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					The Mobile Recycling Bin
   Good for the Environment!
  You have now received, or you are about to receive, your new 360-
  litre mobile recycling bin. With this larger, more practical and simpler
  bin, you will benefit from more space for your recyclables and you will
  no longer have to sort them. Because the bin cover keeps all the
  materials in, your neighbourhood streets will also be cleaner. By
  distributing these new bins, the Municipality wishes to increase the
  volume of recycled material collected in Saint-Bruno.

  Starting in January 2009
      Will be the New Recycling Collection Day!

      Every Second Week

The Mobile Recycling Bin – English Information 
Ville de Saint‐Bruno‐de‐Montarville – Fall 2008 
Two Zones (Secteurs)
Starting January 2009, you must start using your new 360-litre mobile bin for your
recyclable materials. From then on, recycling collection will take place every second
Wednesday between 7:00 a.m. and 7 p.m. The collection dates depend on the zone in
which you reside. The Municipality will be separated into two zones with Rabastalière
Street as the dividing line.

Zone 1 (Starting WEDNESDAY, January 7)
The area located north of De La Rabastalière Street. This zone includes both sides of
Rabastalière Street. Recycling collection using the new 360-litre mobile bin will start on
Wednesday, January 7 in this zone, and take place every two weeks thereafter.

Zone 2 (Starting on WEDNESDAY January 14)
The area located to the south of De La Rabastalière Street. This zone does not include
Rabastalière Street. The collection of recyclables with the new 360-litre mobile bin will
start on Wednesday, January 14 in this zone and take place every two weeks

Collection Calendar
A detailed calendar for recycling collection days will be distributed at the time the bins
are delivered. The calendar is also available on our website at and at
Town Hall located at 1585 Montarville Street.

The Mobile Recycling Bin – English Information                                               2
Ville de Saint‐Bruno‐de‐Montarville – Fall 2008 
How to Use Your Mobile Bin
• Place accepted recyclable materials in your bin unsorted.
• Put your bin out by 7:00 a.m. of the morning of the collection day.
• Place the bin in your driveway near the street. Avoid placing it on the
  sidewalk, bike path or street, in order not to block the public roadway.
• Face the handle side of the bin toward your residence.
• Ensure clearance around the bin of about 60 cm (24’’).
• Completely close the bin cover and leave nothing on top.
• The bin will be mechanically lifted. Please ensure that no vehicle is
parked in such a way as to hinder this operation.

• Never place the mobile bin behind a snowbank. Bins must be easy for
the operator to see and to access.
• When there’s a snowstorm: If possible, postpone putting out your bin until the next
recycling collection day. Otherwise, place it by the side of the street on the morning of
the collection, before 7:00 a.m., so as not to hinder snow removal operations.

What to Do in the Case of Damage, Theft or Moving
The bins are the property of the Ville de Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville. If your bin is lost,
damaged or stolen, please call 450 645-2919. If you move, leave the bin behind for the
next occupant: the serial number corresponds to the address to which the bin was
As soon as you receive your bin, we recommend that you write your address on the side
of the bin with an indelible felt pen.

What to Do with Your Small 64-Litre Bin
Starting in January, you can keep your small bin for personal use and employ it as you
see fit. A good way to give it a second life is to keep it indoors as a place to put your
recyclable materials prior to transferring them outdoors to the mobile bin. It will be
prohibited, however, to place the small bin curbside for the new collection: only the
contents of the mobile recycling bins will be picked as of January 2009.

Method of Payment for Your New Bin
The cost of the bin totalling $68.47 will be integrated into your tax account and spread
out over a 5-year period. Institutional, commercial and industrial sector organizations
should contact the Municipality on the Info-collectes line at 450 645-2919.

                    Memory Aid for Good Recycling
    •   Rinse containers to remove any food residue.
    •   Fold cardboard boxes and cut bigger boxes into 60 cm X 60 cm
    •   (24’’ X 24’’) pieces, to make more room in your bin and the trucks.
    •   Consult and comply with the list of accepted and non-accepted materials found
        in this document and on the Municipal website at
    •   For any other questions about recycling or other waste materials, please contact
        the Environment department on the Info-collectes line at 450 645-2919.

The Mobile Recycling Bin – English Information                                              3
Ville de Saint‐Bruno‐de‐Montarville – Fall 2008 
Other Collections
Household Garbage
Garbage collection days will remain the same in 2009: every Thursday from 7:00 a.m.
to 7 p.m.

Green Waste
Green waste collection days will remain the same in 2009: every Tuesday from 7:00
a.m. to 7 p.m., mid-April to mid-November. Watch the newspapers and municipal
website for the exact dates.

