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2007 Review
Transforming Lives . . . .
                                                                                                                                 Dates for your 2008 Diar y - in brief
In May 2008, we shall be celebrating the Fifth Anniversary of the Arnold Foundation for Rugby School;
it has been an extraordinary journey. You will see news from current and past pupils in this Review
                                                                                                                                 19 February Hong Kong Friends of
and we know we are making a difference. We currently have 20 Arnold Foundation pupils at Rugby                                               Rugby School, Hong Kong
School and, since the first pupils joined in 2004, 28 boys and girls have received Foundation support.                           28 February Ar nold Foundation Lectur e,
Rugby School is in very good heart. There are currently 782     The charitable tradition of Rugby remains at its core and we                 Macr eady Theatr e
pupils with 8 boys houses and 7 girls houses and 55% boys       believe we are well placed to address any public benefit test.
and 45% girls in the School overall. Academically Rugby         A Rugby education is accessible to good applicants               7 March         Home House, Edinbur gh
continues to rank high in the league tables and, with the       irrespective of means. The School continues to offer fully
changes to A level provision due next year, is leading the      funded means-tested day places through the Lawrence              9 March         Opening of the Museum,
way with innovative approaches to independent learning          Sheriff Bequest. In addition the Arnold Foundation for Rugby                     Rugby School
throughout the School and particularly in the sixth form,       School provides fully funded means-tested bursaries for
encouraging the development of skills and attitudes which       boarding places for pupils who could not otherwise afford to     8 May           Fifth Anniversar y Par ty, The
pupils need to make a success of university life and the        be at the School. We are committed to being able to offer                        Wallace Collection, London
world beyond. Rugby has also helped to develop the              the life-changing opportunity a Rugby School education can
Cambridge Pre-U, a new advanced level exam which                bring which, for many of our applicants, means significant       27 May          American Friends of Rugby
emphasises the centrality of subject skills and knowledge       sums to cover full support for fees and extras.                                  School - San Francisco
and the importance of genuine academic achievement.
                                                                                                                                 29 May          American Friends of Rugby
                                                                                                                                                 School - New York
                                                                                                                                 1 July          Bishop’s Cr oft, Bir mingham
                                                                                                                                 3 July          Shor to Society Lunch,
                                                                                                                                                 Rugby School
                                                                                                                                 October         Launch of the Hong Kong
                                                                                                                                                 Friends of Rugby School
                                                                                                                                 October         Opening of Science Schools,
                                                                                                                                                 Rugby School
                                                                                                                                 For mor e details of all events please see
                                                                                                                                 page 8

Rugby continues to be an innovator and has been                 It is hugely important that Arnold Foundation pupils and
instrumental in establishing a new ground-breaking AS           their families are able to embrace life at Rugby School
course which links history, philosophy and ethics in science.   making it a great experience for them all. We continue to
This model is being extended to other fields including          provide additional support to pupils through our Arnold
Oriental Studies, Citizenship, Performance, Engineering,        Foundation tutor, Amy Hardy and the new Assistant Head,
Culture & Identity and Global Environment. Rugby pupils         David Shinkfield. Our parent co-coordinator, Caroline
are all benefiting from the opportunities created by being at   Gladstone, provides advice and support to all Arnold
the centre of this major initiative.                            Foundation parents whenever it is needed. It is our aim to
                                                                increase the number of funded pupils to 10% of the School
                                                                or some 80 pupils supported by the Arnold Foundation for
   It is our aim to increase the number                         Rugby School or the Lawrence Sheriff Bequest. We believe
                                                                we have solid foundations on which to do this.                   Education is the foundation
  of funded pupils to 10% of the School
                                                                After many years of service to Rugby School and his              Education is the foundation upon which we
   or some 80 pupils supported by the                           tremendous work in leading the Arnold Foundation for             build our lives and the better the education the
   Arnold Foundation for Rugby School                           Rugby School since it was established, Sir Ewen Fergusson
                                                                retired from his role as Chairman in October 2007 and was
                                                                                                                                 stronger that foundation becomes. If schools
      or the Lawrence Sheriff Bequest.                          succeeded by Michael Fowle. We are hugely grateful to Sir        like Rugby are in a position to offer broader
                                                                Ewen for his considerable contribution and thank him for his     access to outstanding education, they will
                                                                guidance, enthusiasm and support. Our thanks also extend         provide an extraordinary opportunity and
Our commitment to innovation extends beyond the                 to the Board and others whose energy and commitment are
classroom. Interest in Rugby School is strong, both from the    vital to the Arnold Foundation for Rugby School.                 experience to children which will benefit those
media and from other schools. Arnold Foundation pupils                                                                           children, benefit society and benefit the schools.
continue to join us from around the UK and we are working       As we approach our fifth anniversary next year we celebrate      It does not take a lot to make a difference and
hard to ensure the new opportunities are widely known and       the progress made but are working hard to prepare for
understood. Our partnerships with IntoUniversity and            challenges of the future. More than £4 million is now            every donation counts. I am a huge believer in
Eastside Young Leaders’ Academy (EYLA) provide huge             secure in gifts and firm pledges and we are very grateful for    the work of the Arnold Foundation for Rugby
support to candidates through the application process and       the gifts and donations made to date but there are many          School and the difference that it is making to
beyond. David Davis mentioned Rugby and our work with           more excellent candidates than the Foundation can fund, so
EYLA, as a positive example of what can be achieved             we continue to need massive support from the Rugbeians,
                                                                                                                                 the lives of those who are involved in it.
through bursary support, at the Conservative Party              parents and many others who can help us achieve the
conference earlier this year. Articles published in the         Foundation’s objectives.                                         Alex Wilmot-Sitwell
Weekend FT and the YOU magazine of the Mail on Sunday,                                                                           Parent and member of the Arnold Foundation Board
and features on Sky News have all brought interest in the       Patrick Der ham Head Master
School and, in particular, in our bursary schemes.              Michael Fowle Chairman of the Arnold Foundation Board

Working with Rugby School                                                                                                        See page 3
Supporting pupils at Rugby School

