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									                                                     Entrepreneurship Pakistan
High Tech Sales and Sales Force Management

Global Sales Strategies
for Ambitious Pakistani
A high quality seminar and workshop for CEOs and their top sales executives from
young, fast-growing companies featuring case studies and lectures, interactive
discussions, student presentations, “hands-on” exercises, and the opportunity
to practice “elevator sales pitches” to potential customers.

Led by:
Senior Lecturer & Managing Director,
MIT Entrepreneurship Center
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Senior Lecturer & Entrepreneur in Residence,
MIT Entrepreneurship Center
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Friday / Saturday, 16 – 17 March 2007, KARACHI - PAKISTAN

... “This workshop was an excellent and effective vehicle for changing the clock speed of collaboration
among our senior management team. It was instrumental in building the awareness that together we can
be a potent force in our drive towards service excellence and market share.” __
                                - Kokab Mirza, CEO Automotive Division, Abdullatif Alissa Group, Saudi Arabia
                                                         Entrepreneurship Pakistan
Effective Sales is
Mission Critical
Improving the effectiveness of the sales                  ... “Sales results are clear, digital and brutal. They
                                                          are easy to measure; there are no shades of gray.
force, sales management processes,                        Either the sale was made - and the customer
and the overall speed of decision                         paid - or not.”__
                                                          - Kenneth P. Morse, MIT Entrepreneurship Center
making in young Pakistani companies,
large and small, is consistently cited by                 ... “The only necessary and sufficient condition for
business experts as one of the highest                    a business is a customer. Simply put, selling and
                                                          collections are revenue generators, everything else
priorities, year after year. In the current               in a company is a cost center.” __
                                                          - Bill Aulet, MIT Entrepreneurship Center
tough climate, every purchase by any
prospective customer must be triple-
                                                          ... “Everywhere in the world, the company with
justified at all levels of management.                     the best sales force usually wins, even if their
Therefore, having the best ROI-based                      competitors have better technology.” __
                                                          - Howard Anderson, Founder, Yankee Group
sales approach is essential to shortening
the sales cycle and therefore to the
                                                          This course is designed to enable CEOs
survival of most young companies.
                                                          and top sales executives - and the fast-
Attending this course can help ensure
                                                          growing companies from which they come
that your company succeeds, while your
                                                          - to be more effective in establishing long
competitors suffer.
                                                          term, dependable, predictable, profitable,
                                                          referenceable and mutually beneficial,
... “Achieving consistent sales results, in this
economy, or any economy, is the toughest challenge        customer relationships.
for any high tech company. It is much harder than
developing new technologies, new inventions, or
new products.”__                                          The course will assist CEOs and
- World famous CEO, major NASDAQ-listed Company           experienced business development
... “Everyone wants to eat meat, but there are very       managers to sharpen their skills and
few consistently successful hunters.”__                   improve the customer focus culture of
- Jim Brown, NFL Hall of Fame
                                                          their organizations.
... “Rather than the usual American IT industry jargon
and hype, Ken gave us practical insights into how to
focus the sales effort to deliver and capture customer
value and grow start up companies quickly. From           The course is highly interactive and
this half day investment I have several actions that I    features case studies on fast growing
will immediately implement to further boost profitable
growth” __                                                software and other companies as well as
- Mark Templeton, VCU Technology, Auckland,
New Zealand                                               “live” exercises with real time feedback.
                                                          Entrepreneurship Pakistan
                                                           Track Record
                                                           Prior to joining the MIT Entrepreneurship Center in
                                                           1996, Ken Morse was a co-founder of six high-tech
                                                           com-panies, together with MIT friends and classmates.
                                                           Five of these ventures had successful IPOs or mergers;
                                                           one was a disaster. They included 3Com Corporation,
                                                           Aspen Technology, Inc., a China Trade Company, a
                                                           biotech venture, and an expert systems company. Ken
                                                           was either the CEO or responsible for part or all of the
                                                           Sales organization in each of these new enterprises.
                                                           During his 4+ years as Managing Director of AspenTech
                                                           (AZPN) for Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA),

