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					                                                                                                           apics education
                                                                                                             helps your people
                                                                                                      meet your business goals

The Diploma of Business               Students entering the programme do require              delivery options including in-house delivery
                                      a level of competence in aspects of supply              can be organised through your local apics
Operations Management is              chain management. Typical requirements                  chapter.
designed for those who have                                                                   Achievement of the Diploma requires
                                      n Completion of Year 12 or equivalent and               competency based assessment for each
been operating in aspects               5 years experience in a supply chain                  of the five units. This includes knowledge
                                        management environment                                assessment and the ability to apply that
of logistics and supply chain         n Completion of Year 12 or equivalent and               knowledge in the workplace. Standard
                                        2 years direct experience in a supply                 assessment methodologies are built into
management based activities             chain management position relevant to                 the delivery of each unit centering around
                                                                                              questionnaires and the completion of a
and who wish to support their           the subject matter
                                                                                              series of case studies. A ‘Statement of
                                      n Higher level qualifications and/or
experience with a recognised            management experience assessed as                     Attainment’ can be requested for each
                                        providing a suitable foundation for study.            unit successfully completed. Alternative
qualification. It is also ideal for                                                           assessment methodologies can be requested.
                                      Your local apics chapter will provide                   Details and costs are available on application.
those wishing to advance their        further advice on requirements.
                                                                                              Competency Based
career in logistics, supply chain     The following units are offered under                   Assessment Process
                                      the Diploma of Business Operations
or operations management.             Management:                                             Participants will be monitored on
                                                                                              performance within each unit through
                                      n Implement Basics of Supply                            participation in discussions, contribution
                                        Chain Management                                      and the analysis of case studies and
                                      n Manage Master Planning of Resources                   controlled practice integrated throughout
                                      n Develop Detailed Scheduling                           each unit.
                                        and Planning
                                      n Coordinate Execution and
                                                                                              Recognition of Current
                                        Control of Operations                                 Competencies (RCC);
                                      n Validate Strategic Management
                                                                                              Recognition of Prior
                                        of Resources.                                         Learning (RPL)
                                                                                              Where an individual believes they already
                                      Delivery Options                                        hold the required skills and underpinning
                                      The Diploma of Business Operations                      knowledge for a unit, range of units or the
                                      Management is presented by experienced                  entire qualification, they may apply for skills
                                      and qualified practitioners. Each unit is               recognition. Various methodologies are
                                      delivered in a part time format such as 3               available for this process. Contact your
                                      hours one night per week over several                   apics chapter for details of options
                                      weeks, or over several days in a more                   and related costs.
                                      concentrated programme. Alternative                       apics new south wales
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                                                                           apics south australia
                                                                           T 1300 557 175 F (02) 9891 1220
                                                                                                                 apics queensland
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                                       apics victoria                      apics western australia               apics regional
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apics education
helps your people meet
your business goals

The material that forms the                                Implement Basics of                                     Coordinate Execution and
                                                           Supply Chain Management                                 Control of Operations
core of the Diploma is based                               Implement Basics of Supply Chain                        This unit focuses on three main areas:
on internationally accepted,                               Management is the entry unit. This unit
                                                           provides an overview of the total supply                n prioritising and sequencing work
industry best practice.                                    chain. It introduces and explains APICS                 n executing work plans, implementing
                                                           terminology as well as providing the                      controls and reporting activity results
The programme provides                                     foundation upon which the other units                   n evaluating and providing feedback
                                                           can build.                                                on performance.
an opportunity for confirming,
                                                           This unit provides basic definitions and                Techniques for scheduling and controlling
developing and benchmarking                                concepts for planning and controlling the               production and process environments are
                                                           flow of materials into, through and out of              explained. It also addresses the execution
production, supply chain,                                  an organisation. It provides fundamental                of quality initiatives and continuous
                                                           knowledge about the relationships that exist            improvement plans. Finally it presents
logistics and inventory                                    throughout the supply chain and provides                techniques for collecting and evaluating
management principles                                      an introduction to the various supply chain             data for effective feedback.
                                                           activities and how they interact.
and practices.                                                                                                     Validate Strategic
                                                           Manage Master Planning                                  Management of Resources
The apics body of knowledge                                of Resources
                                                                                                                   It is recommended that students complete
                                                           This unit focuses on developing and                     the other units before enrolling in this one.
has been the standard of                                   validating a plan of supply, relating
                                                           management of demand to the                             This unit explores the relationship of
excellence in supply chain                                 environment and then developing and                     existing and emerging processes and
                                                           validating the master schedule. Concepts                technologies to manufacturing strategy and
management for many years                                  are outlined for transforming sales,                    supply chain related functions.
and is referenced throughout                               marketing and business requirements into
                                                                                                                   The unit addresses three main topics:
                                                           feasible and economic operations plans.
the programme.                                             Methodologies for managing projected and                n aligning resources with the strategic plan
                                                           actual demand from distribution networks                n configuring and integrating operating
                                                           and external customers are explained. The                  processes to support the strategic plan
                                                           unit also presents methods for integrating
                                                                                                                   n implementing change.
                                                           sales and operation plans, demand
                                                           forecasts and customer demand into
                                                           a specific master schedule.
                                                                                                                    Students who have completed any
                                                                                                                    unit of the Diploma of Business
                                                           Develop Detailed                                         Operations Management may wish
                                                           Scheduling and Planning                                  to progress to the alternative apics
                                                           This unit focuses on material and capacity               international qualification of Certified in
                                                           scheduling and planning. It includes a                   Production and Inventory Management.
                                                           detailed explanation of materials                        The CPIM certification requires a pass
                                                           requirements planning (MRP), a technique                 in all 5 units at the US administered
                                                           suitable for use in job shops. Material                  CPIM examinations. Consistency and
                                                           dominated scheduling, a material planning                quality of the certification throughout
                                                           technique applicable to process industries               the world is maintained though this
Delivered by apics under a partnership arrangement         and other mature production environments                 centralised administration. Both
with Training, Innovation - Management & Enterprise P/L,   is also covered. The unit explains capacity              qualifications may be achieved by
national registration number 40058                         requirements in detail and introduces other              successfully undertaking competency
                                                           capacity planning techniques including                   assessment and the CPIM exams.
                                                           processor dominated scheduling.                                            apics new south wales
                                                            T (02) 9891 1411 F (02) 9891 1220
                                                                                                apics south australia
                                                                                                T 1300 557 175 F (02) 9891 1220
                                                                                                                                     apics queensland
                                                                                                                                     T (07) 3282 8393 F (07) 3282 8193
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                                                            apics victoria                      apics western australia              apics regional
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