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									                    Lancer Pride

The soccer season is quickly winding down for this year. The JV squad has
completed their season. The team struggled a little this year, but they worked hard
and learned a lot. We hope to see them all back again in the fall.

The Varsity team is heading to the play-offs this weekend. The team finished with a
6-2 record. They will play the first play-off game on Friday, May 29th at 5:30 p.m. at
Youthtowne. We wish them the best of luck!!

Coach Boland has chosen the SCORE players for this year. Varsity boys will be
represented by Dan Boland & Noah Kaib. Madison Hanley and Alena Fencik will
play for the Varsity girls. JV girls will be represented by Jenna Vojtecky and
Michaela Reinhart and Brandon Thompson and Brian Nath with play for the JV
boy’s team. Congratulations to all of these players, and best of luck in the SCORE
game! Thanks to Coach Kevin Boland and Assistant Coach Dave Thompson!


The track championship meet was held at Neville Island on Saturday, May 9th.
Our team did a great job and we want to thank Coach Mark Wright for his hard
work and dedication with this team. Medals were won by the following athletes:

One Medal:             Two Medals:            Three Medals:          Four Medals:
Trent Uhlmann          Emma Betz              Jordan Denk            Raelyn Fencik
Adam Turzak            Madison Hanley         Josh Wright
David Michael Betz     Jerrad Tuite
Alena Fencik
Madison Galluci
Noah Kaib
Jason Pilarski

                               Gym Improvements
You will notice a lot of improvements in our gym when you return in the fall.
Athletic Director, Mike Zdrojewski, will be doing a lot of work in the next few
months. Purchases currently in discussion are a new front door, new first aid kits,
new padded chairs & new pads for the walls - just to name a few. We thank Mike
for the time he has put into our gym maintenance this year.

                             New Officers/Coaches

Your sports club board has been selected for the next school year. The members are
as follows:

President: Jerry Tuite                             President Elect: Julie Betz
Athletic Director: Mike Zdrojewski                      Secretary: Kathy Fencik
Treasurer: Linda Jones                             Delegate: Dave Thompson
Delegate: Tom Foley                                Delegate: Pat Cunningham

We want to thank these volunteers and wish them the best of luck next year!
Thanks goes out also to Jerry Tuite, for his great leadership this year!

                                  Alumini News

If you attended Brentwood High School’s 53rd Annual All Sports Banquet this year,
you would be very proud of our former students. The following former St. Sylvester
students received the “Most Outstanding Team Member” award, which is voted on
by the members of the team:

Alexis Connor – Girl’s Basketball
Justin Bodell – Boy’s Basketball
Katie Sigmund – Cheerleading
Molly Wroblewski – Swimming/Diving

The following received the “Scholar Athlete” award (maintaining a 3.5 grade point
average or higher while participating in two or more sports): Andy Kraemer,
Adam Obringer, Michael Mincin, Melissa Pilarski & Katie Sigmund

Melissa Pilarski won the “Distinguished Athlete Award”, presented by the Marine

Megan Smith was recognized for breaking a school record in swimming.

Justin Bodell was awarded the prestigious “Mark Reider Award”. This award is
presented to the most outstanding male athlete. This award is presented each year
by our own Tony Denk, as he was the first recipient of this award in 1967!

It’s great to see that our sports program is doing its job – preparing our athletes to


Well, another year is quickly coming to a close. We would like to give a great big
THANK YOU to all our coaches who put so much time into our sports programs.
They put in countless hours, and they work hard to bring out the best in each and
every athlete to prepare them to reach their future athletic goals. Thank you also
to our athletes for their hard work and dedication over the year. And we have to
thank the parents – without you, our sports program would not be possible. We
wish everyone a safe and happy summer and keep practicing!!
           Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out!
                                    Robert Collier


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