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                                              PRIDE PROFILE
                             What is PRIDE Enterprises?
                             PRIDE Enterprises (Prison Rehabilitative Industries and Diversified Enterprises, Inc.) is an
                             internationally recognized industrial manufacturing and service company.
                             A private, not-for-profit corporation founded in 1981, PRIDE operates over 40 diverse
                             industries in 21 correctional institutions throughout Florida.
                             With over 3,245 inmate workers, many of whom never held a job before, PRIDE helps them
                             acquire marketable job skills and practical work experience that is relevant to today's
    MISSION                  competitive marketplace.
TO PROVIDE a joint effort
between the state and        What products does PRIDE produce?
other training programs to   Divided into five business divisions, PRIDE manufactures over 3,000 quality products and
reinforce relevant           services such as document conversion and imaging, printing, office furniture, apparel,
education, training and      soaps and chemicals plus much more. We provide a diverse array of solutions that fits
post-release job placement   any business's needs.
and help reduce
                             PRIDE's award winning graphics division produces a wide array of products, including
                             books, magazines, decals, binders, stationery, index tabs, and forms.

                             Who are PRIDE's workers?
                             Inmates throughout the state of Florida voluntarily work in PRIDE's industries.
                             Employment status is a special privilege for inmates within the system, affording them
                             training and wages. PRIDE also offers workers certification in many fields and assists
                             them with job placement upon release. The skills inmates develop through working for
                             PRIDE enable them upon release to transition better back into society and reduce their
                             chance of returning to prison.
TO SERVE the security        How does PRIDE help the community?
goals of the state to
reduce the idleness of       Rehabilitative Training & Support
inmates.                     Inmates working for PRIDE have a lower recommitment rate compared to non-PRIDE
                             workers. In 2003, 83% of PRIDE workers did not return to prison compared to Florida's
                             44%. (Source: Florida Department of Corrections 2003-04 Annual Report)
                             In addition to providing on-the-job training programs for inmates, PRIDE provides
                             placement services for those who are released. In 2003, 85% of inmates released who
                             worked for PRIDE were placed in jobs.

                             Reducing the Costs to Taxpayers
                             Over the past 10 years, PRIDE has saved Florida almost $40 million in incarceration costs
TO REDUCE the cost
of state government by          “It is estimated that 800 PRIDE-trained workers are released each year.
operating enterprises           Statistically, an additional 232 of those do not return to prison if they were involved
primarily with inmate           with PRIDE's on-the-job training programs (120 recommitment compared to 352 if
labor.                          not involved with PRIDE). Over a 10-year period the average annual cost for
                                incarceration is $17,000. Therefore, 232 x $17,000 x 10 = $39,440,000.”

                             How Can You Help Support PRIDE?
                             Simply purchasing PRIDE's products and services ensures these proven on-the-job-
                             training programs continue. PRIDE is a private organization that does not receive funding
                             from the state. In fact, PRIDE has contributed almost $50 million as a benefit to the State
                             of Florida for incarceration costs, victim restitution, worker program support and inmate

TO SERVE rehabilitative
goals of the state.

                   PRIDE PROFILE                                              WWW . PRIDE-ENTERPRISES.ORG
                   TABLE        OF    CONTENTS/DISK SPECIFICATIONS

  SUPPLYING ART                                                              Printed Documents ....................3
  Our pre-press department accepts files from IBM and Mac                    Index Tabs...................................4
  platforms. Here is a list of the software we support:

    Adobe     Acrobat®             Corel Draw®                               Printed Forms.............................5
    Adobe     Illustrator®         Macromedia Freehand®
    Adobe     InDesign®            MS Office®
    Adobe     Pagemaker®           MS Publisher®                             Education Products.................6-9
    Adobe     Photoshop®           QuarkXpress®

  As software changes frequently, please contact us for                      Business Cards..........................10
  currently supported versions of the above programs.

  When possible, please send vector artwork (Illustrator®,                   Stationery .................................11
  Freehand® or CorelDraw®). If the artwork is sent as a bitmap
  (.jpg, .tif, .bmp), make certain to set its resolution at 300 dots per
  inch (dpi) or better whenever possible. This will insure sharp             Ring Binders ........................12-13
  graphical clarity. Any resolution less than 300 dpi will appear
  grainy, especially if the image that is sent must be increased in
  size. Large files may be sent in compressed format using the zip
  or aladdin compression applications.                                       Padholders...........................14-15
  NOTE: If you are unable to send the file in any of the above
  listed formats, please contact one of our customer service                 Specialty Vinyl Products .....16-17
  representatives. He or she will help in determining other
  possible options that may be available.
                                                                             Decals ..................................18-19
  Floppy disk
  CD                                                                         Vehicle Markings .................20-21

   FONTS                                                                     Indoor Signage ....................22-23
  Anytime that you choose to send artwork, it would be extremely
  helpful if you also sent all of the fonts that were used in the
  creation of the job. Please limit your font choices to TrueType or         Outdoor Signage.................24-25
  Type 1 fonts only. You may also convert your fonts to outlines;
  however, we are not able to make changes if you choose this
  option.                                                                    Plaques ................................26-27
  PostScript Type 1 fonts
  The most popular and commercially acceptable font format is                Other Printed Products......28-29
  PostScript Type 1, created by Adobe Systems. On a Macintosh
  PostScript fonts have two different parts: a bitmapped screen
  font plus a PostScript printer font (the screen font appears on the
  screen, and the printer font is sent to the printer to create clean
  type on the page). On a PC, Post Script fonts are all inclusive
  rather than in two parts. You need to have Adobe Type Manager
  to use PostScript fonts.

  TrueType fonts
  TrueType fonts were developed by Apple and Microsoft and are a
  low end alternative to PostScript fonts. Most fonts installed on
  PCs are TrueType.