Total commitment for the Arnold Foundation for Rugby
School, in the form of cash and firm pledges has now          Facts and Figures                                              Virtual Reality Guru
                                                                                                                             My work at IBM during my Gap Year developed into a
reached £4 million.
                                                                                                                             whole new realm as I discovered the potential of online
                                                                                                                             virtual reality universes, such as Second Life.
Since the Foundation was launched in 2003, more than £3.4     In 2007/08 Rugby has 782 pupils between the ages of
million has been received and more than 800 Old               11-18, of whom approximately 80% are boarding.
                                                                                                                             IBM selected me to act as technical consultant and
Rugbeians, parents and friends of the School have offered     The current boy:girl ratio is 55:45%.
                                                                                                                             virtual reality guru on their international team at the
donations and support. Thank you all for your help.
                                                                                                                             Wimbledon AELTC Championships. With much press
                                                              Teaching Staff                                                 coverage, we launched the first ever public Second
                                                              With 103 teaching staff, Rugby’s current pupil:teacher         Life sports event, where those who couldn’t make it to
Income received in 2006-07                                    ratio is 7.6:1.                                                Wimbledon could watch live matches in our Second
In our financial year running from 1 August 2006 to 31 July
                                                                                                                             Life environment.
2007 income of nearly £570,000 was received.                  Fees
The gifts will be used as follows:                            At September 2007, Rugby’s fees are £8,305/term;               I was short-listed for the Computing Awards for
                                                              £24,915 p.a. for boarders and £5,250 per                       Excellence 2007 and although I wasn’t named winner,
Scholarship and Bursaries          £470,000                   term/£15,750 p.a. for day pupils (at 13+).                     it was a real honour as I was the youngest there and I
Unrestricted                       £71,000                                                                                   still left with a real sense of achievement.
Music                              £10,000                    Scholarships and Bursaries
Macready Theatre                   £8,300                     In 2007/08 202 pupils (26% of the total) receive a             I am now focusing on my English and French Law
Performing and Creative Arts       £7,500                     scholarship or bursary at an estimated cost of £1.5 million.   degree at Kings College London but also keeping up
Other                              £3,200                                                                                    freelance work as a Second Life architect with some
                                                              Finances                                                       exciting new projects under development!
                                                              The School’s July 2007 consolidated Balance Sheet
The cost of supporting a pupil at                             showed assets valued at £66 million, including School          Mark Alexander (C 04-06)
Rugby School                                                  properties (at net book value) of £25 million and
The current annual cost of supporting one boarding pupil      investments (at market value) of £41 million.
through the Arnold Foundation for Rugby School exceeds                                                                       A gateway of opportunity
£26,500. We estimate that it will cost £27,500 next year.     The annual cost of running the School is approximately
                                                                                                                             Being a pupil at Rugby opened a gateway of
This is calculated at 100% of fees with provision for all     £17 million and the objective of meeting this from
                                                                                                                             opportunity for myself and others who were fortunate
necessary extras such as uniform, laptop, essential books     gross fee income is being achieved. The major
                                                                                                                             enough to be supported by the Arnold Foundation for
and trips needed for each pupil.                              elements of annual costs are teaching (approximately
                                                                                                                             Rugby School. Being a Rugbeian means a lifetime
                                                              46% of total), pupil welfare (19%), premises (26%)
                                                                                                                             experience which will never be forgotten. I exceeded
                                                              and support (9%).
                                                                                                                             my own expectations at Rugby and enjoyed the
                                                                                                                             lifestyle, my understanding of which I have taken with
                                                              In 2006/07, the School received £3.1 million
                                                                                                                             me as I have matured and moved on to university life.
                                                              consolidated net incoming resource. The total shown
                                                                                                                             Many of the skills I know, need and use, were
                                                              in the accounts for scholarships, bursaries and prizes
                                                                                                                             developed at the place where I was so lucky to be:
                                                              was £1.5 million.
                                                                                                                             Rugby School.
                                                              A full copy of the School’s audited accounts may be
                                                                                                                             Greg Taylor (M 05-07)
                                                              obtained by writing to the Bursar at the School’s
                                                              registered address.

                                                                                                                             An endless variety of options
                                                                                                                             I think that what puts Rugby School apart from the rest
                                                                                                                             is that there is an endless variety of options in subjects,
                                                                 Rugby School                                                activities and friends, without having to worry about
                                                                                                                             being alone. You don’t need to do everything on your
                                                                 Transforming Lives                                          own, because everyone wants to help, especially between
                                                                                                                             the different year groups. Because of that, the new
                                                                 Our new DVD about the Arnold Foundation for                 students can fit in very easily and get to shine in no time.
                                                                 Rugby School was produced early in the year by
                                                                 Hesketh Crean Associates. The 10 minute film                Whitelaw D Block
                                                                 shows many aspects of day to day life at Rugby
                                                                 School (including lessons, extra curricular
                                                                 activities, the boarding houses, the Stodge!) as               The Arnold Foundation for Rugby
                                                                 well as interviews with Arnold Foundation pupils               School is now eligible for grants
                                                                 and their parents. Some clips are available on
                                                                                                                                from foundations in France, Belgium
                                                                 the website but if you would like a copy of the
                                                                 DVD please contact the Development Office.                     and Germany.
                                                                                                                                If you pay tax in one of these European
                                                                                                                                countries you may direct a tax efficient gift to
                                                                                                                                the Arnold Foundation for Rugby School.

                                                                                          ol                                    Transnational Giving Europe (TGE) is a
                                                                                Rugby Scho
                                                                                           g                                    partnership of leading European foundations
    Everyone is very welcoming                                                  Transformin
                                                                                                                                and associations, including the Charities Aid
                                                                                Lives…                                          Foundation (CAF) in the UK that facilitates
    Everyone is very welcoming. The
                                                                                                                                tax-efficient cross-border giving within
    interaction between the years in my House                                                                                   Europe. The TGE network enables donors,
    is excellent and, even though we were                                                                                       both corporations and individuals, resident in
    nervous after a couple of weeks that people                                                                                 one of the participating countries, to support
                                                                                                                                non-profit organisations in other member
    might not be so friendly, there has been
                                                                                                                                countries, while benefiting directly from the
    absolutely no change. I am not finding the                                                                                  tax advantages provided for in the legislation
    workload too overwhelming because,                                                                                          of their country of residence.
    having been a chorister at my previous                                                          for Rugby Sch
                                                                                                                                It is very straightforward. You pay your
    school, I am good at being organised. As a                                                                                  donation into the account of the member
    Music Scholar I really like the music and                                                                                   foundation of your country (the 'National
    there are lots of options and variety open                                                                                  Foundation'), for delivery to the member
                                                                                                                                foundation of the recipient country (CAF in
    to me. Although all boys are meant to play                                                                                  the UK) in favour of the beneficiary non-profit
    rugby, it wasn’t for me, and I was really                                                                                   organisation (The Arnold Foundation for
    pleased to be allowed to make a different                    ”Any OR who hasn’t played the Arnold                           Rugby School).
                                                                 Foundation DVD, about Rugby School
    choice and am really enjoying badminton.                     today, should do so! It’s brilliant!”                          If you wish to make a transnational gift, please
                                                                                                                                contact the Development Office for more
    Sheriff F Block                                              Derek Duncan (B 45-50)                                         information and a copy of the TGE brochure.

Working with Rugby School

Working with Rugby School
IntoUniversity is an educational charity which aims to
address underachievement and social exclusion among
young people through its programme of out-of-school
study, mentoring, aspirational coaching and personal
                                                                   If you were thinking about supporting pupils                   Demand is high for Foundation places at Rugby
                                                                                                                                  School, and we want to double the number of pupils
support. We currently have two centres, one in North               through the Arnold Foundation for Rugby                        we currently support to 40, which would mean raising
Kensington and one in Lambeth. We have been working
                                                                   School, but didn’t think you could afford to                   more than £1 million each year. In order to do that we
with the Arnold Foundation for Rugby School and Rugby
                                                                                                                                  need many more Rugbeians to pledge their long term
School since 2004 when I first visited the School. Before          give enough to make a difference, why not                      help and commitment.
that visit I was sceptical about referring our students to
the Foundation: I was concerned about how our young                join the growing number of Rugbeians who
                                                                                                                                  So do please fill in the form enclosed with this
people would experience Rugby School - a world away
                                                                   are giving a small amount each month to                        newsletter and return it to the Development Office at
from their inner-city lives. Then I met the Head Master
                                                                                                                                  Rugby School.
and heard his vision for the Foundation.                           the Foundation.
                                                                                                                                  If you would like more information on 1567, please
In particular, the emphasis placed on supporting the               If only 85 Rugbeians each gave £20 every month for
                                                                                                                                  contact Georgina Hare in the Development Office on
families of bursary students and the commitment to their           5 years, a 13 year old boy or girl would receive
                                                                                                                                  01788 556139 or by e-mail on
pastoral welfare matched our own model of working. Soon            probably the most precious gift they could possibly
I was asking for more places for our talented young people!        have in the whole of their life - a top class education - at
                                                                   Rugby School.                                                       If you pay tax, the Foundation would be able to
                                                                                                                                     claim a further £4.64 on your £20 donation, and if
       I was concer ned about how our young                        £5, £20 or even £25 a month – the Foundation will                   you are a higher rate taxpayer, you would get a
     people would experience Rugby School - a                      make sure your donation works really hard, and a                         £4.62 tax refund on your £20 donation.
                                                                   youngster will get the chance of a lifetime.
       world away fr om their inner -city lives.
     Then I met the Head Master and hear d his
              vision for the Foundation.

