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Pneumonia - DOC


Second exercise for pneumonia?

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Visit web site for answers Describe what is pneumonia? Name the functional unit of lungs? How does it look like in shape? What is pus mainly composed of? What are neutrophils? Do they play any role against bacterial infection? If yes, what? Do neutrophils any role against viral infections? What is lobar pneumonia? How does it show on Chest x-ray? What pathogen normally causes lobar pneumonia? Is it true that a person who is suffering from any infection like pneumonia, will always have an increased white blood count? Discuss why or why not? Name at least two white blood cells that can perform phagocytosis? What is an exudate? Describe mechanism which causes pneumonia? Name four pathogens that can cause pneumonia? How does bronchopneumonia shows up on chest x-ray? Name the pathogen that usually causes bronchopneumonia? What are histological findings in early bronchopneumonia?

Describe what pathology do you see in this x-ray?

Do you see pleural effusion on this chest x-ray? Name at least two conditions that can cause pleural effusion? What is pleura? Name two layers of pleura? How would you know if heart of this patient is enlarged? What is the importance of costophrenic angles when it comes to finding a pathology in a chest x-ray? What is the importance of air bronchogram on a Chest x-ray? What is horizontal fissure? What is oblique fissure?

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