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									                                  Camp                                                                      WINTER 2004
                                                                                                           VOL. 18—NO. 1

 CALEDONIA, MN 55921-9706
   PHONE 1-507- 724-2351           Winnebago
Friendship Wagon Train Rides Again...
   Once again, the Friendship Wagon Train saddled up                    heartfelt thank you goes out to John & Monica, and the
and headed out for Camp Winnebago. This year the ride                   many other volunteers who dedicate their time and effort.
started on June 18th in Hastings then onto Cannons Falls,               Your help allows us to keep putting smiles on our
Randolph, Northfield, Faribault, Medford, Owatonna,                     campers’ faces year after year.
Claremont, Dodge Center and their final stop was in
Kasson on June 25th.
   The Friendship Wagon Train raised over 32 thousand
                                                                        New Executive Director
dollars for Camp Winnebago, which was used to help                          My name is Theresa Burroughs and I am the new
campers attend camp. The cost to send a camper to camp                  Executive Director for Camp Winnebago. Some of you
is $850.00/week, and since most campers cannot afford                   may recognize my name, since I have been here for
that amount, we charge a minimum payment of $410.00;                    almost five years now. I
this leaves camp with a huge deficit in which The                       started, as Administrative
Friendship Wagon Train helps shorten immensely.                         Assistant is 2000. I was
   On behalf of the Camp Winnebago Board of Directors,                  promoted to Executive
Executive Director, Staff, and the campers we serve, a big              Director in August of 2004.
                                                                            I would like to tell you a
                                                                        little about myself. I grew
                                                                        up just 2 miles from Camp
                                                                        Winnebago my family and
                                                                        I used to come down to
                                                                        camp for picnics. I am          Theresa Burroughs
                                                                        happily married to my
                                                                        husband Tom of fifteen years and we have a daughter
                                                                        Amanda who is thirteen. My husband is a self-employed
                                                                        heavy equipment mechanic who works out of his shop on
                                                                        the Burroughs family farm.
                                                                            I am very dedicated to Camp Winnebago and the
                                                                        clients we serve. I look forward to working with all the
                                                                        5M1 Lions, our great staff, and the many other people
                                                                        who help put a smile on our campers’ faces year after year.

Working on the Pond...story and photo inside on page 5.
                                                                                  Farewell Leon Feil..
                                                                           This past September we said farewell to one of our
                                                                         Board Members Leon Feil. Leon started out with Camp
                   What’s Inside                                         Winnebago in 1994 as our Lions Liaison, and became a
 •   Board of Directors Profiles . . . . . .      . . . . . . .Page 2    board member in 1997.
 •   2004 Summer Review . . . . . . . . . .       . . . . . . .Page 3       On behalf of the Camp Winnebago Board of
 •   Third Annual Sleigh Rides . . . . . . .      . . . . . . .Page 4    Directors and myself I would like to say thanks Leon for
 •   Camp Wish List . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   . . . . . . .Page 5    all your hard work and dedication you have given camp
 •   Donations/Camperships/Memorials              . . . . .Page 6–7      throughout the years.

