Weekly House Furnishing Auction (PDF) by ldd0229


									                              Weekly House Furnishing Auction
                                     Monday 22nd March 2010

1.    Textured throw                             16.   'Knightsbridge' porcelain collectors doll

2.    Watercolour landscape in an oak frame      17.   Yamaha PSR-Z7S computer ready
3.    Watercolour by Paul Barton, 'Bridge to
      Ulpha'                                     18.   Various ceramics, Spode, Booths

4.    Floral china tea set with green and        19.   Pair of carriage lamps
      white tureen
                                                 20.   Brass car horn, trumpet horn, and an oil
5.    Duchess 'Maryland' tea and dinner                lamp base
                                                 21.   Glazed cabinet and wall shelves
6.    Jam pan, saucepan, brass candlestick
      pair and a studio pottery vase             22.   Stentor Music Co. violin in case

7.    'Ridgeway' willow pattern ashette          23.   Sound Post UK violin in case

8.    Three pieces of Torquay Ware               24.   Books; animal, golf etc.

9.    Commemorative wares, two figures,          25.   Books; gardening, cookery etc.
                                                 26.   Books; novels etc.
10.   Light oak folding bookshelves
                                                 27.   Books; cookery etc.
11.   Modern pine kitchen table and six
      chairs                                     28.   Matchbox 'Motorway' set

12.   Modern fire surround, hearth and back      29.   Five cased sets of cutlery

13.   Dark brown faux leather armchair           30.   Five cased sets of cutlery

14.   Oak sideboard                              31.   Six cased sets of cutlery

15.   Royal Worcester part tea set in Oriental   32.   Babystyle Lux combi pram and
      design                                           pushchair
34.   Brass telescope TEL SCT REGT MK11S        64.   Steps

35.   Military buttons and badges               65.   Aluminium ladder

36.   Two Carlisle Brewery green bottles        66.   1950s kitchen cupboard

38.   A modern green armchair                   67.   Oak sideboard

39.   Modern pine dining table and six chairs   68.   Two shell cases

40.   Formica kitchen table and four chairs     69.   Two kukri's

42.   Creda tumble drier                        70.   Two swords

43.   Oil filled radiator                       71.   Brass ware and cutlery

44.   Modern pine bookshelves                   72.   Candelabra, belt, and cigarette case

45.   Hanging display cabinet                   73.   Ukulele in case

46.   Modern tilt-top table                     74.   Family bible

47.   Modern pine computer desk                 75.   Two mirrors

48.   Brass kerb                                76.   Reproduction mahogany bookshelves

49.   New front door with part leaded glass     77.   AMCOR dehumidifier

50.   Two seater sofa bed                       78.   Electric table lamp, as oil lamp

51.   Three piece cream leather suite           79.   Proline Freeview box

53.   Two piece beige suite                     80.   Various ceramic figures

55.   Yew veneer corner cabinet                 81.   Various tools, carriage lamp, fittings

56.   Yew veneer glazed bookcase                82.   Three crystal bowls and a crystal basket

57.   Three piece beige patterned suite         83.   Four pieces of studio glass

59.   Three cane conservatory chairs            84.   Various ornaments

60.   Dome-top trunk                            85.   Various glass ornaments

61.   Hi-fi cabinet                             86.   Gilt edged tea and dinner set in white

62.   Hercules ladies bicycle                   87.   Glassware including decanter and bowls
88.    Textiles, tablecloths                      111.   Lomonosov standing ermine figure

89.    Kitchen bowls, teapots                     112.   Gerard carriage clock, modern

90.    Planters, ducks, hanging baskets           113.   Large gilt framed Don Vaughan print
                                                         'Farming landscape'
91.    Various tea ware and vases
                                                  114.   Two boxes of studio tea ware
92.    Various tools
                                                  115.   Books; novels
93.    Wooden animals, German pot, plants
                                                  116.   Books; novels and cookery
94.    Glass candle holders, bowls
                                                  117.   Box pyres and glass ware
95.    Various cutlery, place mats
                                                  118.   Glass vases
96.    Galvanized bowl, enamel pan
                                                  119.   Various plated ware and studio mugs
97.    Various records
                                                  120.   Various ceramics
98.    Various records
                                                  121.   Oak wall clock
99.    Various shot glasses, bowl, candle-stand
                                                  122.   Smiths oak mantle clock
100.   Compact, mirror, pens
                                                  123.   Royal Albert Old Country Roses dishes
101.   Glass punch bowl with glasses and glass           and other part tea set
                                                  124.   Three ceramic cart horses and one cart
102.   Tray figures
                                                  125.   Ceramic cart horse with cart and barrels
103.   Homemaker cups and saucers, various
       dog ornaments                              126.   Plated teapots and brass ware