  All prices are subject to change without notice.
                              C OMMERCIAL P RINTING

              We take pride in delivering quality products to our customers.


    C OMMERCIAL P RINTING 1.800.910.3036                    WWW . PRIDE-ENTERPRISES.ORG
                                   C OMMERCIAL P RINTING

   353400   Calendars
                                                           “I was impressed with the profes-
   353401   Calendars (multiple colors)                    sionalism and the support that was
   353300   Pocket folder (1 color)                        given during the planning of my
   353301   Pocket folder (2 color)                        project...the staff did a great job.”
   353302   Pocket folder (4-color process)
   3A1200   Silhouette practice target (23"x35")
                                                                                    Bobbie Dawson
   3A1201   “Q” bottle silhouette target (22 3 8 "x34½")
   3B2425   Planners
                                                                          Vernon Elementary School
   3S3600   CD labeling                                                             Vernon, Florida
   3S3700   CD duplicating
   3S3800   CD holders
C OMMERCIAL P RINTING 1.800.910.3036                              WWW . PRIDE-ENTERPRISES.ORG
                                                        I NDEX T ABS

     Index Tabs Features:                                                        Mylar Color Selection
     •Receive presentations and manuals completely printed
      and assembled including binders, tabs and inserted text                      MY-105 Clear               MY-415 Lt. Blue

     •Custom printing, colors and tab bank options
                                                                                    MY-315 Lt.                 MY-425 Med.
      available                                                                      Yellow                       Blue

     •110# white index stock (also available in recycled index
      stock)                                                                                                    MY-405 Dk.
                                                                                  MY-305 Yellow
     •Clear mylar reinforced binding edge to provide extra
      durability and to keep holes from tearing because of                          MY-515 Lt.                  MY-615 Lt.
      constant use                                                                   Amber                        Green

     •Clear or colored mylar reinforced tabs to provide years                                                  MY-625 Med.
                                                                                  MY-505 Orange
      of use without bending, ripping, or fading                                                                  Green

     •Printing on both sides of the tab available
                                                                                                                MY-605 Dk.
                                                                                    MY-205 Red
     • 8½" x 11" sheet size (binding edge first)
     •Standard ½" tab extension; other sizes available
                                                                                   MY-705 Pink                 MY-115 Gray
     •Typesetting... just send us what you want and we will
      do the rest.
                                                                                  MY-805 Purple               MY-315 Brown
     • HELVETICA BOLD is our standard typeface.

                  PAPER INDEX TABS,
              110# WHITE PAPER, 8 ½" x 11"
             3B5104       Banks   of   4
             3B5105       Banks   of   5
             3B5106       Banks   of   6
             3B5107       Banks   of   7
             3B5108       Banks   of   8
             3B5109       Banks   of   9
             3B5110       Banks   of   10

                  INDEX TABS WITH
                                                                         “Everyone I dealt with was nice and
                 COLOR CODED MYLAR
                                                                         helpful. I felt confident that the job
              PRODUCT# DESCRIPTION                                       would be done well and on time.”
              3B5130       Alphabetical 26 Tabs
              3B5131       Daily (1 bank of 7)                                                                 Doris Maffei
              3B5132       Monthly (2 banks of 6)                                                  Florida Bar Association
              3B5133       Num 1-25 (5 banks of 5)
              3B5134       Num 26-50 (5 banks of 5)
              3B5135       Blank Tabs (1 bank of 5)
    3B5251      C & F health medical tabs - 1 set, 1 bank of 5 and 1 bank of 7 (right and left side), preprinted mylar tabs,
                colored, two hole drilled (on top), with nylon reinforcement
    3B5A01      Shrink wrap/cost per package
    3B5A02      Hand insert into binders/cost per bank of tabs
        I NDEX T ABS 1.800.910.3036                                                       WWW . PRIDE-ENTERPRISES.ORG
                                                          F ORMS

Order your FORMS in three easy steps:                                      State contract price agreement 691-001-98-PRIDE
1. Call our toll free number:1-877-277-2208;
2. Send or fax (352-793-1396) your sample; and
3. Provide Ship To Address and method of payment.

FORMS, printed one side
 PRODUCT#    PAPER                              DESCRIPTION              INK COLOR
 3B1110      20# white/ 50# offset              Single 8½" x 11"         black
 3B1120      20# white/ 50# offset              Single 8½" x 14"         black
 3B1130      20# color bond/ 50# offset         Single 8½" x 11"         black
 3B1140      20# color bond/ 50# offset         Single 8½" x 14"         black
 3B1211      Standard carbonless                2 Part 8½" x 11"         one color
 3B1221      Standard carbonless                2 Part 8½" x 14"         one color
 3B1231      Standard carbonless                3 Part 8½" x 11"         one color
 3B1241      Standard carbonless                3 Part 8½" x 14"         one color
                                                                                         “ . . . efficiency and profes-
 3B1251      Standard carbonless                4 Part 8½" x 11"         one color
 3B1261      Standard carbonless                4 Part 8½" x 14"         one color
                                                                                         sionalism with PRIDE
 3B1271      Standard carbonless                5 Part 8½" x 11"         one color       is a valuable and enjoyable
 3B1281      Standard carbonless                5 Part 8½" x 14"         one color       experience.”

FORMS, printed two sides                                                                                     Louise Ross
                                                                                                           Coordinator of
 PRODUCT#    PAPER                              DESCRIPTION              INK COLOR
                                                                                               Curriculum and Instruction
 3B1150      20#   white/ 50# offset            Single   8½"   x   11"   black                            Sumter County
 3B1160      20#   white/ 50# offset            Single   8½"   x   14"   black
                                                                                                            School Board
 3B1170      20#   color bond/ 50# offset       Single   8½"   x   11"   black
 3B1180      20#   color bond/ 50# offset       Single   8½"   x   14"   black

FORMS, and stationery add-on options
 3B1A01      Typesetting per page
 3B1A02      Typesetting letterheads per item
 3B1A03      Typesetting envelopes per item
      F ORMS 1.877.277.2208                                                          WWW . PRIDE-ENTERPRISES.ORG
                                          E DUCATION P RODUCTS

Time management is a critical part of the
teaching profession. Our desktop
calendars are a useful, economical item in
this effort.

