for each 8520 Extended
              Range Scanner purchased on individual orders of 10 or more
             VX6 and/or VX7 Vehicle Mount Computers. When you order 10
              or more VX6/VX7 Vehicle Mount Computers bundled with an
               8520 Extended Range Scanner, you will receive an instant
                          rebate of $300 per scanner ordered.

   HonEYwELL 3820i
   [ LinEar iMagEr with bLuEtOOth ®
     wirELESS COnnECtivity
   [ induStriaL-gradE durabiLity with
     iMPaCt-abSOrbing hOuSing
   [ EnvirOnMEntaLLy SEaLEd againSt duSt
     and MOiSturE intruSiOn

   [ fOrk truCk drivErS aPPrECiatE thE “hi-viSibiLity”
     COLOr SCrEEnS fOr uSE in EithEr LOw Or bright
     Lighting COnditiOnS
   [ OPtiOnaL COnfiguratiOnS arE fuLLy hEatEd,
     Making thEM idEaL fOr OPEratiOn, in and Out
     Of frEEzErS Or rEfrigEratEd arEaS
   [ uSb Or rS232 POrtS fOr SCannEr attaChMEnt
     Of uSE bLuEtOOth

   [ LEading PrOvidEr Of MuLti-vEndOr dEviCE
     and infraStruCturE ManagEMEnt and MObiLE
     aPPLiCatiOn dEvELOPMEnt SOftwarE
   [ hELPS SOLvE thE ChaLLEngES invOLvEd
     in dEPLOying, Managing, and COntrOLLing
     EntErPriSE MObiLity SyStEMS
   [ wavELink SOftwarE hELPS aCCELEratE
     aPPLiCatiOn dELivEry, rEduCE dEviCE
     ManagEMEnt and SuPPOrt COStS, and
     StrEngthEnS nEtwOrk SECurity

800.944.2432 |                                          9
               fIELD                                              [
                                                                         Both field Mobility and utilities markets are challenged
                                                                         with finding ways to increase service levels and efficiencies
                                                                         while keeping costs to a minimum in a highly demanding and
                                                                         changing environment. here are solutions that can help your

               MoBILITY                                                  customers improve the quality of communication with field
                                                                         staff and enhance workflow processes across their business.

                       DATALogIC - DSD
                       [ dataLOgiC MEMOr
                                                                                                            MoDE - uTILITIES
                                                                                                            [ SCanSOurCE Can hELP yOu
                                                                                                              SELECt, COnfigurE and
                                                                                                              aCtivatE induStry-LEading
                                                                                                              MOtOrOLa MObiLE dEviCES

              unITECH - DSD
              [ unitECh MP300                                                                                    onSITE SofTwARE - uTILITIES
                                                                                                                 [ SOftwarE SOLutiOn fOr
                                                                                                                   inSPECtiOn/SErviCE Of fiELd
                                                                                                                   MObiLity/utiLitiES On thE
                                                                                                                   MOtOrOLa MC75

                 zEBRA - DSD
                                                                                                             oPTICon - uTILITIES
                 [ zEbra rw420
                                                                                                             [ OPtiCOn h19

                                                                                            2go SofTwARE - DSD
                                                                                            [ OnSitE SOftwarE

     DATALogIC MEMoR                       unITECH MP300                 zEBRA Rw420                        2go SofTwARE
     [ brOadband CELLuLar                  [ COMMuniCatES with           [ thE MOduLar dESign aLLOwS        2gO SOftwarE PrOvidES
       COnnECtiOnS PrOvidE gPS fOr           OthEr dEviCES thrOugh         uSErS tO ChOOSE aMOng            affOrdabLE, EaSy, and
       rOutE traCking and                    irda and bLuEtOOth            wirELESS OPtiOnS, Card           SiMPLE tO uSE funCtiOnaLity
       OPtiMizatiOn, rEaL tiME EvEnt       [ drOP-in EaSy tO LOad 3”       rEadErS, and intEgraL            that kEEPS MObiLE wOrkErS
       tranSaCtiOnS fOr CLEarEr              PaPEr and nO nEEd fOr ink     aCCESSOriES SuCh aS vEhiCLE      COnnECtEd tO vitaL data. it
       invEntOry traCking and                                              MOuntS fOr SiMPLifiEd            EnabLES wOrkErS tO uSE MObiLE
       ELiMinatES thE nEEd fOr a           [ OPtiOnaL thrEE traCk          rOutE Printing                   dEviCES tO PErfOrM nECESSary
       CELL PhOnE                            MagnEtiC StriPE rEadEr                                         OPEratiOnaL taSkS in rEaL tiME,
                                                                         [ idEaL fOr Printing dELivEry
     [ SignaturE and iMagE CaPturE                                         rECEiPtS and invOiCES On         SuCh aS PrOduCt invEntOry
       CaPabiLitiES PrOvidES CuStOMEr                                      thE gO                           ChECkS, viEw dELivEriES,
       vErifiCatiOn Of dELivEry                                                                             PLaCE CuStOMEr OrdErS, and
                                                                         [ Can withStand harSh wEathEr      COMPLEtE wOrk rEquEStS.
     [ POCkEt SizE fOrM faCtOr MakES                                       Or EvEn MuLtiPLE faLLS frOM aS   fOr MOrE infOrMatiOn, viSit
       thE dEviCE COnvEniEnt tO Carry                                      high aS 6 fEEt                   www.2gOSOftwarE.COM.
       in a tOOL bOX Or briEfCaSE Or
       Shirt POCkEt whiLE Maintaining
       high durabiLity