104.   Various items                              127.   Two silver vases a.f.

105.   Clocks                                     128.   Blue and white vase and jug

106.   Cart horse and caravan figure              129.   Japanese Satsuma ware vase

107.   Cocktail glasses                           130.   Lidded dish

108.   Glasses                                    131.   Blue and white dishes and bowl

109.   Model cars, Christmas tree stand, opera    132.   Royal Doulton bowl on e.p.n.s. stand
                                                  133.   Silver lidded preserve pot
110.   Lomonosov standing ermine figure
134.   Silver thimble                          159.   Leather swivel chair and foot stool

135.   Oak strung top stool and one other      160.   Mahogany nest of tables

136.   Meakin Maidstone tea ware etc.          161.   Various plated ware

137.   Plated wares and stainless steel        162.   Three watercolours

138.   Tea set and studio pottery              163.   Woolwork pictures, mirror and CD rack

139.   Commemorative ware and lidded pots      164.   Plates and tea set

140.   Three plated candelabrum                165.   Two boxed sets of cutlery

141.   Three seater La-Z-Boy sofa              166.   Two sets of taps

143.   Glass ware                              167.   Picnic hamper

144.   Three piece blue floral suite           168.   Jugs and bowl

145.   Two high-backed bar stools              169.   Torquay Ware jugs, dishes and
146.   Mahogany mirror
                                               171.   Glass ware, cups and plates
147.   Two modern pine mirrors
                                               172.   Dish, tea ware etc.
148.   White metal spoon
                                               173.   Two glazed stoneware bowls
149.   Three Crown Staffordshire bottle tags
       for gin, scotch and sherry              174.   Exercise bicycle

150.   Three silver teaspoons and silver       175.   China cabinet
       handled bottle knife
                                               176.   Pine circular kitchen table
151.   Three resin bird sculptures a.f.
                                               177.   Various glass vases and ornaments
153.   Three seater sofa and armchair
                                               178.   Wooden dog bookends, two ceramic
154.   Various ceramics                               flying ducks, vases

155.   Nursery cups etc.                       179.   Five Border Fine Art farming tractor
                                                      theme mugs and one other
156.   Various items
                                               180.   Two coloured glass vases and swan
157.   Oak box jewellery                              figure paperweight

158.   Oak oblong coffee table                 181.   Quantity ceramic thimbles and bell
182.   Four Green Master Proline bowling     204.   Coins, badges and buttons
       woods in bag
                                             205.   Two travel clocks and a carriage clock
183.   Four Hemselite Super Grip bowling
       woods in bag                          206.   Two wooden cutlery boxes

184.   Animal ornaments                      207.   Tin plated Junior DRP USA patent
185.   Limoges items and Minton pin dish
                                             208.   Books
186.   Various tea sets
                                             209.   Books
187.   Various tea sets and Wedgwood
       ashette                               210.   Various toys

188.   Books                                 211.   Glass ware, cockerel plaque, records

189.   Books                                 212.   Belts, cameras and binoculars

190.   Books                                 213.   Sword, walking sticks, umbrella

191.   Books                                 214.   Honda CG 135 generator

192.   Seascape oil painting                 215.   Honda Ex 500 portable generator

193.   Box watches                           216.   Petrol hedge trimmer

194.   Tin pocket watch spares and watches   217.   Various items including a writing slope,
       etc.                                         bellows and stoneware bed warmers

195.   Jewellery                             218.   Dressing table items, treen candlesticks

196.   Jewellery                             219.   Set of wooden table bowls

197.   Jewellery                             220.   Ceramics, Sylvac dogs, Burleigh Ware
                                                    bird handle jug
198.   Pen knives
                                             221.   Linen tablecloths and a blouse
199.   Box clock keys
                                             222.   Jewellery
200.   Box pens, thimbles and AA badge
                                             223.   Coins, black and white postcards,
201.   Various pocket watches                       including Mickey Rooney