 Remember Camp Winnebago during this giving time of the year!                                               Winter 2004—Page 1
                  ≈ Board of Directors Profiles ≈
                                                              for a walk in the woods and go bird watching. Richard
President Richard Shields                                     puts in a vegetable garden and Barbara puts in a flower
   Richard Shields became President of the Camp               garden. They like to travel and have taken a recent trip to
Winnebago Board in October of 2003. Richard has served        London and Paris. Richard is a member of Westfield Golf
on the Board for four years and has been vice-president for   Course and likes to play as much as he can get by with. In
the last two years. Danning Bloom who is a                                 winter, ice fishing is the only activity that
fellow member of Sunset Lions Club of                                      can get one out of the house.
Winona recruited him for the board. During
                                                                              “Being involved with Sunset Lions Club
that four-year term, Camp Winnebago has
                                                                           and serving on the Camp Winnebago Board
undergone a tremendous change. The budget
                                                                           has brought a lot of satisfaction to me.”
went from running a deficit each year to a
                                                                           Camp Winnebago has been a leader for the
surplus and a new building was planned and
                                                                           past 35 years in being an advocate for the
                                                                           developmentally disabled. I have been
   Richard is a professor and chairperson of                               especially pleased to see the new building
the Physics Department at Winona State                                     going up. The new building is a symbol of
University. He has served on the Winona                                    the good work of lots of people who believe
Youth Soccer Board, and was President of the        Richard Shields        in the mission of Camp Winnebago. The
Friends of Education for the referendum for a                              good will that has been generated in the
new middle school in Winona. Richard has also served as      community by past and present board members and
President of Winona Sunset Lions Club.                       employees is paying off in getting support for the new
   He is married to Barbara Shields, and has three           building. I am proud of the small part I have played in
children. Sarah Shields is a graduate student in Chemistry   getting the new building. Volunteering for Camp
at the University of Iowa. Gary Shields is a physical        Winnebago has benefited me more than Camp Winnebago
science teacher at Winona Senior High School, and            has benefited. Where else would I get the opportunity to
Amanda Shields is a sophomore Geoscience’s major at          play the mad scientist for Halloween or Santa Claus for
Winona State University. The family dogs are a cocker        Christmas?
spaniel name “Buddy” and an English Cocker Spaniel              Thank you Richard for all that you have done for Camp
named “Rufus” who is just 7 weeks old.                       Winnebago, and we look forward to working with you in
   In spring, Richard and Barbara like to take their dogs    the future.

Vice President Al Fravert                                     cross-country skiing, snow shoeing and ice fishing. His
                                                              favorite spring/summer activities include turkey hunting,
   Al and his wife Randi live in Plainview MN with their      fishing, 4-wheeling, and camping with their fifth wheel
dog Minnie. Al and Randi have 5 children                                   trailer.
and 11 grandchildren who all live in MN. Al
works for Haley Comfort Systems as a                                         Al is chair of the Camp Winnebago
HWAC Tech and is President of the                                         building committee, has overseen, and
Plainview Lions Club. His Wife Randi is also                              planned the work project of our new multi-
Secretary of that club. Al & Randi are                                    purpose building. When asked what the best
members of the Good Shepherd Lutheran                                     thing that sticks out in his mind about being a
Church of Plainview-Elgin.                                                board member of Camp Winnebago he said
                                                                          “Being a Board Member at Camp Winnebago
  Al is the Vice District Governor for                                    has been one of the most rewarding things I
District 5M1 and will be the Governor for                                 have done. When you open your hands to
2005-2006.                                                                give to others, your opening yourself up to
  Al was the Lions Liaison for Camp                 Al Fravert            receive the gifts God has to give to you.”
Winnebago from 1999-2002. He joined as a                                 Thank you Al for all the hard work you do
board member in 2002, and now is the Vice President.       for us, and we look forward to working with you in the
  Al’s fall/winter activities include fishing, hunting,    future.

