FAQs FOR ADJUNCT FACULTY
                            ELON UNIVERSITY

What do I need to know about Human Resources? (314 West Haggard Avenue, ext.
              For new employees: Human Resources handles all start of work forms
      like your W-4’s for income tax, insurance, and annuity. You must complete your
      paperwork with Human Resources before you may receive a parking permit,
      Phoenix Card, email account, etc.
              For all employees: Human Resources handles changes in your insurance
      information and reimbursements from the cafeteria plan. Reimbursement or
      claim forms may be obtained from the mailroom in Alamance or from the Human
      Resources Office. Human Resources handles everything that relates to benefits
      from movie passes to West End Cinema to maternity leave information.
              Please note: If you move during the year, please let Human Resources
      have your new information. They maintain the university’s database.

How do I get a Phoenix Card?
     After you have completed the necessary paperwork at Human Resources, you
     may obtain your Phoenix card at the Phoenix Card Office, Moseley 111A.

How and where do I get a parking sticker?
     Parking stickers are available on-line from the Office of Campus Safety and
     Police at http://www.elon.edu/parking. You must have completed your
     paperwork with Human Resources before you may obtain your parking permit.
     The parking permit allows you to park any place on campus except for fire lanes,
     handicap and maintenance spots. Handicapped spots may be used if you have a
     handicap decal. If you do not have a valid sticker, your car will be towed.

How do I get an email account?
fter you have completed the necessary paperwork for Human Resources, go to the Elon
web page (http://www.elon.edu/forms/campustech/newuser.aspx) and request an email

How do I gain access to On-Track?
     After you have completed the necessary paperwork for Human Resources, visit or
     call PC Support (x5200, 114 W. Lebanon Ave.) to get a user id and password.

Why do I need an On-Track account?
     On-Track is the on-line system the university uses for your class records, rosters,
     grades, etc. You must use On-Track to enter both the mid-term and final grades.
     Please adhere to deadlines for submitting all grades.
Where can I find exam schedules?
      Exam schedules are electronically mailed prior to the start of the term and
      are also available through our On-Track system.

Who makes classroom assignments?
     Classrooms are assigned by Robin Straka in the Registrar’s Office. If you
     have a special need, talk with your department chair.

How do I request a computer lab for class use?
             Due to limited computer labs, faculty who plan to use the lab
     continually during a semester must submit the “Technology Request” to
     the department chair at the beginning of the schedule process (March for
     winter/spring; August for summer; November for fall). The chair will
     review your request, and after discussion, submit the form to Robin Straka
     in the Registrar’s office. These forms may be obtained from your
     department chair.
             If you need a computer lab for one time or occasional use during
     the semester, you may call PC Support at ext. 5200. Labs are booked on a
     “first-come, first-served” basis.

Who do I call for audio-visual assistance and technical support for the
               Media Services (ext. 6598) is located in Belk library and can assist
       with color transparencies, posters, audio recording, and equipment
       checkout. You may reserve a laptop, camcorder, etc. from them but please
       give ample notice of your need. You will need to pick these up personally
       in the Media Center of Belk Library. If you have technical services
       performed like a transparency made, your department will be charged for
       the project. If you have a classroom problem, please call Media Services.
               Television Services (ext. 5080) is located in the McEwen
       Communications building. They can assist you with all your videotaping
       needs. If you need a program taped from television, please give them a
       week’s notice for satellite, 1 or 2 days for off-air channels. A fee is
       charged your department for any videotaping to cover the cost of the tape.

What services are provided by Belk Library?
              Belk Library houses not only the library but also Media Services,
      Tutorial Services, the Writing Center, Instructional Design and
      Development, and Instructional Technologies. A teaching computer lab is
      located in the center of the building and computer terminals allow students
      the opportunity to work on papers and check email.
             One note: The librarians at Belk Library do not pull books for
      reserve use in classes. You must do this yourself or have a student worker
      from your department do this.
What is Blackboard and how do I get an account?
      Blackboard is the system chosen by the school for web-based learning and
      classroom aid. Once you receive your email account, a Blackboard
      account can be established for you. Email idd@elon.edu to obtain your
      account. Instructional Design and Development will need your full name,
      social security number, and email address to establish your account.
      Workshops will be held during the beginning weeks of classes.

