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									Tips to build your own greenscreen.
(author: Joel Arvidsson,

In this article I’m going to give you some tips that may help you to build youre own
greenscreen. The article is completely based on my own experience
and knowledge about the subject. The article is also written with Dv in mind and because of
that im going to comment Dv before i talk about the screen.

Dv has more information in green chroma, so it’s better to make a greenscreen than a
bluescrean if you using DV. Dv is a afordable format but poor format for chroma keying
because the videosignal only contains 1/3 of the color information when its stored on the tape.
If you are going to use Dv, use a kamera with 3 chips (one for each color) if you have the
oportunity. Kameras with 3 chips is better to reproduce the color and can handle lower light
better and have lower noise.

Before you start building your own screen you should ask youre
self what you going to use the it for. Should it be easy to move?
or you want to have it on one location with fixed ligthning.
Whatever you going to use it for I strongly recomend that you to
buy a real chroma paint because it will save you work when you
going to try to get a smoth lightning. I have tested a lot of
diffrent fabrics and paints and I recomened you to buy “green
video paint” from ( or other real chroma color.

If the screen is going to be portable it’s imortant that you use as
light material as possible. For portable screens i used playwood
and one really light in a paper material that resist water. The
playwood i painted with white primary colour before i painted it
with chroma color. This i did of two reasens, one is to protect the
screen from moister, and the other that the chroma paint will
reach longer than if painted it directly on the wood. If you are not
going to move around the screen, the material doesn’t matter so
much. Paint on as smoth wall as possible.

Use as big room as possible, because in a big room with high to
the roof you just have to paint the background wall and the floor.
In a small room you may have to paint the walls, floor and the
roof, plus that the light bounch around more in the little room
and reflec green to the talent that get green spill light. This make
it harder for you to pull out a nice key. The upper and middle
picture is taken in a small room with floor, roof and walls
painted (the middle is with a bad color). In a bigger room the
talent can also stand more far from the background wall so that
his shadow hits the ground instead of the wall behind him. Try to get none or as soft shadows
as possible. That is easier to fix the lightning in a big room beacuse you can light the
background behind the talent and the talent separaly. So if you have a high roof i think you
should light the background screen from above.
If you use a good chroma paint you will not get reflektions (and much less spillcolor) and you
can light the screen with construction lamps or if you are outdoors use the sun as i did in the
lowest picture. If you are indoor my favorit is flourecent lighting that gives nice soft lighting.
Flourecent lighting is not so strong so you will have to use more of them but they produce
little heat so they are still much better if your dont have a window to open.

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