                                                     DIRECT SToRE DELIvERY

10                                                800.944.2432 |
       DIRECT SToRE DELIvERY                                                                  uTILITIES

oPTICon H19                                      onSITE SofTwARE                          MoDE
[ PaCkS funCtiOnaLity & fLEXibiLity intO         OnSitE SOftwarE, inC. iS an idEaL        SCanSOurCE Can hELP yOu SELECt,
  a SMaLL, ErgOnOMiC SMartPhOnE/Pda              SOftwarE SOLutiOn fOr inSPECtiOn/        COnfigurE and aCtivatE induStry-LEading
                                                 SErviCE Of fiELd MObiLity/utiLitiES On   MOtOrOLa MObiLE dEviCES. EvEn bEttEr,
[ windOwS MObiLE 6.0, gSM/gPrS/EdgE
                                                 thE MOtOrOLa MC75. it PrOvidES PhOtO     wE Pay 100% Of avaiLabLE aCtivatiOn
  vOiCE & data, wifi (802.11b/g), bLuEtOOth
                                                 dOCuMEntatiOn Of aLL inSPECtiOn          COMMiSSiOnS uP frOnt! gO tO www.
  and gPS
                                                 dEfiCiEnCiES On thE rEPOrt, PLuS vOiCE   SCanSOurCE.COM/MOtOrOLa and CLiCk On
[ intEgratEd LaSEr SCannEr Or 2d iMagEr          nOtES add dEtaiL tO thE inSPECtiOnS.     MOtOrOLa MOdE fOr MOrE infOrMatiOn.
[ intEgratEd gPS and 512k Of rOM fOr             and with wirELESS SynCh, wOrkErS SavE
  high-vOLuME StOragE                            triPS tO thE OffiCE.

[ ruggEd - iP 54, 4 fOOt drOP tESt

                                              800.944.2432 |                                                     11
               TIME &                                              [
                                                                              In today’s environment, your customers need an easier way to
                                                                              track employee time and labor. Not only can paper timesheets
                                                                              or outdated software be time consuming and inefficient
                                                                              but they can also lead to inaccuracies created by time entry
                                                                              errors and lost money due to untracked PTO. Our Time and

               ATTEnDAnCE                                                     Attendance solutions can help you build a case for automating
                                                                              these manual tasks.

                                                                                                          [ ELO 17a2 (17”)

                                [ OPtiCOn OPi 2201

        [ unitECh Mr650 tErMinaL

                                                                                                          TIME & ATTEnDAnCE PRogRAM
                                                                                                          [ thE tiME & attEndanCE PrOgraM
                                                                                                            traCkS PErSOnnEL CLOCking in
                                                                                                            and Out

                                                                                                                  [ PiOnEErPOS StEaLth-M5
                             [ MOtOrOLa Mk500                                                                      aLL-in-OnE tOuChSCrEEn