202.   Basket spoons and lighters            224.   Various items: Hillstonia jug, glassware,
                                                    hip flask
203.   Postcards and autograph books
225.   Royal Albert Old Country Roses tea and      250.   Silver cigarette case
                                                   251.   Trombone, Rudy Muck in case
227.   Sapphire and diamond half hoop 9ct
       gold dress ring                             252.   Rolled gold hunter pocket watch

228.   9ct gold sapphire and diamond dress         253.   Mahogany canteen fish knives and forks
229.   Cluster ring                                255.   Box of tins

230.   9ct and diamond dress ring                  256.   Laughing cavalier print

231.   Religious print 'Didst thou play with all   257.   Pair oval framed pictures
       the angels that were not too tall'
                                                   258.   Display of 64 thimbles
232.   Gilt framed coastal landscape oil
                                                   259.   Modern rattan framed wall mirror
233.   Watercolour harbour landscape
                                                   260.   Modern large framed wall mirror
234.   15" LCD flat screen TV
                                                   261.   Modern two seater rattan sofa, as new
235.   Chandelier and wall lights
                                                   262.   Modern brass fire front
236.   Three gents’ watches
                                                   263.   Modern rattan occasional table
237.   Two match stick strikers
                                                   264.   TV/VCR wall mount bracket
238.   Dress ring
                                                   265.   Two sets curtains 90" x 72" and two
239.   Rural landscape in oil                             valances

240.   Gilt framed forest landscape                266.   Two buffalo roman blinds 100cm x
                                                          180xm as new
241.   Canon BP35-D calculator
                                                   267.   Four roller blinds, as new, two purple,
242.   Mantle clock, oil lamp, studio glass vase          two cream

243.   Three walking sticks                        268.   Two mini blinds as new, white vinyl

244.   Modern Japanese oil painting                269.   Two chipboard flat pack occasional
                                                          tables and four scatter cushions, as new
245.   Honda scarifier
                                                   270.   Two sleeping bags as new
247.   Arthur Price Masons cutlery
                                                   271.   Various figures
248.   Various knives and ornaments
                                                   272.   Various punch set etc.
249.   Dunhill lighter and two others
273.   Books                                    296.   Two mirrors and print

274.   Box of miscellaneous sewing equipment    297.   Convex mirror

275.   Country scene print                      298.   Two small cases

276.   Sheep print, flower print and a mirror   299.   Davies Bros Ltd chrome high-stool

277.   Large gold framed mirror                 300.   Ironing board and pedal bin

278.   Modern small mirror                      301.   Tile topped teak coffee table

279.   Box kitchenware, bowls                   302.   Reproduction mahogany D hall table

280.   Box kitchenware, bowls                   303.   Reproduction mahogany foot stool

281.   Hornsea Pottery tea, dinner ware         304.   Various kitchenware

282.   Two modern prints                        305.   Various stainless steel kitchenware

283.   Teak display wall unit                   306.   Various mugs

284.   Teak display wall unit                   307.   Various jugs and vases

285.   Two teak wardrobes                       308.   Various studio pottery jugs

286.   Teak bedroom unit and chest of           309.   Various cutlery
                                                310.   Caithness vase, scent bottle, green glass
287.   Gainsborough double divan bed                   bowl

288.   Meredew teak extending dining table      311.   Four Davenport collectors’ plates and
       and six chairs                                  one other
                                                312.   Modern Seiko mantle clock
289.   Two bedside cabinets
                                                313.   Studio pottery tea, dinner ware
290.   Teak bedside cabinet
                                                314.   Parker Knoll three piece suite
291.   Embroidery topped long foot stool
                                                315.   Ikea three seater sofa
292.   Sirrom loom style chair, laundry box
       and bedding box                          316.   Modern pine bathroom cabinet

293.   Nest of three teak tile topped tables    317.   Jacket and handbag

294.   Gilt framed oval mirror                  318.   Suitcase of curtains

295.   Teak flip-over top table trolley         319.   Five various pictures
320.   Silk carpet

321.   Gilt framed oil and one other gilt
       framed picture

323.   Army dog tags and petrol lighter

324.   First World War silk postcards

325.   Charles Horner Dorcas white metal

326.   Viewmaster Viewer and reels

327.   Quantity of model railway

328.   Vintage Magic robot game and one

329.   Oak sideboard

330.   Computer desk - height adjustable

331.   Leather swivel and rocking chair

332.   Sound system cabinet

333.   Corner unit

334.   Framed mirror

335.   Wooden cannon

336.   CD cabinet in mahogany veneer

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