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					   916 G Street, NW | Washington, DC 20001

        Flashpoint Gallery
       2010 – 2011 Season
    DEADLINE: December 17, 2009, 5pm
                           Flashpoint Gallery
                   2010-2011 Season - Request for Proposals
                                           Purpose of Request
 Cultural Development Corporation (CuDC) is requesting proposals for exhibitions in the Flashpoint Gallery for
    the September 2010 – August 2011 season. This request is open to artists, independent curators and arts
                        organizations presenting contemporary work in any medium.
        All proposals must be received no later than 5 pm on Thursday, December 17, 2009.

                                                                                                                     Photo by Brandon Webster Photography
                                                     Installation view of Tai Hwa Goh’s Horizons Under the Surface

About CuDC & Flashpoint                                              during their planning, installation and presentation
Cultural Development Corporation (CuDC) creates                      phases. CuDC staff provides critical support to plan
opportunities for artists and arts organizations that                and execute the exhibition, such as collaborating with
stimulate economic development and improve the                       CuDC on a press outreach strategy or identifying
quality of life in the Washington DC area. In line with              potential funding sources for the exhibition and other
this mission, in December 2003, CuDC opened                          fundraising tactics. Exhibitors also have the advantage
Flashpoint, an arts incubator that offers strategic                  of reaching diverse arts patrons that visit the facility.
business services and affordable arts venues and office
space in downtown DC.                                                Mentorship
                                                                     The Gallery Advisory Panel, comprised of prominent
The facilities at Flashpoint include a 900-square foot               area arts professionals, is an integral part of the
contemporary gallery; the flexible, 75-seat Mead                     program. The members of the Advisory Panel shape
Theatre Lab; the 400-square foot Coors Dance Studio;                 each season of exhibitions and support exhibitors by
and shared office space for CuDC and Flashpoint’s                    serving as mentors. From the time an exhibition is
resident organizations.                                              selected, each exhibitor is assigned a mentor from the
                                                                     Panel. The mentor works with the exhibitor to plan
Flashpoint Gallery
                                                                     and implement a dynamic show, helping to refine the
A key component of the Flashpoint arts incubator, the                concept, review the press releases and market the
Flashpoint Gallery presents cutting-edge and                         show. Each mentor can provide resources and
experimental contemporary art and provides a                         expertise that enhance the exhibitor’s capacity and
springboard for talented artists and curators. The                   lead the way to new opportunities.
Gallery seeks to inspire creativity and encourage the
creation of new work by emerging and under-                          About Creative Communities Fund
represented artists and curators. In addition, the                   This year, for the first time, CuDC is partnering with
Gallery provides a place for artists and curators to                 The Community Foundation of the National Capital
experiment with progressive concepts and participate                 Region to make grants to artists participating in its
in an active, multi-disciplinary arts community. The                 programs. The Creative Communities Fund (CCF)
Gallery is a venue for exhibitions that explore new and              provides grants to individuals to support the creation
challenging ideas, free from the traditional constraints             and presentation of new work. Through the Fund,
of a commercial gallery. CuDC is seeking inventive,                  CuDC encourages artists to actively engage
original proposals in any medium.                                    community residents and present exciting and
Presenting an exhibition in the Flashpoint Gallery is a              innovative projects. Area artists applying to the Gallery
multi-dimensional learning experience. CuDC’s staff                  are eligible to apply for CCF support. Each
provides guidance and assistance to exhibitors                       artist/project selected for funding will be awarded up
                                                                     to $2,500. See CCF application guidelines for details.

