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					              Tool Name                Product State                Focus
   3DSolar/RayFront(Radiance UI)         supported           Lighting/Daylighting
                 Adeline                 supported           Lighting/Daylighting
                  AGI32                  supported           Lighting/Daylighting
       Building Design Advisor            updating       Lighting/Daylighting/Energy
                Daylight                  updating                Daylighting
                 Daysim                   updating                Daylighting
                 DeLight                   writing     Lighting/Daylighting (Thermal)
   DIAL-Europe (was LESODIAL)            supported                Daylighting
                 DIALux                   updating           Lighting/Daylighting
    Eco Advisor (in development)           writing     Training (Lighting/Daylighting)
              Eco Lumen                   stagnant                 Lighting
                 Ecotect                  updating       Lighting/Daylighting/Energy
          FormZ RadioZity                supported           Architectural Design
                Genelux                  supported           Lighting/Daylighting
             IES - FlucsDL               supported                Daylighting
            IES - FlucsPro               supported           Lighting/Daylighting
            IES - LightPro               supported     Lighting (luminaire placement)
  IES - RadianceIES (Radiance UI)        supported           Lighting/Daylighting
                 Inspirer                supported                 Lighting
               Lightscape                supported           Lighting/Daylighting
       Lightswitch Wizard, The           supported          Daylighting/(Lighting)
        Lumen Micro/Designer             supported          Lighting/(Daylighting)
         MIT Design Advisor               updating           Energy (Daylighting)
          Radiance (Linux)                updating           Lighting/Daylighting
Radiance Control Panel (Radiance UI)     supported          prepare Radiance run
   S.P.O.T. sens place. & opt tool       supported      Lighting/Daylighting/Sensors
                Sketchup                 supported       Architectural Design (sun)
               Sky Vision                supported          Daylighting (Skylights)
            Sombrero 3.01                supported              Solar Shading
                   Spot                   updating                Sunlighting
           SUPERLITE 2.0                unsupported          Lighting/Daylighting
                  Visual                 supported                 Lighting

       Ideal LightSolve Profile           writing           Lighting/Daylighting
     IEA task 12         *international research team (Fraunhofer-Institut für Bauphysik (current distributer/support), Bunde
Lighting Analysts, Inc
        LBNL             *Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  Troy Nolan Peters
      NRC-IRC            *National Research Council (Canada) - Institution for Research in Construction
        LBNL             Ties to Building Design Advisor
        EPFL             *Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, distributed and supported by Estia, SA
The Deringer Group       *
    Tata Infotech        *funding cut
     Square One          Includes Radiance Control Panel too
 formZ, LightWorks
   CNRS-ENTPE            *Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Ecole Nationale des Travaux Publiques de l'Etat
    Autodesk, Inc        *now integrated into AutoDesk Viz

 LBNL (Greg Ward)
   Square One
       AEC               *the Architectural Energy Corporation

 Universität Siegen
 U. of Washington

current distributer/support), Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie, Projektträger Biologie, Energie,Umwelt des Bundesminist

rted by Estia, SA

Travaux Publiques de l'Etat
e, Energie,Umwelt des Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaft und Technologie, LBNL, EPFL, IEA, University of Lund)
              Tool Name                          Libraries/Databases
   3DSolar/RayFront(Radiance UI)                  Materials/luminaires
                 Adeline               EDITABLE object/material/color/luminaire/CFS
                  AGI32                          Object/Material/import
       Building Design Advisor                object/custom/default values
                Daylight                             simple windows
                 Daysim                           few Energy Plus files
   DIAL-Europe (was LESODIAL)          DaylightRules/case studies/4 shading devices
                 DIALux                        materials/luminaires/objects
    Eco Advisor (in development)                            n/a
              Eco Lumen                                    none
                 Ecotect                      Materials/Cad/Object/Luminaire
          FormZ RadioZity                        objects/shapes/materials
                Genelux                           hourly skies/luminaires
             IES - FlucsDL                    construction/weather (custom)
            IES - FlucsPro                       luminaires from LightPro
            IES - LightPro                      luminaires/lamps (custom)
  IES - RadianceIES (Radiance UI)                     LightPro library
                 Inspirer                materials/textures/objects/light sources
       Lightswitch Wizard, The                    user behavioral rules
        Lumen Micro/Designer                   luminaires/objects/materials
         MIT Design Advisor
          Radiance (Linux)                               default values
Radiance Control Panel (Radiance UI)                          n/a
   S.P.O.T. sens place. & opt tool              luminaires/RAD default val
                Sketchup                         no connection with lighting
               Sky Vision                      glass (trans, abs, refl, SHGC)
            Sombrero 3.01                                    none
                   Spot                                      none
           SUPERLITE 2.0                                     none
                  Visual                         refl, few web photometrics