A space saving useful promotional for
your school or just to say thank you to
your staff, our stand-up calendars are also
management tools.
                                                      Custom Design
PRIDE-Graphics specializes in customer
designs. We have a staff of graphics artists
that is available to tailor your student
planner and other products to meet the
needs of your school. Each school is
unique and its requirements need to be
met individually. If your school needs
your cover custom designed or forms
created for your institution's use, we are
only a telephone call away.

Our student planners are comprised of
components specifically designed to meet
the current needs of Florida's educational
system. PRIDE initiated a pilot program in
2002 in order to receive feedback from
Florida's teachers. This vital information
on how calendar pages should be
arranged and what students and teachers
really need for best performance has
allowed us to design a product that
                                                 School Planners
specifically serves the needs of Florida's
education community. Our planners
contain many free features like FCAT
material, hall passes, reading logs, and
much more.

     E DUCATION P RODUCTS 1.800.910.3036                   WWW . PRIDE-ENTERPRISES.ORG
                                     E DUCATION P RODUCTS



   ESPT501    Elementary school planner
   MSTP502    Middle school planner
   HSTP503    High school planner
                                                     “Highest praise, our school will
   TSTP504    Teacher planner
   353400     Desk top calendar
                                                     definitely continue to order your
   353401     Desk top calendar (4-color)            products....Great Job!”
   353402     Stand-up calendar
   369012     Identity plates for vehicles                        Kristen Shahen, Teacher
   363301     Desk plates                                                    TECO/PATHS
   360008     Magnets                                                  Kissimmee, Florida
   360011     Rulers
   360006     Bumper stickers
   360003     Buttons
   350314     Certificates
   360001     Seat cushions
E DUCATION P RODUCTS 1.800.910.3036                   WWW . PRIDE-ENTERPRISES.ORG
                                         E DUCATION P RODUCTS

Supply a school store or raise money
for clubs and athletics. All items can
be personalized and customized to
suit your athletic department and
organizations needs.

These items are also great incentives
for student achievement.



      VENDOR.                                     Great for
                                               football games!
     E DUCATION P RODUCTS 1.800.443.7601                  WWW . PRIDE-ENTERPRISES.ORG
                         E DUCATION P RODUCTS

           Show your school pride!

                                                          B USINESS C ARDS

            Order Your Business Cards                             ASK US ABOUT SETTING UP AN EASY TO ORDER ON-LINE
              In Three Easy Steps:                                    TEMPLATE FOR YOUR AGENCY/ORGANIZATION.
     1. Call us toll free at 1-877-277-2208 or fax your
        order to: 352-793-1396;
     2. State your agency’s name and give a brief description
        of the card(s) you would like printed; and,
     3. State your method of payment.

     State contract price agreement 691-140-95-PRIDE

       PRODUCT#       PAPER                            DESCRIPTION
       3B3100         80   lb.   White   smooth   CV   Black flat
       3B3200         80   lb.   White   smooth   CV   Black raised
       3B3101         80   lb.   White   smooth   CV   1 color flat
       3B3201         80   lb.   White   smooth   CV   1 color raised
                                                                                “Again, ‘Thanks’ for a job well done.
       3B3102         80   lb.   White   smooth   CV   Black & 1 color flat
       3B3202         80   lb.   White   smooth   CV   Black & 1 color raised   Your company is truly an asset to
       3B3103         80   lb.   White   smooth   CV   3 color flat             our community.”
       3B3203         80   lb.   White   smooth   CV   3 color raised
                                                                                                   R.W. Deason, Chief
     ADD-ONS                                                                            Blountstown Police Department
      Most specialty papers per box of 500
      Most specialty papers per box of 250
                                                                                “Very excellent service and product
      Fax proof
      Close reg. printing 1 16” or less between colors                          as always.”
      Bleeds (printing to edge)
      Printing second side (each color)                                                                   Michael Davis
      Gold foil (in stock die), normal card cost + $50.00                                 Quality Management Division
      Gold foil - custom die                                                                  Pinellas Co. Health Dept.
      UPS Second Day Air                                                                         St. Petersburg, Florida
      Blue line proof (Dylux)
      Non-Pantone color match (sample card ink color matching)
      Designing or revising customer artwork by our desktop department
      will be quoted after customer has supplied material.
         B USINESS C ARDS 1.877.277.2208                                                WWW . PRIDE-ENTERPRISES.ORG
                                                S TATIONERY

                         YOUR ORDER ARRIVES IN ONLY SEVEN DAYS!
Order Your Stationery In Three Easy Steps                                        TYPESETTING
1. Call our toll free number: 1-877-277-2208;                                       LETTERHEAD
2. Send or fax (352-793-1396) your sample; and,                                      ENVELOPES
3. Provide ship to address & method of payment.                                      NOTEPADS
State contract price agreement 691-320-95-PRIDE

 PRODUCT#     PAPER                      DESCRIPTION       INK COLOR
 3B2101       White, 20# 25% cotton      Capital bond      one color

ENVELOPES                                                                “PRIDE . . . provides impeccable
 PRODUCT#     PAPER                      DESCRIPTION       INK COLOR     service and . . . excellent quality
 3B2211       White bond, white 24#      Regular #6¾       one   color   printing.”
 3B2221       White bond, white 24#      Window #6¾        one   color
 3B2231       Wove bond, white 24#       Regular #9        one   color                             Greta Bareno
 3B2241       Wove bond, white 24#       Window #9         one   color           Senior Contracts Administrator
 3B2251       Wove bond, white 24#       Regular #10       one   color                                     LYNX
 3B2261       Wove bond, white 24#       Window #10        one   color                           Central Florida
 3B2271       Bond, recycled             Regular #10       one   color         Regional Transportation Authority

