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									About New Zealand Classic Car
NZ Classic Car is New Zealand's longest-running classic car
publication and has now been a vital part of the local motoring scene
for more than 20 years. Our coverage and ongoing support of the
local classic car scene is unique within New Zealand and extends
from major sponsorship of New Zealand's largest classic car show­
the NZCC Classic Car Weekend/Ellerslie Intermarque Concours - to
sponsorship of regional and club-level events and shows.
NZCC's enthusiastic and passionate writers cover the length
and breadth of the country ensuring extensive classic motoring
coverage. Additionally, the magazine acts as a classic car forum,
allowing car clubs and event organisers to publicise' their activities
to an ever expanding readership.
NZCe's coverage of New Zealand's motoring heritage remains
unrivalled, especially in the field of motorsport history, where
the magazine continues to publish ground-breaking, full-length
biographical articles profiling our unsung motorsport heroes,
 The magazine includes stunning photography, authoritative
-fe-atures and event reports from throughout the country - but that's
 only half of the story: NZ Classic Car is not only at the forefront, it
 is now an essential component of the local classic car scene.

                        NZV8 Magazine
                        NZV8 covers a huge range of VB-powered vehicles. From modified late-model street cars to
                        collectable classics through to high-performance drag and circuit racing machines, NZV8
                        has the lot. With the muscle car scene presently undergoing a huge resurgence, there is no
                        shortage of events for the magazine to cover, technical advice to give and, of course, feature
                        cars to show. Now four years old, NZV8 has gone from strength to strength and has cemented
                        itself as New Zealand's leading VB publication and an authority on the scene. Wherever the
                        local ground shakes to the beat of a tuned eight-cylinder engine, NZV8 is part of the action.

                        NZ Performance Car Magazine
                        NZ Performance Car is the country's performance import authority, no questions asked'
                        Each month the very best of New Zealand's modified import car scene is served up, with
                        everything from high-horsepower haulers and gleaming show stoppers to action-packed
                        events coming your way. NZ Performance Car delivers all you coul.d ever ask for from the
                        modified car scene. It's New Zealand's largest-selling monthly motoring magazine - and for
                        good reason.
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         2. Email your contact details to subsraparkside.co.nz, quote 'Subs for
            Clubs' and your car club name, and we'll be in touch.
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         4. Fill in the subscription form below and return by post or fax.


         I~~~:C~I~IE AND SAVEl                                               I ~PA~y~MIE]N=Tjii~~~fiiii5E155

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          NZ SUBSCRIPTION RATES                                                  Conditions 1. The gifts are as stated and are not redeemabLe for cash. 2. All new subscriptions
                                                                                 to NZ Classic Car magazine, NZ Performance Car magazine and NZV8magazine more than 12
                                                                                 months in duration received by 30 June 2009 from members of a New Zealand car club will be
                                                                                 eligible to receive a gift. 3.The gift will be mailed to the address supplied on the subscription
                                                                                 form. 4. Gifts are avaiLable to New ZeaLand residents onLy. 5. For every 10 new subscriptions
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                                                                                 car club, there will be a 12 month free subscription made avaiLable to the car club 6. ALL entries
                                                                                 become the property of Parkside Media and may be used for further promotional purposes for
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Rina Maxwell                                                                     admin@parkside.co.nz

Horseless Carriage Club
8 Waikare Road
Auckland 1062

Dear Rina

                                      Subs For Clubs
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Our Special Subscription Rates
Any New Zealand car club member who takes out a new one-year subscription before 30
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How It Works
   •	 Tell your members about this special offer - please copy and distribute the flyer we
      have enclosed. Or you may like to email a PDF downloaded from our website. The URL
      is www.classiccar.co.nz/specials or email subs@parkside.co.nz for a copy. If you prefer,
      we will send you some printed copies to distribute to your members - just let us know
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   •	 Members can arrange their special 'car club' subscription by freephone (0800 727
      574), email (subs@parkside.co.nz), post or fax (details on the flyer attached). They
      will need to remember to quote your club's name so that we can keep track of the
      number of subscriptions received.

   •	 Members can also order securely online by going to www.classiccar.co.nz and
      searching 'Car Club Subscription Special' in the search box on the top right-hand
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   •	 Once 10 subscriptions have been received from your club members, we will contact
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Helping to Promote Your Club
At Parkside Media we are committed to assisting your club promote itself and increase
membership, both through our magazines and on our websites. As well as helping you
keep in touch with potential new club members and other clubs by pUblishing listings of
New Zealand's 600 car clubs, we also offer:

   •	 online registration of your club where you can also enter a club profile and use our
      website to keep members up to date with club events (this is especially worthwhile
      for smaller clubs that may not have their own websites)

   •	 an easy way to update your club listing via www.parksidemedia.co.nz/contacCus.php.

Even more functionality for car clubs is planned for the coming months - we will keep you

We have also started a Clubs Corner section of the magazine where we will focus on car
clubs in New Zealand, including interviews and club profiles. The first one is in issue 221 of NZ
Classic Car. If you would like your club to be profiled, please email editor@classiccar.co.nz.

If there is another way we can assist your club, please let us know.

I'm sure you will agree that our Subs For Clubs specials are excellent value for your
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