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Exhibitors Registering for the “


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									                                                                                Conference Management

 Exhibitors Registering for the “Western Power Deliver Automation
I am pleased you will be joining us to display your products or services on April 13-15, 2010 at The
Davenport Hotel, Spokane, WA. The hotel’s phone number for room reservations is 509-455-8888. Space
is limited so please make your reservations no later than March 12th. Be sure to ask for WPDAC rate.

Below are some frequently asked questions (with answers!) that will assist you with your visit.

Tables          Each displayer will receive an 8’ skirted display table plus a chair. Tables will be
                identified with a sign. See Tamara Kirk if you have problems with your table location.
                The table can be removed if you have a freestanding booth.

Where?          The Davenport Hotel is located at 10 S Post St, Spokane, WA 99201. The hotel’s main
                check-in desk is on the Main level of the hotel. The meeting space for the conference will
                be in Pennington Grand Ballroom. The exhibit space will be on the Mezzanine. Please
                see the diagram of The Davenport Hotel meeting space.

When can I expect attendees to visit my table space?
              All breaks will be held among the exhibits in the same area. Conference registration will
              open Monday, April 12th from 5-7pm with a Social Reception. Registration will be open at
              7:15 a.m. on Tuesday & 7:30am on Wednesday & Thursday. Breaks are from 10:00-10:30
              a.m. & 2:45-3:15pm.each day. Lunches will be from 12-1:15 p.m. with time for
              participants to visit your booth. We will be hosting a vendor sponsored reception Tuesday
              evening at 5pm. The reception will be held in the exhibitor area. Thursday morning’s
              schedule starts at 7:30 a.m. and the program will adjourn at noon. The flow of traffic from
              the Pennington Ballroom gives you full access to the audience throughout the entire

Where is the best place to unload my vehicle?
               Enter through the service/truck delivery entrance to unload large items through the service
               elevator to Pennington Ballroom.

Will the exhibit hall be locked at night?
                No. Exhibit booths are located in an open area that is unable to be locked. You are
                advised to remove any valuables from your exhibit when you are not there. There will be
                security walking the area each night from 9:00pm till 7:00am.

When can I set up?
               You have the option of beginning set up on Monday, April 12th, after 3 p.m. or
               Tuesday, April 13th, at 6:30 a.m. Registration opens at 7:15 a.m. on Tuesday and 7:30
               a.m. on Wednesday and Thursday. The conference begins at 8:15 a.m. on Tuesday, and
               8:30 a.m. on Wednesday and Thursday.

   208 Van Doren Hall                                                 7612 Pioneer Way E
   PO Box 645222                                                      Puyallup, WA 98371-4998
   Pullman, WA 99164-5222                                             253-445-4575
   509-335-3530 or 800-942-4978 Fax: 509-335-7781                     Fax: 253-445-4633
When do I need to remove my exhibit?
              Thursday, April, 15 after 12:00 noon.

Will there be power available?
               Power is available throughout the area. Please bring a long extension cord if you plan to
               use power.

What can I bring?
              Bring business cards, samples, small equipment, displays, literature, freebies, etc. Banners
              or booth displays should be self-standing.

What is the cost to display?
               The cost for vendors is $395 per table. This covers one person’s registration for the
               conference. Registration can be found online at: http://conferences.wsu.edu/wpdac

What if I bring another rep?
               Additional personnel from your agency or company are welcome to attend to your display
               space at no charge, but additional fees are required if they wish to attend any sessions, need
               a nametag, want the proceedings or want to join us for meals. Partial fees to attend and
               meal tickets can be purchased separately.

Do I get meals and participate in the reception?
               Yes! As the person registered with the exhibit space, you are entitled to attend the
               sessions, a lunch each day and the reception.

How will the participating exhibitors be recognized?
               A sign listing all the exhibitors will be placed near the registration desk. A list of all
               registered exhibitors will be included in the handout folder. The final program brochure is
               included which specifies that the exhibitors sponsor the reception.

Who is liable for theft or damage?
                The exhibitor assumes the entire responsibility and liability for losses, damages, and claims
                arising out of injury or damage to exhibitor’s displays, equipment, and shall indemnify and
                hold harmless Washington State University and The Davenport Hotel, their agents,
                authorized subcontractors, and the employees from any and all such losses, damages, and
                claims. Washington State University does not endorse commercial companies or products.

