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									  88 Aldo Sebben

Missouri State Relays
   “America’s Oldest High School Only Invitational”

        27 2010                                          Mo.
  April 27, 2010 - Plaster Sports Complex - Springfield, Mo.
  88th Aldo Sebben Missouri State Relays
     General Information                                                 Entry Information
Date: Tuesday, April 27, 2010                                    Entry Limits: Each team may enter:
                                                                     • Up to two athletes per individual event.
Location: Missouri State University, Springfield, Mo.                • One team per relay event.
                                                                     • Athletes may not compete in more than four total
Eligibility: This meet is open to all MSHSAA schools. Out                events.
of state teams may request entry in advance.
                                                                 Teams that have more than two highly competitive athletes
                                                                 in the same event are welcome to make requests for
Facilities: MSU’s 16,600 seat Plaster Sports Complex is
                                                                 additional entries to the meet director.
the largest track and field stadium in Missouri. Features
                                                                 Entry System: The entry process will take place online.
     • 8-lane synthetic all-weather surface.                     To access the online entry system go online to
     • Two runways with four pits for horizontal jumps.          www.BearsTrack.net and click on “Home Meets”. No other
     • Venues for pole vault and high jump.                      method of entry submission will be accepted.
     • Field Turf synthetic infield that can be utilized for
         warm-ups under all weather conditions.                  Entries Due – THURSDAY, APRIL 23rd / 11:00PM:
     • Top of the line throwing venues for discus and            All team and individual event entries must be completed by
         shot put that opened in the spring of 2007.             11:00PM on Thursday, April 23rd. Entries may be
     • New in 2008 a nearly $2 Million video scoreboard          submitted, updated and / or changed online at any now and
         which will allow for instant results posting.           up until the deadline. All relay only athletes must also be
     • Skybox luxury suites for coach hospitality.               entered into the online system.

Divisions: Athletes compete together in their events             Entries and Schedule Posted – SUNDAY, APRIL 25th:
regardless of division. Awards and team scores are               Entries and a final competition schedule will be posted at
separated by divisions. Awards Divisions are: Maroon –           www.BearsTrack.net no later than Sunday, April 25th. Meet
3A/4A, White – 1A/2A. Non-Missouri schools will be               management reserve the right to refuse entries if entries
assigned to the correct division by meet management based        exceed expectations or entry marks are non-competitive.
on MSHSAA enrollment standards.
                                                                 FEES: The max entry fees are $80 per gender team or $20
Awards: A total of 408 medals and 12 trophies will be            per individual. Entry fees will be based on the total number
awarded in the following categories for boys and girls:          of athletes entered, not the total number that compete.
• Total of Six Individuals Per Event (Awarded Top Three          Schools may pay by cash or check (No PO’s should be
   Individuals Per Division).                                    sent). Receipts will be included in team packets.
• Total of Six Teams Per Relay Event (Awarded Top Three
   Relay Teams Per Division).                                    Entry fee checks should be payable to “MSU Track and
• Total of Six Teams Overall (Awarded Top Three Teams            Field” and submitted on meet day or received by MSU Track
   Per Division).                                                and Field no late than 30 days of the competition. Mail fees
Team Scoring: 1st (10pts), 2nd (8pts), 3rd (6pts), 4th (5pts),
5th (4pts), 6th (3pts), 7th (2pts), 8th (1pt).                                    Missouri State University
                                                                                   Track and Field Office
Timing / Results: Professional operated FinishLynx                                  901 S. National Ave.
timing and Hy-Tek meet manager by AdkinsTrak, Inc.                                 Springfield, MO 65897

