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					        Oct/Nov 2006

 Chocolate -
the ultimate
                                                                                    In this issue:
                                                                                     What chocolate is
                                                                                   find out just enough about the
                                                                                     history to allow your staff to
                                                                                         fascinate customers.

                                                                                  Fairtrade in chocolate?
                                                                                       A supplier’s outspoken
                                                                                  explanation of why he buys only
                                                                                      fairly-traded chocolate.

                                                                                   Flavoured hot chocolate
                                                                                  Monbana’s new variation on the
                                                                                        product sector.

                                                                                      Independent view
                                                                                   Chocolate as seen by a family
                                                                                   company supplying the coffee-
                                                                                            bar trade.
          Picture: Monbana
                                                                                     The liquid version
                                                                                   Barry Callebaut’s choc-o-late is
Where does hot chocolate fit into our drinking habits? In the home,                 supported by helpful recipes.
in order of preference it is tea, coffee, chocolate. Out of home it is
                                                                                  We are particularly grateful to
coffee, tea, chocolate and out of a machine it is coffee, chocolate,                  several people for the
tea.                                                                                remarkably high quality of
                                                                                   pictures in this issue - most
                                                                                   notably Monbana (including
Either way, chocolate is an alternative hot drink to tea and coffee and               the front cover), Barry
                                                                                  Callebaut, and Java Republic.
if it is whipped then it increases in popularity - probably because of
the creamy head. It also has the association with being a hot                        For details of chocolate
comforting drink on a cold wet day.                                                 making, we are grateful to
                                                                                     Tony Wadley of Michton

This edition of In The Cup focuses on chocolate as a beverage and
as you will see we need to look more creatively at this drink, both hot
and cold, method of presentation, and a variety of menus.

We all have our preferences : a high cocoa content, creamy, low
calorie, ethically traded, organic, hot or cold, part of a combination
drink - what do your customers prefer?

Have you one standard offering, and if so is it what your customers
want, or it is time to find out how you can offer something that tempts
them to your location for a special chocolate beverage?

I hope you enjoy this edition and find it useful in reviewing an
important "out of home" beverage.
                                                                                    ... and this is the chap to
                                                                                     whom we should all be
                                             Executive Director,                  grateful. This is Montezuma,
                                             Beverage Service                     whose 30-a-day habit started
                                                     Association                        the whole business!

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  Montezuma’s legacy
   The sales assistant who knows the product always does best
   - and if your sales team can give the customer even a hint of
   the story behind chocolate... you’ll keep their attention, and
   raise your sales!