Kenneth P. Morse                                           Ken’s team achieved 18 consecutive quarters of on-
                                                           target sales performance by building close strategic
                                                           relationships with the leading chemical and pharma
                                                           companies throughout the region.
       Managing Director,                                 He grew the AspenTech EMEA organization from 22 to
        MIT Entrepreneurship Center                        200+ employees with basically zero staff turnover, and
                                                           expanded sales revenue 600% - 900% with key client
                                                           relationships. Ken’s interest in international high tech
       Senior Lecturer,                                   ventures began at MIT, where he graduated with a BS
        MIT Sloan School of Management                     in Political Science in 1968 followed in 1972 with an
                                                           MBA - with honors - from Harvard Business School.
       Chair in Entrepreneurship, Innovation              Upon graduation, he joined Schroders, the UK-based
                                                           merchant bank, where he was personal assistant to
        and Competitiveness,                               Jim Wolfensohn, former President of the World Bank.
        Technical University Delft                         In 1975 Ken formed a trading advisory company under
                                                           the aegis of Chase Manhattan Bank to assist U.S.
       Serial Entrepreneur                                technology-based companies such as IBM, General
                                                           Motors, Hughes Aircraft; Mine Safety Appliances, Water
       Bachelor of Science, MIT 1968                      Associates and others to enter the China market. Ken
                                                           lived in Beijing for five years during the latter half of the
                                                           Cultural Revolution.
       MBA (honors), Harvard Business                      In 1980, Morse relocated to Silicon Valley as a
        School, 1972                                       founding member of 3Com Corporation. Since Ken
                                                           joined the MIT Entrepreneurship Center in 1996, the
                                                           number of students taking Entrepreneurship Courses
                                                           has increased from 220 to 1,500 per year while the
Ken has been a high performance                            number of professors and lecturers has grown from
leader in global high tech sales                           two to over thirty. Ken was named “Education All Star”
                                                           by “Mass High Tech” magazine. Ken is a member of
and sales management for over                              the Board of Associates of the Whitehead Institute
30 years.                                                  for Biomedical Research. He is also a member of the
                                                           Council on Foreign Relations and the Cercle Royal
                                                           Gaulois Artistique & Littéraire (Brussels). Ken is a
                                                           member of the Board of Advisors of four early-stage
... “Ken’s vast, real world experience and effective,
                                                           Venture Capital Firms: China Capital Ventures LLC,
inspirational teaching style brought to life executive-
                                                           Darby Technology Ventures Group LLC, PolyTechnos
level relationship planning, value added elevator
                                                           Venture-Partners (Munich), and SINTEF A/S (Trondheim,
speeches, and other topics that are of tremendous          Norway). Ken is on the Board of Advisors of Lagan and
value to any sales professional.” __                       Meridio Limited, both in Belfast, Northern Ireland and of
- Mark Denissen, Texas Instruments, USA                    iMotions - Emotion Technology A/S in Copenhagen as
                                                           well as several MIT spin-offs. Ken speaks fluent French
... “Ken Morse is a charismatic man. I learned a lot       and some Chinese. When he is not helping young
from him – also intuitively. “__                           companies to succeed, Ken enjoys sailing his wooden
- Christian Dittrich, Step Ahead AG                        boat with his family around Cape Cod.
                                                             Entrepreneurship Pakistan
                                                              His last job at IBM was as CFO for the New England sales
                                                              and service region which was responsible for over $700M
                                                              in annual revenue. In 1993, Bill was named an MIT Sloan
                                                              Fellow. In 1994, he earned a MMS degree in business
                                                              management and upon graduation, started and ran his first
                                                              entrepreneurial venture, Cambridge Decision Dynamics. In
                                                              1995, Bill joined SensAble Technologies as President. He
                                                              led the company’s rapid growth from three employees to
                                                              over 70 employees. During this time, annual revenues grew
                                                              from $300K to over $6 million and the company achieved
                                                              a worldwide presence. SensAble received recognition
                                                              with feature articles in Fortune Magazine, BusinessWeek,
                                                              the Wall Street Journal and many other publications. The

