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									                                               Anatomy and Physiology
                                                 Mr. Penticuff - Room 106
Anatomy and Physiology is an in-depth study of the specific functions and structures of the tissues, organs and systems of the human
body. This course demands independent study and extensive preparation outside of class. Rigorous laboratory activities and
mammalian dissection is a required component of the course.

We will accomplish the following goals (major instructional goals):

           1.    Apply the concepts of scientific inquiry.
           2.    Demonstrate an understanding of technology, development of theories and human endeavors.
           3.    Differentiate and investigate the levels of organization and fundamental physiological principles of the human body.
           4.    Distinguish and explain the tissues of the body with respect to structure and function.
           5.    Identify and explain the components of the skeletal system with respect to structure and function.
           6.    Identify and classify the basic characteristics and functions of muscle tissue.
           7.    Describe and explain the function of the nervous system and its components and how information is processed.
           8.    Identify and explain the special and somatic senses.
           9.    Discuss the importance of hormones and the endocrine system and their role in regulation of homeostasis.
           10.   Investigate and relate the function and structure of the cardiovascular system to the mechanisms that regulate
           11.   Study and explore the lymphatic system and its function in immune mechanisms.
           12.   explore the structure and function of the digestive system
           13.   Examine the structure and physiology of the respiratory system.
           14.   Categorize the major components of the urinary system and analyze the basic functions of each.
           15.   Identify the structures and function of mammalian reproductive systems and embryological development.

          Textbook: Hole’s Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology
          Lab book: Hole’s Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology
          Cat dissection manual
          Human anatomy CD-ROM
          Textbook study CD-ROM
          Internet Anatomy Sites

Grades will be determined using a weighted point system. The weighting for this course is:
     ! 55% tests
     ! 30% labs/activities/research
     ! 5% chapter study sheets
     ! 10% final
     ! There are no extra credit assignments in this class

Late Work Policy: No late work will be accepted.

Academic Dishonesty will not be tolerated. Any attempt to improve your grade or your neighbor’s grade through the giving or
receiving of answers will result in both parties receiving NO credit for the assignment (whether test, lab, or homework). This is your
warning. All incidents will be noted and recorded as part of the teacher’s record of your classroom behavior.

Tests will consist of a variety of types of questions including multiple choice, matching, true/false, fill in the blank, short answer, and
essay. There will also be some lab questions and questions that require the student to demonstrate lab skills on the tests. Test
questions are directly related to the textbook chapters covered, lecture notes, and other research/activities from each unit. The final
exam will be comprehensive in nature and be at least 10% of the grade.

Attendance Procedures:
     " Parents should notify the attendance office (523-8916 or 523-8915) each day the student is absent. Student not excused
          from school by parent/guardian will be considered truant. Work missed because of truancy may not be completed for
     " Homework and make up work guidelines – it's the student's responsibility to check with the teacher as to work missed
          during the absence and procedure to follow. Should the student choose not to contact the teacher within five school days
          and make arrangements for work missed, the teacher is absolved of any responsibility for the student's negligence in this
          matter and will record an grade of “F/0” for each of the assignments missed during the absence.
Make up work: Students will be given adequate time to make up any assignment missed due to a non-truant absence. Depending on
the assignment, the teacher will give a due date for the missed work. If the work is not completed by the “new” due date, it will not be
Attendance incentive:
     ! 100% attendance – Final exam multiplied by 1.2
     ! 96% attendance – Final exam multiplied by 1.15
     ! 92% attendance – Final exam multiplied by 1.1

Computers are available for use ONLY if you have completed your assignment AND asked for permission from the teacher. You
must also get permission from the teacher to print any item. All computer usage agreement rules apply.

 Grading Scale:

     •     The numerical range represents a percent and a score of .5 will be rounded up (92.5= A; 92.4= A-)
           A         93-100                 B+         87-89                   C+         77-79                D+         67-69
           A-        90-92                  B          83-86                   C          73-76                D          63-66
                                            B-         80-82                   C-         70-72                D-         60-62

Items needed for class:

•    SEPARATE notebook/folder to keep notes and class work
•    Your OWN pencils/pens to write with
•    YOUR book (not your neighbor’s book)
•    Proper clothing for certain labs to ensure safety
•    ID Badge on ALL the time


     •     Self-control (your behavior, language, and work are under your control)
     •     Responsibility (you must complete the assignments and prepare for tests)
     •     Respect (classmates, their stuff, school property, teachers, administrators, tutors, mentors, and yourself). ALL
           deserve respect without having to earn it. Even in disagreement, we never stop respecting each other.
     •     Follow school policy (handbook, district policies, classroom policies)

Bathroom Passes: Students will get 2 opportunities to use the restroom each quarter during the class period. The timing of using this
pass is at teacher discretion. Medical emergencies do not count as a bathroom pass. (nurse’s notes, etc.)

STI Homepage – parents can bring in a drivers license and get a pin number to access their student's attendance and grades from
home. Grades will be updated no later than Friday of each school week.

ALERTNOW – a parent/emergency notification software company. ALERTNOW will notify you of district-wide delays or
cancellations due to inclement weather or other important events. You will receive up to two messages a month highlighting
upcoming events such as report card distribution, attendance, and early release days.

Things you must do this week:
                    1. Read and sign the safety contract
                    2. Read and sign the syllabus
                    3. Have parent/guardian read and sign the syllabus

NOTE: You will be signing a separate sheet stating that you have read and understand the information found in both the safety
contract and syllabus.

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