  Remember Camp Winnebago during this giving time of the year!                                    Winter 2004—Page 2
Camp Winnebago Summer Review of 2004
Mike Livrance, Summer Program Director 2004                      “Camp Week” to start things off nice and easy for
    The summer of 2004 started for the Program Leaders           everyone. Week 2 is always busy with the Friendship
and Cabin Leaders on June 3, and lasted until the fourth.        Wagon Train put on by some wonderful people. The
The leaders did inventory and got their areas ready to go        Wagon Train raises a lot of money for camp. The theme
for the summer. The rest of the staff all arrived on June 7      for that week was “Western Week”. We had a photo shoot;
and did training until the 11th. Most of the training was        the campers got dressed up as cowboys and cowgirls.
for personal care, lifts and transfers, emergency                   At night, we have an Evening Program, which lasts
procedures, and kitchen procedures.                              from 45 minutes to an hour and a half. We have people
   We learned all about snakes with a first hand look at         from all over come in and do a program per week. One
real rattle snake. I cannot forget about learning all the new    person I would like to recognize is Dale Horn he calls our
and old camp songs. We finished the training week with a         square dances, and has done so for many years. We at
mock day, with about 15 campers showing up with their            Camp Winnebago would like to say thank you to Dale and
staff. Camp staff had a chance to learn what it is really like   look forward to seeing him next year. I would like to
working at Camp Winnebago.                                       thank everybody who came out to camp this past summer.
   Our first actual camp week started on June 14, we had         The staff and campers were great and hope to see all of
themes for every week. The first week was simply called          them back next summer.
                                                                    We have programs that run through the day as well.
                                                                 Camp has 5 different programs, we have Music, Nature
                                                                 and Tenting, Swimming, Arts & Crafts, and Sports. All
                                                                 programs had great leaders and programs for our campers.
                                                                 I think that Swimming is the most favorite with arts and
                                                                 Crafts second.
                                                                    We had a great summer with the students from Winona
                                                                 State University, being the bulk of the staff this summer.
      2005 Summer Camp Schedule                                  The students got to do a regular class during the summer
                                                                 as well as their regular camp duties, so they are very busy
 1.   June 13-17th . . . .Adult                                  people. Our local staff and non WSU people work very
 2.   June 20-24th . . . . .Adult                                hard as well. Without the staff we had this summer there
                                                                 would not have been a camp year, so we thank all the staff
 3.   June 27-July 1st . .Adult                                  for their hard work and long hours.
 4.   July 4-8th . . . . . . .Adult                                 The campers we have during the summer really make
 5.   July 11-15th . . . . .Adult                                the camp year. Without their smiley faces and personal
                                                                 charm, this would be a very dull place to work. We had
 6.   July 25-29th . . . . .Adult                                our ups and downs just like any other job, but the strength
 7.   July 31-August 5th Youth & Sibling                         of our staff held it all together and we had a perfect year,
 8.   August 8-12th . . . .Young Adult                           one of the best in my many years working here.
                                                                    There are many things that need to happen to have a
 9.   August 14-19th . . .Youth & Sibling                        summer like this, but we just do not have enough paper to
                                                                 write them down.
   2005 Travel Vacation Schedule                                    I would like to say that Camp Winnebago is a great
 Country Jam USA . . .July 20-24th                               place to work and play. I hope that camp has many
                                                                 wonderful years ahead of them, because there are so many
 Camping Adventure . .August 22-26th                             who depend on camp to get away for a week and have fun.

 Need a Club Speaker?
 Does your club or organization invite speakers to their meetings to talk about various subjects? Camp
 Director, Theresa Burroughs, is available to speak to interested groups about Camp Winnebago.
 Contact the camp office at 507-724-2351 to make arrangements.

  Remember Camp Winnebago during this giving time of the year!                                       Winter 2004—Page 3
Camp Winnebago’s Third Annual Sleigh Rides a Success
  On December 4, 5, 10, and 11th Camp                  Wagons. Mike Livrance, Amanda Burroughs,
Winnebago hosted its third Annual Sleigh               Sarah Eppen, Robin Twite, and the Camp
Rides to Santa’s Workshop. I want to thank             Winnebago Board of Directors for all their
Mike Mueller, Paul & Gary Vickerman &                  help making this yet another successful
Randy Myhre for bringing there horses and              event.

     respite campers and staff enjoying the ride.      From left to right: M. Mueller, G. Vickerman, P. Vickerman
                                                                              and R. Myhre.

  2005 Tentative Respite Schedule                      Job Requirements:
      January                       July               “To work with this population, one needs to have
      7th—9th                    15th—17th             patience, empathy, physical strength, common sense,
     21st—223rd                                        creativity, a sense of humor, and the ability to think on
                                   August              your feet.
       February                   26th-28th              One must believe in and be able to see the good and
        4th-6th                                        purpose in all people.
      18th—20th                  September                One must be flexible and accept different life styles
                                                       and be interested in people. Also, needed are care and
       March                      23rd-25th
                                                       concern about the camper’s dignity and a willingness
                                                       to let them do things for themselves.
      18th-20th                    October
                                    7th-9th               Finally, one needs to be able to wait for rewards and
        April                      21st-23rd           to accept one’s own weakness.”
      8th—10th                                           The above quote was from former counselor and
                                 November              Arts & Crafts Leader, Lori Schnoren-berg, who wrote
        May                       11th-13th            several reports as part of her Social Work internship.
                                                          If you possess the above qualifications and would be
        June                       2nd-4th             interested in working at the Camp, please contact:
      10th-12th                                        Camp Winnebago, 19708 Camp Winnebago Road,
      24th-26th                                        Caledonia, MN 55921

