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Instructions for the Enfer Diagnostics BVD Ear Tag System.
In this shipment you should have received the following:

- The ordered number of ear tags/tissue cutters, which cuts and seals the tissue sample and/or
  Tag Applier (if ordered)
- Sample tubes which hold the sample in mummified state until the laboratory completes the
  specified testing (part of the ear tag).
- Instructions.

Before any tag is placed in an ear please read these instructions carefully in order to obtain the
best sample for BVD testing. It is very important that the Metal Tissue Cutter is free from any
faeces, dirt or debris to avoid ear wound contamination. The tag must also be placed in the
correct position. See figure 1 and 2:

Fig. 1 The correct placement                 Fig. 2 The incorrect placement


Keep the ear tags in a normal room temperature environment until use. After use the sample tubes
can be stored at room temperature or in a refrigerator or freezer.


Please read and ensure you fully understand the instructions supplied with the Tag Applier
before placing any tags to avoid personal injury. The tissue cutting part of the ear tag is
sharp and must be handled with care.
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                                                                                          Fig 3.
Step 1.                                                                                     Fig 3.
Take a new tag. The tag has a sample cutter (back) and a sample tube (front). See
fig. 3.

Step 2.

Depress the spring loaded metal clip on the Tag Applier and rotate it back (See fig.
4) Place the sample tube of the tag into the cylindrical hole in the bottom jaw of the
Tag Applier. Release the metal clip so that the metal sample tube is secured. (See
fig. 5)
                                                                                          Fig 4.

Step 3.

Detach the sample cutter from the tag and place the sample cutter over the guiding
pin. (Fig 6)

Step 4.

Place the ear tag between two cartilage slats that extend through the ear without
perforating any blodd vessels.                                                            Fig 5.

Important: the tissue cutter should be behind the ear and the sample tube
should be in front of the ear.

Step 5.

With a swift continuous motion compress the Tag Applier. This places a 3 mm
tissue biopsy into the sealed sample tube. Continue the downward motion and
the tissue tag will separate from the sample tube.
                                                                                          Fig 6.
Step 6.                                                                                   Fig 6.
Elevate the sample tube out of the Tag Applier by pressing on the back side of the
spring loaded clip. Remove the sample tube and check if the sample tube is sealed
(Fig 7).

Step 7.

Store the sample tube in a safe place until all samples are taken. Place the sample
tubes in a padded envelope and send this to :                                             Fig 7.
        Enfer Scientific Ltd.                                                              Fig 7.
        Unit T
        M7 Business Park, Newhall
        Naas, Co. Kildare.

T       : 045-983800
F       : 045-983801
Email   :
Web     :

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