                                                                                                                        Picture by courtesy of Barry Callebaut

Chocolate is made from a tropical tree called              Although Montezuma's kingdom was very            meant to be made into drinking chocolate.
the cacao - the word 'cocoa' is simply a               advanced in many ways, there was also human          Coenraad Van Houten of Amsterdam took this
spelling mistake which stuck! These trees              sacrifice - in one ceremony, the human heart         up, and invented a way of removing half the
flourish in warm, moist climates, mainly in            was replaced by a cocoa pod. Montezuma               cocoa butter from the liquor, which reduced the
Ghana, the Ivory Coast and Nigeria.                    himself later got stoned - not on any variation of   fat content, and making a hard cake which could
                                                       his drink, but executed by his followers, who had    be turned into powder.
   Long before the African trade, the Aztec ruler
                                                       discovered that the Spanish were really after
Montezuma got the credit for being the original                                                                 Then a Quaker chap called Fry discovered a
                                                       their land, not just the chocolate.
chocaholic, but the story goes back further. The                                                            way to mix some of the melted cacao butter back
word 'cacao' is central-American Mayan, and                In 1544, a delegation of Dominican friars        into cocoa powder along with sugar to create a
there is pottery dated 500AD which carries the         went to Spain and presented the king with            paste, not for dissolving into a drink, but to put
word. Some say it was first drunk in Guatemala,        'containers of chocolate, ‘frothed and ready to      into a mould. This was the first chocolate bar.
some Belize, and some say as far back as               drink' - the first instant hot chocolate! The
                                                                                                                Another Quaker, John Cadbury, opened a
600BC, which the London chocolate company
                                                           Montezuma said chocolate                         grocery shop where he roasted and ground his
Montezuma (it’s the same king’s name) says
                                                           was an aphrodisiac - he had                      own cacao beans,and marketed the first box of
"leaves hot chocolate unchallenged as the
                                                               a harem, and drank                           chocolate candies in 1868. A Swiss chocolate
world's oldest non-alcoholic beverage".
                                                                 50 cups a day!                             maker called Daniel Peter tried to create a
    When Cortez explored the area, one of his                                                               chocolate bar flavoured with milk, but he
officers counted Montezuma drinking 50 flagons                                                              couldn't manage to produce a smooth enough
                                                       Spaniards added cane sugar and vanilla, and
of 'chocolatl' every day. The 'choco' part means                                                            mixture, until he met a guy who had invented
                                                       introduced the molinillo, a wooden whisk-like
'foam', and 'atl' is water. Similar to the modern                                                           milk which could be stored and reconstituted -
                                                       tool that is twirled between the palms of the
beverage, in that way.                                                                                      this was condensed milk, the inventor was Henri
                                                       hands to mix the chocolate and create a foam.
                                                                                                            Nestlé, and that was the milk chocolate bar.
    But not in taste. This beverage, which was         (For theatre, if you have the time, you can still
                                                                                                            Rudolph Lindt invented a finer paste then
sometimes made with wine or water, could be            use this in a café - we think you can get them
                                                                                                            before, and those names still survive (except
seasoned with vanilla, pimiento… or chilli             from Beyond the Bean).
                                                                                                            poor Mr. Peter).
pepper, which rather predates the similar                  The British were slow to cotton on. In 1579,
                                                                                                                Also unknown is Ruth Wakefield, who one
Espresso Warehouse product we'll tell you about        one pirate ship captured an entire and valuable
                                                       shipload of cacao beans, and burned the lot,         day in 1930 ran out of the baking chocolate she
later (page 9). The king said it cured diarrhoea
                                                       thinking they were sheep droppings. (Why the         used to make biscuits. She improvised by
and dysentery, and was also an aphrodisiac -
but then he did have a harem to take care of.          Spanish were thought to be shipping sheep            chopping up a semi-sweet Nestlé's bar and
Cortez found it too bitter, but he did write home      manure, nobody has explained!)                       stirring the chunks into the dough, thinking they
to King Carlos the first of Spain, talking about it.                                                        would melt. They didn't - but she had invented
                                                          Chocolate eventually arrived here at more or      the choc-chip cookie.
(One story says Christopher Columbus may               less the same time as coffee and tea. It was still
have found it first, but completely missed its         thought of just as a drink until in America, two         If your sales staff can tell even a fraction of
importance; Columbus fans say he brought it            guys used an old mill to grind cocoa beans into      this story while serving, you'll have absolutely
back, but the king didn't like it!)                    chocolate liquor, which they pressed into cakes      transfixed customers!