                                                                 IMPORTANT: Please instruct your school to send checks to
Contact: Greg Hipp, Meet Director
                                                                 the exact above address so that your fees arrive at the
   • Phone: 417.836.4498                                         correct campus office.
   • E-Mail: greghipp@missouristate.edu
                                                                 Teams not submitting payment within 30 days of the
                                                                 competition will be charged a $25 late fee per gender.
   88th Aldo Sebben Missouri State Relays
                                  Meet Day Information
Admission: Admission is $2.00 for spectators. Students           Cars and vans should park in the parking deck west of the
are admitted free. Coaches will need their coach’s               track or in lots south of the track (Lots 18 and 22).
credential to enter the stadium.
                                                                 The “Red Route” campus shuttle picks up at the parking
Athletic Trainers: Trainers will be available at the             decks and drops off on the east side of the track. Bus
stadium. Trainers will not provide supplies for non-             drivers should walk to the south side of the parking deck
emergency needs. Athletes and coaches may not go to the          next to Lot 44 to get on the shuttle.
Forsythe Athletics Center Athletic Training Room.
                                                                 Results: Results will be posted underneath the east side
Awards: Awards will be available for pick up by coaches          of the stadium. Copies of results will not be available at the
30 minutes after track events and 60 minutes after field         meet. Results will be posted at BearsTrack.net (Click on
events in the coaches’ hospitality room. If you would like to    home meets) as soon as possible after the meet.
have your awards mailed please drop off a self addressed
large padded envelope to the awards room with $5.00 for          Seating / Team Camps: Seating is open in the stadiums
shipping costs.                                                  lower sections. The upper deck is closed. Athletes and
                                                                 teams should not set team camps in the seating directly in
Check-In: For each track event athletes must be checked          front of the finish line. Tents and umbrellas can only be
in by the start time of the event immediately prior to their     placed in the back/upper rows of the stadium. There is
event. Track athletes check in on the field in the south end     limited space for teams to set up camps underneath the
zone. Field athletes should check in at least 30 minutes         stadium. Please do not block walkways or the results
prior at their field event area. Event calls will be made from   posting area with team camps.
the check in tent on the infield and may not be heard from
the stadium seats. Athletes are responsible for being at         Stadium Field Access: The infield is open to coaches and
their events on time.                                            for athlete warm-ups. Athletes should not be on the field
                                                                 when they are not preparing to compete. Please enter the
Coaches Hospitality: Hospitality will be available on the        infield from open gates. Please instruct athletes not to
stadiums second level luxury suites accessible from the grey     climb fences or jump over rails to enter the infield.
doors on the north side of the stadium throughout the day.
A full lunch is not being served.                                Starting Blocks / Relay Zones: Please prepare athletes
                                                                 to set their blocks and relay zones quickly due to the fast
Credentials: Each school will receive coach credentials for      paced nature of the meet schedule.
each gender team they have entered. These passes will be
needed for entry into the stadium, entry onto the field and      Team Packets: Packet pick-up will take place at the south
for coach’s hospitality. These passes can only be used by        admissions gate near the bus drop off by the Grand St.
official school coaches.                                         doors.

Emergency: In the event of a weather evacuation                  Throwing Venues: The throwing venues are in the field
(lightning) it will be mandatory to exit the stadium and         directly behind the Forsythe Athletics Center and library. To
move to McDonald Arena north of the stadium.                     arrive at throwing venues walk north of the track on the red
                                                                 brick road. For the shot put walk around front of the library
Finish Line Times: Results will be posted instantly on the       turning right at Hammons Parkway. For the discus walk
video scoreboard.                                                around the back the library and the Forsythe Athletics
                                                                 Center. Thrower and coaches needing restrooms may enter
Food / Refreshments: The Student Union food court is             the Forsythe Athletics Center. Restrooms are near the front
open and is just northeast of the stadium.                       of the building.

Parking: Buses may drop off south of the track in                Throwing Implement Certification: Throwing
westbound curb lane of Grand St. Please instruct bus             implements are subject to being certified at the request of
drivers NOT TO USE STOP SIGNS as traffic flow must be            event officials.
allowed to continue. Buses must park in lot 44. To get to
lot 44 continue down Grand St., turn right onto Kimbrough,       T-Shirts: Missouri State Track and Field t-shirts will be on
then turn right on Elm St. Lot 44 is ahead on the left.          sale for $15.00 at the south admissions gate.
   88th Aldo Sebben Missouri State Relays
                                THE SCHEDULE WILL ROLL AHEAD IF ABLE
Track Events:                                            Field Events Schedule:

12:00 p.m.      Boy’s 110m Hurdles (Prelim)              Vertical Jump Schedule:
                Girls 100m Hurdles (Prelim)              (Five Alive Method)
12:30 p.m.      Boy’s 100m Dash (Prelim)                 12:00 p.m.     Boy’s High Jump (Opening Height = 5’4”)
                Girl’s 100m Dash (Prelim)                2:00 p.m.      Girl’s Pole Vault (Opening Height = 7’0”)
1:00 p.m.       Girl’s 4x800m Relay (Final)              3:30 p.m.      Girl’s High Jump (Opening Height = 4’4”)
                Boy’s 4x800m Relay (Final)               4:00 p.m.       Boy’s Pole Vault (Opening Height = 9’6”)
1:30 p.m.       Girl’s 100m Hurdles (Final)
                Boy’s 110m Hurdle (Final)                Horizontal Jumps Schedule:
1:40 p.m.       Girl’s 100m Dash (Final)                 (4 Attempts Per Athlete, No Final)
                Boy’s 100m Dash (Final)                  12:00 p.m.    Girl's Long Jump (Min. Mark = 13’6”)
1:50 p.m.       Girl’s 4x200m Relay (Final)              12:00 p.m.    Boy's Long Jump (Min. Mark = 17’6”)
                Boy’s 4x200m Relay (Final)               3:30 p.m.      Girl's Triple Jump (Min. Mark = 28’0”)
2:35 p.m.       Girl’s 1600m Run (Final)                 3:30 p.m.      Boy's Triple Jump (Min. Mark = 36’0”)
                Boy’s 1600m Run (Final)
3:15 p.m.       Girl’s 4x100m Relay (Final)              Throwing Events Schedule:
                Boy’s 4x100m Relay (Final)               (4 Attempts Per Athlete, No Final)
3:40 p.m.       Girl’s 400m Dash (Final)                 12:00 p.m.    Boy's Discus Throw (Min. Mark = 90’0”)
                Boy’s 400m Dash (Final)                  12:00 p.m.    Girl's Shot Put (Min. Mark = 25’0”)
4:15 p.m.       Girl’s 300m Hurdles (Final)              3:30 p.m.     Girl's Discus Throw (Min. Mark = 70’0”)
                Boy’s 300m Hurdles (Final)               3:30 p.m.      Boy's Shot Put (Min. Mark = 35’0”)
4:45 p.m.       Girl’s 800m Dash (Final)
                Boy’s 800m Dash (Final)                  Note:
5:10 p.m.       Girl’s 200m Dash (Final)                 Qualifying Procedure for 100m Dash, 100m/110m Hurdles
                Boy’s 200m Dash (Final)                  Finals – Qualifying is by time for a two section final. Eight
                                                         athletes per division will qualify for a seeded multi-division
5:40 p.m.       Girl’s 3200m Run (Final)
                Boy’s 3200m Run (Final)
6:25 p.m.       Girl’s 4x400m Relay (Final)
                                                         Explanation of Five Alive Method: Five athletes are active
                Boy’s 4x400m Relay (Final)               or “alive” at a time. Once an athlete has cleared or missed
                                                         3 attempts at a height another athlete shall be added to
Note:                                                    the group of active athletes, moving down the order of
                                                         competition until all athletes have completed attempts at
The Sprint Medley Relay will not be contested in 2010.
                                                         each height. Athletes not present when called “alive” will
                                                         be passed to the next height.