       Ideal LightSolve Profile           Logic/rules of thumb/Daylight rules/CFS
  Geometric Complexity                    Input Method                 Notes
         moderate             menu build, CAD import to RayFront       allows CFS
         complete             num build, CAD build, .dxf, .rad, .mod   8 basic room geometries shortcut, suggest early stag
         complete                   graphical build,DWG,DXF
           simple                    basic geometry/operation
       VERY simple                     box geometry(graph)
         complete                  geom.rad, mat.rad, sens.pts
       VERY simple                     box geometry (DOE2)
           simple                    simple build (num,graph)
         moderate                            menu build
   Goals (no real input)                         n/a
       VERY simple                        basic geometry
moderate (complex crashes)       simple graphical build,3DS,DXF
         complete                  graphical build/ CAD imports
         complete                  coded geometry,CAD import
         complete                   VE 3D model (IES specific)
   complete/light criteria          VE 3D model (IES specific)
         complete                   VE 3D model (IES specific)
         complete                   VE 3D model (IES specific)
         complete           graphical build/ DXF, other imports
         complete                               DWG
 VERY simple/pre-defined           simple build(menus-limited)
moderate(micro)/complete(d)     simple build, CAD env/DWG/DXF
       VERY simple                   simple build (num, menu)
         complete                  coded geometry, define mat
         complete                            .RAD, .RIF
         moderate                       box geometry(num)
         complete              graphical build/imported 3d model
  skylight geom/spacing                 box geometry(num)
           simple                       simple build(graph)
         complete                    "Sketched" in "spacepen"
         moderate                          text geometry
     simple/complete             graphical build/CAD,DWG,DXF

         moderate                      simple build or import
shortcut, suggest early stage, spread = directional diffuse, geometric/materials restrictions using Superlite
                                           Diffuse                      Other
              Tool Name                    Reflect    Specularity       Reflect          BT(R)DF
   3DSolar/RayFront(Radiance UI)            RGB        yes [0-1]                         BT(R)DF
                 Adeline                color samp       yes            "spread"        BTDF (CFS)
                  AGI32                     RGB          yes*          color bleed
       Building Design Advisor               yes
                Daylight                    fixed
                 Daysim                     RGB        yes [0-1]                         BT(R)DF
                 DeLight               ave grayscale*                                   BTDF (CFS)
   DIAL-Europe (was LESODIAL)            qualitative*
                 DIALux                   grayscale
    Eco Advisor (in development)          grayscale
              Eco Lumen
                 Ecotect               Hex, gray, RGB      yes
          FormZ RadioZity                    yes
                Genelux                     RBG           RBG
             IES - FlucsDL                   yes
            IES - FlucsPro                   yes
            IES - LightPro                   not        applicable
  IES - RadianceIES (Radiance UI)           RGB          yes [0-1]                       BT(R)DF*
                 Inspirer                    yes           yes       RGB HVS XYZ
               Lightscape                RGB, HVS       yes [0-2]*   shininess[0-1]*       none
       Lightswitch Wizard, The           grayscale
        Lumen Micro/Designer                 yes           yes           "funky"
         MIT Design Advisor            grayscale 30%
          Radiance (Linux)                  RGB         yes [0-1]                        BT(R)DF
Radiance Control Panel (Radiance UI)        RGB         yes [0-1]                        BT(R)DF
   S.P.O.T. sens place. & opt tool       grayscale
                Sketchup                     not        applicable
               Sky Vision                    yes
            Sombrero 3.01                    not        applicable
                   Spot                      not        applicable
           SUPERLITE 2.0                     yes
                  Visual                 grayscale

       Ideal LightSolve Profile            RGB             yes                         BT(R)DF (CFS)
 Texture or "Texture"                           Other          Refractive   Luminance
"roughness" Pattern      Transmittance         Transmit          Index       or "glow"
  yes [0-1]    yes            RGB                                 yes           yes
                           color samp          "spread"
              yes**       yes (no info)                                        yes
                          0.2, 0.7, 0.8
  yes [0-1]    yes            RGB                                 yes          yes
                           (as BTDF)

               yes          grayscale        pollution fact.