   “If the public only knew...”
The fair-trade issue in chocolate is an even          happen, and I don't believe them - the chocolate     managed to cover it all up, and the public just
more bitterly-fought issue than ethical               world is worse than the coffee one."                 doesn't know.
trading in coffee or tea. It is a horrifying story
                                                         What exactly are the conditions of cocoa             "If only the public knew… much of the
which has been 'exposed' in books and
                                                      workers?                                             chocolate they eat comes from a disgusting
documentaries, but still the general public
knows little of the situation. One of the most            "This is horrendous hard work. It's appalling.
outspoken supporters of fair trading in               There is a huge amount of physical work                  "It took us eight months to find a co-op to
chocolate is David McKernan of the Dublin             involved - the pods have to but cut down from        work with, and now we're going to be putting the
coffee-roaster Java Republic.                         huge heights, and while sometimes they use a         price we pay up on our website, so there will be
                                                      long stick with a machete on the end, sometimes      absolute transparency.
    His interest in chocolate came after he too
                                                      they have to climb. The beans don't just fall out
heard appalling stories of the treatment of cocoa                                                              "This group in Ghana has signed up to the
                                                      of the pod - it's very hard to get them out, and
workers, and decided to investigate. He now                                                                international convention on child labour, and has
                                                      that's physical work as well. Very hard work, for
buys his chocolate through Kuapa Kokoo of                                                                  worked hard for women's rights, health
                                                      very little reward.
Ghana, frequently cited as one of the most                                                                 insurance and education for all. We pay them a
significant ethical co-operatives and a chocolate                                                          fixed rate above world market prices, and add a
fair-trade success story.                               “The chocolate world is worse                      social premium of 150 Euros per tonne to
                                                         than the coffee one - I really                    support community projects.
   It is, says David McKernan, a particular irony       don’t know how big companies
that the product which has come to most signify            have got away with this.”                          "The Java Republic Foundation will come
luxury in rich countries is the one responsible for                                                        next year."
most cruelty, hardship, and even child slave
                                                          Cocoa is the third-largest traded food               The launch of Java Republic's own
                                                      commodity, but is ethical trading in chocolate yet   chocolate, The Other Bean, has been put
     "Chocolate is the ultimate indulgence, and       recognised by the general public? They've got        forward as proof that ethical trading in chocolate
yet the conditions for the growers can be             used to fair-trading in coffee and bananas, and      for the retail and catering sectors can exist.
appalling - there's a lot of middlemen in this,       even footballs, but what is the appreciation of      Quite typically, David McKernan has been
screwing the farmers. The industry has also           fair-trading with regard to chocolate?               almost too outspoken about this - his original
been up to its neck in child labour, and although                                                          packaging contained a health warning which
                                                         "I really don't know how the big chocolate
all the producing countries say they're against it,                                                        says: 'too much chocolate will give you a fat
                                                      companies have got away with this," says
it is certainly still a huge factor. There are kids