     oPTICon oPI 2201                                  unITECH MR650 TERMInAL                            MoToRoLA MK500
     [ a LightwEight CMOS autO-fOCuS iMagEr            [ LargE, COLOr tOuCh SCrEEn                       [ idEaL fOr MuLtiPLE EMPLOyEE faCing
       that PrOvidES thE vErSatiLity tO rEad                                                               aPPLiCatiOnS (tiME and
                                                       [ windOwS CE OPErating SyStEM fOr
       Standard 1d and 2d COdES                                                                            attEndanCE, training, SChEduLing)
                                                         aPPLiCatiOn CuStOMizatiOn
     [ thE PLug and PLay abiLity aLLOwS thE                                                              [ COMPaCt, affOrdabLE kiOSk that
                                                       [ buiLt-in digitaL CaMEra, MiCrOPhOnE
       uSEr tO quiCkLy COnnECt and OPEratE                                                                 COnnECtS tO wirEd Or
                                                         and SPEakEr
       thE SCannEr EffOrtLESSLy                                                                            wirELESS Lan
                                                       [ intEgratEd bar COdE, MSr, PrOXiMity,
     [ MadE Of high quaLity MatEriaLS, thE                                                               [ MiCrOSOft® windOwS® CE.nEt 5.0,
                                                         hid Or fingErPrint rEadEr
       dESign iS ErgOnOMiC and ruggEdizEd                                                                  intEgratEd SuPPOrt fOr: intErnEt
       tO withStand variEd EnvirOnMEntaL               [ fOur ttL digitaL inPutS and thrEE                 EXPLOrEr 6.0; SyMbOL POCkEt
       COnditiOnS                                        rELay OutPut COntrOLS tO ManagE                   brOwSEr; viSuaL StudiO .nEt 2005;
                                                         aCCESS COntrOL                                    SMdk fOr C, .nEt and Java

12                                                   800.944.2432 |
                PIonEER PoS
                REBATES AT
             SCAnSouRCE onLY!
             This exclusive offer from
          ScanSource gives an additional
          $80 rebate on Pioneer’s 17” M7
           All-In-One Touch Computer
          until September 30, 2009. One
           Pioneer M7 or M5 demo unit
              available per customer*
             at 60% off MSRP with no
              strings attached. *MAP
                Program rules apply.

PIonEERPoS STEALTH-M5 ALL-In-onE                       THE TIME & ATTEnDAnCE PRogRAM TRACKS         ELo 17A2 (17”) TouCHCoMPuTER
TouCHSCREEn CoMPuTER                                   PERSonnEL CLoCKIng In AnD ouT                [ SPaCE Saving, fan-LESS aLL-in-OnE
[ thE StEaLth-M5 iS a StatE-Of-thE-art 15”             [ thE PrOgraM CaPturES and rECOrdS             tOuChCOMPutEr with intEL CELErOn
  aLL-in-OnE tOuChSCrEEn COMPutEr,                       thE datE/tiME, inCLuding SECOndS, EaCh       M dESign
  POwErEd by intEL                                       tiME thE EMPLOyEE SELECtS thE ‘in’ Or      [ ChOiCE Of windOwS XP PrO and
[ vESa Or waLL-MOuntabLE, with OnLy 3.3” dEPth.          ‘Out’ buttOn                                 wEPOS OPErating SyStEMS
[ diSkLESS with XP EMbEddEd, aLSO SuPPOrtS             [ thE PrOgraM aPPEndS SavEd data tO          [ EaSy SErviCEabiLity with MuLtiPLE
  XP PrO, viSta, LinuX                                   a .CSv fiLE, aLOng with thE dEviCE aLiaS     fiELd inStaLLabLE PEriPhEraL
[ nEtwOrk rEady, with wifi (rf 802.11) OPtiOn            (naME) and a datE/tiME StaMP fOr EaCh        OPtiOnS
                                                         rECOrd. thiS fiLE Can bE OPEnEd in
                                                         EXCEL Or nOtEPad Or iMPOrtEd intO
                                                         LEgaCy aPPLiCatiOnS
                                                       [ thiS and aLL rtg PrOgraMS Can bE
                                                         taiLOrEd tO Suit yOur EXaCt nEEdS
                                                         (fOr an additiOnaL fEE)

                                                  800.944.2432 |                                                       13
                                                ScanSource is proud to introduce the Government
                                                Source Program. With a strong focus on federal, state
                                                and local opportunities and markets, we have designed
                                                a program to specifically help you learn more about
                                                closing business opportunities within government.
                                                Government Source gives you access to:
                                                [ expertise in niche technology products
                                                [ Great inventory availability and ability to help with
                                                  rollouts, forecasting, solution building, etc.

 CLoSE govERnMEnT                               [ Custom enablement programs from vertically specific

                                                  partner marketing campaigns to special financing
                                                  programs for qualified government deals and rollouts
                                                [ Dedicated resources to help partners achieve success
 wITH SCAnSouRCE!                                 in government opportunities
                                                [ ISV (software) partner network to help build solutions
                                                  and win bids

  for more information about the Government Source program, e-mail
                          or visit

                                                                                                 Greenville, SC 29615
                                                                                                 6 Logue Court


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