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					Government of Liberia
demonstrating leadership in the development
of Liberia
Government of Liberia

demonstrating leadership in the development
of Liberia
Text: Julia Spry-Leverton
Photos and production: Giacomo Pirozzi

                                                                                                Eric Kanalstein/UNMIL
       s part of the Civil Service reform

A      effort our Government is creating a
       Senior Executive Service (SES), a
highly-trained and motivated cadre of top
public servants who are ready to help make
a difference in Liberia.
Through the SES, these skilled Liberians
will join us in the pursuit of sustainable
human development in our country,
helping the Government to achieve its
strategic goals in a more rapid and robust
The members of the SES will be results-
oriented public servants who make good
things happen for people, through ethical
behaviour, teamwork, effective
communication and managing
professional relationships.
At full strength, the SES will number 100 of
the best and brightest Liberians, a new
                                                     “ My Government
cadre of public service leadership for               is deeply committed
change, a united group of managers which
adheres to and promotes the Civil Service           to re-building capacity
Code of Conduct, while demonstrating a
set of generic competencies.
                                                       as the foundation
SES personnel will provide high quality                 for a successful
policy advice, strategic direction, and
innovative thinking – and will drive the                 development
reform and development agenda of our
government                                                 agenda.”
The first wave of recruitment of senior civil
servants from Liberia and in the diaspora
is now taking place, through a transparent                           Statement by President
selection process targeting both                                 H. E. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf,
incumbents and new talents.                           launching the Liberia National Human
                                                                 Development Report, 2006
If you can live up to our expectations and
requirements, we invite you to join the
Senior Executive Service.

                        We are eager to move toward meeting the capacity-building
                        challenge with which post-war Liberia is confronted. With the
                        SES we are seeking to establish a cadre of strongly ethical,
                        technically qualified, reform-driven and professionally motivated
                        individuals able to deliver instant credibility and increased
                        capacity to the Civil Service. This cadre will help implement the
                        reforms that will make such change sustainable in the long run.
The SES joins similar initiatives currently being implemented, such as The Governance
and Economic Management Assistance Programme (GEMAP), the Liberia Emergency
Capacity Building Support (LECBS) and the Transfer of Knowledge Through Expatriate
Nationals (TOKTEN) projects, all of which aim to restore transparency, revamp financial
management, and re-organize public procurement processes, as well as to curb
corruption in the public service.
We are very grateful to the President, H.E Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the Cabinet for fully
embracing the SES scheme, and to our international partners notably, UNDP The World
Bank, USAID, the Government of Greece, the Government of Germany, the Government
of Sweden, Humanity International, and UNMIL for providing the much needed support
for making the SES a reality in Liberia.

                                                                           Dr. C. William Allen
                                                                          Civil Service Agency
                                                                           Republic of Liberia


Re-building capacity as the foundation             top public servants who are properly
for the development agenda                         trained, well-motivated and adequately
As an immediate response to the current            compensated. The SES stems directly from
crisis of capacity which Liberia is                the Government’s determination to tackle
experiencing, the Government is establishing       the enormous challenges remaining in
a Senior Executive Service (SES) made up of        Liberia and to achieve its strategic goals and
highly competent, technically-qualified,           development outcomes rapidly, effectively
professionally-motivated, reform-driven and        and efficiently.
strongly ethical individuals who will bring
instant credibility to the Civil Service and       A dynamic group driving
implement the reforms needed for                   the reform agenda
development and sustainable change.                The Government recognizes the need to
                                                   establish this cadre as quickly as possible,
Top people recruited into the Civil Service        creating a group of public service leaders
The aim of the SES is to develop a cadre of        to take ownership of the reform process
and drive it forward. As a dynamic new             and the achievement of the Millennium
generation of leadership, the SES will             Development Goals (MDGs) and other
revitalize public service in Liberia and           international goals. The Government
provide the impetus for rapidly advancing          recognizes the importance of this agenda
the government’s reform agenda.                    in order to sustain and consolidate the
                                                   peace and to meet its strategic goals,
“Surge” effect on national capacity                including successfully implementing its
Formulated jointly with the Government             reform programme, delivering essential
and key development partners, the SES              services and meeting public expectations.
concept draws on the experience of
countries like Kenya, Nigeria, Sierra Leone        Consolidating and sustaining reform
and Tanzania. These scenarios have shown           The Government, with the support of its
that a tightly-focused group of public             international partners, is introducing
service leaders can bring about a radical          reforms to strengthen public sector
“surge” effect in a country, triggering a          institutions, including the Civil Service.
dramatic leap - within a short space of            These include updating the civil service
time - in national human and institutional         code, re-organizing the procurement
capacity.                                          process, revamping financial management
                                                   procedures and introducing measures to
                                                   curb corruption in the public sector. The
THE NEED FOR A NEW CADRE                           Governance and Economic Management
                                                   Assistance Programme (GEMAP), the Liberia
Massive loss, decline in effectiveness             Emergency Capacity Building Support
The legacy of neglect, instability and             (LECBS), the Transfer of Knowledge Through
conflict in Liberia resulted in a massive          Expatriate Nationals (TOKTEN), and the
loss of its professionals and a serious            Liberia Civil Service Capacity Building
decline in its capacity and effectiveness.         Project (CISCAB) are all designed to
This flight of experienced civil servants          invigorate the public service. Some reform
was exacerbated in the 14 crisis years of          is also taking place in the police and armed
civil unrest during which the country              services. SES seeks to contribute to and
suffered war, violent death,
dehumanization, and the abuse of
recruitment and other human resources
systems by warlords and incompetent
governments. Additionally, some losses
must also be attributed to the “brain
drain” which is a factor even where there
is peace.