                                                      McKernan. "There have been very few cameras          arse', and he received a lot of complaints.
working in slave conditions, and that's a fact.
                                                      in chocolate-producing areas, and very few           Instead of removing the remark, he adopted it as
   "They say in some countries it doesn't             documentaries - the chocolate companies have         his marketing slogan.
   "The Other Bean is no ordinary hot                12 and 16 are reliably reported to have been
chocolate. In addition to a high cocoa content,      sold as slaves. Most of them come from Benin,
we searched for a variety of bean and a growing      Togo and Mali. In 1998, UNICEF alleged that
region that would satisfy our ethics and our taste   trafficking in children in the cocoa trade did
buds. Our search for high quality cocoa brought      exist, and a television documentary in 2001
us to the Kuapa Kokoo co-operative in Ghana:         claimed that 90 per cent of Ivory Coast
they harvest cocoa of the highest quality, grown     plantations used child labour - it also claimed to
and traded in equitable conditions. Kuapa Kokoo      have found a ship carrying child slaves.
is a co-op created and run by the farmers
                                                        A BBC reporter said that a slave child cost
themselves. Fairtrade ensures the price they
                                                     about $30, maybe less, and that 15,000 of them
receive for their harvest never falls below an
                                                     were at work in the Ivory Coast.
agreed minimum.
                                                        The Kuapa Kokoo co-operative in Ghana
    “And the cocoa is truly superb. That's why we
                                                     brought growers together in 'societies' of about a
use so much of it in The Other Bean: with a 40%
                                                     hundred farmers. They now have 600 societies,
cocoa content, it has nearly five times more than
                                                     representing 35,000 cocoa growers.
other brands. When we supplement this with a
dash of cane sugar from a Fairtrade co-op in            Kuapa Kokoo has worked on development
Malawi, we can truly say that The Other Bean is      projects, including the supply of safe, drinkable
rich, smooth and above all, fair."                   water to many of the villages.
    Equally typically, McKernan has used this            They have also been able to build a school,
work to encourage consumers to consider the          provided sanitation for one village, and oil-
conditions of growers, and has accused the big       presses so that women can make extra money
brands of choosing to ignore the social problems     for their communities between the cocoa
of cocoa-growing communities.                        harvesting seasons. The co-operative owns one-
                                                     third of the Day Chocolate Company, which
    "Having got used to the ethics of giving the
                                                     produces Divine, the Fairtrade chocolate brand.
farmers just five cents out of every Euro they
spend on cocoa," he writes, "it hasn't been that        Java Republic:
big a leap to ignore the problem of child slave
labour. Besides, the big brands can afford to be
complacent, given the ever-decreasing amount          The pictures, courtesy of Java Republic, show the
of cocoa they use in their products…"                   back-breaking work on the cacao farms - a man
                                                        with a machete on the end of a pole attempts to
   Do allegations of slave labour really have any        remove the pods from the side of the tree, and
foundation? On the Ivory Coast, boys between               women also take part in heavy manual work.
All chocolate on the market is not made by
the giant companies! Michelle and Tony
Wadley have been making chocolates since
1991, and over the past five years their
Michton factory in Swansea has come to
supply department stores across the board,
from some very ritzy ones to big high-street
chains. They now also have three very well-
known tea and coffee-house names on their
client list.
   How does an independent company make
   "We buy it in drop or liquid form. Before that,
the pods have been cut open, the centres are
scooped out, the pods are left out in the heat to
break down the outer casings, washed off, dried
again, and packed off to France and Belgium.
They crush the seeds and turn it into cocoa
powder, or add milk powder, conching (grinding)
and ship it to us. When it reaches us, you would