Questions?      Call Tamara Kirk, Conference Coordinator, Conference Management – 509-335-4248, or
                send email to: tlkirk@wsu.edu

Thank you,

Tamara Kirk, Conference Coordinator
Vendor Shipping Guidelines
     and Information
                                  Conference Packages:
1. Due to limited storage space, conference packages should be delivered to the Hotel no
   more than 7 days in advance of your function. Exceptions to this should be arranged with
   your Convention Services Manager.
    Brenda Renecker
    Direct line: (509) 789-6869

2. Conference packages shipped to the Hotel should be addressed as follows:
            The Davenport Hotel and Tower
            Guest Name (who will be claiming the package on-site)
            10 South Post Street
            Spokane, WA 99201
            (509) 789-6805
            Group or Function Name
            Event Dates
            # of Packages in that Shipment

3. All packages must show the shipper’s phone number.

4. For storage, handling, or delivery of conference packages, the Davenport Hotel and Tower
   charges a package fee of $5.00 per box. Crates and pallets are charged a fee of $250.00

5. Package fees can be billed to a guest’s room bill, to a credit card, or to a credit card
   number with an accompanying signed credit card authorization. Charges can also be paid
   in cash to the Shipping & Receiving Manager. The Shipping & Receiving Manager can
   generate and issue payment receipts from the Shipping & Receiving Office.

6. Please do not ship valuables to the Hotel. The Hotel cannot be responsible for contents.

7. We recommend that guests place a packing slip both inside and outside of each package.

8. The Hotel will not accept or receive COD packages.

9. The Hotel policies on safe package handling are based on advice from the United States
   Postal Service (USPS) and the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

10. Conference packages should be shipped out within 5 days after the conclusion of your
    function. Items left behind for longer than 5 days will incur an additional storage fee.

11. For conference packages unclaimed or left behind after a guest departs from the Hotel, the
    Shipping & Receiving Manager will call the guest or the shipper to obtain information to
    forward the packages. Any forwarding charges incurred are the sole responsibility of the
    guest and will not be paid by the Hotel. If no information on an unclaimed package is
    available, the unclaimed package will be treated as lost and found property.
                                    Outgoing Shipments:
   1. For your shipping needs, The Davenport Hotel and Tower offers a full service Shipping and
      Receiving Department. The office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm.
      The Shipping & Receiving Manager’s office is located on the loading dock and can be
      reached by dialing extension 6805 anywhere within the Davenport Hotel and Tower. The
      Shipping & Receiving office can also be reached by calling the Hotel operator, or by calling

   2. The Davenport Hotel and Tower utilizes Federal Express (Fedex) and United Parcel
      Service (UPS) for our shipping needs.

   3. Fedex and UPS usually arrive at the Davenport Hotel’s loading dock at approximately
      9:30am (conditions permitting) when they have deliveries for the hotel.

   4. Fedex and UPS make daily stops at the Davenport Hotel’s loading dock at 3pm, Monday
      through Friday, to collect outgoing shipments. (i.e. Items being shipped from the Hotel
      need to be at the loading dock by 3pm, or they will not be collected until the next business

   5. Should a guest need to use the US Postal Service, the Hotel staff can deliver items to the
      local Post Office for the guest. The Hotel staff is unable to predict or calculate the postage
      required, or what the US Postal Service will charge for the shipment. The postage must be
      pre-paid and placed on the item being shipped prior to its surrender to the Hotel staff.

   6. The Hotel charges $5.00 per box picked up at the conclusion of the conference and taken
      to the loading dock. For shipments that need to be prepared by our Shipping & Receiving
      Department (for example: shipments needing tape, new boxes, large envelopes, padded
      envelopes, packing materials, etc.), additional package fees will apply. For items up to 10
      pounds, the preparation fee is $3.00 per item. For items up to 50 pounds, the preparation
      fee is $5.00 per item. For items over 50 pounds, the preparation fee is $10.00 per item.

   7. Fedex-logo and UPS-logo shipping supplies are available free of charge.

   8. Shipping labels and all accompanying shipping documents must be completely filled out by
      the guest, or outgoing shipments may be delayed. Guests are welcome to contact the
      Shipping & Receiving Manager with questions. The Shipping & Receiving Manager can
      offer advice on which shipping forms to use and how to fill them out. The Shipping &
      Receiving Manager and the Hotel staff are not allowed to fill out the shipping forms.