If I use Blackboard, why do I need to turn in an electronic copy of my
syllabus to the departmental secretary?
        Your departmental secretary needs an electronic copy of all syllabi
        regardless of whether or not you use Blackboard. Blackboard only allows
        those enrolled or those given permission to access a page. The
        departmental secretary must submit all syllabi on disk to the deans’ office
        and she needs your cooperation in regard to the syllabi. You may either
        email or submit your syllabi on disk to the secretary, but please specify
        whether they are prepared on a PC or a Mac. These are needed by the end
        of the first week of school.

How do I get a campus box?
     Campus boxes will be assigned by the deans’ office. Please check with the
     appropriate person there.

Where can I get my mailbox combination (Alamance mailroom only)?
      The Alamance mailboxes have combination locks. Most have been left
      open to allow faculty easy access to their mail. If you prefer to use your
      combination or want the combination in case the box accidentally gets
      locked, please call the mailroom at ext. 5433.

Where do I Fed-Ex, Overnight, or get stamps?
      The mailroom in Moseley (ext. 5433) is the campus mailing center and
      provides almost anything you may need for a mailing. The only items the
      mail center does not stock are padded envelopes or brown/white catalog
      envelopes for mailings. Be sure to have your account number! Items
      cannot be mailed without it.

How do I get keys to my office?
              Keys will be ordered for new employees by your building’s
     secretary, and you will be contacted once the keys are available for pick-
             If you lose your keys or need a duplicate set, see your department
     chair. The chair must request any additional keys, and the department will
     be charged for these keys.
How do I find out my office phone extension?
     Please check with the deans’ office.

How do I access my voice mail?
  Once you have been given your extension (and access code for adjuncts) by the
  deans’ office, you may then log in to the university’s voice mail system. You must
  first log in to Meridian Mail (x7000), then enter your mailbox number (your
  extension), then press #, then enter your password (any 4-digit number that you
  create), press # again. Follow the instructions from there to access your voice mail
  messages. For additional instructions concerning changing your password, recording
  greetings, etc., user guides, handouts and assistance are available from your
  department secretary.

 Does the university pay for all my phone calls made from my office phone or
just those for professional development?
        Elon pays for any business-related phone calls. You may place personal
        calls from your office phone but you are expected to pay for personal

How do I make copies of items I need for class and/or research?
             The departments have copiers available in each building to handle
     small print jobs (a maximum of 10 copies). Copiers are operated by
     counters or access codes; please see your departmental secretary for
             Print jobs larger than 10 should be sent to the Print Shop located
     at 406 Haggard Avenue. The Print Shop does pick-ups and deliveries
     twice a day to departmental offices (mornings and afternoons). They
     request a three-day turn around, so please plan ahead.
             You may also send requests on-line. The Print-Shop’s web
     address is http://printservices.elon.edu. The first time you visit this site,
     you must register. Please use your Elon email as your login. This site
     will allow you to fill out the form and upload your document to a secured
             It is best to use the Print Shop for your printing. Costs are:
                      Free-standing copiers in departmental offices -- 5¢ a copy
                      Print Shop -- 3.5¢ a copy on 20 lb. paper
                                      5¢ a copy on 60 lb. paper
                                      10¢ a copy on 110 lb. paper
                                      50¢ a copy if multi-color print is requested.
                                      $1.00 for 11x17 copies
     Print Shop also offers a variety of services and provides stationery and
     envelopes. See the Print Shop form or order on line using the Print Shop
     web address. Other services like binding are available upon request.
             Print Shop forms are available in your departmental secretary’s
     office or at the Print Shop.
               Note: Using the Print Shop is far better than using your
       personal printer to run off material you need for class. Cartridges are
       very expensive and we’re trying to control costs so budgets can be used

Can I be reimbursed for off-campus copying?
       See your department chair regarding the reimbursement policy.
       You must use the Campus Shop for coursepaks and should start the
       process early in the term preceding its use. It takes between 8-12 weeks
       to receive the copyright permissions.