recognise it as chocolate.
    "We heat it, melt it, temper it, and mould it.
Tempering is controlling the fats - if you leave a
chocolate bar in a car in the sun, it will heat and

                                                       pod to
cool, and a whiteness appears on the top. This
is called 'blooming', and it's cocoa fat coming to
the top. The fats have to set in a particular order,
and we control the way that happens."

   Before that, says Tony Wadley, the bean has
gone through a long process.
                                                                                                                        Pictures courtesy of Java Republic and
   The cacao tree likes climates within 10 to 20                                                                                                Karen Robinson
degrees of the Equator. Three main varieties of                                                                                 Each pod (right) can hold up to
cacao beans are grown today - the majority is                                                                                               sixty beans (above)

forastero cacao, which is also the most bitter
                                                       contains 15 to 25 percent and is for desserts        chocolate mixture goes through a refining
variety. Although cacao trees grow about sixty
                                                       and the like.                                        process. It is kneaded between large steel
feet in the wild, plantation owners trim them to
                                                                                                            rollers to make the mixture smooth. Next is it is
about 20 feet so that workers can reach the                To make unsweetened or 'baking' chocolate
                                                                                                            'conched' - the liquid mixture is heated and
pods at harvest time.                                  the chocolate liquor is moulded and solidified.
                                                                                                            continuously mixed, ground, and stirred. High
                                                       Dark chocolate is made by combining chocolate
    The pods take five to six months to develop,                                                            quality chocolate is conched for several days
                                                       liquor with sugar, cocoa butter, and vanilla.
ripening from green or yellow to orange or red.                                                             and lower quality chocolate is conched for only
Cacao trees can be harvested twice a year.                 To make milk chocolate, chocolate liquor is      a few hours.
There are 20 to 60 cacao beans inside the pod,         combined with cocoa butter, sugar, and milk
                                                                                                               After conching the chocolate is tempered by
and these are left on banana leaves in large           solids or powder. White chocolate is made
                                                                                                            gradually raising and lowering the temperature,
wooden boxes to ferment for several days.              without chocolate liquor - it is the cocoa butter
                                                                                                            and then chocolate is ready to be molded into
During fermentation the beans become darker            that gives it the chocolate flavour.
                                                                                                            chocolate bars.
and wrinkled and lose their bitter taste.
                                                          Once the ingredients are combined the
                                                                                                               'Dipping' chocolate is made with more cocoa
    After fermentation the beans are sun-dried
                                                                                                            butter than regular eating chocolate... and
for several days. They are then shipped to
                                                                                                            Michton specialises in this.
factories and roasted at 250 to 350 degrees for
thirty minutes to two hours in revolving drums -                                                                "A couple of years ago we did a dipper
the aroma given off is said to be wonderful.                                                                product for Whittard. In essence, this is a lump
                                                                                                            of chocolate on a stick, and you stir with it - it
    After roasting the outer shell is removed and
                                                                                                            either melts into the drink, or you suck it. We
sold as animal feed and the inner part, the 'nib',
                                                                                                            were early into the market with this idea, and
is crushed, then heated to melt the cocoa butter
                                                                                                            others caught up - some big chains had another
(the edible natural fat of the bean) and ground to
                                                                                                            product, and have changed to ours.
a thick paste. This paste is called chocolate
liquor. The chocolate liquor becomes cocoa                                                                     “It's a great idea which moves on a little from
powder - a large press extracts all but 10 to 25                                                            the complimentary chocolate on the saucer - it
percent of the cocoa butter from the chocolate                                                              costs a little more, but it's well worth it. We have