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“Exhibiting at Flashpoint allowed me to collaborate with Chan Chao, a photographer who I
  admire and have wanted to work with for a long time. Working outside the commercial
 gallery system allowed creative risk-taking and experimentation without the pressures of
                                    commercial success.”
            - Brady Robinson, Flashpoint Gallery exhibitor, 2007-2008 season

Gallery - Evaluation Criteria                               Responsibilities of Participation
The Gallery Advisory Panel will consider applications       Selected exhibitors in the Flashpoint Gallery are
based upon the following criteria:                          responsible for:
                                                            •   Red Circle membership upon acceptance of proposal
•   Artistic merit of the proposed exhibition;
                                                                (see Membership attachment).
•   Applicant’s arts, curatorial and/or organizational
    experience;                                             •   Contractual commitment to produce the exhibition:
                                                                a participation agreement will be furnished by CuDC
•   Capacity to fully execute proposed exhibition;
                                                                after acceptance of proposal.
•   Viability of the project and budget;
•   Suitability to the mission of the Flashpoint            •   Refundable security deposit of $250 due with
                                                                participation agreement (returned upon satisfactory
    Gallery; and
                                                                inspection of the Gallery at the end of the exhibition
•   Programming objectives in conjunction with
    exhibition where applicable (i.e. relevant artist
    talks, educational forums and performances).            •   Supply and storage of any special equipment
                                                                necessary for the facilitation of the exhibition.
Benefits of Participation                                   •   Transportation of artwork to and from the Gallery
                                                                during prearranged dates and hours.
CuDC provides: staff in the Gallery Tuesday through
Saturday, from 12 to 6pm (except federal holidays)          •   Professional presentation materials (e.g. framing and
and during special events; tailored technical                   hanging, pedestals or other supplies, as needed).
assistance; initiation of mentor relationships with         •   Exhibition installation and de-installation between
members of the Gallery Advisory Panel; liability                the hours of 8am and 8pm, unless otherwise
insurance for the course of the exhibition; and                 approved by CuDC. Because of the mixed-use
volunteer support for special events. Exhibitors also           nature of the Flashpoint environment, there may be
receive exposure via CuDC’s print and online                    some time during the installation period when the
marketing efforts. CuDC can serve as a fiscal agent             Gallery is not available for installation purposes.
for     exhibitors    and   accept     tax-deductible       •   Timely preparation of all marketing materials. All
contributions on behalf of the project. Exhibitors              collateral must be submitted to CuDC for review in
also receive Red Circle membership benefits (see                advance of printing. Exhibitor assumes responsibility
membership attachment).                                         for all costs associated with invitations and
                                                                marketing materials beyond the 4 x 6 inch postcards
Sales                                                           provided by CuDC.
CuDC handles all sales and can accept sales via cash,       •   Adherence to the Washington, DC fire and health
check, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and                   building code requirements and ADA accessibility
Discover. Credit card sales are subject to an                   requirements (see attached requirements and floor
additional 5% handling fee. CuDC retains a 30%                  plan).
commission on all sales.
                                                                 2010-2011 Gallery Advisory Panel
                                                                             Chan Chao, Artist
CuDC provides liability insurance. Exhibitors are            Anne Collins Goodyear, Assistant Curator of Prints
responsible for furnishing any insurance for artwork                and Drawing, National Portrait Gallery
in the exhibition; all exhibitors agree to participate at    Philippa Hughes, Collector & Founder/Director, The
their own risk and indemnify CuDC if they choose                              Pink Line Project
not to insure their work.                                      Milena Kalinovska, Director of Public Programs,
                                                                   Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
                                                                  Andrea Pollan, Director, Curator’s Office
                                                            Gerald Ross, Director of Exhibitions, Maryland Institute
                                                                               College of Art

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     “Having a solo show at Flashpoint gave me some great exposure, and the professional
              experience I needed to bring my artistic career to the next level.”
          - Michael Dax Iacovone, Flashpoint Gallery exhibitor, 2007-2008 season

Application Fee
$30. The application fee is waived for current Red Circle members (see membership attachment for details).
Proposals will not be considered without the application fee. Please make checks payable to: Cultural
Development Corporation.

                                                                                                                    Photo by Brandon Webster Photography
                                                              Installation view of Anthony Cervino’s Anti-Plastic
    •   Artists, independent curators and arts organizations presenting work in any medium may apply.
    •   Solo exhibitors and artists who are in a group show at Flashpoint of less than 4 artists must wait 2
        seasons before reapplying to the gallery.
    •   Artists who participate in group shows at Flashpoint of 4 or more artists may reapply the following season
        for solo or group exhibitions.
    •   Curators may reapply to the gallery after one season.