 PRODUCT#        PAPER                          DESCRIPTION               INK COLOR                   PAD
 3B2401          White, 20# bond                Pads 4¼" x 5½"            black or blue            Memo pad
 3B2411          White, 20# bond                Pads 5½" x 8½"            black or blue          “Desk of…” pad

   S TATIONERY 1.877.277.2208                                             WWW . PRIDE-ENTERPRISES.ORG
                                                    R ING B INDERS

     FOR YOUR STORAGE AND                                         HOW DO I ORDER?
     PRESENTATION NEEDS:                                          1. Pick a binder (“D” or “O”) capacity or thickness from the
     • We can customize your ring binders in different sizes,        descriptions below. NOTE: Measure the capacity from
       colors, “O” or “D” ring, with customized imprint and          top to base of ring; do not measure spine.
       numerous options, such as business card holders, label     2. Decide on a quantity.
       holders, padded cover, pen holder, etc.                    3. Select add-ons (see page 11 and 12).
     • Our most economical binder is extremely durable and will   4. Decide on customization (color, print).
       hold up during daily use.
                                                                  State contract price agreement 618-060-96-PRIDE
     • “D” rings mount on back cover and the paper does not
        move when the binder is open. It also holds 10% more                  ARTWORK POSITIONING
        paper than the standard “O” ring.                         Common positioning is shown below. The artwork for the spine
                                                                  must fit between the two metal rivets which are located
                                                                  approximately 1" from the edges of the binder.

          R ING B INDERS 1.800.443.7601                                            WWW . PRIDE-ENTERPRISES.ORG
                                                   R ING B INDERS

                                                                                DO NOT MEASURE SPINE
                                                                       Capacity                                     Holds
                                                                  (Inside Diameter)                              Approximately
“D” rings are shaped like a   “O” Rings are circular and             ½" ring size                                    100 sheets
backwards “D”. The flat       the most common ring used.
edge holds the binder                                                1" ring size                                    200 sheets
contents. The “D” ring                                               1½" ring size                                   300 sheets
allows the sheets of paper
to lie flat in the binder.                                           2" ring size                                    400 sheets
                                                                     2½" ring size                                   500 sheets
RING BINDERS “O” RINGS                                               3" ring size                                    600 sheets
  PRODUCT#        DESCRIPTION                    PER PAPER SIZE   Capacities are based on 20# bond paper; allow for tabs if required.
  3B6101          ½"                             8½"x11"
  3B6102          1"                             8½"x11"
                                                                                        Concealed Rivets — Sometimes
  3B6103          1½"                            8½"x11"
                                                                                        rivets can obstruct the printed
  3B6104          2"                             8½"x11"
                                                                                        message being applied to the spine
  3B6105          2½"                            8½"x11"
                                                                                        of your vinyl “O” ring binders.
  3B6106          3"                             8½"x11"
                                                                                        Concealed rivets can avoid this
  3B6107          3" Jumbo                       8½"x11"
                                                                                        complication and improve your
RING BINDERS “D” RINGS                                                                  binder’s appearance.
   PRODUCT#        DESCRIPTION                   PER PAPER SIZE
   3B6132          1"                            8½"x11"
   3B6133          1½"                           8½"x11"                                Enlarged Pockets — All
   3B6134          2"                            8½"x11"                                standard and “D” ring vinyl
   3B6135          2½"                           8½"x11"                                binders come with two 4" pockets.
   3B6137          3"                            8½"x11"                                Two 5" pockets can be substituted
   3B6138          4"                            8½"x11"                                for better support of loose
                                                                                        materials at an additional cost.
  PRODUCT#         DESCRIPTION                   PER PAPER SIZE
  3B6112           1"                            8½"x11"                                Sheet Lifters — Help prevent
  3B6113           1½"                           8½"x11"                                holes tearing in your important
  3B6114           2"                            8½"x11"                                documents. All spines 1.5" or wider
  3B6115           2½"                           8½"x11"                                come standard with sheet lifters.
VINYL OPTIONS/ADD-ONS                                                                   Sheet lifters for 0.5" and 1"
                                                                                        available at an additional charge.
  PRODUCT#               DESCRIPTION
  3B6A01                 Premium vinyl
  3B6A02                 Clear overlay
  3B6A03                 Label holder
                                                                                        Padded Cover — To add a soft
  3B6A04                 Padded cover
                                                                                        touch to any presentation, try
  3B6A05                 Concealed rivets
                                                                                        padding the exterior cover. This
  3B6A06                 5" pocket
                                                                                        system of a foam cushion between
  3B6A07                 Sheet lifter
                                                                                        the binder board and its durable
  3B6A08                 Gold stamp
                                                                                        outer vinyl cover increases the
  3B6A09                 Personalized (per line)
                                                                                        perceived value and quality of
  3B6A10                 Business card holder
                                                                                        manuals and reports.
  3B6A11                 Pen holder
  3B6A12                 Clip for ring binder
  3B6A15                 Art charge                                                     Label Holders — Now you can
  3B6A16                 Set-up charge                                                  quickly label your binders for easy
  3B6A17                 Die for heat stamp                                             identification of contents. High
  3B6A13                 1st color print                                                quality, clear vinyl label holders
                         Quantity discount available                                    are heat sealed to the spine at the
  3B6A14                 Each additional color                                          factory.
                         Quantity discount available
    R ING B INDERS 1.800.443.7601                                                   WWW . PRIDE-ENTERPRISES.ORG
                                                                             P ADHOLDERS

                                                                                                                  PRIDE offers a wide
                                                                                                                  variety of specialty
                                                                                                                  products. All products
                                                                                                                  can be screen printed
                                                                                                                  with your organization
                                                                                                                  logo or custom art.