 Remember Camp Winnebago during this giving time of the year!                             Winter 2004—Page 4
Pond Work Completed...
   As many of you may have known our pond in the lower
campground was in need of repair. Thanks to many local
contractors who lent Camp Winnebago their machinery,
the pond was completed in October of 2004.
   Camp Winnebago wishes to thank Tom Molling for the
use of his dozer, Jeff Kruckow for the use of his loader,
and a special thanks to Tom and Bob Burroughs for doing
the actual work on the project.
   Thanks to Keith Comstock of Comstock Trucking for
donating the sand to put in a volleyball net, and also thanks
to Lynn Goldsworthy and Kevin Ohm of the Rochester
Host Lions Club for re-doing the walking bridge in lower
  It is only through the kind contributions of individuals
and organizations like you, that we are able to continue to
provide and expand our services to persons with                           Rochester Host Lions—Lynn Goldsworthy and Kevin
developmental disabilities. Thank you!                                          Ohm, re-doing the snowmobile bridge.

                                        Camp Winnebago Wish List
Large Tents                                Paper towels                                     Flashlights
Fishing Poles                              Inflatable pool toys (rafts)                     Batteries (AAA, AA, C, D 9 volt, Rayovac
Picnic Tables                              Cotton balls                                     Renewal rechargeable AA batteries
Musical Instruments (Rhythm)               Button maker                                     Wood 2x4’s
Beanbag Chairs                             Pipe cleaners                                    Paint brushes (any size)
Life Jackets (adult & child sizes)         Assorted buttons (for crafts)                    Kites
Heavy Duty Paper Cutter                    Pieces of leather                                Lighter fluid
Pool Cues and Tips                         Small toys                                       Charcoal
Industrial mops/buckets                    35MM Film                                        Tissue paper
Heavy Duty vacuum cleaners                 Ladders (step and full size)                     Garbage bags (all sizes)
Commercial food processor                  Polaroid Film                                    Latex gloves
Colored copy paper                         Generators                                       Non-Latex gloves
Portable steam table                       VCR Movies (G or Pg Ratings)                     Coffee cups, Styrofoam
Paper Streamer                             Aluminum Foil                                    Plastic or paper drinking cups (disposable)
High powered chain saw                     Dish detergent                                   Scotch tape
Toss Beanbags                              Parchment Paper                                  Colored construction paper
Red barn paint                             Sponges                                          Small and large padded envelopes
Plastic Shoe Boxes                         Song books                                       Coffee machines
White paint                                Masking Tape                                     Plungers
Plastic Storage Boxes                       Heavy duty rope (for our tipi)                  Desk- top laminator
Tempera paints (any colors)                White copy paper                                 CD, tape players
Tambourines                                Salad bar and appropriate equipment              Radios
Cordless screwdriver                       Halloween masks                                  Refrigerator
Serving Spoons and Bowls                   VCR                                              Legal pads
Hatchet                                    Duct tape                                        Black sharpie permanent markers
Hammers and other hand tools               Hand crank ice cream maker                       Dish- towels and cloths
Sleeping bags and sleeping pads            Paper plates                                     Napkins
Kool-aid and Lemonade mixes                Heavy duty shower curtains                       Alarm clocks
Cast iron pots (for campfire cooking)      Spray paint                                      AA Rayovac Renewal rechargeable batteries
Large vehicle                              Beads                                            Plastic pillow protectors
Leather lacing for crafts                  Adult size shirt protectors (easy to make with   Mattress pads
A float for parades                        dish towels)                                     Tug of War rope
 Golf carts                                Sunscreen (highest level)                        Plastic mattress covers
New beds                                   Push- pins, tacks                                Small lamps
Coloring books                             Band-aides, gauze                                 Please Call If You Have Any Questions,
White t-shirts (for tie-dying)             Cold packs                                                     (507)724-2351
Microphone/speaker system                  Small paper and zip lock bags
Gas grill for tenting area                 Large poster board                                  Any Help You Can Give Will be
Commercial blender                         Costumes (adult size) or "dress-up": clothes             Greatly Appreciated!!