 QUESTIONS? We’re here to help.
 Learn more about the application process, plus programs and services.
 Saturday, November 14, 2009, 11am – 1pm
 Chat online, in real-time, on Chatzy with the Flashpoint Gallery’s Program Manager.
 For more information visit: www.flashpointdc.org/venues/art_gallery.html
 Thursday, December 3, 5-7pm
 Saturday, December 5, 12-2pm
 Saturday, November 21, 12-4pm
 Need one-on-one advice?
 Email gallery@culturaldc.org to book a 30 minute slot, otherwise questions will be answered on a first come,
 first serve basis.

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Applications must be received no later than 5 pm on Thursday, December 17, 2009.

Please submit one original and eight, three-hole punched copies of your application to CuDC. Please use
binder clips or paper clips; do not bind or staple applications. All applications must contain:

       Completed Exhibition Application Form.

       Signed Work Sample Disclaimer & Letter of Intent. Please use the attached forms and only include
       one copy in the original set.

       Executive Summary. Include a brief, 75 word description of your project.

       Description of Proposed Exhibition. (Limit: 2 pages) The narrative should include theme of the
       exhibition; the artist(s) who will participate; a description of the media/materials to be used; layout and any
       special programming or events (e.g. talks, forums or other educational events). Please include specific
       information about whether the proposed exhibition has been or will be exhibited elsewhere. If you plan to
       collaborate with additional artists or curators, please describe their roles.

       Proposed Exhibition Layout. Use the attached gallery floor plan (with dimensions) to diagram the
       proposed exhibition.

       Project Budget. Please use the worksheet attached.

       Work Sample – CD or DVD (SUBMIT ONLY ONE CD/DVD). (Limit: 10 images or 5 minutes of
       recorded material; or a combination of 5 work samples & 2 minutes of recorded materials.) No slides or
       other submission formats will be accepted. Images should be submitted as .jpeg or .tiff files at 300 dpi and
       video should be submitted as a .mov or .wmv file. Please include the following information on the CD/DVD:
       name, address, email and telephone number. Please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope if you would like
       your work sample to be returned.

       Work Sample Index. Include a work sample index indicating the artist, title, date, media and size of each
       work sample. Also indicate if these are just examples or actual pieces to be included in the proposed show.

       Résumés of Exhibition Organizer(s) & Artist(s). Résumés should describe skills and experience
       relevant to the proposed exhibition and its execution. Please include all upcoming exhibitions.

       Signed Letter of Recommendation. Letter may be submitted directly from the recommender, if

       Creative Communities Fund Application. (Optional) If you are eligible, you may submit a Creative
       Communities Fund Application to be considered for a grant. See Creative Communities Fund Application
       Guidelines on page 10 for details and eligibility requirements.

       $30 Application Fee (or completed Red Circle membership form & payment). Checks must be
       made payable to: Cultural Development Corporation. Current Red Circle members are exempted from the
       application fee. Only one membership form is necessary; please include in the set of original materials.

       Flashpoint Gallery
       Attn: Karyn Miller, Program Manager
       Cultural Development Corporation
       916 G Street, NW
       Washington, DC 20001

Applications sent via facsimile or email will not be accepted. Incomplete applications will be considered ineligible.

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Individual/Organization Name: ____________________________________________________________
Legal Name (if different): ________________________________________________________________
Mailing Address: _______________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip: ______________________________________ Phone: ___________________________
E-mail: _________________________________ Website: ____________________________________
Alternate Contact Name: ________________________________________________________________
Phone: ________________________________                         E-mail: _______________________________________

Title of Exhibition:______________________________________________________________________
Artist(s) to be Presented: ________________________________________________________________
Curator (if applicable): ________________________ Proposed Exhibition Dates: ______________________
Media (All types of visual artists are invited to apply. Please check all that relate to the proposal.):
   Drawing         Installation       Mixed-media   New Media   Painting  Photography   Printmaking
   Sculpture       Video              Other_______________________________________________________
Total Project Budget: ________________________ Lead Source of Funding: _________________________

