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					                      Google Apps Quick Reference Guide

Logging in:
  1. Go to
  2. To Login, use school Username and Password (Note: The first time you
     use it there will be an extra step of setting up. Just type in the characters
     you see in the picture and scroll down to click I ACCEPT. CREATE MY

Creating a document:
   1. Click NEW on the blue menu bar, and then on the drop-down menu select
   2. Start typing.
          • The editing/formatting options that you would normally find in any
              word processing program (such as Microsoft Word) are there for
              you and easy to use.
          • For more help, go to
   3. To Save: FILE then SAVE.

Upload a document that is already created on your computer:
   1. Click the UPLOAD button at the top of the blue menu bar.
   2. Under “Browse your computer to select a file to upload:” click the
      BROWSE button. Find the document and click it. If you wish to rename it,
      then write a new name under “What do you want to call it?” Otherwise,
      leave it blank.

Sharing your document:

Now that you've created your Google document, you can share it with your
students and coworkers. You can do this from your Docs list or directly from the

   1. Sharing from the Docs list:

          •   From the Docs list, select the checkbox next to the document you
              want to share and click the SHARE button.
          •   Enter the email addresses of the people you'd like to add.
              Remember that all AJ teachers and students are (user
          •   Select as Collaborators or as Viewers from the drop-down list.
          •   In subject, you can quickly describe what it is, and you may write a
              message too. Add a message and click Send Invitation (this is
              optional). Then click SAVE & CLOSE.
   2. Sharing directly from a document:

          •   Click Share -- Share with others.
          •   Select as collaborators if you want to allow them make changes to
              your document, or as viewers, if you want them to only view it.
          •   Enter the email addresses or mailing lists that you'd like to add.
          •   Add a message and click Invite collaborators. Then you can send
              an invitation (this is optional), or to skip sending an invitation, click
              “Add without sending invitation”. Your collaborators and viewers will
              still be able to access the document from their Docs lists, but they
              won't receive an email invitation.
          •   Up to 10 people may simultaneously edit and/or view a document,
              and you can share it with up to 200 people.
          •   Revision history

While you and your collaborators are editing a document, you can keep track of
changes (and of the person who made them), and even revert to an older version
by using “Revision history.” From your document, select the Tools drop-down
menu and click Revision history.

On the next page, you'll see a list of the revisions, the date and time each was
last edited, and the changes made. You can also compare two revisions at a

If you change your mind about the most recent edits you or your collaborators
made to the document, simply revert to an older version. Here's how:
          • Click any revision from the list you see. If you select the wrong one,
             you can click Older or Newer until you find the version you want.
          • Click Revert to this one on the right side of the page.

Your document is reset to the version you selected. When your collaborators
view this file, they'll see the version you selected.

If you want to go back to the latest version of your document, open “Revision
history” and click Newer until you get to the latest version.