liquor, the remaining cake is then ground and                                                               a unique design for one very big client, but we
sifted through fine nylon, silk, or wire mesh.                                                              do offer general ones.”
Low-fat cocoa contains between 10 to 13
                                                        A Michton chocolate dipper, as used in cafe bars.
percent fat and is for drinking, and high-fat                                                        
An interesting new development in hot
chocolate comes from Monbana - a relatively
new name to the UK, but in fact a well-
established French company which invented
the Neapolitan, the little chocolate square
                                                          Flavours in
designed to sit on a saucer. The company
has very recently emerged as a specialist in
the flavouring of hot chocolates.
                                                          hot chocolate
    The café trade gets itself into a wonderful
state arguing about the ideal taste for the British
market - on the one hand, the coffee market
derides Cadbury for its relatively-low cocoa
content (about 24 per cent), and argues that we
must move to a far higher standard of 40 per
cent - and there some some specialist cafes who
have been known to serve 90 or 100 per cent
drinks! In response, Cadbury has said in public
that the British taste is for its low cocoa content,
and in response again the chocolate enthusiasts
argue this is because Cadbury has brainwashed
the British public!
    "People are now very used to hot chocolate
which doesn't taste of chocolate!" acknowledges
Monbana's Paul Nolan. "This is very similar to
the coffee trade ten years ago, before people
became used to expecting a nice drink.
    "We use a 32 per cent cocoa, which we think
is right for those who want to serve a good taste
without getting into the 'specialist' sector, and
this is good for the British market. At an 80 or 90
per cent cocoa content, can you drink it just             Picture: Monbana
made with milk and find it an attractive drink?
                                                       rounded flavour. But if you are making a               subjective. You'll find that vanilla pushes the
How much sugar do you need to add? I think ten
                                                       chocolate without an espresso machine, then            roundness of the chocolate more, and that
per cent sugar must be undrinkable. We do
                                                       our instant is above average.                          spices give depths of flavour on a cold day.
actually do a 100 per cent cocoa - and if you're
going to use that, you need to know what you're            As a perfectionist, I say to slightly steam the        “The caramel is reminiscent of chewy
doing with it.                                         milk, then add the powder, then continue to            sweets, the almond is cleaner than most almond
                                                       steam. Realistically, you have no greater danger       flavourings, and the orange is superb - the
    "So realistically, we're looking to raise the
                                                       of sticking up the steam arm than with the milk        combination of chocolate and orange is already
game away from the 20-odd per cent that you
                                                       itself!                                                well known to the consumer.
find, and when you see some of the big names
with just three per cent cocoa, I think that's             Monbana's intriguing move is in the concept           “The 'real fruits' flavour is… well, imagine a
scary!"                                                of the flavoured hot chocolate - in spite of the       chocolate raspberry!"
                                                       fact that there is no real precedent in the UK,
   What is the difference between a powder to                                                                    "As we are a chocolate company first rather
                                                       except for some curiosities in the Cadburys
be made with water, and a powder to be made                                                                   than a beverage company, we have come at this
                                                       Options instant range.
with milk?                                                                                                    from a different direction. A flavoured syrup in a
                                                           "We've tried to be innovative in producing an      coffee can tend to cover the taste of the coffee -
    "There are three ingredients - the sugar, the
                                                       ease-of-use chocolate menu. This is actually a         here, we are creating a taste of chocolate first,
cocoa and vanilla. Milk is what gives the 'body'.
                                                       folded menu that you can put on tables - it's          with a flavoured aftertaste following it.
So the instant-drink product will contain a milk-
                                                       slightly smaller than A4, folded, nice and shiny.
based powder and some thickeners. We are                                                                         "Use a cappuccino cup, put the flavoured
different in that we use a more rich cocoa than a           “All innovations take a while, just like          chocolate in and add a squirt of cream, and you
fat-reduced one, so we get a richness you don't        flavoured syrups did, so you do have to 'sell' the     have raised the customer's whole expectation of
expect from an instant drink.                          concept - but it's a very small retail outlay to try   the product… and the price."
                                                       it .
   But it is far better to make a chocolate drink
with real milk, because you achieve a far more            "The thing with flavours is that they are all

