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January - March 2010           Volume 1 - Issue 1

                         Ministry of Finance

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 Foreword                      1
 Working for Customs           2
 Paul Randall bids farewell    3
 EDRMS Project Overview        4
 Help desk System Overview     5
    Ministry of Finance


     Welcome to the first edition of the Ministry      address matters happening within the wider           Suggestions and comments on how we can
     of Finance newsletter. I am very excited to       Namibian financial sector. It is also aimed at       improve and sustain the newsletter will be
     witness the launch of this much anticipated       educating and disseminating information. In          highly appreciated. Feel free to email or call
     newsletter which will report various events,      this first edition I want to invite all interested   using the contact details below.
     happenings or should we call it news that         staff of MOF who wants to share their
     continues to unfold within the ministry and is    experiences with the Namibian people to
     of interest to us.                                express their views, ideas and comments
                                                       using this publication.
     First and foremost let me explain the
     relevance of this newsletter to the Ministry of   We are seeking to create a cooperative               Aldrin Manyando
     Finance and its stakeholders. This quarterly      forum where we can communicate freely                Public Relations Officer
     newsletter will not only address what is          and contribute in one way or another to    
     happening in Ministry of Finance, it will also    nation building.                                     Telephone 209 2704

     Interview with the Honourable Minister of Finance, Me
     Saara Kuukongelwa-Amadhila by Aldrin Manyando, the
     Public Relations Officer of the Ministry Finance on 18th
     of December 2009.

     Aldrin:     What are some of the key              (2003/2004 fiscal year) So much so that              So that is one area; while we were able to
     achievements that you can outline if              we had to go back to parliament to ask for           continue improving public expenditure we
     you reflect on the past as Minister of            a reduction in the appropriated expenditure          were also trying to stabilise debt which
     Finance?                                          because revenue was expected to fare less            was spiralling at that time. We were able
                                                       than it was initially estimated at the time          to consolidate our debt bringing it back
     Minister:                                         of budgeting. Since that time the situation          to 25% of GDP which we had set as our
                                                       has turned around, not only because of               benchmark.
     Some of the things that I would think of are:     the economy that has picked up, but also
     The improvement of revenue collection.            because we have improved our revenue                 During this time, we operationalized the
     I came to the Ministry at a very difficult        collection significantly, resulting in the           programme budgeting approach which
     time when the revenue had contracted              strengthening of public expenditure and              enabled us to target expenditure of
     significantly due to misfortunes in economy       the ability of government to respond to              government towards what we considered as
     especially in the mining sector at that time      development priorities.                              one of the priorities and be able to identify

