Youth Financial Planning by mrsnoble


									                             Youth Financial Planning
                                      Many young people are unskilled in managing their personal
                                      finances, yet this crucial life skill will greatly affect their future
                                      economic well-being. Youth Financial Planning is intended to
                                      help youth understand the basics of money management, and
 Course Duration: 05:00-09:00 PM
                                      develop sound financial habits to expand their opportunities
                                      for the rest of their lives. Helping youth become informed
   Venue: Chamber Training            and responsible consumers in today's dynamic marketplace
   Institute - ADCCI\Al Ain           empowers youth with the knowledge, skills, and mindsets to
                                      meet the challenges of work and community in the 21st
                                      century, and increases financial literacy among the nation's
                                      youth. This program teaches basic consumer education skills
                                      including decision-making, managing resources, and
                                      acquiring, analyzing, and using information.

The Trainer:                          Particular emphasis is placed on the following topics:

  Dr.Mohammed Hamdan , is a           1- Money Concepts
  Professor of Mathematics at the     2- Money Management
  University of New Brunswick,        3- Setting financial goals
  Saint John. He received his BSc,    4- Understanding credit
  MSc, PhD from the University of     5- Budgeting
  Windsor; taught at Mt. Allison
                                      6- Savings and Investments
  from 1989 to 1991; and at UNB
  since 1991. More than 13 years of
                                      7- The concept of insurance
  experience in Youth Training        8- Future careers
  and Identifying Future Business     9- The Financial Planning Cycle.

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