                                                              Eastside Young Leaders’
Our candidates for the Arnold Foundation for Rugby                                                                                    Out with the old and
School have several things in common. They are well           Academy (EYLA) and The
motivated, they come from loving and supportive                                                                                       in with the new
families, and they already study hard at school. But they     Arnold Foundation for Rugby                                             Announcing the launch, in early
all have something more important in common which
threatens to limit their potential: they come from families   School                                                                  2008, of our new interactive
without the material resources to enable them to reach                                                                                website - Rugbeians On-line!
even higher. And this is what the Arnold Foundation for       EYLA seeks to nurture the leadership potential and improve
Rugby School provides for our young people:                   the chances and career choices of African and Caribbean                 We have been working on improvements for the
educational opportunities, extra-curricular experiences       males from the inner city. Its goals are to instill the tenets of       Arnold Foundation for Rugby School’s website
and future life chances that would otherwise be               success from an early age, creating an awareness and                    and, with the offer of new internet technology that
completely beyond their reach.                                understanding of the opportunities that exist for their lives.          could be bolted on to our existing database, we
                                                              The Academy provides consistent motivation to encourage                 leapt at the chance to give the site an exciting new
As our partnership has grown, it is not just our young        participants to stay focussed and pursue those opportunities            makeover.
people who have benefited from it: Patrick Derham is          with passion.
now a Trustee of IntoUniversity, generously giving us the                                                                             Using the School’s brand new corporate image
value of his experience and wisdom. We have come a            From the standpoint of an outsider 'Rugby School' generates             and in close collaboration with the Rugbeian
long way with the Foundation since 2004!                      all kinds of perceptions. From our own, the East End of                 Society, we have produced an exciting new visual,
                                                              London seemed a world apart from Rugby in distance as                   interactive and secure internet experience.
Dr Rachel Carr                                                well as social demographics. However the efforts and
Chief Executive, IntoUniversity                               initiatives of the Head Master and staff have helped to close
                                                              the gap and dispel the myths.

                                                              Through the Arnold Foundation for Rugby School we are
                                                              able to transform lives irrespective of means and social
                                                              circumstances. None of this would be possible without the
                                                              people involved in the process - Rugby's Development and
                                                              Admissions teams, the Arnold Foundation Tutor and Parent
                                                              Co-ordinator alongside advice and support from

                                                                      EYLA and Rugby School have much in

                                                                   common. We both aim to pr oduce leaders                            Once you have registered you will be able to:
                                                                                                                                      ●   log on and update your own details on the
                                                                        of good character, integrity and a
                                                                                                                                          School’s database
                                                                            willingness to ser ve others.                             ●   choose which details you wish others to see
Learning how to play rugby                                                                                                            ●   look up old and long-lost friends
                                                                                                                                      ●   receive e-newsletters of interest to you and
So far I have enjoyed my experiences at Rugby                                                                                             opt out of others
and I was able to settle in quickly and adapt to                                                                                      ●   donate on-line to the Arnold Foundation for
                                                              As EYLA's first two Rugby scholars complete their first term
the lifestyle here.                                           we are grateful for the consistent and continuous support for               Rugby School by credit/debit card
                                                              both students and their families. Their tutors, house masters           ●   view a calendar of Rugbeian Society events
I have also enjoyed using all the sports facilities           and matrons are playing a vital role in the settling in and             ●   register for an event and pay on-line
                                                              transition processes as well as providing ongoing academic
and learning how to play rugby. I have now                    and pastoral support. We have been pleased at the efficiency
                                                                                                                                      ●   join discussion groups
become very good friends with the majority of                 and the practical support, fiscal and otherwise, the                    ●   obtain an e-mail for life
people in my house and in the rest of the F-block.            Foundation has been able to provide. They have undertaken               ●   post and search for jobs or find work experience
                                                              for even the little things that can so often prove burdensome
I am looking forward to the future ahead of me
                                                              to members of our community.                                            Please look out for your personal invitation
and working with my colleagues.
                                                                                                                                      to join Rugbeians On-line and make sure
                                                              Anne Collard                                                            you sign up and join our worldwide on-line
Michell F Block                                               Project Manager, Eastside Young Leaders’ Academy                        community!

Arnold Foundation for Rugby School
Donors and Supporters 1 August 2006 – 31 July 2007

         Bradley House                              Michell House                                  Stanley House