    yes                     grayscale                             yes

  yes [0-1]   yes*              RGB                               yes*         yes*
                                 yes                              yes           yes
smoothness*    yes      [0-1] transparancy                      [1-2.5]*    yes [cd/m2]
    yes                          yes
                          couple choices
  yes [0-1]    yes              RGB                               yes          yes
  yes [0-1]    yes              RGB                               yes          yes


                         couple choices

    yes        yes            RGB                                 yes          yes
basically the same as Radiance, but with menu boxes
mostly from libraries, Superlite = greyscale and perfectly diffuse
*only applies to Ray-Tracing finishers, All materials are editable defaults, mesh adjustments (radiosity), **average color/reflecta

includes 25 material types, and anything can be user defined with outside data
*average reflectance for upper and lower parts of room (split-flux input)
*walls, ceiling, floor, one reflectance each based on qualitative inputs like "very light" or "rather dark"

the lessons include playing with set reflectances and transmission factors
materials input unknown
predefined materials (editable), after export to Radiance, can edit materials to Radiance materials
can't find reliable info

the daylighting IES module

*must open text file to use this feature

*only applies to Ray-Tracing finishers

includes 25 material types, and anything can be user defined with outside data
It's possible to program anything that can be programmed in radiance

sun/shadow only
skylights only. glass products database
sun/shadow only
sun/shadow only
radiosity), **average color/reflectance used for calcs
                                       Sun-Only                CIE         CIE           CIE
              Tool Name                (or none)   Uniform   Overcast     Clear     Intermediate
   3DSolar/RayFront(Radiance UI)                               yes         yes           yes
                 Adeline               sun only      yes       yes         yes
                  AGI32                                        yes         yes          yes
       Building Design Advisor                                 yes         yes
                Daylight                             yes
   DIAL-Europe (was LESODIAL)                                  yes
                 DIALux                                        yes         yes          yes
    Eco Advisor (in development)                               yes      sometimes
              Eco Lumen                  none
                 Ecotect                                       yes         yes          yes
          FormZ RadioZity              sun only
             IES - FlucsDL                           yes       yes
            IES - FlucsPro                           yes       yes
            IES - LightPro               none
  IES - RadianceIES (Radiance UI)                              yes         yes          yes
                 Inspirer                none
       Lightswitch Wizard, The
        Lumen Micro/Designer                                   yes         yes          yes
         MIT Design Advisor
          Radiance (Linux)                                     yes         yes          yes
Radiance Control Panel (Radiance UI)                           yes         yes          yes
   S.P.O.T. sens place. & opt tool
                Sketchup               sun only
               Sky Vision                                      yes         yes          yes
            Sombrero 3.01              sun only
                   Spot                sun only
           SUPERLITE 2.0
                  Visual                 none

       Ideal LightSolve Profile
(EnergyPlus)   User-Defined
   Perez       Luminances Other
                            Average Skies (from data)
                            IES, CIE-AS

                             TMY2 weather, pre fixed sun positions, cloud fraction
                             horizontal sky luminance det. by Euro local averages

                             up to 5180 patches,var modls, genl Eur wea zones

                             "internat recog sky cond"

                             defined by amt covered by clouds + sun position

                             Direct sun plus window as "diffuse daylight" source
    yes            yes
    yes            yes       (can theoretically take any radiance sky file)
                             TMY2 weather