  Remember Camp Winnebago during this giving time of the year!                                                 Winter 2004—Page 5
                                         DONATIONS (0/28/2003-12-23/2004)
South Ridge United Methodist Women   Prince of Peace WELCA of La Crescent    Spring Grove FFA                        St. Mary’s Council of Catholic Women
St. John’s Women’s Fellowship        Hugh Watson Post #190 of St. Charles    Midwest Wireless                        Donald & Lavonna Meiners
American Legion Auxiliary            Saetersdal WELCA of Harmony             Prince of Peace Church                  Rochester Host Lions Club
United Building Center               Spring Grove Lions Club                 Frankard Foundation                     Craig Welsh
Le Roy Ostrander FFA                 American Legion Auxiliary of Fountain   Rochester 76 Lions Club                 Hayfield Lions Club
Houston Legion Club                  Rochester Host Lions Club               Winona Noon Lions Club                  Whalen Lutheran Church
Lori Swerine                         St. Mary’s Council of Catholic Women    Tru-Gas of Caledonia                    Garness Trinity WELCA
Mazeppa Lions Club                       of Caledonia                        Ann & Larry Thompson                    Scheie WELCA
Pine Island Lions Club               Eitzen Lions Club                       Winona Noon Lions Club                  South Ridge United Methodist Women
Garness Trinity WELCA                Winona Sunset Lions Club                Winona Sunset Lions Club                Waterloo Ridge WELCA
Scheie WELCA                         St. Charles Lions Club                  Goodhue Lioness Club                    Plainview Lions Club
Harold & Carolene Jacobson           Winona Suns-Up Lions Club               Eitzen Lions Club                       Wilmington Township United Fund
Community First National Bank of     Lake City Lions Club                    Community Charities of MN               Houston Legion Club
             Mabel                   Zumbrota Lions Club                     Mr. & Mrs. Don Gjere Family             Winona National Bank
Mauss Pumping Service                Ostrander Lions Club                    Knights of Columbus (Caledonia)         Grand Meadow Lions Club
Ferman & Doris Lanning               Zumbro Falls Lions Club                 Caledonia Lions Club                    Kwik Trip Inc
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Seebold           Brownsville Lions Club                  Greg & Jackie Wennes                    Neville Lien Auxiliary
New Albin Savings Bank               Wanamingo Lions Club                    ECM Publishers Inc                      Norman Thingvold
Arendahl WELCA                       Kenyon Lions Club                       Mabel Lions Club                        Harold & Carolene Jacobson
Wilmington Mutual Insurance          Goodhue Lioness Club                    State Bank of La Crosse                 American Legion Auxiliary #56
Wilmington Township United Fund      Stewartville Lioness Club               Thomas & Kathryn Ready                  Arendahl WELCA
Rochester Target Stores              Houston Lions Club                      Randy Myhre                             Kasson-Mantorville Lions Club
James & Gretchen Erwin               Rochester Morning Pride Lions Club      St. Paul’s WELCA                        Greenfield WELCA
Lauren Applen                        Winona Noon Lions Club                  Knights of Columbus La Crescent         Racine Lions Club
Henrytown ELCW                       Winona Rivertown Lions Club             Knights of Columbus Mabel               Henrytown WELCA
Robert & Rosemary Shoup              Austin Lions Club                       Rushford Community Chest                Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Seebold
Albert Lea American Auxiliary #56    Stewartville Lions Club                 Eitzen Lions Club                       Iowa Knights of Columbus
Grace WELCA of Peterson              Caledonia Lions Club                    Winona Noon Lions Club                  Forte-Milers Barbershop Chorus
Greenfield WELCA                     Harmony Lions Club                      Wilmington Lutheran Church              Gilbertson-Rude Post #526
Blooming Prairie Lions Club          Altura Lions Club                       Carl & Verna Schmidt Foundation         Rushford Lions
Houston United Campaign              Lewiston Lions Club                     First Lutheran Church of Highland       Sundet Foundation
Peterson American Legion #526        Preston Lions Club                      Coulee Clown Club                       Winona Senior High FFA
Dennison Lions Club                  Red Wing Lions Club                     Hormel Corporate                        Charles & Judith Shepard
Winona Fraternal Order of Eagles     Federated Insurance Foundation          Byron Lions Club                        Immanuel WELCA
Frankard Foundation                  Tri-County Electric                     Wykoff Lions Club                       New Albin Savings Bank
Sundet Foundation                    Dodge Center Lions Club                 VFW #4114 of Spring Valley              Spring Grove Herald
La Crosse Breakfast Optimist Club    Van Gundy Elk Farm & Antler Shed        American Legion of Spring Valley        Robert Botcher
Norman Thingvold                     Louis McCahill Post #110 of Lake City   American Legion Post #50 of Wabasha     Dean & Susan Wiste
Kasson Mantorville Lions Club        Leon Edman                              Rochester Civitan Club                  Wilmington WELCA
Virginia Muenkel                     Winona Fraternal Order of Eagles        Ruth Tweten                             American Legion Auxiliary
Mabel Lions Club                     Meadows Inn B&B of Rushford             Ruby Highum                             Knitcraft-St. Croix Foundation
Charles & Judith Shepard             Merlin Klein                            Betty Calendar King Foundation          Highland Prairie WELCA
St. Matthew WELCA                    St. Mary’s Church Quilting Ladies       Tom Burroughs Equipment Repair
Booman Chiropractic Corp.            Trinity Lutheran Church WELCA of        Bob Burroughs

