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					Clinical Genetics
An International Journal of Genetics and Molecular Medicine
Source: Wiley-Blackwell
Author(s): Michael R. Hayden
ISSN: 00099163          EISSN: 13990004

Clinical Genetics emphasizes research related to molecular approaches to genetic disease and the translation
of these advances for the practising geneticist. The journal focuses on understanding how changes in specific
genes may result in an altered phenotype, and how knowledge of these changes may result in new approaches
to therapy. Specific clinical descriptions adding to the present body of knowledge will also be considered. In
addition, the social, ethical, and psychological of aspects human genetics are covered. This journal fills the
niche of linking the lab to the medical clinic. Proposals for mini-review articles of interest to the medical
genetics community are welcome.

The editorial structure has been expanded, and accordingly, several new members have been invited to join
the Editorial board. Clinical Genetics aims to become a leading journal in the field of clinical genetics by
keeping the reader up to date on the latest developments in the literature, providing online access, and
publishing research of the highest quality.

n Blackwell’s Medical and Nursing Collection 2010

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