Critical shortage of requisite capacity
The result is that today there is a critical
shortage of requisite capacity across the
entire public service. In the context of
post-war recovery and reconstruction the
demands on the public service are huge,
since there are also long-standing
structural problems to be dealt with,
which currently impede the management
of public resources and the growth of the
economy. This situation must be urgently

Commitment to progressive development
Liberia is committed to a progressive
development agenda underpinned by the
pursuit of sustainable human development
benefit from these emergency initiatives by       HOW THE SES WILL
establishing a cadre of public servants to        DEMONSTRATE LEADERSHIP IN
consolidate and sustain the reforms, linked
                                                  THE DEVELOPMENT OF LIBERIA
to the Government’s 10-Year Capacity
Development Strategy and Action Plan              Overall:
currently being formulated.                       • By establishing a re-energized Civil
                                                    Service in Liberia that is adequately
Meeting post-crisis challenges                      resourced, remunerated, ethical,
More is required, though. A way has to be           innovative, results-oriented and able to
found to address the major challenges of            lead and direct change, fully supporting
implementing the policy reform and                  the Government in its reconstruction and
programmes which will bring about                   development efforts.
reconstruction and foster development.
One of the most formidable of these is to         Specifically:
strengthen the ability of the State as a          • By attracting, deploying and retaining
whole to deliver services to the people. At         qualified public service professionals
this juncture, the priority for the Civil           with the right technical and managerial
Service is resolving its problems of                skills for strategic decision-making and
capacity weakness and poor morale.                  improved service delivery

• Through creating a massive ‘surge’               successful candidates will go through an
  executive capacity needed to pro-                intensive programme of management
  actively trigger the Government’s Civil          skills development and public service
  Service reform effort                            ethics, as well as an introduction to the
• By establishing a platform for structuring       Liberia Civil Service Code of Conduct.
  the Civil Service as a thoroughly
  professional, effective and accountable
                                                   THE SES CRITERIA
  organ of the Government.
                                                   SES managers will possess a set of
                                                   generic competencies as the minimum
THE SES STRUCTURE AND                              criteria for membership. In certain
                                                   Ministries there will be a requirement for
ORGANIZATION                                       specific technical skills and experience
100 professionals - a unified                      relevant to the positions to supplement
management group                                   these generic competencies.
Fully embedded in the Liberia Civil Service        Competencies include:
and consisting of senior civil servants            Strategic orientation, values and
drawn from the administrative and                  commitment:
professional streams, SES personnel will
                                                   Conceptual ability, strategic focus, vision,
mainly come from the directorate tier. A
                                                   sound judgment, positive attitude, integrity
total of 100 professionals are being
                                                   and fairness, gender sensitivity and
recruited to work as a unified group of
                                                   cultural adaptability
managers. Although the initial focus is on
the directorate category, strategic middle         Leadership and management:
and junior executive tier positions are            Analytical thinking, proactive disposition,
ultimately expected to be identified.              creativity and innovation, knowledge
                                                   sharing, knowledge management and
All positions systematised
and re-classified
                                                   Team-building and people management:
All SES positions are being re-profiled and
reviewed, their levels and titles updated          Effective team management, motivational
and made consistent across ministries and          ability, effective interpersonal
Government agencies. Once the duties,              relationships, team-building, mentoring
responsibilities and reporting relationships       and professionalism
have been analyzed, positions of                   Effective communication:
comparable complexity and performance
requirements will be assigned to the               Ability to communicate clearly (verbally
different tiers.                                   and in writing), respect for the views of
                                                   others, negotiation and listening skills
Performance-based 3-year contract                  Results-orientation:
All SES personnel are being hired on a 3-          Ability to manage change, reform-
year performance-based contract.                   mindedness, timely and effective delivery
Contracts are for an initial 1-year period         of planned results, and adherence to
with 2 subsequent years renewable,                 overall performance culture.
dependant upon performance and the
achievement of set targets. A key feature of
the SES is that it will be performance-            COMPENSATION AND
driven, providing the opportunity to               CONDITIONS OF SERVICE
compensate high performance while below-
par performing staff are encouraged to             Monthly package with monetized fixed
move into positions appropriate to their           benefits
competencies.                                      An attractive remuneration package is
                                                   provided for SES personnel, with monthly
Intensive competency assessment                    remuneration of up to $3,000 for
and skills development                             directorate tier, $2,000 for middle
As part of their induction into the SES, all       executive tier, and $1,000 for junior