 This information is collected and reported as required by CuDC’s funders. Your response to these questions is optional. All responses
 will be kept anonymous and confidential. This information does not affect eligibility or the review process.
 Artist Applicant Please indicate your racial/ethnic identity and gender below.
   American Indian/Alaska Native                   Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
   Asian                                           Caucasian
   Black/African American                          Other
   Male                               Female                          Other_____________

Does the individual/organization serve a minority or underserved population? If so, please describe, including ward
or jurisdiction:

Does the individual/organization provide services to low or moderate-income families? If so, please describe,
including ward or jurisdiction:

How did you find out about the program at the Flashpoint Gallery?
  Blog/Facebook         DCArtists        Newspaper/Radio                           Past Flashpoint Participant
  Website               Visited Gallery   Word of Mouth                            Other____________________________

IV. ATTACHMENTS a) Exhibition Proposal Form; b) Work Sample Disclaimer & Letter of Intent; c)
Exhibition Description; d) Executive Summary; e) Proposed Exhibition Layout; f) Project Budget; g) CD/DVD of
Work Samples; h) Work Sample Index; i) Résumés of Key Exhibition Organizer(s) & Artist(s); j) Letter of
Recommendation; k) CCF application (optional) and l) $30 Application or Membership Fee.
Checks must be made payable to Cultural Development Corporation.

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Please consider the following space requirements for the Flashpoint Gallery.

Code Compliance. All aspects of the exhibition must adhere to District of Columbia health and fire codes.
Licensee must maintain a clear egress path, minimum 4’ wide by 8’ high, to at least two legal exits from any part of
the Gallery space. These legal exits include, and are limited to, the front of the Gallery, the front of CuDC’s offices
and the mid-point of the Mead Theatre Lab to the outside alleyway. This path is not required to be straight but
must be clear of obstructions, level changes and projections.

Accessibility Requirements. The Flashpoint Gallery is compliant with the Americans for Disabilities Act (ADA).
Licensee is required to ensure access throughout the Gallery remains compliant. Licensee must consider the
accessibility needs of a variety of patrons when installing the exhibition. These considerations include projections of
items over four inches (4”) off a vertical plane, as well as level changes and flooring material changes.

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By submitting a CD/DVD of artwork to Cultural Development Corporation (CuDC),
I, (print name)_____________________________, agree that:

    •   CuDC has the right to use any of the images on CuDC’s websites or any printed materials in
        the event that the exhibition proposal is accepted.

    •   CuDC is under no obligation to publish the submission.

    •   The CD/DVD becomes the property of the Cultural Development Corporation during the
        selection process and will only be returned at the conclusion of the process if a stamped, self-
        addressed, padded envelope is enclosed with the application. No other application materials will
        be returned.

    •   I warrant that I have the right to grant CuDC the foregoing right and that the publication is not
        a violation of any existing right, including without limitation copyright or privacy.

Signature____________________________________ Date __________________


I (print name)____________________________________, (title)__________________________
of (address/organization)___________________________________________________ certify
that the submission of this proposal to exhibit in the Cultural Development Corporation (CuDC)’s
Flashpoint Gallery indicates our intent to execute the proposed program and accept the mandatory
organizational responsibilities as a participant of the program.

I understand that if any member(s) of the organizing group are unable to fulfill these responsibilities,
CuDC reserves the right to mount the proposed exhibition with the remaining member(s) of the group.

I understand that any other proposed or intended exhibitions of the proposed body of work must be

I certify that the application information is accurate and complete.

Print name _______________________________________________________________

Signature ____________________________________ Date ________________________

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Contributed Income
      Foundations / Corporations
      Creative Communities Fund Grant
                            (See attached materials for details.)
* Please mark pending funding not yet committed with an asterisk.
Earned Income
      Security deposit return                                                          $250
      Artwork Sales


Lead Artist – Artistic Salary / Fee
Collaborating Artists

Application Fee or Red Circle Membership Dues
                                               (See attached materials for details.)