         Black                     Light Blue                  Dark Blue                    Brown                        Gray                     Light Green                 Dark Green
      French Calf                 French Calf                 French Calf                 French Calf                 French Calf                 French Calf                 French Calf

                      Maroon                      Orange                       Red                          Tan                        White                      Yellow
                    French Calf                 French Calf                 French Calf                 French Calf                 French Calf                 French Calf


        Black                      Charcoal                     Maroon                       Red                        Silver                       Tan                        White
        Suede                       Suede                       Suede                       Suede                       Suede                       Suede                       Suede

      Executive                   Executive                    Executive                   Executive                  Executive                    Executive                  Black
        Black                       Blue                        Brown                        Gray                      Green                        Maroon               Spanish Nevada

14                                                            Brandy Wine                 Desert Sand                  Sea Blue

      P ADHOLDERS 1.800.443.7601                                                                                             WWW . PRIDE-ENTERPRISES.ORG
                                                 P ADHOLDERS
Excellent for meetings, seminars and everyday note
taking, enhance your presentation with specialty pad
holders printed with your signature, logo or design
for that added touch of distinction.

PRIDE electronically heat seals heavy duty vinyl
over rigid recycled binder board, creating sturdy
organizational products which provide firm writing
surfaces. Choose from an exciting array of vinyl
styles and colors.

Available with screen printing, heat stamping,
personalization, padded cover, and clear view cover.

State contract price agreement 618-280-96-PRIDE

   If you don’t see what
    you are looking for,
       call us and ask.

 3B6305       Small 9" X 6"              5" x 8" or 6" x 9"
 3B6306       Large                      8½" x 11"
 3B6307       Legal                      8½" x 14"
 3B6308       Large w/clip               8½" x 11"
 3B6309       Legal w/clip               8½" x 14"            “The National Intelligence Academy
 3B6310       Certificate holder         8½" x 11"            just received another shipment of
 3B6311       Document holder            8½" x 11"            your quality binders for our police
 3B6312       Trifold                    3" x 5"              training.
 3B6313       Pocket padholder w/o pad   3" x 5"
 3B6313       Pocket padholder w/ pad    3" x 5"              After years of continued service
                                                              provided by PRIDE I just wanted to
                                                              thank you and all responsible for the
SPECIALTY VINYL PRODUCTS                                      quality and timely service . . .
 3S2100       Snap port                  11¼" x 9 ½ "         You can be proud of the work
 3S2101       Carry all bag              11" x 16"            performed in your organization. Thank
 3S2102       Document carrier           7" x 10"             you again and keep up the good
 3S2103       Pencil bag                 9" x 7"              work.”
 3S2104       I.D. holder                3" x 5"
                                                                                       H. Scott McEver
 3S2200       Stadium cushion, light     14" x 14"
                                                                       National Intelligence Academy
 3S2201       Stadium cushion, medium    14" x 14"
                                                                              Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
 3S2202       Stadium cushion, heavy     14" x 14"
 3S3501       Yearly planner             6 1 8 " x 3¾"                                                   15
    P ADHOLDERS 1.800.443.7601                                       WWW . PRIDE-ENTERPRISES.ORG
                                  S PECIALTY V INYL P RODUCTS

               Concealed Rivets               Enlarged Pockets

               Sheet Lifters                  Padded Cover

                                                    “As usual, the order was sent in a
                                                    timely fashion and was done as
                                                                                Joe Raimondi
                                                                 Kissimmee Police Department
           Document Holders                                               Kissimmee, Florida

     • Certificates insert easily
     • Make the presentation of diplomas
       and certificates memorable
     • Protects documents from damage
     • Excellent for displaying awards
       S PECIALTY V INYL P RODUCTS 1.800.443.7601                WWW . PRIDE-ENTERPRISES.ORG
                                             S PECIALTY V INYL P RODUCTS

                                             13                                                               FRENCH CALF VINYL
                                                                                    2                         1.   Maroon
                                                                                                              2.   Red

                                                                                              3               3.   Gray

                                                                                                              4.   Yellow

                                                                                                              5.   Brown
                                                                                                              6.   White

                                                                                                              7.   Tan

                                                                                                              8.   Orange

          10                                                                                                  9.   Light Green
                                                                                                      5       10. Dark Green

                                                                                                              11. Dark Blue

                                                                                                              12. Light Blue
                                                                                                              13. Black

                                                                                                              PREMIUM VINYL
                                                  8                 7                                         1.   White Suede
                                                                                                              2.   Maroon Suede
                                                      18        1
                                                                                                              3.   Red Suede
                                                                                                              4.   Black Suede
                                                                                        3                     5.   Sea Blue
                                                                                                              6.   Tan Suede
                                                                                                              7.   Executive Blue
      15                                                                                          4
                                                                                                              8.   Executive Maroon
                                                                                                              9.   Executive Gray

                                                                                                          5   10. Black Spanish Nevada
14                                                                                                            11. Executive Brown
                                                                                                              12. Executive Black
                                                                                                              13. Silver Suede
                                                                                                              14. Charcoal Suede
                                                                                                              15. Desert Sand
                                                                                              7               16. Executive Green

                                                                                                              17. Brandy Wine
                                                                                                              18. Blue Suede Dark

                                                           10           9                   Premium vinyl available for an additional charge.