                                                                                                                                                       Name ______________________________________________
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Address ____________________________________________
Byron American Legion                Spring Grove                            Tom Molling
Dean Flugstad DDS                    Caledonia United Way                    J & J Trucking

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        I am interested in purchasing a tile in the Memorial Wall. Please send
Our Savior’s Lutheran WELCA Spring   Mabel Garden Club                       Comstock Trucking
     Valley                          Plainview School District               Mark Myhre                               Camp Winnebago’s Memorial Wall
Forte-Milers Barbershop Chorus       Highland Prairie WELCA                  Victor Christian
Waterloo Ridge WELCA                 Ben Franklin Store of La Crosse         David Bauer
Casper Eggler                        Albert Lea Cloverleaf Lions             St. Luke’s UCC Quilters
Whalen Lutheran Church WELCA         Canton Scotland Presbyterian Church     Fountain American Legion
Caledonia Immanuel WELCA             St. Mary’s Parish Lycurgus              Community First Bank of Mabel
Plainview Lions Club                 St. Joseph’s Church                     Kiwanis Sunrisers
Fillmore Central FFA                 Immaculate Conception Church            Harold & Maryls Thompson
Wayne J Hood                         Winona Hy-Vee                           St. Luke’s UCC Women’s Fellowship
Trane Family Foundation              Coca Cola of La Crosse                  Barb Gittens
Knitcraft-St. Croix Foundation       Rushford Kwik Trip                      Gary Messner
Wilmington WELCA                     Lannings Super Value                    Renner & Martha Anderson
R.M. Zimmerman                       Rushford American Legion                Lauren Applen
Peterson Highland Prairie WELCA      Pepsi Cola                              Wilmington Mutual Insurance
Spring Grove Valheim Lodge #364      Woodman’s                               Robert Shoup
George & Pamela Griffith             Quillin’s IGA                           Virginia Muenkel
Spring Grove Herald                  Festival Foods                          Merchants Bank of Caledonia
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        me the information/order form.