Gordon Morrison           B        35-40   Philip Zimmerman          M            34-39   Henry McKenzie Johnston       St   35-40
Derek Duncan              B        45-50   David Repard              M            35-39   Barry Reed                    St   45-49
George Raine              B        48-52   Richard Bull              M            44-49   Philip Hamilton-Grierson      St   46-51
Brian McConnell           B        50-54   Christopher Bourne        M            48-53   Tom Poole                     St   46-50
Michael Bronnert          B        53-57   Robert Hiscox             M            56-61   Jonny Shaw                    St   52-56
David Tallon              B        54-58   Peter Roberts             M            58-63   Michael Fowle                 St   53-58
Tony Shearer              B        62-66   Simon Wheatley            M            66-70   Lord (Ian) Lang of Monkton    St   54-58
John Hendry               B        63-68   Ben Habib                 M            79-84   Sir John Chadwick             St   54-59
Graham Simon              B        66-70   Bimal Kantaria            M            83-88   David Leathers                St   56-60
Philip Okell              B        68-73   Richard Seabrook          M            86-91   Peter Berners-Price           St   56-61
David Errington           B        70-75   Thomas Price              M            87-92   Stuart Laing                  St   61-66
Nicholas Derry            B        71-76   Neil Crombie              M            89-94   Clive Beecham                 St   67-71
Simon Maurice             B        72-77   Rory Bate-Williams        M            00-05   David Coubrough               St   68-73
Simon Cleverly            B        76-80                                                  Bill Allen                    St   75-80
Michael Neeld             B        76-81                                                  Peter Coward                  St   75-79
Simon Saunders            B        77-81                                                  Hugh Olliphant                St   90-90
Keith Abel                B        77-82
Chris Yoxall              B        83-88            School Field
Max Royde                 B        85-90
Miklós Tóth               B & Tu   89-94   Tom Acton                 SF           38-43
                                           Sir Alan McLintock        SF           39-43            Town House
                                           Stephen Gordon            SF           45-50
                                           John Hughes               SF           45-50   David Biart                   T    40-46
                                           Nigel Oakley              SF           47-52   Grahame McKenzie              T    47-52
         Cotton House                      Jack Whinney              SF           48-52   David Capron                  T    59-64
                                           Angus Crichton-Miller     SF           53-58   Richard Pell                  T    63-68
John Cozens-Hardy         C        35-40   Christopher Jones         SF           53-58   John Huntingford              T    64-69
David Hull                C        45-50   Meyrick Payne             SF           57-61   Simon Bower                   T    75-80
Ian Tegner                C        47-51   Simon Pearson             SF           65-70   Richard Denno                 T    76-80
Charles Wright            C        52-56   Tom Ziola                 SF           71-72
Nick Hills                C        61-66   Robert Hingley            SF           73-77
Simon Thorley             C        63-67   Will Connell              SF           78-83
Peter Cookson             C        66-71   Matt Mack                 SF           82-87
Duncan Johns              C        66-71   Ed Manning                SF           84-89
                                                                                                   Tudor House
Andrew Dingwall-Fordyce   C        70-75
Brian Ip                  C        75-80                                                  Frederick Charlton            Tu   21-25
                                                                                          Robert Lewis-Crosby           Tu   28-33
                                                                                          Anthony Kirk-Greene           Tu   38-42
                                                    School House                          Stephen Slade                 Tu   47-51
         Crescent House                                                                   Paul Rodocanachi              Tu   49-53
                                           Colin McFadyean           SH           28-33   Michael Roberts               Tu   57-61
                                           Henry Hardie              SH           38-43   William Hartley               Tu   61-66
Mary Townshend            Cr       76-78   David Whittall            SH           40-45   Alan Warner                   Tu   63-68
Anne Currell              Cr       77-79   John Leathes              SH           41-45   Robert Swannell               Tu   64-68
Arabella Stuart           Cr       79-81   Toby Owen                 SH           42-46   Tristan Baker                 Tu   92-97
Karen Leeder              Cr       81-81   John Vaughan              SH           43-48
Allegra Berman            Cr       87-89   Peter Brown               SH           45-51
Georgina Krone            Cr       87-89   Sir Ewen Fergusson        SH           45-51
Trini Farrugia            Cr       88-90   Colin Mailer              SH           48-53
                                           Christopher Roberts       SH           50-55
                                           Clive Bowring             SH           51-55
                                           Donald Fergusson          SH           53-58
         Dean House                        Richard Hodder-Williams   SH           56-61
                                           Robert Turcan             SH           60-64
Cindy Holmes              D        78-80   Jonathan Simpkiss         SH           65-70
Amanda Kentish Barnes     D        79-81   Michael Hosking           SH           68-72
Sarah Landale             D        79-81   Jim Whitcomb              SH           68-72
Fiona Hughes-D'Aeth       D        80-82   William fforde            SH           70-74
Amanda Leigh              D        82-84   Jonathan Dougall          SH           75-80
Lucy Johnson              D        83-85   James Foster              SH           75-80
Camilla Dyson             D        84-86   Rupert Dougall            SH           78-83
Christine Hawkes          D        87-89   Nick Graves               SH           82-87
Joss Walford              D        88-90   Stuart Cotton             SH           83-88
Laura Potel               D        90-92   Andrew Hall               SH           83-88
                                           Simon Glossop             SH           87-89

                                                    Sheriff House
Thomas Meredith           K        27-32
Richard Bayliss           K        30-34   Sir John Osborn           Sh           36-41
Sir James Cleminson       K        35-40   Ian Ferris                Sh           40-44
Roger Harrison            K        46-52   David Holman              Sh           41-46
Giles Currie              K        47-52   Dick Stone                Sh           43-46
Charles Barker Bennett    K        49-53   Lord (Tom) King           Sh           47-51
                                           of Bridgwater
John Bennett              K        49-53
                                           Thomas Brodbelt           Sh           47-52
David Lees                K        50-54
                                           Gilbert Currie            Sh           49-54           Whitelaw House
Richard Channon           K        51-56
                                           Robert Brodbelt           Sh           52-57
Brooke Calverley          K        53-56
                                           Robert Vallings           Sh           57-61
John Hall                 K        54-59                                                  Frank Gutteridge              W    34-38
                                           David Parry               Sh           59-63
Michael Irwin             K        54-59                                                  Sir Michael Kerry             W    37-41
                                           Richard Friend            Sh           66-70
Michael Butt              K        56-61                                                  Richard Butterworth           W    40-44
                                           Jeremy Newsum             Sh           68-72
Sir Jeremy Hanley         K        59-63                                                  Charlie Carmichael            W    54-58
                                           Kripa Radhakrishnan       Sh           71-73
Charles Maisey            K        65-70                                                  Dick Esslemont                W    55-59
                                           Ronnie Coles              Sh           75-80
David Urquhart            K        65-70                                                  Guy Brown                     W    55-60
                                           Peter Welch               Sh           75-80
Peter Rowley              K        69-74                                                  Roderick Richards             W    60-65
                                           Sam Irvine                Sh           76-80
Fouad Shamash             K        70-74                                                  Derek Leach                   W    64-68
                                           Steven Wilkinson          Sh           76-80
Marcus Flather            K        71-75                                                  Christopher Johnson-Gilbert   W    68-73
                                           Andrew Flory              Sh           79-84
Jonathan Buttery          K        72-76                                                  Charles Herlinger             W    69-74
                                           Theo Williams             Sh           81-85
Peter Jachym              K        73-74                                                  Peter Benson                  W    69-74
Simon Kendall             K        74-78                                                  Robin Staunton                W    70-75
David Cutter              K        75-79                                                  William Thornhill             W    70-75
Charlie Foreman           K        76-80                                                  Tim Marks                     W    71-76
Andrew Given              K        76-81                     Reunions 2008                Max Royds                     W    72-76
Stephen Jones             K        77-81                                                  Charles Barber                W    73-77
Magnus Spence             K        77-82                 Whitelaw House 9 March           Philip Whalley                W    74-79
Chris Kunzelmann          K        84-89                 Tudor House 11 October           Kung-Kim Chan                 W    81-83
Phil Bass                 K        91-93                                                  Robin Eyles                   W    82-87
George Maisey             K        99-04                                                  William Gunston               W    86-91

Thank you to all ORs for your generous support of the
Arnold Foundation for Rugby School                                                                                                   four
Arnold Foundation for Rugby School
Donors and Supporters 1 August 2006 – 31 July 2007