Branch Collection
Branch collection takes place twice a year, once in spring and once in fall.
A notice is sent out with the spring edition of Info-Saint-Bruno to announce the dates of
this free branch collection. Dates vary according to the area of the municipality. You can
visit the website at

Other Services for Responsible Waste Management
Public Works provides assistance by accepting three particular types of waste at 600
Sagard Street.

          Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)
          You can drop off your household hazardous waste from May 1 to September
          HHW: paint, used oil, aerosol, solvent, pesticide, acid, propane,
          neon bulbs, other light bulbs, and batteries.

          Renovation Waste
          You can also drop off your renovation waste and other metal waste. It is
          recommended that you telephone for more details before making your delivery.
          In addition, it is preferable that you have in hand your renovation permit,
          inspection permit and any other permits issued by Urban Planning.
          Call 450 45-2930.
          There are costs related to the issuance of permits.

          Computer Waste
          You can drop off your old computer and accessories, which will be picked up
          by the Mont-Bruno Computer Club.

Batteries and Portable Phones
Rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries are harmful to the environment if thrown
in the garbage. Rather, they can be dropped off at any of the main municipal buildings
and at the Public Works gate at 600 Sagard Street. You can also drop off your old
portable telephones at these locations.

              Info-collectes: 450 645-2919
The Mobile Recycling Bin – English Information                                           4
Ville de Saint‐Bruno‐de‐Montarville – Fall 2008 
                     Recycable Materials List
                                 Materials accepted                   Materials non accepted

       Cellulose fibres      •    Newspapers                          Χ   Paper/cardboard that is soiled
                             •    Circulars, magazines                    or greasy, waxed paper, carbon
                             •    Gift wrap
                                                                      Χ   Toilet paper, paper towel,
                             •    Sheets of paper and envelopes
                                                                          tissues, stickers and wall paper
                             •    Cereal, frozen food, shoe and
                                                                      Χ   Photo paper, metallic gift wrap
                                  detergent boxes, etc.
                                                                      Χ   Padded envelopes, composite
                             •    Corrugated and plain cardboard
                                                                          items (e.g. binders) and diapers
                             •    Cardboard tubes and rolls
                             •    Paper bags
                             •    Books, phone books

                                      Recyclables                           Non recyclables

         GLASS               •    Bottles and jars of any shape or    Χ   Mirrors and flat glass (e.g.
       CONTAINERS                 colour (with or without labels)         window panes)
                                                                      Χ   Dishes, porcelain and pottery
                                                                          (whole or fragments)
                                                                      Χ   Crystal
                                                                      Χ   Pyrex
                                                                      Χ   Electric lightbulbs, fluorescent

          METAL              •    Food cans                           Χ   Batteries
                             •    Caps and lids                       Χ   Paint, paint stripper and aerosol
                             •    Unsoiled aluminum foil, plates          cans
                                  and cans
                             •    Metal household items (pots and
                                  pans, etc.)

      PLASTICS # 1-2-        •    Bottles of any colour and having    Χ   No. 6 plastic, styrofoam
         3-5 et 7                 contained any type of liquid,       Χ   Paint and motor oil containers
                                  including shampoo and detergent
                                                                      Χ   Toothpaste tubes and pumps
                             •    Food and soft drink containers
                                                                      Χ   Rubber products (garden hoses,
                             •    Yoghurt, margarine and                  boots, etc.)
                                  shortening containers, etc.
                                                                      Χ   Composite objects (toys, tools,
                             •    All plastic caps and lids               etc.)
                             •    Milk and juice cartons, and any     Χ   Soiled plastic wrap
                                  other rigid, multi-layer beverage
                                  packaging, such as Tetra Paks
                                                                      Χ   Waxed inner bags from cereal
                                                                          or cracker boxes
                                  (e.g. Del Monte juice and small
                                  juice boxes)                        Χ   Chip and other snack bags
                             •    Hi-Pa containers (e.g. Oasis
                                  juice)                              Χ   Stretch wrap from pt, meat,
                             •    Plastic grocery and shopping
                                                                          cheese, etc.
                                  bags                                Χ   Tarps, pool covers, awnings
                             •    Dry cleaning bags                   Χ
                             •    Bread and pastry bags (free of
                                  greasy residue)
                             •    Clean bags from food products,
                                  outside packaging from milk
                                  bags, paper towel packaging, etc.

The Mobile Recycling Bin – English Information                                                                5
Ville de Saint‐Bruno‐de‐Montarville – Fall 2008