Eyota American Auxiliary             Red Wing Lions Club                     Spring Grove Insurance Agency
Hokah Lions Club                     U.S. Marine Corp.                       Jennings State Bank of Spring Grove
Racine Lions Club                    Sonny & Bev’s                           Louis McCahill Post #110 of Lake City
Lyle Lioness Club                    Hodges Workout Center                   American Legion Post #179 of
Rochester 76 Lions Club              Nokomis Grandmothers Club               Plainview
Austin Noon Lions Club               Austin Evening Lions Club               Spring Grove Commercial Club
Hayfield Lions Club                  Frank & Joyce Rocco                     Thomas & Maria Coffman
Adams Lions Club                     Sequoia Society                         David & Joan Wissing
La Crescent Lions Club               Caledonia Electronics                   LeRoy Ostrander FFA
Rushford Lions Club                  Community 1st National Bank             St. Matthew WELCA of Preston
Cannon Falls Lions Club              Dairy Queen                             Merchants Bank

Spring Grove United Fund             Pine Cone Place                         Community First National Bank
Spring Grove Township United Fund    Lake City Sportsman’s Club              St. John’s Women’s Fellowship of New
Waseca Public Schools #829           Preston Lions Club                                 Albin
Canton & Area United Fund            Rushford Lutheran WELCA                 Hayfield American Legion

  Remember Camp Winnebago during this giving time of the year!                                                                                                     Winter 2003—Page 6
                                        CAMPERSHIPS (0/28/2003-12-23/2004)
     Un-designated Camperships           Brownsville Lions Club               Cross of Christ WELCA                   ARC of Southeastern MN
Cross-of Christ WELCA of Houston         Dennison Lions Club                  Faith Lutheran Church of Black          Christ Lutheran Church
Janice Dokken                            Hokah Lions Club                     Hammer                                  Mower County Treasurer
Quamme VFW Post of Wanamingo             Eyota American Legion #551           Tri-County Electric Operation Roundup   Lewiston Lions Club
Stewartville Lioness Club                Ivan Stringer Post #164                                                      Hayfield Lions Club
Jennings State Bank                      La Crosse Rotary Club                       Designated Camperships           Christ Lutheran WELCA
Wilmington Mutual Insurance Company      Kreofsky Building Supplies           Onalaska American Legion                Kellogg Lions Club
Altura Lions Club                        Voiture #327 Program                 Spring Valley/Wykoff FFA                Austin Lions Parade Unit
Rushford/Peterson FFA                    Booman Chiropractic                  Staggemeyer Stave Company of            Community Charities of MN
APN Inc. of Caledonia                    Caledonia FFA                        Caledonia                               Plainview Lions Club
Lanning’s Food Center of Plainview       Chatfield American Legion #197       Riverside Electronics LTD               ARC of Mower County
VFW Auxiliary #6801 of Brownsville       Spring Grove Commercial Club         Ace Telephone Association               Reinharts Stained Glass Studios
Houston County News                      Spring Grove Lions Club              La Crescent Lions Club                  American Legion #6508
Sheriff’s Mounted Posse of Goodhue       Rushford Women’s Club                Mabel Lions Club                        ARC of Freeborn County
County                                   Elstad WELCA                         Donald & Lavonna Meiners                Kellogg Lions Club
Community First National Bank            Weis Buick Pontiac GMC               ARC of Southeastern MN                  Gunderson Lutheran Medical
Mound Prairie Mutual Insurance           St. Charles VFW Post #5630           La Crescent American Legion             Foundation
Company                                  Rochester Host Lions Club            Austin Noon Lions                       ARC of Freeborn County
Canton State Bank                        District Lodge #66 IAMAW             Winona Sunset Lions Club                Kellogg Lions Club
VFW Auxiliary Post #8729 of Lake City    Church Women United                  Austin Morning Lions Club               Trempealeau Lions Club
Fountain WELCA                           Shjon Podein Children’s Foundation   VFW Auxiliary #6893                     95.7 The Rock
St. Peter’s Women’s Fellowship of New    Central Lutheran Church ELCW         Stewartville Lions Club                 Austin Civitan
Albin                                    Caledonia Electronics                American Legion Post #91                United Methodist Church of Caledonia
Eitzen Lions Club                        Eitzen Lions Club                    Adams Lions Club
American Legion Post #330                American Legion Post #249            Plainview Lions Club
Adams American Legion                    Kiwanis Club Inc                     Elgin American Legion #573