S PECIALTY V INYL P RODUCTS 1.800.443.7601                                                    WWW . PRIDE-ENTERPRISES.ORG
                              D ECALS

                                               Pride Enterprises wins
                                             SGIA Golden Image Awards
                                    International competition compares 930 entries in 42
                                     When the best screen printers in the world competed in the Specialty Graphic
                                 Imaging Association’s Golden Image Award competition this fall, Pride
                                 Enterprises, Cross City, FL, stood out, leaving with a Gold, Silver and Bronze
                                 Awards in the Fleet Decals category, and Gold and Silver Awards in Ring Binders.
                                      “I am very proud of the PRIDE team," said Jim Posteraro, General Manager
                                 of the Graphics Division. “Our work was compared to the best in the world and we
                                 came out on top. That's quite an accomplishment!
      GOLD 2004                  "More than 110 companies from around the world entered the competition,
                                 submitting a total 930 prints to 42 product categories. Conducted during SGIA '04
                                 Convention & Exposition (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, October 6 - 9, 2004),
                                 this year’s event was one of the most challenging in recent history.
                                      “The judges had a very difficult time this year. Not because of the sheer
                                 volume of entries, but because of the overall quality of the work. Judges in
                                 virtually every category told me the entries were so good that choosing winners
                                 was a real challenge,” said Alan Anderson, Vice President, Education and
                                 Management Services. Anderson added that the Golden Image is a technical
                                 competition, excluding aesthetic issues from the judging process. Prints are
                                 judged on the level of difficulty and quality of execution.
                                      “Winning the SGIA award for the Decals and Binders category puts PRIDE
                                 among the top screen printers in the world in terms of quality and capability. The
                                 ability to consistently print such high quality products indicates that PRIDE is an
                                 expert at controlling the many variables involved in specialty printing,” Anderson
                                     The Specialty Graphic Imaging Association is the one organization whose
                                 sole purpose is to provide graphic imaging professionals with the technical know-
                                 how, expert advice and knowledge they need to operate more profitable
                                 businesses. For more information about SGIA and the SGIA Convention &
                                 Exposition, visit

     SILVER 2004

                              GOLD 2003                                               BRONZE 2003

     BRONZE 2004              SILVER 2003                                                 GOLD 2002
     D ECALS 1.800.443.7601                                    WWW . PRIDE-ENTERPRISES.ORG
                                                       D ECALS

• Decals and striping legends

• Window decals

• Property decals

• Validation stickers

• Customized vehicle markings

The production of the high quality decals
and on-time delivery are two of the strengths
of the PRIDE production staff.

Your PRIDE sales representative and the
customer care department are dedicated to
identifying your needs and recommending
the decal stock and inks that are best suited
for your extended use and environment.

PRIDE’s highly trained art department will
assist you in creating a decal with the most
visual appeal. Decals are available in
reflective, non-reflective and magnetic stocks
using color-fast inks.

  PRODUCT#          DESCRIPTION                     DIMENSIONS
  3C1300            Star of life, reflective          2" Circle
  3C1301            Star of life, reflective          4" Circle
  3C1302            Star of life, reflective          6" Circle   “We now have a logo that represents our
  3C1303            Star of life, reflective          8" Circle   service appropriately. We are proud to
  3C1304            Star of life, reflective         10" Circle   display this logo on our units.”
  3C1305            Star of life, reflective         12" Circle
  3C1306            Star of life, reflective         16" Circle        Michael J. Auclair, Deputy Fire Chief
  3C1307            Star of life, reflective         32" Circle                     North Port Fire Rescue
  3C1308            Star of life, non-reflective      2" Circle
  3C1309            Star of life, non-reflective      4" Circle   “Everyone including the commissioners
  3C1310            Star of life, non-reflective      6" Circle   and the fire chief is delighted with the
  3C1311            Star of life, non-reflective      8" Circle
                                                                  vehicle decals and binders.”
  3C1312            Star of life, non-reflective     10" Circle
  3C1313            Star of life, non-reflective     12" Circle
  3C1314            Star of life, non-reflective     16" Circle
                                                                                          John Haverstein
                                                                                  Fire Inspector/Staff Aide
  3C1315            EMT/Paramedic, reflective         2" Circle
                                                                       Englewood Area Fire Control District
  3C1316            EMT/Paramedic, reflective         4" Circle
  3C1317            EMT/Paramedic, reflective         6" Circle   “You have an amazing operation and
  3C1318            EMT/Paramedic, reflective         8" Circle
                                                                  amazing employees. I look forward to
  3C1319            EMT/Paramedic, reflective        10" Circle
  3C1320            EMT/Paramedic, reflective        12" Circle
                                                                  future dealings with PRIDE, and I will
  3C1321            EMT/Paramedic, non-reflective    2" Circle    recommend your organization whenever
  3C1322            EMT/Paramedic, non-reflective     4" Circle   I get the opportunity.”
  3C1323            EMT/Paramedic, non-reflective     6" Circle
  3C1324            EMT/Paramedic, non-reflective     8" Circle             William R. Bear, Assistant Chief
  3C1325            EMT/Paramedic, non-reflective    10" Circle         Altamonte Springs Fire Department
  3C1326            EMT/Paramedic, non-reflective    12" Circle
       D ECALS 1.800.443.7601                                           WWW . PRIDE-ENTERPRISES.ORG
                                                  V EHICLE M ARKINGS
     Precision cut and pre-masked to fit the exact
     specifications of your vehicles and pre-spaced and
     aligned legends are easily applied, and are available
     in a number of type styles, sizes, designs and colors.
     Add striping to accent fleet identification packages.

     PRIDE’s reflective legends are manufactured using the
     finest quality products. High reflectiveness ensures
     greater visibility and safety.