                             IESNA, Dynamic


              Tool Name                                               Methods
   3DSolar/RayFront(Radiance UI)                   Rayfront (Radiance) - backward raytrace
                 Adeline                     Radiance, Superlite - backward raytrace, radiosity
                  AGI32                               dir comp illum, Radiosity, Ray Trace
       Building Design Advisor                      DOE2 algorthims: direct solar, split-flux
                Daylight                            sky component DF calculation (uni sky)
                 Daysim                                     Daylight coefficient method
                 DeLight                            DOE2 algorithms, radiosity, EnergyPlus
   DIAL-Europe (was LESODIAL)                                         split-flux
                 DIALux                                             ray-tracing?
    Eco Advisor (in development)                                         n/a
              Eco Lumen                                      (guess: direct calculation)
                 Ecotect                             Split-flux (can export to Radience too)
          FormZ RadioZity                              radiosity (approximated algorithm)
                Genelux                        progr radiosity, forward ray trace (monte carlo)
             IES - FlucsDL                                     progressive radiosity
            IES - FlucsPro                                     progressive radiosity
            IES - LightPro                                       no analysis done
  IES - RadianceIES (Radiance UI)                                    ray-tracing
                 Inspirer              deterministic radiosity, monte-carlo ray-trace (forward and back)
               Lightscape                        progressive radiosity, ray trace postprocess
       Lightswitch Wizard, The                            DAYSIM (daylight coefficients)
        Lumen Micro/Designer                               radiosity, "direct calculation"
         MIT Design Advisor                                           radiosity
          Radiance (Linux)                                      backwards ray trace
Radiance Control Panel (Radiance UI)                   RADIANCE (backwards ray trace)
   S.P.O.T. sens place. & opt tool                     RADIANCE (backwards ray trace)
                Sketchup                                        ray-casting (guess)
               Sky Vision                                            ray-tracing
            Sombrero 3.01                                      guess: geometric calc
                   Spot                           simplified shadowcast backwards raytrace
           SUPERLITE 2.0                                              radiosity
                  Visual                                  Lumen Method (electric lights)

       Ideal LightSolve Profile             ray-trace, accurate enough to make good decisions
              Tool Name                Daylight specific        Illuminance         Luminance
   3DSolar/RayFront(Radiance UI)       DF, "DA" (from DF)            yes                yes
                 Adeline                 DF, hourly data             yes                yes
                  AGI32                        DF                H,V,var aim        reg,"veiling"
       Building Design Advisor                 DF                    yes
                Daylight                    DF (part)
                 Daysim                 DF, DA (5min int)            yes                yes
                 DeLight                                             yes
   DIAL-Europe (was LESODIAL)          DF, ADS (like DA)             yes
                 DIALux                   DF (sort of)      V,H,semi-cyl,hemi-sph       yes
    Eco Advisor (in development)
              Eco Lumen                                              yes
                 Ecotect                      DF                     yes                yes
          FormZ RadioZity                    none
                Genelux                DF, "DA" (from DF)           yes                 yes
             IES - FlucsDL                    DF                H,V,semi-cyl            yes
            IES - FlucsPro                    DF                H,V,semi-cyl            yes
            IES - LightPro                   none                   n/a                 n/a
  IES - RadianceIES (Radiance UI)             DF                V,H,semi-cyl            yes
                 Inspirer                                           yes                 yes
       Lightswitch Wizard, The          DF,DA(daysim)
        Lumen Micro/Designer                 DF                      yes            surf lum/exit
         MIT Design Advisor                                          yes
          Radiance (Linux)                    DF               yes (any orient)         yes
Radiance Control Panel (Radiance UI)          n/a                    n/a                n/a
   S.P.O.T. sens place. & opt tool       DA, uniformity
                Sketchup                     none                    no                  no
               Sky Vision                     DF                     yes
            Sombrero 3.01                     n/a                    no                  no
           SUPERLITE 2.0                                             yes
                  Visual                     none                    yes                yes

       Ideal LightSolve Profile             DF, DA                  yes               maybe
      Glare             Other Metrics
human vis response   elec/dayl correlation
  CGI, Guth VCP       annual elec saving
    UGR, CGI              LPD, STV

                      ann. Light eng use
                        elec light use
                      Overheating Days

    DGI, UGR          color temperature
                          %area DF
   yes (electric)
        n/a                   n/a
  Guth,CGI,UGR       comfort, right-to-light

                          energy use

                         energy use
       yes            user definted calc
       n/a                   n/a
  (max DA metr)             LPD
       no                    no
                       see output form
        no                  GSC
                      % time spot sunlit

                      Light Loss Factor

       yes             emphasis (qual)
              Tool Name                           Tables/Graphs
   3DSolar/RayFront(Radiance UI)             Illuminance/DF profiles
                 Adeline                    value tables, 2D profiles
                  AGI32                           numerical tables
    Building Design Advisor (BDA)              tables/graphs 2D,3D
                Daylight                  workplane falsecolor/number
                 Daysim                           numerical tables
      DeLight (in development)                            ?
   DIAL-Europe (was LESODIAL)                        2D profiles
                 DIALux                 illuminance at each pixel (click)
    Eco Advisor (in development)
              Eco Lumen                         plane contour graph
                 Ecotect                  workplane falsecolor, graphs
           FormZ RadioZity
                Genelux                           numerical tables
             IES - FlucsDL                         tables, graphs
            IES - FlucsPro              threshold, illum tables/contours
            IES - LightPro
  IES - RadianceIES (Radiance UI)
                 Inspirer              numerical table, surface contours
       Lightswitch Wizard, The                 workplane falsecolor
        Lumen Micro/Designer                      numerical tables
          MIT Design Advisor                       graphs, tables
           Radiance (Linux)                      numerical text files
Radiance Control Panel (Radiance UI)
   S.P.O.T. sens place. & opt tool
               Sky Vision
            Sombrero 3.01            geometric SC values (mean or hourly)
           SUPERLITE 2.0                         numerical text files
                  Visual              numerical table, workplane contour