                                                                                                                              Ministry of Finance

and assess the impact of these programmes         I am very happy to report that after a lot         capacity that I will be required too, as long
and development objectives that we had            of hard work we have now finalized the             as I am able to do so.
chosen.                                           revised Tender Board Bill which is now
                                                  ready to be shared with our stakeholders           Aldrin:     If given the next mandate,
Ministries are now required to plan their         for their comment and I am optimistic that         what will be your priorities/goals for the
expenditure in terms of programmes and            if we can get through the legal minds in           Ministry of Finance?
also account for them to what we refer            government, we would be able to table the
to as accountability reports which are            bill in Parliament early next year (2010)          Minister:
subsequently tabled in Parliament together
with the budget.                                  In addition to that we have been working on        My goals will be to consolidate          the
                                                  a range of financial sector loss that would        achievements that we have reached so far
The other area which I consider very              enable us to reform the financial sector           because these continue to be threatened
important is the finalisation of the financial    especially the non banking sector and also         especially by the developments in the
Sector Charter which brings together the          the banking industry through the Banking           global economy that have e gains that we
stakeholders in the financial industry. The       Institutions Act in a range of acts that are       have made in improving the public revenue
aim is for the sector to commit towards its       administered by NAMFISA which would                as a result of improved compliance by the
restructuring such that would see the sector      enable us to ensure that there is better           ministry. So we will continue to consolidate
considering the demographic realities             supervision of the non banking financial           the gains that we have made in that regard
in our country; enabling the previously           institutions.                                      and       improve service delivery by the
marginalised communities to participate in                                                           Ministry so that it becomes an institution of
the sector both through equity participation      The Act will also ensure that there is better      excellence and recognised as such by the
in financial institutions and management          treatment of the public by the financial           Namibian public. In particular, the issue of
and also in benefiting from services which        institutions both banking and non banking          access to financial services for the broader
are offered by the institutions. In other words   through the establishment of financial audits      Namibian public is an important objective for
providing funding to businesses owned by          and strengthening of consumer protection           the Ministry of Finance that we will continue
previously disadvantaged persons.                 for the clients of these financial institutions.   to hammer on. Optimization of the resources
                                                  I hope that we will be able to table both these    of the public that are availed through the
Aldrin:     What have been your priorities        bills in Parliament because both of them are       budget has to be ensured so it continues to
and your vision for the Ministry which            finalized. With the financial sector loss we       be allocated to what are the most important
you have served for the past (Seven)              have already completed our consultations           priorities. At the same time, these availed
years.                                            with the industry and we have to table the         resources should be optimally utilized and
                                                  bill at Cabinet, whereafter it has to go to the    none of it returned to Treasury at the end of
Minister:                                         lawyers for legal review and drafting.             the financial year while the Namibian public
                                                                                                     continues to be in need of public services
Yes, we have achieved a lot of success in         Aldrin:     Are you still prepared to serve        from our Government.
the areas I have indicated and these have         or be available as Minister of Finance
been amongst the priorities. However, in          should you be appointed for another                Aldrin:     I was informed that you initiated
addition to these there are issues related        term of office?                                    the idea of the ministerial newsletter.
to the review of the procurement act in order                                                        What was the main drive behind this?
to make it friendlier to the local economy;       Minister:
to optimise support for the local economy                                                            Minister:
and also optimise support for Government          Well as a Namibian, loyal Namibian whose
programmes for empowerment of the                 life to date is what it is because of the          The drive to initiate a newsletter was
previously disadvantaged persons and              sacrifices of others, I have committed myself      actually a realisation that there is so much
developing the SME sector.                        to a life of service to Namibians in whatever      that goes on within the Ministry of Finance