How do I get a desk copy?
     Do not request a desk copy from the Campus Shop. Please see your departmental
     secretary on procedure.

What do I need to know about the Campus Shop?
The Campus Shop (Moseley Center, ext. 5400) is run by Barnes and Noble and carries
everything from clothing to textbooks and coursepaks.
               Twice a year (October 1 st and April 1st) book order forms are delivered to
       departmental secretaries. You will be asked to submit your book order forms in
       paper or online for the coming semester by the deadline given. These forms come
       early to enable Campus Shop to obtain the books at the lowest cost for students.
       If a book is being used during the present term and will be used the following
       term, Campus Shop can offer students a better price during buy-back and quickly
       get the books needed for the next semester.

What should I do if textbooks are not available at the beginning of class in the
Campus Shop?
      Contact Kathy Scarborough or Chris Bunting at ext. 5400. Kathy is
      manager of the bookstore and Chris is the textbook manager. Please
      check ahead of time on your textbook status.

Where do I get a copy of the book being used for Common Reading?
      The Campus Shop will have the book used for Common Reading available during
      the Spring Semester. These are usually free to instructors teaching ELN 101,
      GST 110, or ENG 110 classes.

What are the Elon Honor and Social Honor Codes and where do I find them?
      Both Honor Codes are available on-line at

How do I get office supplies?
     See your departmental secretary for procedure.
How do I request something that is not a general office supply?
     All requests must go through the department chair. Purchase request forms are
     needed and can be obtained from your departmental secretary. Chairs may sign
     off on requests of up to $999.99. If the request is more, the request must go to the

How do I get reimbursed for something I have bought?
     If you have an emergency situation that requires you to spend money
     under $75.00, the department chair must sign off on the receipt. You will
     need to go by the Bursar’s office (Alamance 111) to receive your refund.
     Anything over $75.00 requires a check request form. Accounting receives
     the check request and issues checks on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Your
     departmental secretary has these forms and will help you through the

I want my students to do an evaluation of a class I am teaching. What is the
process for this?
       All classes are evaluated in the fall semester. Evaluation of classes during
       other semesters may or may not be optional as interpreted by the
       college/school. For evaluation requests for other than fall semester, please
       see your department chair well in advance of the end of term. During the
       fall, evaluation forms come automatically from the Provost and will be
       available from your departmental secretary.

How do I reserve a room for a special event?
Different rooms on campus are controlled by different offices. See your
departmental secretary for a list of meeting rooms and contacts for making

How do I reserve a van for a class trip?
     Vans are reserved through Moseley’s front desk. You must have a
     university approved driver for any trip involving use of university
     vehicles. Van training is offered periodically during the fall and spring
     semesters. See Michael Williams (Moseley front desk, ext. 7215) if you
     have questions.

When is the university closed?
      Employees are given the following days off in addition to any
      accumulated vacation/sick days:
             New Year’s Day
             Martin Luther King Jr. Day
             Easter Monday
             Memorial Day
             Independence Day
             Fall Break Day
             Thanksgiving Day
              Thanksgiving Friday
              5 days at Christmas

Does the university close due to severe weather?
        Generally, Elon University remains open during adverse weather for
resident students. In the event that the university determines that weather
conditions are hazardous to the safety of its staff and students, public
announcements will be made on area radio and television stations and by
university-wide email, the E-net web page, and 278-SNOW concerning a school
delay or closing. The university’s inclement weather policy states, “if weather
conditions are so severe as to render it dangerous for students to reach the
university, those who elect not to come to campus on that particular day will not
be penalized for failure to do so.”
“FACULTY who live some distance from campus and who might be prevented
from safely traveling to campus must contact their respective dean and make
arrangements to cover their classes.”
“Elon FACULTY and STAFF members are expected to be prudent but to take all
reasonable measures to reach the campus during inclement weather.
Administrative offices will open at 8:00 am unless announced otherwise.”(Faculty
Handbook, IV-6).For additional information concerning inclement weather and
contingency plans for delays or closings, please see

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