     Make your vehicle “official” with durable, custom
     printed magnetic decals. When finished with official
     business, simply peel the magnetic decal off your
     vehicle. Magnetic decals can also be designed for
     other clean surfaces including metal doors and file

          STRIPING LEGENDS                                          ALPHA-NUMERIC CHARACTERS
           PRODUCT# DESCRIPTION                   DIMENSIONS        PRODUCT#       DIMENSIONS
           3C1350     Striping   reflective         1"   x   150"   3C1388         10"
           3C1351     Striping   reflective         2"   x   150"   3C1389         10½"
           3C1352     Striping   reflective         3"   x   150"   3C1390         11"
           3C1353     Striping   reflective         4"   x   150"   3C1391         11½"
           3C1354     Striping   reflective         5"   x   150"   3C1392         12"
           3C1355     Striping   reflective         6"   x   150"   3C1393         12½"
           3C1356     Striping   reflective         8"   x   150"   3C1394         13"
           3C1357     Striping   reflective        10"   x   150"   3C1395         13½"
           3C1358     Striping   non-reflective     1"   x   150"   3C1396         14"
           3C1359     Striping   non-reflective     2"   x   150"   3C1397         14½"
           3C1360     Striping   non-reflective     3"   x   150"   3C1398         15"
           3C1361     Striping   non-reflective     4"   x   150"   3C1399         15 ½"
           3C1362     Striping   non-reflective     5"   x   150"   3C13A1         16"
           3C1363     Striping   non-reflective     6"   x   150"   3C13A2         16 ½"
                                                                    3C13A3         17"
                                                                    3C13A4         17½"
           PRODUCT#                DIMENSIONS                       3C13A5         18"
           3C1370                  1"                               3C13A6         18 ½"
           3C1371                  1½"                              3C13A7         19"
           3C1372                  2"                               3C13A8         19 ½"
           3C1373                  2½"                              3C13A9         20"
           3C1374                  3"                               3C13B0         20½"
           3C1375                  3½"                              3C13B1         21"
           3C1376                  4"                               3C13B2         21½"
           3C1377                  4½"                              3C13B3         22"
           3C1378                  5"                               3C13B4         22½"
           3C1379                  5 ½"                             3C13B5         23"
           3C1380                  6"                               3C13B6         23½"
           3C1381                  6 ½"                             3C13B7         24"
           3C1382                  7"                               3C13B8         24½"
           3C1383                  7½"                              3C13B9         25"
           3C1384                  8"                               3C13C0         25½"
           3C1385                  8 ½"                             3C13C1         26"
           3C1386                  9"                               3C13C2         26½"
           3C1387                  9 ½"                             3C13C3         27"
     V EHICLE M ARKINGS 1.800.443.7601                                 WWW . PRIDE-ENTERPRISES.ORG
                           V EHICLE M ARKINGS

                                                     I NDOOR S IGNAGE
     • Door and desk plates

     • Name plates for system furniture

     • Braille signs

     • Architectural signs for your buildings

     • Wayfinding and installation

     TO ORDER:
     Please state background and letter colors on order.

     NOTE: All metal holder styles are available in gold
     or silver finish. Orders that do not specify desired
     colors will be made with a walnut background,
     white letters, and gold holder.

       PRODUCT#             DESCRIPTION                                  DIMENSIONS
       3C3100               Desk plate w/metal holder                        2" x 8"
       3C3101               Desk plate w/metal holder                       2" x 10"
       3C3110               Desk plate w/clear acrylic holder                2" x 8"
       3C3111               Desk plate w/clear acrylic holder               2" x 10"
       3C3120               Two sided w/metal holder                         2" x 8"
       3C3121               Two sided w/metal holder                        2" x 10"
       3C3130               Door plate w/metal holder                        2" x 8"
       3C3131               Door plate w/metal holder                       2" x 10"
       3C3150               Standard or customized sized plate only     per square inch
       3C31DA               A.D.A. Tactile (Braille) sign               per square inch
       3C4151               Badge w/frame                                  ½" x 2½"
       3C4152               Badge w/o frame                                  1" x 3"
       3C4153               Metal badge w/US Flag                            1" x 3"
       3C4154               Metal badge                                    ½" x 2½"
       3C2255               Duo-tone polyethylene                       per square inch
        I NDOOR S IGNAGE 1.800.443.7601                               WWW . PRIDE-ENTERPRISES.ORG
                                            I NDOOR S IGNAGE

 “We are very pleased with the
 options available, the quality of
 workmanship and the excellent
                         Faye Roberts
        Columbia County Public Library
                    Lake City, Florida

             Color Chart for Engraved
                 Sign Substrates


1. All metal holder styles are available in gold or silver finish.
2. Please state background and letter colors on order.
3. Orders that don’t specify desired colors will be made with a walnut background, white letters, and gold holder.

I NDOOR S IGNAGE 1.800.443.7601                                                 WWW . PRIDE-ENTERPRISES.ORG
                               O UTDOOR S IGNAGE

                                                     Call for a Quote!

                                         “. . . you provide excellent customer
                                         service and top quality printed matter.

                                          . . . If all vendors that I do business
                                         with were as efficient as PRIDE, my
                                         job would be much easier.”

                                                  Elvin L. Martinez, Administrator
                                                           State Attorney’s Office
                                                             13th Judicial District
                                                                   Tampa, Florida
     O UTDOOR S IGNAGE 1.800.443.7601              WWW . PRIDE-ENTERPRISES.ORG
                          O UTDOOR S IGNAGE

                                                        P LAQUES

     Recognize those exceptional people in your organization with a plaque. Hand crafted plaques
     can be manufactured using wood mounted custom decals. The design may include your
     organization’s seal.

     We can personalize reward plaques to your specifications, reproduce your logo, and provide
     design services.

     Presentation Plaques,
     please call for quote (800) 443-7601.