William K. Aulet                                              company raised three rounds of financing for a total of
                                                              over $33 million dollars while maintaining strong employee
      Entrepreneur in Residence,                             Bill was then recruited to help turn around Viisage
                                                              Technology which was a company focused on homeland
       MIT Entrepreneurship Center                            security. Upon his arrival, Viisage was losing $2.4M per
                                                              quarter and had a market value in the neighborhood of
      Senior Lecturer,                                       $50M. Driven by the development of a new strategy and
       MIT Sloan School of Management                         strong execution, the company achieved a dramatic
                                                              transformation in his two and a half year tenure. The
      Master in Management Sciences,                         company did three major acquisitions and two major
                                                              fundraising rounds totaling $60 million including a highly
       MIT, 1994                                              successful public offering led by J.P. Morgan and UBS.
                                                              The result was a debt-free company well positioned
      Bachelor of Engineering (honors)                       as a platform for growth in an attractive high growth
       Harvard University, 1980                               marketplace – identity solutions. During this timeframe,
                                                              the market cap for Viisage increased from approximately
                                                              $50 million to as high as $500 million. In October of 2005,
William (Bill) Aulet is a highly successful                   based on the strong foundation that had been developed,
business leader with over 25 years of                         industry leader, Robert LaPenta, and his L-1 Investment
                                                              Partners, invested an addition $100 million in Viisage to
experience in all areas of high technology
                                                              develop the first end-to-end advanced technology identity
business operations and financing.                             solutions company in the world. After the completion of
                                                              its acquisition of Identix in the second quarter of 2006, the
                                                              market value for Viisage was well over $1 billion.
Track Record                                                  From 2001 to 2003, Bill was a part time Senior Lecturer at
Bill Aulet is a successful business leader who       has      the MIT Sloan School. As of October 2005, Bill has rejoined
led companies to explosive top line sales growth              MIT full time as a Senior Lecturer and Entrepreneur in
with sales leadership and has also has raised over            Residence at the MIT Entrepreneurship Center.
$90 million in funding and has created hundreds of            Starting in 2006 while at MIT, Bill has been doing a
millions of dollars of shareholder value. He has run two      significant amount of executive business consulting
                                                              for companies. His specific areas of expertise include
private companies and was a leader in one of the most
                                                              developing more effective sales, improving operations,
significant recent turnarounds in New England as the
                                                              strategic alignment, promoting innovation and leadership.
CFO at Viisage Technology. In this role, he rebuilt the
                                                              He has done consulting at the top levels for Microsoft
company’s credibility with investors while shoring up
                                                              (April/May 2006) on sales incentives. Bill has run leadership
the company’s operations and balance sheet.                   workshops for the Abdullatif Alissa Group’s management
Bill graduated in 1980 from Harvard University with           team (Saudi Arabian transportation ompany), Mobilink
honors in engineering. After spending a year playing          Communications’ senior management team (Pakistan’s
professional basketball in Europe, he joined IBM in           largest cellular phone company) and the MIT Center for
New York City as a sales trainee and went through the         Real Estate Professional Development Series (USA). Bill
renowned IBM sales training program. In his 11 year           is a frequent featured speaker at management leadership
career at IBM, Bill held a variety of jobs of significantly    programs giving talks on how to create alignment between
increased responsibility in sales, marketing and              the company and the customer to generate rapid,
finance.                                                       profitable growth.
                                           Entrepreneurship Pakistan
                                            5. Creating a Sales- and Customer-
TOPICS, CASE                                   focused Culture in Your Company, and
STUDIES, EXERCISES,                            With Your Customers

and STUDENT                                       Analyzing Alternative Compensation
                                                   Models (equity, cash, other)
PRESENTATIONS                                     Setting High Expectations throughout
                                                   the Organization
1. Framework and Definition of High Tech
                                                  Building Passion, Clock Speed,
   Sales, Sales Management, and Building           Urgency and Work Methods
   Predictable, High Performance,
   Strategic Customer Relationships               Maximizing Results in the Last Month
                                                   of the Quarter