 It is perfectly possible for a retail chocolatier to manufacture, pack and sell from shop premises - there
 aren’t many of them, and a couple are in London, but at Walker’s Chocolate Emporium in Ilfracombe,
 Devon, Linzi (right) and Nigel have created a remarkable combination of factory,retail shop, lecture theatre,
 museum and cafe. The factory is in a space not much bigger than a generously-sized house kitchen; the
 small theatre shows films on chocolate, and the shop and upstairs cafe sell what is made in the back room!
 There is the opportunity for some intriguing selling points, because of course you can package and label
 the chocolate any way you want, which opens up some interesting private-label possibilities, as well as the
 novelty kind - ‘in case of emergency, open wrapper!’
    To see how they do it, visit

                                  Barry Callebaut’s
                                  liquid chocolate
   The concept of a base hot chocolate in liquid form was introduced by Barry
Callebaut a couple of years ago. The performance of the idea now, says the
company, has proved that it is easy to inspire customers to drink more hot
chocolate… and easier for staff to prepare it.
   "Liquid chocolate is a product for those who really have the desire to 'do
something with chocolate'," says the company's Martyn Herriot. "The product is now
beginning to roll under its own momentum, and the comparison is very similar to
what happened with coffee - people moved from instant to roast-and-ground very
slowly, but then the move from that to espresso was very fast.
   "People do still perceive chocolate as being only a hot drink. This is why we are
suggesting to caterers and café owners to 'inspire' the idea of chocolate as more
than that. Think outside the hot-chocolate arena - think of ice... think of ice-cream!"
   The new product is Choc-o-late, and there are several examples of how and
where it is working, says Barry Callebaut. They point to one of the top three coffee
bar chains, showing year-on-year growth on chocolate drinks prepared with the
steam wand of an espresso machine, and a hot-food chain in a sector nobody would
have thought of, using an indirect-heat method which is rather similar to the bain-
marie concept - the power heats the water, which heats the chocolate.
   ("There are some people who say that this gives a better result than direct heat,
which burns the chocolate - although I've never found that," remarks Herriot. "The
bain-marie method takes a little longer, but does give a very smooth taste.")
   The product has now been supported with a very imaginative idea for caterers
who want to inspire their customers to upgrade into top-quality chocolate drinks -
Barry Callebaut has devised a menu of practical chocolate drinks, all of which are to
be made which Choc-o-late.
   An interesting aspect of the product is that it has a 22 per cent cocoa content.
Many competitors put the ideal at 30-40 per cent, and argue that the big-brand
percentages are far too low - too much sugar, too little chocolate.
    "If we were talking of workplace vending, then I might agree with the big brands,"
says Herriot. "In a workplace vending machine, someone might pay 15-20p, and
drink three or four cups of that a day. Even today, in many cafes, the chocolate
drink is a couple of spoons out of a big-brand jar, and there is nothing wrong with
that as far as it goes… but there comes a point when the customer says: 'there must
be something better than this!'                                                           Cinnamon Amore
   "The café consumer who is now paying £1.80-£2.40 for a chocolate drink has an
entirely different desire. They want 'the better product', and they want it to be an
    "The fact is that people are looking for a richer taste, and we have achieved it in
a 22 per cent cocoa content. We have also achieved a product which you can dilute,
and still get the taste - whereas, if you dilute many powders with milk, you lose
   Items from the Barry Callebaut Choc-o-late recipe menu include -
   Chococcino - The chocolate cappuccino really exists! Heat 1 shot of Choc-o-laté
(60 ml) and pour into a long glass. Heat 90 ml of milk. Pour the hot milk gently over
a spoon into the glass. Finish with some spoons of milk froth.
   Orange and choco crush - Give a cocktail glass a fine sugar edge. Put 3 ice
cubes in a glass. Pour freshly squeezed orange juice into the glass. Pour 1 shot of
Choc-o-laté (60 ml) over the ice cubes.
   Cinnamon Amore - Pour 90 ml of steamed milk into a glass. Mix in one hot shot          Orange
of Choc-o-laté (60 ml). Add 25 ml of cinnamon syrup. Top with a spoon of whipped          and