Par ents and Past Parents                    Robert Hiscox                                 Peter Orrock
                                             Richard Hodder-Williams                       Royston and Gil Parker
Jonathan and Caroline Addis                  Mark and Madeleine Hodgkin                    Mark and Maria Partington
Charles and Debbra Aksland                   Adrian and Cindy Holmes                       Richard and Lynn Pell
Robert and Sheena Ashford                    Peter and Roslyn Howard                       Richard and Lucinda Philips
George and Emma Barkes                       Jonathan and Fiona Hughes-D'Aeth              Tom Poole
John and Liz Bate-Williams                   John and Diana Huntingford                    Kripa and Susan Radhakrishnan
Peter and Ali Bennett-Jones                  Philip and Kay Jackson                        Alex and Denise Ribaroff
Peter Benson                                 Christopher and Emma Johnson-Gilbert          Philip and Sarah Richards
Peter and Brenda Berners-Price               Satish Karunakaran and Judy Satish            Phil and Sally Rosser
Christopher and Juliet Bourne                Shigesuke and Noriko Kashiwagi                Max and Katharine Royds
Bob and Sarah Bradfield                      Rob Kesseler and Agalis Manessi-Kesseler      Simon and Sarah Saunders
Henry and JK Chan                            David Kewley and Jan Maulden                  Man and Keum Seung
Richard and Sonia Channon                    Adrian and Lisa Knight                        Kamal and Shubhangi Shah
Munch and Ursula Choksey                     Lars and Kitty Knudsen                        Kyung-Shik Shin and Miok Kim
Andrew and Denise Cowling                    Dixon Kunzelman                               Roger and Geraldine Smith
Chris and Anne Currell                       John and Michaela Lanni                       Peter Sole
David and Carol Cutter                       Derek and Eva Leach                           Adam and Karen Sorab
Claire De Nobriga                            Simon and Lydia Lebus                         Gus and Julia Stafford Allen
Stewart and Barbara Dent                     Jock and Sue Lennox                           Adrian and Jane Stevenson
Patrick and Alison Derham                    Bill and Jenny Leslie                         David and Susan Stewart
                                             Anil and Suchrita Lohia                       David and Gill Tallon
Ian and Jane Douglas
Andrés and Diana Echavarría                  Simon Longstaff and Christine Lockwood        Nicholas and Melinda Taylor
                                                                                                                             Rugby helped me a lot
Wagih Elmasry and Bettina Eldeeb             Deborah Lowther                               Julie Taylor
                                             Sally Maclehose                               Neil and Claudia Terry            My two years at Rugby School helped me a lot
Tony and Diane Ferraro
William fforde                               Charles and Vanessa Maisey                    Bob and Julie Thomas              and I would not have made the transition to
Michael and Margaret Fowle                   Mark and Diane Mansell                        Simon Thorley
                                             Julian and Mandy Mant                         Robert Turcan
                                                                                                                             University if it hadn’t been for Rugby. My old
Stan and Gill Fraser
Jack and Charlotte Gibbs                     Euan and Fiona McAlpine                       Robert and Penny Vallings         school would never have given me the chance or
Charlie and Caroline Gladstone               Brian McConnell                               Alan and Sue Warner               opportunity. My first year at Loughborough
Devinder and Sheila Gupta                    Sir Andrew and Lady McFarlane                 Christopher and Anna Wheeler
David and Renny Gye                          Bruce McIntyre                                Mathias and Suzanne Wiegel        University, studying Design with Engineering
David and Mary Hardham                       Grahame McKenzie                              Michael and Lesley Williams       Materials, has been amazing, working with
Andrew Halstead-Smith and Anne Jasper        Simon and Jane McLean                         Alex and Fiona Wilmot-Sitwell
William and Annabel Hartley                  James and Ann-Louise Morris                   David and Julie Winn              companies like Jaguar - looking at how materials
John and Gillian Hendry                      Guy and Anne Morton                           Bridget Winn                      dictate the design of a car - or what materials are
Charles and Diane Herlinger                  Anthony John Nicholson                        Alan and Elaine Wong
                                             Barry and Susan O'Brien                       Christopher and Chloe Woodhead    best when designing appliances or furniture.
Nicholas and Ursula Higham
Richard and Amanda Hirson                    Philip and Charlotte Okell                                                      Really looking forward to the next 4 years!
James Society                                                       Shorto Society
                                                                                                                             Francesca Odongkara (G 05-07)
for those giving more than £10,000                                  for those who have included Rugby School or the
Peter Bennett-Jones                                                 Arnold Foundation for Rugby School in their Will
Peter Berners-Price                     St      56-61               Graeme Anton                 Sh                  45-49
David Biart                             T       40-46               Peter Berners-Price          St                  56-61
Bob Bradfield                                                       John Bickersteth             Sh                  35-40   Charities and Trusts           The Old Rugbeian Masonic
Arnold Burton                                                       Christopher Bourne           M                   48-53   The Bowland Charitable Trust   The BMTA Trust Limited
Henry Chan                                                          Bob Bradfield                                            BSUF
                                                                    Peter Brown                  SH                  45-51
                                                                                                                                                            The Bulldog Trust
John Chiene                             SF      50-55                                                                        The Bulldog Trust
Nigel Clarke                            W       70-74               Nigel Buchanan               SH                  47-52                                  The Charles Prest Charitable
                                                                                                                             The Hale Trust                 Trust
Judy and John Collis                    SF      74-76               Philip Cox                   T                   36-41
Giles Currie                            K       47-52               John Cozens-Hardy            C                   35-40   The E W Gladstone Trust        The Frank Buttle Trust
Patrick Dalby                           C       62-66               Giles Currie                 K                   47-52   The Royal Wanstead             Sir Edward Lewis Foundation
Andrés Echavarría                                                   Robin Dauncey                W                   49-53   Foundation
Donald Fergusson                        SH      53-58               John Duffy                   T                   45-50   The Charles Shorto             Friends of Rugby
                                                                    Dick Esslemont               W                   55-59   Charitable Trust
Charlie Foreman                         K       76-80
                                                                    Michael Evans                B                   52-55   The G Mathieson Charitable     School
David Francis                           W       51-55
David Hall                              C       58-63               Philip Evans                 T                   47-52   Trust                          Carolyn Pattinson
Michael Kennedy                         SF      49-54               Sir Ewen Fergusson           SH                  45-51
The Hon Stuart Kirkwood                 W       51-56
Christopher Laing
David Leathers                          St      56-60
Jock Lennox
John Li                                 B       69-72
Robert MacVicar                         W       71-73
George Maisey                           K       99-04
Charles Maisey                          K       65-70
Robert Maling                           St      27-31
John Marston                            Tu      49-53
Euan McAlpine
Sir Peter Miller                        SH      44-48
Jeremy Newsum                           Sh      68-72
Sir Bruce Pattullo                      Sh      51-56
Neil Payne                              M       57-61
Jean Ringrose
John Roberts                            SF      56-61               William fforde               SH                  70-74
Tony Shearer                            B       62-66               Michael Fowle                St                  53-58
Jeremy Skinner                          K       50-55               Simon France                 St                  45-50
                                                                                                                                                            Gover nors and
Hubert Thompson                         B       45-49               John Gardner                 Sh                  45-49                                  Former Governors
Bill Turcan                             SH      56-60               Anthony Gray                 W                   61-65                                  Peter Berners-Price St 56-61
Robert Vallings                         Sh      57-61               Sir Jeremy Hanley            K                   59-63                                  Robin Broadhurst
Isa Von Hessert                                                     Doreen Harrison                                                                         Sir Ewen Fergusson SH 45-51
Patrick Williams                        Sh      44-49               Ben Howkins                  M                   56-60
Howard Young
                                                                                                                                                            Michael Fowle St 53-58
                                                                    Antony Jefferson             M                   36-39                                  Sir Richard Friend Sh 66-70
The Hon Paul Zuckerman                  Sh      58-63               Anthony Kirk-Greene          Tu                  38-42
The Beaufort House Trust                                                                                                                                    Ben Habib M 79-84
                                                                    Christopher Kirk-Greene      Tu                  40-45
The Charles Skey Charitable Trust                                   Stuart Laing                 St                  61-66
                                                                                                                                                            Robert Hingley SF 73-77
                                                                    Elizabeth Llewellyn-Smith                                                               Cindy Holmes D 78-80
                                                                    Robert Maling                St                  27-31                                  Lord (Ian) Lang of Monkton
                                                                    Nigel Marshall               B                   48-53                                  St 54-58
                                                                    Jennifer McColl                                                                         Jenny Leslie
Percival Society                                                    Michael Miller               SH                  41-45                                  Lady Susanna McFarlane
for those giving more than £50,000                                  Jeremy Newsum                Sh                  68-72                                  Mark Mansell
Sir Edward Lewis Foundation                                         Sidney Nowill                K                   35-39                                  Tony Shearer B 62-66
Sir Ewen Fergusson                      SH      45-51               Paul Odgers                  Tu                  29-33                                  Robert Swannell Tu 64-68
The Zochonis Charitable Trust                                       Sir John Osborn              Sh                  36-41                                  David Urquhart K 65-70
The Charles Shorto Charitable Trust                                 Michael Pierson              Tu                  36-40
Gordon Morrison                         B       35-40               Nigel Power                  W                   38-43
Michael Fowle                           St      53-58               Gerry and Ligia Randall                                                                 Staff and For mer
Robert Swannell                         Tu      64-68               Peter Riley                  M                   42-46
Alan Warner                             Tu      63-68               Charles Shaw                 M                   52-56                                  Staff
The Welton Foundation                                               Peter Spurgin                Tu                  39-43                                  Diana Aulton
Peter and Roslyn Howard                                             John Stubbs                  W                   45-50                                  Richard Bull M 44-49
Maria and David Willets                 W       70-74               Robert Swannell              Tu                  64-68                                  Patrick Derham
Richard Nelson                          Sh      56-60               Michael Thornely             Tu                  32-37                                  Valerie Eburne-Brown
Simon Moores                                                        Michael Wilcox               SH                  30-34                                  Sally Rosser
Alex Wilmot-Sitwell                                                 David Williams               Sh                  49-53                                  Colin and Pam Silver
Angus Crichton-Miller                   SF      53-58               Patrick Williams             Sh                  44-49                                  Kerry Wilson
Katie and Stephen Jones                 K       77-81               Bridget Winn

