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									               The BC Technology Business Mentorship Program – Overview
                                     August 2008


The BC Technology Business Mentorship Program provides a venue for connecting growth-
stage technology entrepreneurs with experienced mentors and investors whose feedback will
advance the development and financing of early stage technology companies in BC.


Interaction with mentors and investors is intended to assist participating companies by:

     •    Improving the “investor-readiness” of the company by reviewing its business plan
          and the entrepreneur’s investor-pitch;
     •    Assisting the company by reviewing its goals and aligning them with its strategy;
     •    Reviewing all aspects of the company’s sales and marketing plan; and
     •    Connecting the company with advisors, employees, investors and customers.


Delivering on the above objectives occurs via the organization of monthly half-day mentor
panel meetings. Entrepreneurs from around BC can apply to present their technology-based
venture, without charge, to a panel of up to six mentor-class business professionals.

Successful applicants make their pitch to the mentor panel and receive detailed feedback. To
ensure, to the maximum extent possible, that the mentoring provided is acted upon,
provision for follow up is provided in three ways:

     1. The mentor panel will nominate a “Lead Mentor” who will act as a point of contact
        to “check in” with the pitching company to ensure they are acting on the advice
        provided and to clarify it where necessary;
     2. Entrepreneurs will be encouraged to return six months later to update and “re-
        pitch” the same mentor panel; and
     3. Following the second presentation, the Lead Mentor will assist the entrepreneur, if
        appropriate, in determining ongoing sources of mentorship.


Eligibility is limited to all BC-based companies that:

     1.    have been substantially in business less than five years;
     2.    develop products or services that are based on proprietary intellectual property;
     3.    are not presently participating in the New Ventures BC program;
     4.    have not utilized the mentorship program within the past three years; and
     5.    agree with the terms and conditions of the Mentorship Program.

BC Technology Business Mentorship Program
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Up to six mentors are recruited for each panel and are selected based on the technology
domain and the needs of the company. Below is a partial list of the mentors who have
participated in the past.

Adrian Byram, CTO, Radiant Communications
Andrew McFadyen, GM, Canadian Autoparts Toyota Inc (CAPTIN)
Andrew Csinger, UBC EIR, Founder/CEO of XCert
Bob Campbell, Senior VP, MacDonald Dettwiler & Associates
Brad Palmer, ex-VP, CREO
Brent James, ex-CEO, AbeBooks
Bruce Forde, CEO, Cambian Systems
Danny Robinson, CEO, Strutta
Dave Brown, ex-COO, CREO
Doug Blakeway, CEO, Strategic Technologies Inc
Erik Dysthe, ex-CEO, MDSI
Frank Holler, CEO, BC Advantage Funds
Garry Rasmussen, CEO, Ansera Ventures
Gary Yurkovich, ex-CREO
Geoff Catherwood, BDC Venture Capital
Harold Copping, ex-CEO, TeleFlex Canada
Ian Reid, ex-CFO, Sierra Systems
James Topham, KPMG
Judy Bishop, Bishop & Associates
Laurie Wallace, ex-Datum Founder
Len Grenier, CEO, Cogent Systems
Mark Thomson, VP, Cogent Systems
Mike Brooks, ex-VP, Business Objects
Mike Gardner, CEO, Recombo
Mike Satterfield, Partner, Yaletown Venture Partners
Mike Volker, WUTIF Capital
Paul Lancaster, CFO, Talent Technology Corporation
Peter van Bodegom, CFO, Cogent Systems
Peter van der Gracht, ex-Ignition Point
Phil Holland, Founder, Sutis
Ralph Turfus, Founder, Class Software (now Active Network)
Rich Osborn, CIO, Zynik Capital
Richard Marchant, CEO, Powertech Labs
Rob Murray, ex-Microsoft
Ron Matthews, Visiphor
Rolf Dekleer, Growthworks Capital
Rory Armes, GM, Electronic Arts
Steve Turner, Ventures West
Theresa Carbonneau, ex-CEO/Founder, fSona
Todd Farrell, Growthworks
Tim Collings, Inventor of the V-Chip
Warwick Reid, Chairman, Elan Datamakers

BC Technology Business Mentorship Program
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2006:      Company Name:                    2007:   Company Name:
Mar        ClearVision Technologies         Jan     RIP.TV
Mar        VivraTerra Software              Feb     Axia Software
Apr        QDevices                         Mar     Spark Robotics
May        Vectis                           Apr     APO Encryption
Jun        Mobius Sound Labs                May     Quick Mobile
Jul        Embedded Automation              Jun     Energy Aware
Sep        MailChannels                     Sep     Visible Strategies
Oct        Queue Software                   Oct     SmartSettle
Nov        ActivPixel                       Nov     Dreambank

2008:      Company Name:
Jan        Waveteq Communications
Feb        Nothing Networks
Mar        Primisyn Corporation
Apr        Clevest Solutions
May        Vision Acumen
June       Fuel Vapor Technologies
July       Wireless Image

BC Technology Business Mentorship Program
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“The ‘candidness’ of the panel was refreshing. Because we are so immersed in what we are
doing, the hardest thing for us is to convey is the "big picture" to potential investors in a
simple and concise manner.”
- Todd Pratt, Fuel Vapor Technologies

“We found the mentor panel very helpful in providing a highly objective and expert review
of our business strategy. The diverse range of expertise represented on the panel resulted in
a very engaging multi-faceted discussion that covered the key areas of our strategy we were
most concerned about. The immediate feedback led to some great discussion and
suggestions on how we can refine our go-to-market plan.”
- Simon Backer, CEO, Wireless Image

“The panel was amazingly relevant and useful. I got probably six months worth of board-
level advice in the space of two hours.”
– Ken Simpson, CEO, MailChannels

“We revised our pitch and shaped it up extensively on the panel’s recommendations. Our
lead mentor is awesome he’s already provided some great insights, some marketing
assistance and some fantastic client leads and we look forward to a long, mutually beneficial
– Sean Hodgins, CEO, Queue Software

“The mentor panel was very worth while. The immediate impact on our company from the
panel feedback is the identified need to develop a better financial model, and a few short
term strategic changes in business development that are both important and urgent.”
– Graham Carter, CEO, Axia Software

“I was forced to look at the business from an outside perspective to see how investors might
view it – this was certainly eye opening for me. In addition to that, preparing the materials
and trying to take our message down to a brief 12 minutes is a concept I will be reusing in
my communications.”
– Todd Winship, CEO, Primisyn Corporation


Companies and mentors can express their interest in participating by email or telephone:

Telephone: 778.782.7970


The BC Technology Business Mentorship program is provided as a service to the
community through the collaboration of the SFU TIME Centre and the NRC’s Industrial
Research Assistance Program (IRAP), with funding support for delivery from Western
Economic Diversification.

BC Technology Business Mentorship Program
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