Li-ion batteries for DCNS-designed SCORPENE submarines by chd21292


									      Paris, 4 November 2008

                               Li-ion batteries for
                      DCNS-designed SCORPENE submarines

      DCNS is investigating the integration of new-generation batteries with SCORPENE
      submarines, a concept that promises to double submerged endurance. This important
      innovation was presented at the UDT (Undersea Defence Technology) Pacific 2008
      show in Sydney, Australia, on 4 November.

      Current-generation diesel-electric submarines use lead-acid batteries. To further improve the
      performance capabilities of its SCORPENE range, DCNS has been working on the integration
      of new-generation lithium ion batteries.

      This new technology promises to double submerged endurance at high speed while at the
      same time reducing the indiscretion rate, increasing range, improving safety and requiring less
      maintenance, all essential criteria for submariners.

      The SCORPENE design is compatible with both Li-ion batteries and the MESMA air-
      independent propulsion system (AIP). MESMA alone enables a SCORPENE to patrol at low
      speed for three weeks at a time without broaching the surface.

      To achieve this breakthrough, DCNS has been working in close cooperation with Saft, a world
      leader in the design, development and production of high-technology batteries. Saft assembles
      Li-ion cells to form battery modules and modules into a battery system, complete with the
      necessary control electronics and software, to power a submarine in complete safety. The Li-
      ion cells developed by Saft for this application are similar to those used on satellites and have
      already proven their long lifetime. Saft is also a major supplier of Li-ion batteries for both
      manned and unmanned underwater vehicles.

      About DCNS
      The DCNS Group is one of Europe's leading players on the world market for naval defence
      systems. To meet customer demands for more comprehensive and integrated systems, DCNS
      acts as prime contractor for naval shipbuilding, integration and support by combining its own
      development, marketing and production capabilities with those of selected partners. To
      manage the complexity of such projects, the Group draws on in-house expertise in naval
      architecture and systems engineering, ship assembly and integration and equipment design
      and production, as well as through-life support. The DCNS Group employs 13,000 people and
      generates annual revenues of around €2.8 billion.

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