We are very grateful to all our donors and supporters named
here and those who wish to remain anonymous                                                                                                                                        five
At home and overseas

Arnold Foundation                                                                                                             Arnold Foundation
                                                                   The GCSE options are so good
Internet Auction May 2007                                          - there are loads of them
                                                                                                                              Lecture 20 January 2007
The second Ar nold Foundation for                                  Rugby School is an inspiring School. The                   The fourth Arnold Foundation Lecture, “China Shakes
Rugby School Internet Auction was held                             facilities in the School are amazing, the sports           the World” was given by James Kynge (B 77-81) and is
                                                                                                                              also the subject of his book which won the Financial
with great success fr om Monday 7 May to                           facilities are fantastic and especially the gym.
                                                                                                                              Times and Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year
Monday 21 May 2007.                                                The media schools are exceptional and the                  Award in 2006. All members of the XX and a number of
                                                                   library is great for looking up things. The                ORs and other guests gathered in the Macready Theatre
We are very grateful to Jonathan Adjei, our independent IT         grounds at the School are fantastic they look              for the Lecture. James Kynge covered his early interest in
consultant, who helped improve the site and make it easier                                                                    China at School and an understanding of the country
                                                                   after them so well. For GCSE the options are               today which came from the intervening years spent
to use. Nearly 1400 people visited the auction site and a
total of £17,968 was raised this year.
                                                                   so good there are loads of them, you can do                mainly in the Far East, latterly as Chairman of the Pearson
                                                                   media, design technology, art and when you                 Group in China itself.
Thank you to all those who generously donated the prizes           get to A level, Photography.
and everyone who took part.
                                                                                                                                                       y   School
                                                                                                                                               for Rugb

The Arnold Foundation for Rugby School Internet Auction            Whitelaw E Block
will now be an annual event and we should be delighted to                                                                              Lecture 2
receive offers and donations of prizes for our next Auction
which will be held at the end of 2008.
                                                                   I have settled in well
                                                                   When I first came to Rugby I did not know
                                                                   what to expect. Would the people be
                                                                   welcoming or would they just leave me and go
                                                                   off with the rest of their friends? Thankfully,           ffice
                                                                                                                                                                           ‘China Sh rld’
                                                                                                                                                                              the Wo
                                                                   that has not happened and I feel I have                  2 5EH
                                                                                                                                                                                  James Ky 1
                                                                                                                                                                                        B 77-8          James Kynge

                                                                   settled in well. My house is really important to         ber: 5287
                                                                                                                            ugby Scho
                                                                                                                             er: 1095856
                                                                                                                                                                                 ry 2007,
                                                                                                                                                                                          11.00 am        (B 77-81)
                                                                                                                                                                         20 Janua           Theatre
                                                                                                                                                                Saturday          Macready
                                                                   me - they are my new family and I don't know                                                                        Rugby Sc

                                                                   if I would have enjoyed the first half term as
                                                                   much without them. All in all, I can honestly
                                                                   say I look forward to the rest of the year,
                                                                   because if it's anything as good as my first               School Concert,
                                                                   half term, then it's going to be a great year.             St. John’s Smith Square
                                                                   Griffin LXX                                                4 March 2007
                                                                                                                              ORs, parents and friends of the School joined pupils and
                                                                                                                              staff at a celebration concert in St John’s Smith Square in
                                                                                                                              March and afterwards for tea in the Footstool Restaurant.
    Overseas Friends of Rugby School                                                                                          The School String Orchestra, Senior Strings, Junior and
                                                                                                                              Senior Chamber Choirs, and the Jazz Orchestra played to
    Hong Kong Friends of Rugby School                                                                                         a large and appreciative audience. The programme,
                                                                                                                              ranging from Vivaldi’s Concerto for two violins to Jarvis’
    We are planning a launch for our Hong Kong Friends of                                                                     Critical Mass, illustrated the music making that goes on
    Rugby School in October 2008 by which time we hope                                                                        in the School through out the year.
    we will have news of our application for tax exempt        The American Friends of Rugby School is now
    status for the company, which is now registered. More                                                                     The School Orchestra at St. John’s Smith Square
                                                               registered as a 501 (c ) (3), not-for-profit organisation,
    details will follow in due course.                         in the USA. At a recent meeting in New York the Board
                                                               (President Meyrick Payne (SF 57-61), Archie Leslie (SH
    In the meantime Adam Osborn has organised events           64-69) and Stephen Johnson (St 70-74)) re-affirmed its
    for ORs including a successful dinner in October and       commitment to providing activities for ORs, parents
    we are planning a drinks party on 19 February at           and friends of the School in the USA and also to raise
    Antigues owned by Paddy Smyth (SF 81-83) and his           funds to support scholarships and bursaries at Rugby
    wife Oi Ling on Hollywood Road. Hong Kong Friends          School and other projects.
    will be joined by Jeremy Newsum (Sh 68-72) who is a
    member of the Arnold Foundation Board.                     Reception at the Ambassador’s residence New York

    Most important the Hong Kong Friends of Rugby
    School will provide a platform for more events and
    activities led by the Board whose membership
    comprises: John Li (B 69-72), George Magnus (Sh 49-
    54), Adam Osborn (SF 81-86) and Henry Chan (present
    parent) and Nick Etches (B 61-66), who has kindly
    agreed to be Company Secretary. We will keep you
    updated on progress.                                                                                                      Shorto Society Lunch
                                                                                                                              5 July 2007
    Dinner for Old Rugbeians at the Cru restaurant Hong Kong                                                                  Members gathered for the annual Shorto Society
                                                               Volunteers, who would be willing to lead the social and        Luncheon in School House during the final week of the
                                                               fundraising programmes in their part of the country,           summer term. Peter Berners-Price (St 56-61) President
                                                               are encouraged to step forward. These State Captains           of the Rugbeian Society thanked all those members
                                                               will organise reunions, informal get-togethers, business       whose generosity and support would, one day, help the
                                                               networking events and promote the fundraising.                 Arnold Foundation for Rugby School. Afterwards
                                                                                                                              everyone enjoyed a highlight of the School Arts Festival,
                                                               On 17 May 2007, a party was generously hosted by               a wonderful concert of symphonies given by the School
                                                               Ambassador Karen Pierce, UK Deputy Permanent                   Orchestra and pupil soloists in the Chapel.
                                                               Representative to the UN, at her Residence on Park
                                                               Avenue, New York. More than 60 ORs, parents and
                                                               friends of Rugby School attended. ‘The Changing                             The planned Donors’ Dinner at the Wallace
                                                               Character of War’, a lecture given by Professor Hew                         Collection, London was postponed.                          Instead the
                                                               Strachan (K 63-67), made the evening particularly                           fifth anniversary of the Arnold Foundation for
                                                               special and memorable. The party was followed by an
                                                               excellent dinner, kindly hosted by James Knowles                            Rugby School will be celebrated with a drinks party
                                                               (Tu 61-62) at the Roger Smith Hotel, where he is                            at the Wallace Collection in May 2008.
                                                               President, CEO and artist-in-residence.