   9. Shipping charges payable to Fedex, UPS, the US Postal Service, and any shipping, freight,
      and courier services are the sole responsibility of the guest and will not be covered by the

Guests are welcome to contact their Convention Services Manager or the Shipping & Receiving
Manager for pick-up and delivery schedules and for appropriate shipping forms.
          12th Annual Western Power Delivery
                Automation Conference
                Vendor Booth Assignment Form
             Western Power Delivery Automation Conference – April 13-15, 2010
                           The Davenport Hotel, Spokane, WA

                 *** Return this form by FAX ASAP to
              receive your preferred vendor location ***

Company Name:                                                                             _____
Your Name:                                                                                _____
Registered Name (if different):                                                           _____
Your Phone Number:                                          FAX #
E-Mail Address                                                                            _____
Please refer to attached hotel diagram form. Spots that are shaded have already been reserved.
A list of vendors and assigned spots are noted on the hotel diagram. This list is accurate at the
time this form is sent to you. Please note the top three spots you prefer.
Return this form by fax to: (509) 335-7781 ASAP.
                                          Choice #1_____
                                          Choice #2_____
                                          Choice #3_____
We cannot guarantee your choice. If you wish to know your assigned location
prior to the conference, please be sure to include your fax # and or email

Name of any competitor you do Not want to be next to:
Note: Every effort is made to assure that all vendors have good indoor table space with lots of
customer foot traffic by each booth.
UBI:                           Note: This number is required for you to exhibit at the conference.
Without this number we will not be able to allow you to exhibit. For questions please contact the
Department of Revenue at 800-647-7706. Thank you.
                                                 Marie Antoinette Ballroom

 CONFERENCE (2180)                                                 6         7     8      9           10   11       12
 April 13-15, 2010                                          5                                                            1
 The Davenport Hotel                                                                                                     3
 Spokane, WA
                                                            4                                                            1    1
 Please register for space on                                                                                            4    6
 the attached form and return
                                                            3                                                            1    1
 it to us ASAP!                                                                                                          5    7
 WSU Conference Management                                         22                         21             20     19
 Attn: Tamara Kirk – 509-335-
 4248 or tlkirk@wsu.edu
 Fax: 509-335-7781                                                                            Rest                            8
                                 Pennington                                                   Rooms /
                                 Ballroom                                                     Elevators

                                                 24         23

1. ZIV USA Inc                  2. Weschler/Serveron                         3. RFL Electronics             4. OMICRON electronics
                                Substation Solutions
   Oscar Bolado                     Terry Martin                                Jim Ebrecht                    Billy Brown
5. Applied Technology           6. CB Engineering                            7. CB Engineering              8. Resource Associate
Group Inc                                                                                                   International
   Chris Canfield                 Mark Fusick                                  Mark Fusick                     Terry Douka
9.                              10.                                          11.                            12.

13. Sensus                      14. Peak Measure                             15. Peak Measure               16. Garret Com
    Jenny Rapley                    John Bruns                                   Willie Bruns                   Jeff Boger
17. AREVA T&D                   18.                                          19.                            20. CG Global Automation
                                                                                                            Systems USA Inc
    Scott Cameron                                                                                               James Shank
21. ASAT Solutions Inc          22. Bow Networks                             23. Schweitzer Engineering     24. SUBNET Solutions Inc
   Manford Kwan                      Jeff Gill                                   Robyn Jacobs                     Amanda Bonner
                                         32        33         34          35            36
April 13-15, 2010
The Davenport Hotel               3
Spokane, WA
                                                        2                                      2
Please register for space on                            6                                      7
the attached form and return
it to us ASAP!                    3
                                  0                                  Reception Tables
WSU Conference Management
                                                        2                                      2
Attn: Tamara Kirk – 509-335-
                                                        9                                      8
4248 or tlkirk@wsu.edu
Fax: 509-335-7781

                                      Ballroom C        Ballroom B         Ballroom B          Ballroom A

26. ReLab Software             27. Cooper Power             28. NovaTech                     29. Sponsor Only
    Brian Stickney                 Beniot Masson                Ray Wright
30. RuggedCom                  31. Technical Sales          32. Monaghan                     33. QEI Inc
                               NW                           Engineering
      Richard Freese               Terry Morrison               Mike Monaghan                      Ed Masar
34.                            35. DCS Morgan               36. DCS Morgan
                                   Daryl Willis                 Daryl Willis

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