                                                         Min. Marks: Athletes attempts that do not meet minimum
                                                         marks will not be measured or recorded. Coaches are
                                                         encouraged only to enter athletes who are able to obtain
                                                         the minimum marks.
   88th Aldo Sebben Missouri State Relays
                                          Meet Records
100-meter dash: 10.44, Terry Scott, Kansas City Southeast, 1982
200-meter dash: 21.71, Eric Clemons, Jefferson City, 1990; Chris Weimer, Blue Springs South, 1996
400-meter dash: 48.77, Gene Coleman, Rolla, 1992
800-meter run: 1:54.42, Josh Harper, West Plains, 2003
1600-meter run: 4:15.41, DeWayne Miner, Bolivar, 1990
3200-meter run: 9:17.18, Jason Sandfort, West Plains, 2001
110-meter hurdles: 14.34, Keyen Porter, Blue Springs South, 2008
300-meter hurdles: 39.01, Lucas Bateman, Waynesville, 2008
400-meter relay: 43.21, Joplin High School, 2004
800-meter relay: 1:29.59, Springfield Central, 2009
1600-meter relay: 3:20.89 Waynesville, 2008
Sprint Medley Relay: 3:33.63, Joplin High School, 2004
3200-meter relay: 8:06.22, Carthage, 1989
High Jump: 6’ 10", B. Jasinski, Springfield Parkview, 1982; M. Greer, Logan-Rogersville, 1989
Long Jump: 23’ 6", Felix Rodriguez, Crocker, 1991
Triple Jump: 47’ 6 3/4", Mike Greer, Logan-Rogersville, 1989
Pole Vault: 15’ 9", Bruce Dial, Mount Vernon, 1992
Shot Put: 59’ 6", Bruce McGee, Neosho, 1977
Discus: 172’ 1 1/2", Joe Close, Springfield Parkview, 1982

100-Meter Dash: 12.11, Terry Barwes, Waynesville, 2002
200-Meter Dash: 25.39, Jeni King, Jefferson City, 1989
400-Meter Dash: 57.00, Ashley Wysong, Nevada, 1995
800-Meter Run: 2:18.58, Erin Windler, Blue Springs South, 1995
1600-Meter Run: 5:07.83, Ashley Sanders, Clinton, 2002
3200-Meter Run: 11:02.78, Brittani Johnson, West Plains, 2006
100-Meter Hurdles: 14.07, Trace Woods, Mount Vernon, 1988
300-Meter Hurdles: 45.09, Tracy Partain, Parkview, 2002
400-Meter Relay: 49.81, Waynesville, 2002
800-Meter Relay: 1:45.13, Center, 2008
1600-Meter Relay: 4:05.76, Kansas City Ruskin 1991
Sprint-Medley Relay: 4:15.93, West Plains, 1995
3200-Meter Relay: 9:38.25, Neosho, 2009
High Jump: 5 feet 8 inches, Keeling Harding, Carthage, 1990
Long Jump: 18 feet 8 1/2 inches, Lacreda Rimmer, Kansas City Ruskin, 2002
Triple Jump: 39 feet 5 inches, Lucretia Rimmer, Kansas City Ruskin, 2001
Shot Put: 44 feet 8 1/2 inches, Denise Buchanan, Springfield Glendale, 1983
Discus: 147 feet 5 inches, Valeyta Althous, Blue Springs, 1991
Pole Vault: 12 feet 0 inches, Tara Deibold, Branson, 2006
Missouri State University
Plaster Sports Complex
     Stadium Map
Campus / Parking Map
   88th Aldo Sebben Missouri State Relays
To Missouri State University (Bus Drop Off Location):
From I-44:
    1. Use exit 82A (Highway 65 South)
    2. Exit onto Chestnut Expressway, turn right.
    3. Turn left onto National Ave.
    4. Turn right onto Grand St. (Merge into the curb lane)
From Hwy 65 Southbound:
    1. Exit onto Chestnut Expressway, turn right
    2. Turn left onto National Ave.
    3. Turn right onto Grand St. (Merge into the curb lane)
From Hwy 65 Northbound:
    1. Exit onto Chestnut Expressway, turn left
    2. Turn left onto National Ave.
    3. Turn right onto Grand St. (Merge into the curb lane)
From Hwy 60 Eastbound:
    1. Take the exit for National Ave., turn left
    2. Turn left onto Grand St. (Merge into the curb lane)
From Hwy 60 Westbound:
    1. Take the exit for National Ave., turn right
    2. Turn left onto Grand St. (Merge into the curb lane)




From Bus Drop Off to Bus Parking:
    1. Proceed west on Grand St.
    2. Turn right onto Kimbrough St. (John Q. Hammons Parkway is blocked off during school hours)
    3. Turn right into Elm St.
    4. Turn left into Lot 44.
    Shuttle: Bus drivers may use the “Bear Line” campus shuttle that picks up on the southwest corner of the adjacent
    parking deck. Take the Red Route to the Carrington Hall stop which is directly across from the stadium.

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