How you can help

Are you considering                                                 However, for our supporters, many of whom have already
                                                                    made donations, further generosity to the Arnold              Both you and the Arnold
leaving a legacy to                                                 Foundation for Rugby School must be tempered by
                                                                    financial responsibilities for themselves and loved ones.     Foundation for Rugby School
Rugby School but are                                                Through a bequest it may be possible to do more to
                                                                    support pupils at Rugby School without neglecting other       can benefit when you make a
unsure how to direct it?                                            obligations.
                                                                                                                                  gift of shares.
                                                                    Any sum of money you leave to the Arnold Foundation for
                                                                    Rugby School in your Will is exempt from Inheritance and      Some donors have small numbers of shares
We would be happy to talk to you and provide
sample words to include in your Will.
                                                                    Capital Gains Tax, reducing the amount payable on your        which they have accumulated over the years
                                                                    estate.                                                       or which came free as part of demutualisation.
Codicil forms are available from the                                Everyone leaving a bequest to the School is invited to join
Development Office should you need them.                            the Shorto Society. In addition to sharing information        No matter how many shares you have, the
                                                                    and invitations to events throughout the year, the School     Arnold Foundation for Rugby School would
Over the centuries, Rugby School and its pupils have                invites members to attend the annual Shorto Society
                                                                    Luncheon with the Head Master at Rugby so that we may         be happy to receive them.
benefited from donations and legacies left by Rugbeians
and friends of the School.                                          thank this special group of donors during their lifetime.
                                                                                                                                  Donating shar es is ver y easy.
                                                                                                                                  It is possible for you to gift the following:

                                                                                                                                  ●   Shares or securities listed or dealt in a recognised stock
                                                                                                                                  ●   Shares in open ended investment companies
                                                                                                                                  ●   Units in authorised unit trusts
                                                                                                                                  ●   Holdings in certain foreign collective investment schemes

                                                                                                                                  You will not pay capital gains tax on your gift and you may
                                                                                                                                  claim income tax relief on the market value of your gift at
                                                                                                                                  the date of donation. In many cases this will mean that the
                                                                                                                                  value of your gift to the Arnold Foundation for Rugby School
                                                                                                                                  can be increased and the cost to you significantly reduced
                                                                                                                                  because of the relief from both Income Tax and Capital
                                                                                                                                  Gains Tax.

                                                                                                                                  For example:

                                                                                                                                         You have shares in a company which are now
    Plant a tree                                                          Name a Seat                                                    worth £25,000. The shares cost £5,000 when they
    Rugby School is replanting trees and planning ahead, to                                                                              were bought so there is £20,000 appreciation. By
    enhance the landscape now, and for future generations                 The majority of seats in the Macready
    of Rugbeians. You are invited to name trees in some of                Theatre have now been named and we are                         giving the shares, and not the cash, you will pay no
    the most prestigious sites at Rugby School.                           very grateful to our generous donors and
                                                                                                                                         Capital Gains Tax and you will receive relief from
                                                                                                                                         Income Tax on the full market value of the gift
    A Rugby tree could be a wonderful lasting gift and a                  Should you wish to name a seat there are
    plaque will be placed on or by the tree recording your                                                                               (£10,000 for a higher rate tax-payer).
                                                                          still a number of seats available in the
    support or perhaps remembering a Rugbeian who is                      theatre.
    special to you.

    Two successful bidders in the recent Internet Auction                                                                         Generally it is better to give shares to the Arnold Foundation
    have already contributed to our work with an Oak tree,                                                                        for Rugby School than sell them and donate the proceeds.
    which will be planted near the new bookshop, and a
    small copse of three Elms, which will be planted on the                                                                       For more information do contact the Development Office and
    Close not far from the Queen’s Gates.                                                                                         we will put you in touch with the team at Cheviot who
                                                                                                                                  provide Rugby School with brokerage and investment advice.
    Traditional English trees have always featured at Rugby
    School and we have opportunities for 11 new trees as follows:
             ●   Oak on the Mound
             ●   Elm on the Mound                                                                                                        A fine disregard for

                 Beech on the Mound
                 Oak near the James Pavilion
                                                                                                                                         the rules
             ●   Elm by the Memorial Chapel
                                                                                                                                         It took an American cousin (ironically a
             ●   Liquid Amber at the front of Dean House                  A donation of £250 is required for each
                                                                                                                                         Professor of English) to point out the vital
             ●   Pine at the rear of Griffin                              seat and if you wish, a personalised plaque                    importance of the expression “…..a fine
                                                                          will be attached to your seat in the                           disregard for the rules…”.
    A minimum donation of £1000 is required for trees on the              auditorium recording your support. Many
    Close and in the House gardens. Please send a donation                ORs have named seats after themselves or
    of £1000 (or £780 plus a completed Gift Aid form).                    family members, a number of parents have                       The Arnold Foundation for Rugby School
                                                                          named seats after their Rugby children and                     has challenged the Rugbeian community
                 2 Beeches on Caldecotts                                  a number of other friends have recorded a
             ●   2 Lombardy Poplars on Hillbrow
                                                                                                                                         by disregarding notions of fundraising to
                                                                          special name.
                                                                                                                                         improve the lot of pupils who can enjoy the
    A minimum donation of £500 is required for trees on
                                                                          For more details on how to name a seat                         privileges of a unique education. Instead,
    Caldecotts and Hillbrow. Please send a donation of
                                                                          please contact the Development Office or                       the Foundation is creating opportunities for
    £500 (or £390 plus a completed Gift Aid form).
                                                                          send a cheque for £250 (or £195 plus the
                                                                          completed Gift Aid form) payable to ‘the
                                                                                                                                         talented individuals from all walks to
    All planting will take place shortly after Christmas when                                                                            experience the best of educations. I and my
                                                                          Arnold Foundation for Rugby School’ to
    the ground is right so it is important that you send
    donations now.
                                                                          the Development Office at Rugby School                         son George are pleased to be associated
                                                                          with an indication of the inscription (up to
                                                                                                                                         with the Foundation’s philosophy and look
                                                                          30 characters) you wish to include on the
    Other trees may be available in other parts of the                                                                                   forward to saluting its achievements.
    School. Please let us know if you wish to support our
    tree planting programme.
                                                                                                                                         Charles Maisey (K 65-70)