            Tips from the wholesalers...
At Beyond the Bean, a helpful new autumn                                                                     In those earliest days, Montezuma used to
launch for café owners is a single-serve                                                                     put chilli in his coffee - and today, much the
sachet of Fairtrade dark chocolate, intended                                                                 same idea is behind Spiced Chocolate
to be a handy way of helping prepare the                                                                     Abyss, from Espresso Warehouse, which
drink.                                                                                                       has just won a silver in the Great Taste
                                                                                                             Awards. This autumn, the maker will launch
    Hot chocolate should account for around 15
                                                                                                             a Fairtrade version of Abyss.
per cent of a café's sales, says the wholesaler,
and there are two products in the Zuma range,                                                                    "We have been selling an off the shelf
intended to cover a range of customers - the                                                                 Fairtrade drinking chocolate for over two years
Dark hot chocolate is the drink for the 'European'                                                           now, and while it has satisfied demand, it wasn't
style drinker, with its more intense cocoa flavour.                                                          really anything to write home about," says the
The Original gives the sweet chocolate flavour                                                               company. "Chocolate Abyss Fairtrade is
which appeals to the majority of customers.                                                                  different. The flavour profile is rich with
                                                                                                             background malt notes, and a well balanced
   With people becoming more focussed on
                                                                                                             level of sweetness and has a higher cocoa
quality, café operators must reassure
                                                                                                             percentage than most other Fairtrade drinking
themselves that their prep process is right, says
                                                                                                             chocolates around. It's made from 99 per cent
Beyond the Bean. "Still the most popular way of
                                                                                                             Fairtrade ingredients, which is considerably
making the drink is to mix the powder with water
                                                                                                             higher than similar composite products. Cocoa
until it's a paste, adding the steamed milk as and
                                                                                                             beans are blended in much the same way as
when an order arrives. This is a time consuming
                                                                                                             coffee beans, and for this reason, Chocolate
business, as the powder can be difficult to
                                                                                                             Abyss Fairtrade is blended from cocoa of three
dissolve leaving a mouthful of powder at the
                                                                                                             Fairtrade producer groups before being
bottom for the unsuspecting customer.
                                                                                                             combined with Fairtrade Sugar."
    "We've tried and tested many methods and
have found the most successful to be making up
a jug of the paste into a stainless steel sauce
pump at the start of a session. Sitting the pump                                            Look for new     Several trade suppliers are working hard
on the espresso machine keeps the sauce at the                                              Fairtrade and    on helpful ways of selling more chocolate,
                                                                                           Spiced Abyss
right consistency and temperature. The sauce                                                                 and many of them recommend the theatre
                                                                                        varieties (above)
can be stored in the pump for a few days, but it's                                        from Espresso      of some kind of machine in a shop .
good practice to only make up enough for each                                                Warehouse.
day. Your sauce pump will also be good for                                                                          Marco Beverage Systems has devised
                                                                                       Beyond the Bean       the Ciocco as a compact Italian-styled
serving shots of chocolate in espresso cups - for                                        suggests using
dipping biscotti in!                                                                 sauces for toppings
                                                                                                             dispenser which can sit on a counter, within
                                                                                                    (left)   sight of the customer, and serve the short
   "Another great way to encourage chocolate                                                                 'shot' of chocolate which is becoming popular.
sales is through investing in a paddle machine.                                                              It mixes, heats and dispenses hot chocolate,
As the machine gently warms and swirls the                                                                   and sales director Chris York says that such a
chocolate the air fills with a lovely comforting          "For a syrup, you should compare portion-          visual feature is likely to be the next big retail
smell of warm chocolate. The chocolate is gently      for-portion. Call for samples from your suppliers,     trend in cafes.
steam-heated so it never burns and is always          and taste them - taste them neat, but remember
                                                                                                                 There is a vast amount of chocolate
perfectly ready to serve. Just add steamed milk       that the samples will be very strong, so you
                                                                                                             product available from the Italian Beverage
to the cup, or serve as a shot of thick hot           aren't going to do a great many in a sitting. Your
                                                                                                             Company, including Dropissimo, a chocolate-
chocolate.                                            tongue will become too saturated with flavour.
                                                                                                             drop product. We asked stockist Kenneth
                                                      Then mix them round into a different order, and
    "The paddle machine also looks great; just                                                               Cooper of Pennine Tea and Coffee about it,
                                                      try them again. Then have a session trying them        and he said: "it is a fantastic product, nice and
remember not to add the milk into the mix as this     in your mochas and so on.                              thick made from dark Belgian chocolate, with
leads to a cleaning nightmare (take it from us,
                                                         "You don't have to stick to serving chocolate       a high cocoa content. The best way of making
we learnt the hard way!). In our experience,
                                                      simply as chocolate; the mocha has become a            it is to use the Cioccalatier hot chocolate
people seem to prefer hot chocolate hotter than
                                                      favourite amongst coffee drinkers too. Mochas          dispenser. Put cold milk into the bowl, switch
a latte, and as you will be adding milk to cold or
                                                      can be easily made by adding a shot of                 on, let the milk warm up for about 15 minutes,
lukewarm chocolate you might want to steam
                                                                                                             and then the drops which melt in the hot milk,
your milk a little hotter than normal."               chocolate sauce to an espresso shot before
                                                                                                             (the amount of milk/drops can be adjusted to
                                                      adding the milk. The sauces also make a
   How does a café owner select the right                                                                    taste). The paddle of the machine keeps it as
                                                      pleasing change from the common dust of
chocolate for working with water, for working                                                                a liquid drink, and the clear bowl is a great
                                                      chocolate powder on top of any drink.
with milk, the right chocolate syrup and the right                                                           visual selling feature."
chocolate sauce?                                          "Once you get into the whole chocolate way              Also worth investigating is Choclux, the
                                                      of thinking the possibilities are endless - why        hot chocolate from the Dinkum milkshake
   "For a powder, I would look for something          stop at milk or dark chocolate? Ever tried a white     company.The selling point of this is that it is
versatile, something you can use in a paddle, in      chocolate cherry latte?"                               full of bubbles - a direct competitor to a well-
a pump, with a pestle, and use as a dust for
                                                         Recipe ideas are at          known chocolate bar!

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