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									Spill Prevention Containment & Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans
Is Your Facility in Compliance?

         Delta’s Project Engineer and SPCC Program Coordinator, James Tofte, has more than 20 year experience and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in
         Industrial Technology as well as an Associates Degree in Civil Engineering Technology. Jim can both assist you in determining if your organization is
         in compliance with the EPA Regulations and work with you to get an effective SPCC Plan in place for your facility. If you would like to speak to Jim in
         regards to your SPCC Plan or where to get started, please contact him at (607) 352-1697 or through email at jtofte@deltaengineers.com.
Do the SPCC rules set forth by the Federal EPA apply
to your facility?
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If your facility stores more than 1,320 gallons of Petroleum Products on site,   Binghamton, NY 13901
you may need to have a Spill Prevention Containment and Countermeasure           www.deltaengineers.com
(SPCC) Plan prepared and in practice. This is in addition to the Permits
and Certificates your State may require. The deadline is approaching fast
for facilities to comply.

While most States take an active role in regulating the storage of petroleum
products and overseeing cleanup of spilled materials, the United States
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) takes a pro-active approach.
The Agency requires facility operators to have written plans in place to
Prevent leaks and spills, Contain them in the event of a discharge and
have Countermeasures in place to deal with incidents involving spills or
leaks that have a potential discharge of oil into public waters.
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Delta Engineers Civil / Environmental Department has the expertise
and experience to evaluate your facility to determine if an SPCC Plan
is required. In addition, Delta can walk your organization through the
regulatory requirements and assist you in developing a Spill Prevention
Control and Countermeasures Plan that is specific to your facility needs
and operation. Delta can also provide on-site training to assure your SPCC
program starts out on a solid foundation.

Delta recently completed a program with Delaware County, New York to
bring all of their County owned facilities into compliance. We welcome the
opportunity to work with you to implement an SPCC Plan for your facility.

Written By: James Tofte

         We are a seamless extension of our clients’ organizations

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