    Ministry of Finance

     that is so critical for the general Namibian     Aldrin:      Are you prepared to share                important that all of us do our best in order
     public out there and people do not know          with us your general personal goals                   to live up to the expectations that the public
     about. It is also important for people to        which you still want to achieve in your               has, because if we fail, so many people that
     know actually what we are doing at every         lifetime?                                             would be harmed because of that. I know
     point in time so that they can take part in                                                            that we do not have everything that we need
     processes that requires their participation      Minister:                                             at our disposal in this Ministry in order for us
     e.g compliance and enforcement would                                                                   to discharge our functions, that’s because
     require public education. People need to         Well, I think after everything that I have            of the resource constrains that face our
     be made to understand why they need to           gone through, as a young person that has              entire government and country. However, I
     pay taxes, how they need to pay their taxes      played a public role, my personal ambitions           do not want us to be discouraged because
     and how they can report incidences of tax        would be to achieve excellence in public              we do not have equipment or we are not
     evasion etc.. We want the Namibian public        duties. I believe that would give me great            remunerated at the level that we think we
     to really become supportive stakeholders in      satisfaction so that when I have lived my             should be or recognized in a way that we
     the process of nation building and by not        life one day and I am old, I can look back            deserve. We should not be demoralised
     disseminating information we, as a ministry      with satisfaction and say I’ve done a great           by that, but we should be inspired by the
     and government, actually sell ourselves          job. I have lived my life that God gave me in         fact that in spite of the inadequacies that
     short and we deprive the public of hope          service of my people.                                 we face every day, we are still luckier than
     because they might think nothing is being        Aldrin:     On a personal note still, I               many other Namibians that do not have the
     done about something that is so important.       learned that you recently celebrated                  opportunity to serve or earn an income. I
     It is also important that there is information   your birthday. How do you feel to have                think we should see what we have as a
     being shared with the public so that our         reached that age?                                     blessing, and we should justify that blessing
     stakeholders are enabled to contribute in                                                              that God has generously bestowed upon
     whatever way and in turn we are helped to        Minister:                                             us with excellent service, selflessness and
     realise the objectives we are pursuing.                                                                commitment to our country and our nation.
                                                      Yes, it feels quite old to be at that age, but        I hope that at this festive period when
     Aldrin:     On as social note, Honourable        you know we learn through life that age is            everybody likes to merry, we should take
     Minister what do you do in your spare            nothing but a number. Life is all what you            care of ourselves. We should cuddle our
     time?                                            make out of it and I feel truly blessed to have       families and be happy it but never indulge in
                                                      an opportunity to serve in this capacity. I feel      any actions that would jeopardise our lives.
     Minister:                                        that at this age I still have the opportunity         We should make sure that we are able to
                                                      to use my life productively, I can still further      come back to work next year rejuvenated
     Well, I think actually when you become a         improve what I can do for Namibia. I still feel       and in one piece. I wish everybody a
     public servant it becomes difficult actually     strong and thank God for that.                        blessed festive season and a prosperous
     to have spare time and your private life is                                                            new year 2010.
     defined by your public duties. Time that you     Aldrin:     Any message that you want to
     can say this is my private time when you do      give to staff members?
     not think of official matters. However I like
     to be with my family and friends whenever        Minister:
     I have some little spare time and I like to
     enjoy educational programmes that help           Yes, What I want to tell the staff members            Aldrin: Thank you Honourable Minister. It
     me improve my understanding of the               especially of this ministry that Finance              was indeed an honour to have this interview
     world/society we live in and of the positive     Ministry is at the core of any Government             with you and get a bird’s eye view of Saara
     lessons that I can draw from it so that I can    institution. We are vested with so much               Kuukongelwa-Amadhila, the Minister and
     improve on the way that I discharge my           public trust and I know it is not going to be         the person
     responsibilities in the public life.             easy to live up to it. But I think it is critically

                                                                                                                                    Ministry of Finance

Directorate Expenditure and Financial Management realised the need for skills development and
capacity building among its accounting cadres and undertook various training interventions to
ll some of the existing gaps in areas of the IFMS System as well extending the skills to members
of the Public Accounts Committee.

Skills and Capacity Building Program

The Office of the Accountant General took
part as facilitator and present at the Public
Accounts    Committee Annual         Training
Workshop at Otjiwarongo between the
3rd and 6th Juwly 2009.         The workshop
was sponsored by the Friedrich Erbert
Foundation and was attended by members
of the Public Accounts Committee as well as
staff members from the National Assembly.
The Ministry of Finance covered topics such
as Government Accounting, International
Public   Sector    Accounting      Standards,
International Financial Reporting Standard
and progress on the IFMS. Among the
facilities were Paul Randall (MOF), Mr.
                                                Members of the Public Accounts Committee with staff from Auditors General Office pictured at Otjiwarongo where
M. Tjiueza (Unam), the Auditor General’s                                they attached the annual Training Workshop 3 – 6 July 2009.
Office and Mr. W. Adelele from AIMS.

Skills and Capacity Building among GRN Accounting

The Accountant General’s Office realized        was presented by AIMS Trainers and was                   Introduction to Public Sector Accounting
the importance of skill transfer and capacity   sponsored by the World Bank Office in                    Principles of Public Financial Management
building among the accounting cadres of the     Pretoria to the amount of N$140 000.00.                  IFMS        Payroll,      Procurement,         Cash
Office/Ministries and Agencies to enhance       It is a system budged training which offer               Management System
the efficiency of Integrated Financial          participants in understanding of their
Management System (IFMS). The course            business flow of transactions on the IFMS                Over 30 participants attended the two
entitled “IFMS Accounting Training” was         System.                                                  weeks course and more demands for
conducted between the 20 – 31 July 2009
                                                                                                         similar course are expressed by different
at AIMS Training Centre in Windhoek. It         The following areas were covered:                        Office/Ministries/Agencies.

