RFID and the Healthcare Environment by hmv13501


									                               Tuesday October 6, 2009
                                   Time: 6:30PM
                               University of Pittsburgh
                               Room 360 Benedum Hall

  RFID and the Healthcare Environment
                   Steve Halliday, President

We have all heard about reports and articles that RFID is dangerous in
the Healthcare environment. But is this hype or reality? Can RFID kill
you or is this just another rumor spread by the anti-RFID brigade? Steve
Halliday (High Tech Aid) will discuss the issues and highlight some of the
work that is currently underway to find out the truth. Steve will cover
topics such as pharmaceuticals, pacemakers, hospital equipment and

             Presentation will be followed by open discussion

                     Questions and Discussion: 7:00PM
     RFID Center Members will meet at 5:00PM in Room 330 Benedum Hall
           For Additional Center Information: Call 412 / 624 - 9682
                           or email: rfid@pitt.edu

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