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                               PAYMENTS                                                            MEDICAL EMERGENCY
   Payments may be made by mail to P.O. Box 6800, Lewiston, ME
   04243-6800, or at our office at 225 Douglass Street in Portland from    Disconnection of service may be postponed if an occupant is seri-
   8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.                              ously ill. You must have your physician telephone us immediately,
                                                                           then certify the emergency in writing within the next seven days.
                        LATE PAYMENT CHARGES                               A payment arrangement must be made on any overdue water
   Your water bill is due upon receipt. Late payment charges are           balance.
   assessed for overdue water bills that are not paid within 25 days
   from the postmark date. The interest rate is set annually per MPUC                           THIRD PARTY DESIGNATION
   Chapter 870, Section 1, not to exceed 18% APR.
                                                                           To have a third party informed of pending disconnection, please
   Interest rates on late payment charges for overdue sewer bills are      notify us in writing. Please include the third party’s name, address
   assessed annually by municipalities, subject to state law.              and telephone number.

                     QUESTIONS ABOUT BILLING                                                          SEWER CHARGES

   Please contact our Customer Service Department at (207) 761-8310.       The Portland Water District bills and collects sewer charges for
   We accept collect calls from within our service area. If you are not    several local municipalities. Sewer rates are set by the municipality.
   satisfied with the results, you have the right to appeal to: Consumer   All sewer payments are turned over to the municipality.
   Assistance Division, Public Utilities Commission, 242 State St., 18
   State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333-0018, or call (207) 287-                                    MAINE SALES TAX
   3831 or 1-800-452-4699.
                                                                           Generally, water usage is taxable except for residential usage. For
                       PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS                                additional clarification see Maine State Law (36 M.R.S.A., Section
                                                                           1760, subsection 39 as enacted by P.L. 1977, c.686, section 3). The
   If you are unable to pay an overdue water balance, please call our      customer is responsible for informing Portland Water District of their
   Customer Service Department at (207) 761-8310 to make an afford-        proper sales tax status.
   able payment arrangement and avoid disconnection of service. You
   also have the right to a payment arrangement for any charge previ-                           EMPLOYEE IDENTIFICATION
   ously unbilled due to our error.
                                                                           Our employees carry a Portland Water District picture identification
                                                                           badge with them at all times.
                          HOW TO REACH US
                                                                                                           DIG SAFE
   225 Douglass St. P.O. Box 3553 Portland, ME 04104-3553
   Customer Service (207) 761-8310                                         Before you or your contractor dig, call DIG SAFE at 1-888-DIGSAFE
   24 hour emergency - leaks - outages (207) 761-8300                      to have underground utilities located at no cost to you. A single
   All other calls (207) 774-5961                                          call to DIG SAFE can help prevent personal injury and property
   We accept collect calls within our service area.                        damage caused by ruptured pipes and cables.
   Customer Service Fax (207) 879-5837
   E-mail address -                                                            TRUSTEES’ MEETING
   Web site -
                                                                           Regular Board business meetings, open to the public, are usually
                                                                           held at 225 Douglass Street in Portland at 6 PM on the fourth
                                                                           Monday of each month (on Tuesday, if Monday is a holiday). Please
   (Revised 12/05)                                                         call to verify time and location.

                     MAIL ADDRESS CHANGE                                                        DIRECT PAYMENT PLAN

             Please “X” the box for mailing address changes and fill                 To sign up for the Direct Payment Plan,
             in your new mailing address information below:                          please “X” the box, and sign and date below:

                                                                            Please include a voided check and also allow 30 days for processing.


                                                                            If you are paying from a savings account, fill in the information below

                                                                           YOUR BANK NAME:

   If you are moving or need to stop service                               NAME on BANK ACCOUNT:
   Please call Customer Service at (207) 761-8310
                                                                           BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER:

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