2. Quantifying the Value Proposition and    6. Managing a Global Sales Organization
   Preparing Your Elevator Pitch               in Tough Times

     ROI-based Value Justification Model          Critical Accounts

     Case examples: Global Strategy of           Compensation
      two Software Start-ups

     Case example: A young Pakistani             Motivation

3. Elevator Sales Pitch Exercise:           7. Group Exercises and Presentations of
   Communicating Your Value Proposition        the Value Proposition
   in a Live Competitive Network

     Top Sales Executives, VCs, and        ... “The course made me more confident raising
      Alumni from other courses             money and clarified our customer value proposition.
                                            Our sales pipeline has never been healthier.” __
                                            - Melissa Clark-Reynolds, CEO, PayGlobal,
                                            New Zealand & Australia
4. Focusing on Customer Value

     Quantifying the Benefits
                                            ... “In this seminar I learned that successful
                                            sales is neither innate nor coincidence.
     Communicating Value
                                            It is rather an outcome of knowledge and discipline
                                            that everybody can learn.”__
     Listening                             - Guido Schenk, VC on target GmbH
                                                        Entrepreneurship Pakistan
DAY 1 - Friday, 16 March 2007
09:00 – 09:40          Welcome, registration, and networking
09:45 – 10:15          Address of Welcome. Thanks to the Sponsors
10:15 – 12:00          Framework and Definition of High Tech Sales, Sales Management
                       and Building Pedictable Strategic Customer Relationships
                       Case Example: Quantifying the Customer Value Proposition
                       Definition of an Effective Elevator Sales Pitch
12:00 – 13:30          Lunch. Discussion of Elevator Pitches
13:30 – 15:00          Creating a Sales and Customer focused Culture in Your Company
                       and with Your Customers
15:00 – 15:30          Coffee Break
15:30 – 16:45          Maintaining Customer Focus; Making the Numbers
16:45 – 17:30          Communicate your Value Proposition to CEOs of Prospective
                       Customers: Practice your Elevator Sales Pitch
18:00 – 19:00          Reception and Live Graded Networking Exercise with Top
                       Executives and Potential “Customers”
19:00 – 21:00          Networking Dinner: Tables “hosted” by Sponsors and Course Participants

DAY 2 - Saturday, 17 March 2007
08:30 – 09:00           Networking Breakfast; with time to Practice Presentations
09:00 – 11:00           Discussion of the “Spotfire” Case from HBS: how a Start-up
                        Software Company in a remote region built their Global Sales Strategy:
                        Lessons Learned
                        Discussion of the other Cases
11:00 – 11:20           Coffee Break
11:20 – 12:20           Managing a Global Sales Organization in Tough Times: Critical
                        Accounts, Compensation, Motivation, Q-to-Q Performance
12:20 – 13:30           Lunch, with coached Previews
13:30 – 15:50           Closing Session: Presentations, Conclusions and Certificates
16:00                   End

    ... “Ken has a wealth of experience and ‘war stories’ to die for! The situational tips he provided were second to
   none. Ken has probably saved me some years of hard-earned experience… The ‘elevator pitch’ role playing was
                              excellent and quickly identified shortcomings and traps that I will now not fall into.” __
                                                           Ian Prisk, Black Coffee Software,Wellington, New Zealand

                                                      Entrepreneurship Pakistan
What are the Key Takeaways?
            In today’s tough environment, your company must be excellent at sales and
             customer acquisition or else you will not survive.

            Effective high tech sales techniques and customer relationship management
             can be both learned and promulgated throughout the organization.

            Setting higher expectations for your sales and customer support team can
             actually be very motivating and will likely increase both your customer and
             employee satisfaction and retention.

            Sincere commitment to solving customer problems is key. If your CEO is not
             passionately committed to delivering significant value to customers, then
             either he/she should leave the company, or else you should find another
             place to work, because the company will not succeed.

            Long term strategic customer relationships can provide a key, dependable
             source of sustainable competitive advantage for your company.