 “ It is our intent that, as the Civil Service reforms
  take hold and our revenue collection increases,
  the Government will consider further increases
    in the salaries of civil servants until we reach
  a point where conditions of service in the public
      sector are good enough to attract our best
               and brightest minds…..”
                      Annual Message from the President, 52nd Legislature, January 2007

executive tier, respectively. The package            selection and accountability. This includes
includes the monetization of fixed benefits          use of an independent evaluation and
such as housing and transportation and is            assessment procedure. The procedure is
proposed as an all-inclusive lump sum. A             linked to the functional review
one-off grant is provided for individuals            spearheaded by the Governance Reform
relocating from overseas.                            Commission (GRC) and in close
                                                     collaboration with the ------------------- (CSA)
Amenable conditions of service
                                                     and guided by the tenets and principles of
In addition to monetizing all allowances, and        good governance and prudent fiscal
accounting for any other incentives,                 management as spelt out by the
adequate support facilities and amenable             Governance and Economic Management
‘conditions of service’ will be addressed as a       Programme (GEMAP), as well as in the
priority for SES personnel. These include            Government’s anti-corruption policy.
equipment support, working environment,
continuing professional development as well          Three tiers
as authority, professional independence,             SES recruitment is taking place in three
lines of communication and reporting.                tiers. The first and most strategic tier of 21
                                                     positions will help to influence the nature
Additional incentives                                and content of the subsequent second
As appropriate, additional types of awards           wave of 49 positions and third wave of 30
and incentives may be introduced at a                positions. Assigned to ensuring the
later date, i.e., bonuses or non-monetary            achievement of key national development
forms of recognition and rewards. Other              priorities, each tier will also contribute to
incentives such as tax status may be                 change management for the beneficiary
applicable. It is planned that SES package           ministries, agencies and departments.
will eventually converge with the ongoing
reforms in the Civil Service and the review
of salaries and wages in the public service.         YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED
                                                     Am I eligible for the SES?
A RIGOROUS RECRUITMENT                               The SES is open to all professional
PROCESS                                              Liberians meeting its criteria.

Accountability in selection                          What is the SES selection process?
Transparency is paramount in identifying             Selection is a highly rigorous, competitive,
SES personnel, ensuring appropriate                  transparent and merit-based process,
involving the following steps:                      be addressed in the selection interview,
• All SES positions will be re-profiled and         if needed, to help differentiate between
  widely advertised, the announcement               otherwise equivalently-qualified
  specifying number, type, level,                   finalists.
  experience and qualifications,                   • Evaluation of the assessment tests and
  competencies, performance                          conducting of interviews will be done by
  expectations, benefits, etc.                       a selection committee. The committee
• Candidates must submit a written                   will comprise representatives from
  application letter and an achievement-             government, CSA, reputed Liberian
  oriented curriculum vitae, outlining               experts or professionals in the
  details of their experience and                    sector/discipline, academics, and
  qualifications against each of the                 representatives of the donor
  competencies for the positions.                    community.
• Short-listing will be done by a panel of         • Interviews with overseas candidates will
  independent professionals. Applicants              be arranged via
  not meeting the minimum requirements               telephone/videoconferencing from a
  will be notified in writing.                       designated facility in key cities.
• Short-listed applicants will undergo a           • The selection committee will exercise
  professionally-administered competency             the final authority to recommend
  assessment test at a designated centre             appointment of candidates to the SES,
  in Liberia, or in a designated centre              subject to the terms and conditions of
  abroad for candidates in the diaspora.             employment offered.
• The assessment test will be the same for         How is performance monitored
  all candidates, regardless of job family         and evaluated?
  or grade level applied for. Specialized          Periodic monitoring and evaluation of
  competencies applicable to certain               performance will take place (at a minimum,
  technical or professional disciplines will       on a quarterly basis) against a performance

contract developed for each successful                 How can I apply to join the SES?
candidate, specifying roles and role-relations,        Full details of all positions available and
targets and timeframes. There will be a yearly         application forms setting out the
progress review of overall SES outputs and             procedures can be obtained by contacting:
effectiveness. An external assessment will be
conducted at the end of the second year to             The Programme Coordinator
evaluate the entire SES programme                      Senior Executive Service Programme
performance, outputs and results.                      Civil Service Agency RL
What separation package is provided?                   Liberia
As national development objectives evolve              Address:
it is possible certain SES positions will              63 Carey Street,
change their form or no longer be                      MONROVIA
required. The SES initiative allocates a               Liberia
severance package to all positions, to                 Phone number:
allow for affected staff to relocate outside           +231 6 903 842
their current job positions. Components in
the package include: training and                      Email:
counselling to prepare staff for their next
assignment; support to help them locate                Or you can download the forms by
                                                       visiting the SES page on website:
opportunities; exit pay to ensure all
severance entitlements are paid.