      PRODUCT#            DESCRIPTION                                       SIZE
      3C42W0              Decal on birch* (wood)                            12"   Circle
      3C42P0              Decal on clear acrylic*                           12"   Circle
      3C42W3              Decal on birch* (wood)                            30"   Circle
      3C42W1              State seal on birch (wood)                        18"   Circle
      3C42W2              State seal on birch (wood)                        24"   Circle
      3C42P2              State seal on clear acrylic                       24"   Circle
      3C42W4              DC seal on birch (wood)                           18"   Circle
      3C42W5              DC seal on birch (wood)                           24"   Circle
      3C42P3              DC seal on clear acrylic                          24"   Circle
           P LAQUES 1.800.443.7601                                     WWW . PRIDE-ENTERPRISES.ORG
                                               P LAQUES


“ always, excellent service and
                       Lt. Mark Henrikson
          Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office
                   St. Petersburg, Florida


   Presentation plaques, please call for a quote (800) 443-7601.
   $50.00 art fee is required.
  P LAQUES 1.800.443.7601                                          WWW . PRIDE-ENTERPRISES.ORG
                                                  Additional Services
                                                                  Foil Stamping
                                                                     Die Cutting

     Specialty Products
     Bumper Stickers
     Mouse Pads
     Specialty Folders
     Key Chains
     Weekly Planners
     Identity Plates for Vehicles
     Mini Organizers
     Pocket Ports
     Book Markers
     Hand-held Fans
     Game Credentials and more....

             PRINT & DIGITAL                                FURNITURE                                 TEXTILES
 Forms Management                             Office Furniture                         Officer and Dress Uniforms
    Form development and design                   Hardwood and hardwood veneer             Correctional officers
    Carbonless                                    High pressure laminate                   Sheriffs
    Printing                                      Seating (metal, wood, ergonomic)         Police and law enforcement
    Forms storage and shipping service            Desks                                    Security
 Computer Services                                Credenzas                                BDU
    GIS                                           Bridges, peninsulas, returns             Fire department
    CAD                                           Bookcases                                Civic duty
    Scanning                                      Tables                                   Professional wear
    Key data services                         Modular Systems                              Shirts
    Imaging                                       Contemporary                             Pants
    Digitizing                                    Design and planning services         Work and Service Uniforms
    Floor and site plans                          Durability                               Industrial
    Street maps                                   Flexibility                              Maintenance
    CD labeling & duplications                Educational/Dormitory Furniture              Custodial
                                                  Desks                                    Leisure wear
                                                  Beds                                     Shirts
  CHEMICALS & CLEANING SUPPLIES                   Tables                                   Pants
                                                  Wardrobes                                T-shirts and shorts
 Cleaning Products                                Bookcases                                Coveralls
    Automated kitchen products                    Chairs and seating                       Work gloves
    Automated laundry products                Metal Furniture                          Healthcare Apparel
    Floor care products                           Shelving                                 Scrub sets
    Soaps and disinfectants                       Lockers                                  Patient gowns
    Food service products                         Storage cabinets                         Utility coats
    Cleaner and specialty products                Wardrobes                                Medical underpants
    Personal hygiene products                     Gun cabinets                         Bedding and Linens
    Conventional laundry products                 Book/magazine racks                     Mattresses
    Brooms and brushes                            Mobile carts                            Pillows
 Proportioning System                         Park and Recreational Furniture             Sheets
    Ware wash                                     Picnic tables                           Pillow cases
    Laundry                                       Metal and wood benches                  Blankets
    Blend centers                                 Sign posts                              Towels
    Faucet proportions                            Barbecue grills                         Laundry bags
 Support Services                                 Trash receptacle holders             Footwear
    Troubleshooting solutions                     Guardrail posts and blocks              Leather boots and shoes
    Installation and service                      Fencing material                        Safety boots
                                              Detention Furniture                         Canvas shoes/boots
                                                  Stools                                  Full grain leather
          CORRUGATED BOXES                        Benches                                 Split grain leather
    Storage boxes                                 Bunk beds                            Undergarments
    Stackable file boxes                          Beds                                    Underwear
    Media boxes                                   Desks                                   Pajamas
    Wide selection                                Tables                                  Thermal underwear
    Plain or printed                          Furniture Refurbishing                      T-shirts
    Customized boxes                              All types of furniture                  Socks

                                                      VEHICLE RENOVATION                           TRAFFIC PAINT
                                              Renovation Services
 Eyeglasses                                                                               Quick drying
                                                 Paint and graphic design
    Full service lab                                                                      D.O.T. approved
                                                 Buses and bus conversions
    Prescription lenses                                                                   Economical
                                                 Bus seat re-upholstery
    UPS shipment anywhere                                                                 Quality tested
    Florida Dept. of Education certified                                                  Lead free
                                                 Fire engines
    Excellent quality                                                                     Environmentally safe
                                                 Sanitation trucks
    Competitive prices                                                                    Quick turnaround
                                              Tire Retreads
 Dental Prosthetics                                                                       Technical assistance
    Partial and full dentures                                                             One-year warranty
    All material ADA approved                    School buses
    UPS shipment anywhere                        Sanitation trucks
    Competitive prices                           Fleet vehicles

  O THER P RODUCTS             AND    S ERVICES                                 WWW . PRIDE-ENTERPRISES.ORG
                         Partnership for the Information Age
                           Prices and information are subject to change without notice.
                        Our latest updates can be viewed at
                        We have included color swatches for your ordering convenience.
                       Not all colors may be an exact match to the actual product material.
                           Contact your sales representative to view sample swatches.

For Ring Binders, Decals & Signage:      For Forms & Commercial Printing        For Stationery & Business Cards
       Cross City Graphics                      Calhoun Graphics                       Sumter Graphics
         568 NE 255 Street                   19566 SE Institution Drive              9544 County Rd 476B
        Cross City, FL 32628                  Blountstown, FL 32424                    Bushnell, FL 33513
       Phone: (352) 498-1440                  Phone: (850) 674-3299                  Phone: (352) 793-1444
        Fax: (352) 498-1446                     Fax: (850) 674-3285                   Fax: (352) 793-1396
       FEID #: 59-2167018                      FEID #: 59-2167018                    FEID #: 59-2167018
  Toll Free: 1-800-443-7601               Toll Free: 1-800-910-3036             Toll Free: 1-877-277-2208

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