Who is Eligible to Participate?
The CEOs and top sales executives of fast-growing companies
            who are committed to improving long term customer relationships by
             enhancing the value delivered, and

            who write a compelling application explaining why he/she wants to attend
             and how he/she will apply the lessons learned in their job or new venture, and

            who fit the profile of participants, and

            who submit a complete registration form with electronic photo and full
             address details (work, home, mobile, etc.) to the Entrepreneurship Pakistan
             Network, and

            who obtain a confirmation of registration, and pay the Fees.

  ... ”The course led by Ken Morse and Bill Aulet was outstanding. The feedback from participants has been
                         very positive, and now people at Mobilink are making their elavator pitch all the time.
                                                                I highly recommend attending this course”__
                                                - Ali Raza Mehdi, VP Human Resources & Administration, Mobilink, Pakistan
                                                      Entrepreneurship Pakistan
Tuition Fee                                             Registration
   The Fee for the two days is                          Go to
  21,000.00 Pakistan Rupees (*) per                      and complete the on line Registration Form
  (*) The workhop is subsidized by corporate
  sponsors allowing us to offer a considerable          Registration and Payment Deadline:
  reduction on the standard fee of 72,000.00
  PKR                                                   08 March 2007
                                                        (10% premium thereafter)
The Tuition Fee includes:
1. High Tech Networking Reception,
   Elegant Dinner, and Cocktail with
                                                        Seminar Language
   special invited guests:                              English
     Successful “Alumni” from previous
                                                        Course Materials
     Leaders of the Entrepreneurial and
      Business Community
                                                           “Critical Success Factors in
     Our Sponsors                                           Entrepreneurship” by John Preston

2. Course Book with all Case Studies                       “Spotfire” Case from HBS and
   and Presentations                                        Discussion Papers

3. Photo Book of Attendees (for future                     Meridio Success Story
                                                           Extensive Lecture Materials, including
4. Lunch, Cocktail and Dinner on Friday,                    ROI Case Study
   Breakfast and Lunch on Saturday,
   plus continuous Beverages and Snacks                    Criteria for Evaluating Elevator Sales

... “The ability to quantify the customer’s needs, and to hit the key points with very few terms and sentences,
        is the most important competence for anyone and everyone who is responsible for marketing and the
  acquisition of customers. From our start-up stage, this important competence enabled us to become more
     profitable in the long run and to grow continuously. Now we have achieved cash flow breakeven and are
                                                                 growing well, thanks to these good lessons. __
                                                        - Axel Schmiegelow, CEO Denkwerk Neue Medien Holding GmbH;
                                                                   Vice President German Multimedia Association (dmmv)
                                                            Entrepreneurship Pakistan
The workshop will be held in the Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Club Road in
Karachi, Sind 75500. T +92 21 563 3333.

... ”I attended the workshop with a colleague and we both frequently refer
back to the course notes. The program helped Commtest crystallize our sales strategy for our
upcoming financial year. We came away thoroughly invigorated and better informed than we
expected.” __
- John Cochrane, General Manager, Commtest Instruments Ltd, New Zealand

... “At no time in my sales career have I been investing so much energy in formulating precisely my elevator
pitch. The seminar showed the participants quite plainly the absolutely top importance of those ‘unerring 55
seconds.” __
- Stefan Schäfer, Lufthansa Systems Network GmbH

... “I realized that the direction, tone and success of a Sales meeting can be set before the client even enters
the room. Ken identified the dynamics at work and how to influence the Decision Maker in those vital minutes
before a meeting starts,... insightful keys to success.” __
- Stephen Kearney - VP Business Development, Lagan Technologies UK

Contact Address
For general info and questions, please mail Anny at

... ”If you ever want to improve your strategic sales skills, two days with Ken Morse will put you
right on top. Ken’s knowledge and experience make you exit with a great set of step-by-step
tools, preparation guides and executions practices. Nordic Technology Forum’s Sales and
Strategic Relationship seminar was my best sales seminar ever.” __
- Trond Sorensen, CEO, Net Trans Services, Norway

... “There is no lack of literature about sales models. However, this seminar provided me with the opportunity
to trial and error on a bunch of models, and focus in on the best.” __
- Guido Schenk, Alternative Investor (Venture One)

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