       Ideal LightSolve Profile
   falsecolor, contour, human vis appearance, limited DF temporal spread
               Radiance, Superlite, glare circled, luminance click
        interactive render, falsecolor, contour, daylight sequence, jpeg

           Workplane color map, compare pre-simulated and real
                     photorealistic render, falsecolor
                       Radiance image examples

                           Radiance renderings
                           photorealistic render
                           3D render, falsecolor
                workplane contours, wireframe geom render

                  3D render, photoreal, falsecolor, contour
                      photorealistic render, falsecolor
                      interactive render, photrealistic

             3D render, grayscale, color, contours, number grid
                    (quick render of room and workplane)
         interactive render, photorealistic, falsecolor, contour, pics

                       3d render (Radiance, simple)
                     geometric and shadow render only

                          rough, simple render
                       geometric and shadow render

                workplane contours, wireframe geom render

graphical: render, series of pictures, temporal map, best/worst/average case
compare scenarios

tie in to Energy plus and BDA
Analysis/Optimization suggestions

training session, "quality" bars
# fixtures/recommendations, energy use

Quicktime VR files

HTML format (detail controlable), lamp design
lamp layout geometry

ray tracing visualization
The current version of lightscape does not seem to live up to the previous, but to be a tool for making scenes look good
compare two scenarios

elec perform, recommend sensor placement => graphs

skylight trans/abs/refl/SHGC, well eff, coeff of utiliz, eng save => graphs

year/day time spreadsheet
scenes look good
              Tool Name
   3DSolar/RayFront(Radiance UI)
       Building Design Advisor
   DIAL-Europe (was LESODIAL)
    Eco Advisor (in development)
              Eco Lumen
          FormZ RadioZity
             IES - FlucsDL
            IES - FlucsPro
            IES - LightPro
  IES - RadianceIES (Radiance UI)
       Lightswitch Wizard, The
        Lumen Micro/Designer
         MIT Design Advisor
          Radiance (Linux)
Radiance Control Panel (Radiance UI)
   S.P.O.T. sens place. & opt tool
               Sky Vision
            Sombrero 3.01
           SUPERLITE 2.0