Making a gift

It is very easy to make a

                                                                                                                                                                                              photograpy: chris arnold, adrian bradbury, amy hardy, stuart hill, lucy kynge
                                                                       Raise money for                                           Dates for your Diar y
gift to the Arnold
                                                                       The Arnold Foundation
Foundation for Rugby                                                                                                             19 February 2008, Hong Kong Friends of Rugby
                                                                       for Rugby School just                                     School, Hong Kong
School.                                                                                                                          A party is planned for all Rugbeians, parents and friends
                                                                       by searching the web…                                     of Rugby School to attend a reception in Hong Kong to
                                                                                                                                 coincide with the visit of Jeremy Newsum (Sh 68-72)
●   Don’t forget that the Arnold Foundation for Rugby
                                                                                                                                 member of the Arnold Foundation Board.
School is a registered charity so gifts can be made tax
effectively. It is also possible for donors paying tax in certain      …with                                      28 February 2008, Arnold Foundation Lecture,
countries outside the UK to direct tax efficient gifts to                                                                        Macready Theatre
support pupils at Rugby School.                                                                                                  The fifth Arnold Foundation Lecture ‘Robert Peel and
                                                              is an internet search engine with a big    Politics Today’ will be given by the Rt Hon Lord (Douglas)
●  Gifts can be made in a number of ways including cash,               difference - it donates half its revenue to charity.      Hurd of Westwell CH CBE PC, former Cabinet Minister and
shares or property (including items such as works of art).                                                                       current President of Chatham House, Deputy Chairman of
                                                                       Using as your search engine will raise     Coutts & Co and High Steward of Westminster Abbey.
                                                                       money for the Arnold Foundation for Rugby School
●   The Arnold Foundation for Rugby School can accept                  and help even more young people enjoy the benefits        Tickets are free of charge but must be obtained in advance
cash donations by cheque, bank transfer, standing order,               of a Rugby School education.

                                                                                                                                                                                              Creative direction and production:
direct debit, credit card or debit card.   We can also take                                                                      from the Development Office as places will be limited.
direct debit and card details over the phone.                          We hope the whole of the Rugby School community           7 March 2008, Home House, Edinburgh
                                                                       will adopt as their search engine and      Rugbeians, parents and friends are warmly invited to
●  You may make a gift through your Self Assessment form.              raise much needed funds to support pupils at Rugby        join the Head Master at a drinks party hosted by the
You can direct all or part of any overpaid tax to the Arnold           School.                                                   School at Home House in Edinburgh during the
Foundation for Rugby School. Simply include the code                                                                             evening of Friday 7 March 2008, which is the day
EAN23VG on your tax return.                                            Just go to       before the Calcutta Cup match at Murrayfield.
                                                                       and then follow the on-screen instructions. If you are
●   If you are employed by a company that operates Payroll             asked to choose your charity, please type in the          9 March 2008, Opening of the Museum,
Giving or offers to match employee giving to charities, it will        Arnold Foundation for Rugby School and it should go       Rugby School
assist with your contribution to the Arnold Foundation for             and find it.                                              The new Museum, now based in the renovated Coach
Rugby School.         Contact your company’s Finance                                                                             House adjacent to School Field following its relocation
Department or Payroll Department for further details.                  If you are unsure about what to do, please contact the    from Little Church Street, will be opened officially on
                                                                       Development Office at Rugby School.                       the same day as the Whitelaw House Reunion and the
                                                                                                                                 Crick Run.
   All gifts are important, whatever the amount, and will be
gratefully received.                                                   Don't forget to add to your ‘Favourites’
                                                                       so you can find it again easily and you can make it       8 May 2008, Fifth Anniversary Party for the
                                                                       your home page by clicking on the link in the top         Arnold Foundation for Rugby School,
●    Donations are always used for the purposes for which                                                                        The Wallace Collection, London
                                                                       right hand corner of the site.
they are given and we keep donors informed of progress of                                                                        Rugby School will be hosting a party at The Wallace
all Foundation projects.                                               It does not cost us, or you, a penny - so please use it   Collection on 8 May for Rugbeians to thank donors and
                                                                       - and pass the message on!                                supporters, encourage involvement in our future plans
If you would like to make a donation or help our                                                                                 and raise funds during the evening and afterwards.
fundraising in another way, do please get in touch with                http://www.ever ugbyschool
the Development Of fice. We would be delighted to                                                                                27 May 2008 and 29 May 2008, American Friends
hear fr om you.                                                                                                                  of Rugby School
                                                                                                                                 The American Friends of Rugby School invite all
                                                                                                                                 Rugbeians, parents and friends of the School to a
                                                                                                                                 reception in San Francisco on Tuesday 27 May and in
The Arnold Foundation for Rugby School                              The Development Team                                         New York on Thursday 29 May, 2008.
Board Members                                                                                                                    1 July 2008, Bishop’s Croft, Birmingham
Chair man                                                                                                                        A reception will be hosted by The Rt Rev the Lord
Michael Fowle CBE (St 53-58),                                                                                                    Bishop of Birmingham David Urquhart (K 65-70) at his
Chairman of the Governing Body                                                                                                   home in Birmingham.
Ex Of ficio
Patrick Derham, Head Master                                                                                                      3 July 2008, Shorto Society Lunch, Rugby School
Ben Habib (M 79-84),                                                                                                             Our annual Shorto Society luncheon will be held on 3
                                                                                                                                 July at Rugby School. This will coincide once more with
President of the Rugbeian Society
                                                                                                                                 the Arts Festival and all guests are invited to attend a
Other Members
                                                                                                                                 concert in the Chapel after lunch.
Peter Bennett-Jones (Parent)
Peter Berners-Price (St 56-61)                                                                                                   October 2008, Hong Kong Friends of Rugby
Bob Bradfield (Parent)                                                                                                           School
Nigel Clarke (W 70-74)                                                                                                           A reception will be held to mark the official launch of
Charlie Foreman (K 76-80)                                                                                                        the Hong Kong Friends of Rugby School.
Caroline Gladstone (Parent)                                         L to R
Cindy Holmes (D 78-80 and Parent)                                                                                                October 2008, Opening of the Science Schools,
                                                                    Development     Manager Geor gina Hare                       Rugby School
Stephen Jones (K 77-81)                                             Development     Administrator Marie-France Maguire           Following major renovation and updating, supported by
Lord King of Bridgwater CH (Sh 47-51)                               Development     Administrator Lara Coxon                     the huge generosity of Rugbeians, parents and friends,
Sir Jeremy Hanley KCMG (K 59-63)                                    Development     Dir ector Ker ry Wilson                      the Science Schools will be opened officially in October.
Jeremy Newsum (Sh 68-72)
Robert Swannell (Tu 64-68)
                                                                         How to contact us                                       For more details of all events do
Alan Warner (Tu 63-68)
Alex Wilmot-Sitwell (Parent)                                                                                                     please contact the Development
In Attendance                                                            Development Office, Rugby School                        Office at Rugby School.
Kerry Wilson, Development Director and                                   Lawrence Sheriff Street, Rugby CV22 5EH
Secretary to the Board                                                                                                           Also . . . the Rugbeian Society has very kindly offered to
                                                                         Telephone: +44(0)1788 556139                            host another ‘Wine Tasting Evening’ and also a Golf Day
                                                                         Email:                  to raise support and funds for the Arnold Foundation
                                                                         Website:                  for Rugby School. Further details of these and other
                                                                                                                                 Rugbeian Society events will be circulated in the Floreat
                                                                         Rugby School Registered Office                          and the monthly E-bulletins.
                                                                         The Bursary, 10 Little Church Street,
                                                                         Rugby CV21 3AW

                                                                         Telephone: +44(0)1788 556260
                                                                         Rugby School Charity Registration Number: 528752
                                                                         The Arnold Foundation for Rugby School
                                                                         Charity Registration Number: 1095856


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