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					36th Alice Prize 2010
                                                   6. Mail entries to: 36th Alice Prize
Conditions of Entry                                Alice Springs Art Foundation
                                                   P.O. Box 1854, ALICE SPRINGS NT 0871
1. The 36th Alice Prize award is acquisitive.
The award is twenty thousand dollars               7. Entries for the preselection process must
($20,000) plus a 4-week residency at Araluen       be received by 6 November 2009.
in Alice Springs. The residency is to be taken     Note: Closing date for entries has been
up within 18 months of the Prize. It includes      extended until the 6th November.
accommodation and airfares.
                                                   8. PARTICIPATION IN PRIZE
2. The non-acquisitive people’s choice             Following the selection process in late
entitled the ‘Tammy Kingsley Award’ 2010 is        November 2009, artists will be advised of the
one thousand dollars ($1000).                      outcome, and those artists invited to
                                                   participate in the Prize will receive further
3. Participants will be selected from artists      advice.
who have submitted entries to the selection
panel. Any artist working in Australia in any      9. The artworks Alice Prize exhibition dates
medium may enter. The Alice Prize is not           are 1 May to 6 June 2010 at the Araluen Arts
limited to any genre or subject matter. Please     Centre, Alice Springs.
note that artists may be asked to contribute to
the installation of their artwork. Wall hung       10. All works will be offered for sale.
artworks are not to exceed 2.7 m and               There will be a commission of 33.3% for all
sculptures are not to exceed 3 m.                  works sold.
4. The Alice Springs Art Foundation will invite    To Submit a CD
artists recommended by the selection panel          CD to contain 3 images only
to exhibit one work in the 36th Alice Prize.        Format JPEG only - high res. images preferred
                                                    Each filename should correspond with the title of
                                                       the work on the entry form
Artists wishing to enter the Alice Prize should
                                                    CD to be clearly marked with the artist’s name
provide the following by 6 November 2009.
                                                   To Submit SLIDES
A. Official Entry Form – (available from the
                                                   Please mark slide mounts in ink with:
                                                    Name of artist at the top
B. Images of up to three (3) original works (1
   image per work) completed in 2007, 2008          Image number (1, 2 or 3) in top RH corner
   or 2009. The images can be submitted             Title of work at the bottom corresponding with the
   as 35mm slides or images on CD. Please              title of the work on the entry form
   note: No additional material, text or            Indicate orientation of the work by an arrow
   images will be viewed by the selection
   panel.                                          To Submit DVD/VIDEO
C. A video/DVD for those artists working with       VHS/DVD max. 5 minutes, plus optional image of
   moving images and/or video.                         installation view of work.
D. One page CV.                                     Label both DVD/cassette and add artist’s name
E. Entry fee $30 (non-refundable).                     and the title of the video.
F. A stamped self-addressed padded                  If using slide, label as per ‘Slides’ above
   envelope of appropriate size or CD mailer
   if artist requires images to be returned.       To become a financial member of the Alice Springs Art
                                                   Foundation please call or email the Foundation for a
                                                   membership form. Becoming a member provides you with
The images submitted to the selection panel
                                                   the opportunity to participate in social events related to
need not be of the exact work intended for         contemporary art, help coordinate and present the Alice Prize
the Alice Prize. However, if an artist’s work is   and meet practicing artists and other industry professionals.
selected, he or she must submit work for the        The cost of membership is $20 per year.
Prize of a similar genre in style, size and
medium.                                            If further information is required please
                                                   contact: Alice Springs Art Foundation
                                                   PO Box 1854 Alice Springs NT 0871 or

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