       Ideal LightSolve Profile
3Dsolar: 3D modeler to be used with RayFront, a Radiance UI, scenario compare output, CFS, Rayfront: Input info which helps
Automatic generate SUPERLITE, RADIANCE files, 1st in late 1994, text files preformatted as input to tsbi5, SUNCODE, DOE-2
Illum, DF, Lum, LumExit listed under "daylighting", Photometrically realistic graphics, spec surfaces not interactive, awards
Free, Simple Daylight Computation Module, Simple Electric Lighting Computation Module, DOE-2.1E software, comparison of p
Free, unilateral only, up to 3 windows
Free, NRC (Canada), Modified RADIANCE based calculations, Annual profiles, energy analysis, allows blind controls, allows co
Able to treat Complex Fenestration Systems with BTDF functions, meant to extend SUPERLITE capabilities (uses as base?)
LESO! Bernard Paule, Use fuzzy logic rules to indicate optimization, ADS for mid-Europe climate, comparison program, ADS, e
it doesn’t say a lot about calcualtion methods… I'm not sure if Ray Tracing is the primary method.
Primarily lighting layout design, Energy analysis and suggestions to improve energy consumption, seems discontinued
export to; RADIANCE, POV Ray, VRML, AutoCAD DXF, EnergyPlus, AIOLOS, HTB2, CheNATH, ESP-r, ASCII Mod files, and
website is utterly useless, not primarily a light rendering program
There is a Web-based version (tho it is more simplified), outputs sent to user by email, recommend to simulate only sun, sky, o
Give % area over chosen DF, useful for LEED ratings, links results to other IES modules (RadianceIES, HVAC, nat vent, CFD,
Produce electric lamp layout or calc existing one, elec/nat light or both, needs LightPro tie-in
For preparation to feed into FlucsPro or RadianceIES, import or export photometric files in IESNA, EULUMDAT or CIBSE form
Data can be saved as DXF
unfortunately does not include daylighting
Uses openGL, now in Autodesk VIZ, seems to be for 3-D render only now, using ComputerGraphics tricks, not physical modeli
Uses DAYSIM as calculation base, NRC (Canada), compare two scenarios
Lumen Helper: A step by step checklist for creating luminaire arrangements. Links to AutoDesk's Lightscape 3.2
Free, Only control % window area, not where it is, can use blind schemes, can compare four scenarios, Daylighting more of a f
Free, Linux based, as acurate as the user
Free, Desktop Radiance must be installed, it's a front-end automating some of the more mundane tasks
Uses Radiance as calculation base, top and side light sources, DA(hourly): fractional credit & strict cutoff options
Free w/google, shadows only, no calcs, make light and shadows lighter or darker by choice, realitme, popular
Free, NRC (Canada)
free, reminds me a bit of a cardbord cuttouts movie western town… maybe that's why it's called sombrero
free, working prototype, only sunlight and shadow cast, 3d render 2d temporal, interactive
only diffuse surfaces, clear/diffusing/clear w/diffusing curtain glass types only, fixtures entered as candlepower distribution files
Basic Free Professional not, Import photometry files: IES, EULUMDAT, or CIBSE TM-14

List of Radiance convert or user interface programs:
Desktop RADIANCE (autocad plugin Autocad 2000, 14)
RayFront (user interface)
RADIANCE Control Panel (front end for some mundane RADIANCE tasks)
ConRAD (3D Studio files converter)
DXF2RAD (DXF file converter)
RadOut (Autocad Converter)
RayDirect (plugin to RayFront)
                Extra Sources
ont: Input info which helps supply parameters (including "quality", light variation, detail, etc)
ot interactive, awards
 software, comparison of parameters sets, severe limitations on geometry and complex devices. Cannot share light between rooms.

 s blind controls, allows complex geometry
 bilities (uses as base?)
mparison program, ADS, etc, only based on diffuse/daylight factor

ms discontinued
P-r, ASCII Mod files, and XML

 simulate only sun, sky, or electric one at a time, complex program needs lots of knowledge/skill w/computer
 S, HVAC, nat vent, CFD, solar shading, etc)

 LUMDAT or CIBSE format

 ricks, not physical modeling

 s, Daylighting more of a frill than focus

dlepower distribution files
t between rooms.
              Tool Name
3D-Lighting (part of 3DSolar package)
       Building Design Advisor
   DIAL-Europe (was LESODIAL)
    Eco Advisor (in development)
              Eco Lumen
          FormZ RadioZity
             IES - FlucsDL
            IES - FlucsPro
            IES - LightPro
  IES - RadianceIES (Radiance UI)
       Lightswitch Wizard, The
        Lumen Micro/Designer
         MIT Design Advisor
          Radiance (Linux)
Radiance Control Panel (Radiance UI)
   S.P.O.T. sens place. & opt tool
               Sky Vision
            Sombrero 3.01
           SUPERLITE 2.0

DOE Building Energy Toolbox (lighting)
            Lighting Wiki


Overall Sources: (besides listed websites)
Extra Sources

Walkenhorst 2002
Carroll 2005, Hitchcock 2003, Vartiainen 2000

Bryan 2002
Mitanchey 1997

Altmann 2001, Bryan 2002
Reinhart 2003
Bryan 2002

Altmann 2001, Bryan 2002

Bund 2005
*ADELINE="Advanced Day- and Electric Lighting Integrated New Environment"
*STV=small target visibility
*LPD=Lighting Power Density
*UGR=Unified Glare Rating
*UC=under construction
*ADS=Annual Daylight Sufficiency (ammt time with lights off, calculated hourly from daylight factor based on diffuse horizontal i
*VCP=Guth Visual Comfort Probability
*DGI=Daylight Glare Index
*CGI=CIE Glare Index
*Guth VDP=Guth visible discomfort probability
*Guth DGR=Guth disability glare rating


Tools to profile:
FormZ RadioZity
ht factor based on diffuse horizontal illuminance)


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