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Welcome to rest & relax. We specialise in supplying and sourcing
the very best in outdoor furniture. Our range includes synthetic cane
furniture, Ratton™, Wicker, timber, aluminium, stainless steel, iron
and fabric furniture and combinations of the above.

All of our products are designed, colour tested and manufactured to
endure the harsh Australian elements with higher UV resistance than
most competitive products.

Our elegant styles provide a practical combination of function and
form, being very relaxing and comfortable to use and very affordable.

Our extensive network of exclusive designers are constantly pushing
the boundaries with brilliant new creations in outdoor furniture for
your rest & relaxation.

Through our strict quality control system we guarantee a life-
time of enjoyment. Our goal is to build long
term partnerships with our customers
through service excellence, value
for money and prompt delivery.

Please note that all prices
are subject to 10%GST.
 Barossa Suite       Table       L160    W100    H75    Whitsunday set        Table   L65    W65     H70
                     Chair       L62     W60     H90                          Chair   L68    W61     H88
 LN-054   $1290.00                                      LN-053   $875.00

 NOT AVAILABLE                                           NOT AVAILABLE
  IN VICTORIA                                             IN VICTORIA

Kakadu lounge         Table      L120    W60     H30   Bondi set      Table           L120    W60      H35
                      S/Table    L50     W50     H40                  End lounge      L128    W66      H88
LN-019                                                 LN-060
                      D/Lounge   L136    W76     H76                  Mid lounge      L50     W66      H88
$1420.00                                               $1445.00       Cnr lounge      L65     W66      H88

Daydream sofa        Sofa        L160   W160    H70    Sydney-sider        Table      L100    W100     H110
LN-030   $1270.00 Umbrella              W300           LN-086   $1250.00 Chairs       L46     W46      H81
 NOT AVAILABLE                                         NOT AVAILABLE
  IN VICTORIA                                           IN VICTORIA

Brisbane set        Table        L53     W53    H66   Rosebud Rester       Lounge         L200    W88   H82
                    Chairs       L74.5   W78    H81
BG-118   $885.00                                      BG-N01   $685.00

Apollo Bay Set      Laybed       L143    W67    H82   Montville set         Cnr Sofa    L100     W100   H77
                    Table        L82     W56    H43                         Arm Sofa    L100     W100   H77
BL-226   $710.00    Side Table   L64     W66    H33   BL-802   $1850.00     Side Sofa   L100     W100   H43
                                                                            Table       L100     W100   W43

Whitehaven set      Table        L145    W145   H74   Hamilton lounge     Lounge        L117     W155   H85
                    Chairs       L64     W92    H74                       Stool         L67      W100   H45
BL-253   $1195.00                                     BL-254   $925.00
 NOT AVAILABLE                                        NOT AVAILABLE
  IN VICTORIA                                          IN VICTORIA

Sorrento       Box               L90    W90    H55   Byron Bayer             Lounge    L193   W68   H55

BG-B01   $495.00                                     BL-255   $425.00


Noosa set      Table             L50    W50    H57   Airlie Rocker            Chair    L93    W72   H101
               Chairs            L85    W75    H88                            Stool    L71    W51   H36
               FootstoolsL74     W61    H35
BL-258   $990.00                                     BL-259   $470.00

Blairgowrie lounge      Lounge   L235   W110   H70   Cartwright set           Chairs   L65    W63   H68
                                                                              Table    L180   W90   H75
bt-1140-2   $775.00                                  sc-b2011-b   $1555.00
             Esperance    Chair    L220        W98        H36      sc-b9512   $440.00

                                   NOT AVAILABLE
                                    IN VICTORIA

                                   Coral set    Chairs    L76    W76          H70
                                                Table     L58    W58          H48
                                                                                             sc-01590   $700.00

Port Douglas Set         1/Sofa    L65         W63       H68    Noosaville set          Lounges   L209       W74   H57
                         2/Sofa    L130        W63       H68
sc-b2012   $1250.00      L/Table   L100        W60       H45    sc-b9511   $810.00
                         S/Table   L60         W60       H60
Keppel Bay Suite      1/Sofas   L75      W90    H64   Bunderburg suite       Table    L180     W100        H72
                      Cnr Sofas L90      W90    H64                          Chairs   L68      W61         H96
sc-b9504   $1475.00   Footstool L75      W75    H30   sc-b1012 $1120.00

Melbournian           Table       L110   W61    H45
                      Chairs      L100   W83    H62    sc-b1004   $1260.00
                      D/Chair     L160   W83    H62
                      Footstool   L75    W39    H43                                          sc-b1004   $1260.00

                                                       NOT AVAILABLE
                                                        IN VICTORIA
Fraser Islander       Lounge      L150   W148   H83   Ballina lounger        Daybed   L183     W186        H10
                      Stool       L80    W80    H40
sc-b4527   $1015.00                                   sc-b6020    $1250.00

 Victorian              Lounges     L140     W90         H64
                        Footstool/L L125     W75         H30
                                                                    sc-b7019   $1100.00

sc-b7019   $1065.00

  NOT AVAILABLE                                                    NOT AVAILABLE
   IN VICTORIA                                                      IN VICTORIA

 Moreton Bayer          Table     L220       W80         H110     Kangaroo Islander       Daybed   L220   W167   H36
                        Stools    L36        W36         H78
 sc-b8039   $1240.00                                              sc-b9510   $700.00

 Perth suite            Table     L200       W90         H75      Uluru set               Table    L63    W63    H67
                        Chairs    L60        W50         H96                              Chairs   L57    W53    H93
 sc-b9514    $1025.00                      sc-b9514   $1025.00     sc-m0035 $730.00
                                                                 sc-m0035 $730.00
                    Outback          Table        L110   W53   H40
sc-b9621 $1185.00                    Chairs       L74    W74   H72
                                     Lounge       L127   W74   H72

                     NOT AVAILABLE
                      IN VICTORIA

                    The Darwin       Table         L80   W80   H28
sc-b7018 $1175.00                    Cnr lounge    L80   W80   H60
                                     Lounge        L80   W80   H60
                                     S/Lounge      L80   W80   H36

                     NOT AVAILABLE
                      IN VICTORIA

sc-ft012 $425.00    Dunk Islander    Sun bed      L200   W80   H36

   Hobart lounge    Lounge   L180   W180   H50   sc-ft013 $1075.00
sc-ft013 $1015.00

   Adelaidian set   Table    L220   W120   H77
                                                 sc-m0024 $1405.00
sc-m0024 $1405.00   Chairs   L57    W56    H85
                                     L-402 $480.00

• Buy direct from the importer.

• Convenient “Mobile Showroom”. We can
  come to you with your selection to make
  sure it suits your home.

• Easy care - A gentle wash with soapy
  water, then rinse with clean water - it’s
  that simple.

• Hand -wash Cushion Covers

• All furniture comes with a 2 year warranty

Now you have made your choice, you can sit
back, rest and relax. We hope you enjoy your
selection for years to come. Whether you’re
having a quiet drink or partying with a group of
friends, do it in the style and comfort of lifestyle
furniture from Rest and Relax.
Showroom - Perigian Beach (Sunshine Coast) by appointment only
 Phone: 0400 191 111 Email:

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