             In Memory of                              Given By
Ora Fruechte                            Stuart & Ruth Ann Dibley
George Williams                         Doris Williams
Gerald & Helen Erickson                 Walter & Carol Ward
Irvin Ingvalson                         Wayne & Marian Bunge
Harlan Stehr                            Dean & Susan Wiste
Helen Schuttemeier
Borghild Rusert
Harold Wiegrefe
                                        Goodhue Lions Club
                                        Walter Schuttemeier
                                                                                     Help Us...
                                        Fred & Barbara Arnold
Bernice Sylling
Norman Bunge
Dorothy Heidermann
                                        Mary Schneider
                                        Christopher & Jane Kerbaugh
                                                                                     Help You:
Margaret Koulasiewicz
                                        Larry & Ann Thompson
                                        Martin & Margaret Ranzenberger
                                                                                       If there are
Nancy Sanness
Mary Deters
                                        Daryl & Betty Tessmer
                                        Edgar Drogemuller
                                                                                     groups that are planning events to
Donna Nelson
Clara Brenns                            Charman & Ordell Blexrud
                                        Leon & Marveen Feil
                                                                                     raise funds or are doing projects for
Arthur Kruse
Joe Sheehan Jr.                         Kari Sheehan                                 the camp, please notify the camp
John Stafslien                          Larry VonGroven
Arnold Schroeder                        Delores Skauge                               office. We can help you in your
Bill Welch                              Don & Lavonna Meiners
John Paus                               Stuart & Ruth Ann Dibley                     efforts to publicize your project and
                                                                                     to make sure you receive recognition
  Thanks....                                                                         for your untiring efforts.
  We would like to thank our
  contributors for their donations of
                                                                                 The purpose of this newsletter is to increase
  money or needed items. It is                                                   awareness of Camp Winnebago’s programs and
  through generous donations such                                                to recognize those who contribute to its success.
  as these that we can continue to                                               Please address any comments or corrections to:
                                                                                 Theresa Burroughs, Camp Winnebago, 19708
  provide camping for individuals with
                                                                                 Camp Winnebago Road, Caledonia, MN, 55921
  developmental disabilities.                                                    (507) 724-2351

  Remember Camp Winnebago during this giving time of the year!                                                                Winter 2004—Page 7
Camp Winnebago News                                                                                                  Non-Profit Organization
19708 Camp Winnebago Road                                                                                              U.S. Postage Paid
                                                                                                                      Caledonia, Minnesota
Caledonia, MN 55921-9706                                                                                                     55921
                                                                                                                         Permit No. 46
                                                                                                                     Camp Winnebago, Inc.

Camp Winnebago is a private, nonprofit
organization that provides recreational services
for children and adults with developmental
              Phone: 1-507-724-2351
               Fax: 1-507-724-3786

                         Camp Winnebago Buildings available for Rentals!
  Camp Winnebago’s facilities are a great place                         Camp Winnebago
  to hold your wedding reception, dance,                                19708 Camp Winnebago Road
  banquets, family reunions or class reunions.                          Caledonia, MN 55921

  Phone 507-724-2351                                                    Call camp office for prices and availability.
  FAX: 507-724-3786                                                     Check us out on the web at

                                                   Buildings Available
                                                                        New Dining Hall...(Couple pictures to the left)
                                                                        Bunge....6 rooms, 4 bunk beds, lounge area, kitchen in
                                                                                 the basement.
                                                                        Lions Den...9 beds, 1 big room
                                                                        Lions Cave...9 beds, 1 big room
                                                                        Memorial Cabin*..
                                                                        Winnie Cabin*..
                                                                        Bago Cabin*..
                                                                        * Buildings above are are available on a seasonal basis!
           Dining/Main Hall                         Kitchen/Main Hall             Call 507-724-2351 for Prices!

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