    Ministry of Finance

           Accounting staff members during the training session

            Presenter clearing questions from staff members during the        Listening attentively are Mr. Hoveka, Ms. Makeno during the training session
                             training session at Aims.

     Mrs. Linda Van Wyk (Senior Accountant) at Bank Reconciliation       MS U Kazondanga, Deputy Director Financial Management and Control reported
      provides in-house training to officials on how to process bank     back to office upon arriving from Lesotho (Maseru) where she attended a MEFME
             transactions on AP System to reflect transaction            course on the application of Assets/ Liabilities Management Framework for debt and
                     in GL System, 31st August 2009.                     reserve Management( 20 July – 5 August 2009) with colleagues from Assets Cash and
                                                                         Debt management. The knowledge acquired from the workshop will help the head of
                                                                         Accounting and financial control division to assess and analyse the quality of obtained
                                                                         from Asset and Debt Management, to provide appropriate and accurate Financial
                                                                         statements to Executives and Auditors to make appropriate decisions
                                                                         on financial status of the government.

                                                                                                                             Ministry of Finance

Working for Customs

So many people do not understand the role           for in an endeavour to secure a job with the      The    selection    and     appointment     of
of Customs and Excise, yet it is a primary          Customs sector?                                   candidates are done through an interview
economic development driver in the context                                                            process as prescribed by the office of the
of developing countries including Namibia.          A prospective candidate can be absorbed           Prime Minister.
This is evident in the contribution this sector     in the job market as a Customs and Excise
makes to the state revenue fund. In the             Officer (CEO) provided he/she is a holder of
face of such realities many people do not           either a degree or diploma from a recognized      A high standard of honesty is expected
render the sector the highest recognition           tertiary institution. With recognized tertiary    from a Customs Officer in both his/her
she deserves among other professions                institutions, we refer to institutions like       official duties and private life. This
such as Auditing, Accounting, Trade,                UNAM, Polytechnic of Namibia, Technikon           means they should:
Transport, Logistics, Statistics, Engineering       of South Africa and UNISA, but to limited to
to mention but a few. While the contribution        these institutions.                                  • always be polite, considerate and fair
to state revenue fund is enormous, it is also                                                               to the public and colleagues;
important to note that there are growing                                                                 • not give away any confidential
and endless challenges facing the sector.           Customs and Excise Officer, grade 2AL3                  information that they work with;
Among such challenges is balancing trade            positions are at entry level and are thus not        • avoid doing jobs for traders, like
facilitation and enforcement; mobilising            advertised in the Public Service circular. The          clearing agents or bookkeeping/
sufficient resources to meet its recurrent          Directorate of Customs and Excise do have               accounting;
responsibility and accountability; nurturing        a Sub-Division Resource Services, which              • make sure their dealings with the
high levels of integrity and professionalism.       deals with all human resource related issues            public and what they do in their private
It is commendable to rate this sector at the        of the Directorate. This office receives job            life do not affect their positions;
same level as all other sectors that merit          application from prospective candidates              • not accept any gifts or favors from the
equal consideration. Aspiring candidates to         on a daily basis. These applications are                people they are dealing with;
this sector can be guaranteed intermittent          then screen/short listed if and when a               • not use own position to promote their
challenges everyday of their work life, for it is   vacancy exist or else as it is the case lately,         own private interests and
dynamic by nature. Given this background,           vacancies are advertised on the Ministerial          • always make sure they fill in all official
what then can potential candidates brace            notice boards.                                          documents accurately.