Security Deposit                                                                       $250

Artwork Sales Commission (30% of sales income)*


Other Marketing Materials

Food / Beverage (opening reception refreshments)


Presentation Materials (e.g. framing, pedestals)

Additional Equipment (e.g. DVD player, projector, monitor)

Transportation / Shipping of Artwork


Art Insurance




* Credit card sales are subject to a 5% handling fee.
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About Creative Communities Fund
Cultural Development Corporation, in partnership with The Community Foundation of the National
Capital Region, provides grants through the Creative Communities Fund to artists creating new work as
part of the Source Festival, Flashpoint Gallery and Mead Theatre Lab Program. The financial support
enables artists to create and present new work and encourage artists to actively engage community
residents through exciting and innovative programming. All grantees receive project grants, plus
presentation space and professional development support from CuDC. Grants are designed to support
emerging and mid-career artists, as well as artists exploring new and challenging ideas, and help artists to
the next level in their careers. Artist/projects selected for Gallery funding will be awarded up to $2,500.

The following guidelines determine whether an artist is eligible for CCF support:
•   Residency – To be considered for CCF support, artists must have lived in the greater Washington
    regioni for at least two years prior to the application deadline.
•   Artistic Disciplines – Artists who work in one or more of the following disciplines are eligible for
    CCF support: dance, installation, film, literary arts, multidisciplinary, music, new media, performance
    art, playwrighting, sound art, spoken word, storytelling, theatre, video and visual arts.
•   Professional Artists – Applicants must regularly engage in the creation and presentation of art to
    be considered for CCF support. (Eligibility is determined by the participation in an artistic practice
    regardless of the income generated from artistic pursuits.)
•   Individual Artists & Artistic Collaborations – Projects involving multiple artists, such as
    collectives, teams, ensembles, etc. are eligible to apply (at least one artist must meet the CCF
    residency requirement). Projects should designate a lead artist as the primary point of contact for
    CCF and only one artist per group/collective may apply. Priority will be given to projects where all
    collaborators live in the DC region.

Evaluation Criteria
The following criteria will be used to select CCF grantees:
•   Evidence of creativity and innovation in the project concept or artist’s body of work
•   Dynamic plan for audience development activity
•   Project is a significant step forward for the artist
•   Demonstrated track record of the artist to implement similar projects

Creative Communities Fund Participation
All CCF grantees will be expected to:
•   Develop Community Engagement Activities – Activities may include work-in-progress events,
    artist talks, talk-back sessions, educational forums or other activities to highlight an artist’s work and
    engage audiences.
•   Attend a Donor Cultivation Event – Grantees will be required to attend at least one
    fundraising event organized by CuDC.
•   Submit a Mid-Term and Final Report – All CCF grantees must submit a mid-term report
    during the project and a final report within 60 days of project completion.
[i] Montgomery County and Prince George’s County in Maryland; the District of Columbia; City of Alexandria, City of Falls

Church, Arlington County, Fairfax County, and Loudoun County in Virginia
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Answer the questions below using a maximum of 250 words each (12 pt. font and 1” margins) and
submit with your project application. Please include your name, address, email address and project title
on all CCF application pages.

1. Impact on Project. How will a Creative Communities Fund grant benefit your proposed project?

2. Impact on Artistic Development/Career. Describe how this project and an accompanying
   Creative Communities Fund grant will advance your artistic career. Does the project represent a
   significant shift or evolution in your work? If so, how?

3. Community Engagement. Describe the community engagement activity, including the goals,
   location and timeframe; the key participants and engagement of underserved individuals (including
   number of individuals to be served). What is their role? What will they learn from the activity?
   What is your related experience? How will you market the project and attract audience members
   to your show?

4. Experience. What experience do you have executing similar projects?

5. Collaboration. Describe the role of any artistic collaborators in the project. How will the
   collaboration enrich the project? What is their role? Have you worked together in the past? If so,

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