YEAR 12 – POST EXAM ADVICE by redheadwaitress


									                     YEAR 12 – POST EXAM ADVICE
Now you have got your exam results, you need to make sense of them! I hope you are
pleased with your results. If not, take a deep breath and look at them carefully to see where
things went wrong. For each subject you have an overall grade, and individual grades for
each of the 3 units. On the back of the results sheet are the overall grade boundaries, and
boundaries for each individual unit. Sit down and work out what you got in each unit.

If you are not happy with your result, there are several options open to you, but none of them
require an immediate decision.

   You can re-take individual units (and the best mark goes forward).
   You could ask for a re-mark (but you are stuck with the new mark – better or worse).
   You can order your script back to see where you went wrong.

                     YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR ALL OF THESE.

Key deadlines:

Problem              Action          Date                            Cost
Grades not good      Re-sit          See exams booklet               See exams booklet
Return of original   Request         See exams booklet               See exams booklet
scripts              return

I will be in on results day, and if you still think you need urgent help after then, leave a
message on the 6th Form voicemail: 01275 850423 or e-mail me on jreddiford@nailsea.n-

Best wishes

Mr J Reddiford

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