    Ministry of Finance

     Paul Randall bids farewell

     Story by Aldrin Manyando                                Also present at the farewell cocktail party was                about program budgeting in Namibia. He
                                                             Permanent Secretary Ministry of Finance Mr                     introduced program budgeting in Namibia.
     The Ministry of Finance bid farewell to one             Calle Schlettwein who also expressed his
     its longest serving British Financial adviser           appreciation for working collaboratively with                  Staff members especially those who worked
     to the Minister on the 19 of November
                                                             Mr Paul for a considerable period of time.                     closely with Mr. Paul in the budget section
     2009. In his farewell address in the Minister           Mr. Schlettwein indicated that Mr.. Randall                    expressed their appreciation for having
     boardroom, Paul Randall expressed his                   was a hard working and adhered to work                         worked with Paul and indicated that they
     sincere thanks and gratitude to the entire              schedules with precision and was as always                     will miss his jokes and funny gestures.
     Namibian population for their kindness and              filled with a sense of humour. He performed                    Paul Randall reverts back to UK where
     hospitality throughout his ten year period of           his duties with dedication without waiver.                     he will continue working with the Treasury
     service with the Ministry Finance.                      Mr. Paul is currently busy writing a book                      department in UK.

                              Mr.. Calle Schlettwein hands over a farewell gift to Mr. Paul Randall during his (Mr.. Randall) farewell cocktail party.

                                                                                                                                                     Ministry of Finance

EDRMS Project Overview

The current filling systems are not in                      which is an electronic way of keeping records                the work that have been done by his/her
order and non-functional as per National                    in a proper filling process, management and                  predecessor.
Archive requirements. Staff members are                     easy way to access or retrieve the records.
not using the system as stipulated in the                   Filling System is important for the Ministry
National Archives Act of 1992. All document                 because it contain vital communication                       Ministry of Finance is one of the four
supposed to be send to the registry office for              between Government to Government,                            piloted ministries along with Office of the
proper filling but not to be kept in the office             Business to Government, and Government                       President, Office of the Prime Minister and
to occupied office space.                                   to Citizen or interchangeable. One day                       Ministry of Home affairs and Immigration.
                                                            when certain record is needed in case of                     Mr.. S. Ndjavera, Ms. T. Mbuende and Ms.
Therefore, the Office of the Prime Minister                 court hearing to be able to retrieve that                    A. Snydewel are the key leaders in the
introduced the Electronic Documents and                     particular record. Or somebody change the                    implementation process for the Ministry of
Records Management System (EDRMS)                           office, the new comer will be able to follow                 Finance.

Mrs Mbuende when she attended the EDRMS training            Mr.. ST Ndjavera, Director: Administration in China
in China.                                                   attending EDRMS training workshop.

Some members of the piloted focal groups were trained in Beijing February/March 2009. While others that were not trained in Beijing were given a fresher’s training with rest of
the team in May 2009. Another two days training was organized by EDRMS Project Office and facilitated by Mr.. E. Nyanga, the Senior Archivist from National Archives on the 2nd
– 3rd of June 2009 at the Parliament Building. It was attended by selected Registry Clerks, Secretaries and IT staff members of all four piloted Ministries. MOF Management was
invited by the EDRMS Project Office for EDRMS Demonstration.

The Organizational Structure of Ministry of Finance and File Plan are already entered on the system. Defining of filing process, Classification level and Scanning Implementation
Plan are also completed. Currently the team are working on Defining Access File Plan Permission of the entire category, subcategory and folder of File Plan.

Help desk System Overview

                                                                                                                          were given training on how to use the
The Help desk is a system which was                          logged via help desk. It is crucial for Ministry
                                                                                                                          system. At the moment IT Division is busy
developed to automate the logging of calls                   to capture the entire problem reported and
                                                                                                                          testing the help desk system for a smooth
when the OMA’s experienced problem on                        record the solutions to build a database for
                                                                                                                          implementation before the system go live in
the IFMS system. Ministry of Finance has                     problems and how they are solved for future
                                                                                                                          the Ministry of Finance, then after that to roll
embarked on new help desk system to cater                    knowledge references.
                                                                                                                          out at least to five OMAs then to the rest of
for all the financial systems as well as the
entire Technical problem experienced such                    Ministry of Finance Core Team Leader and
as PC, Printer, Network and etc. should be                   Team Member in the ministry of Finance

     Ministry of Finance

      Minister’s birth day party Pict

                           Minister of Finance, Hon. Saara Kuugongelwa Amadhila cuts a birthday cake celebrating her birthday.

                                                                                                                                          Ministry of Finance


        Mr. Calle Schlettwein, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Finance opens a bottle of wine proposing a toast at the Minister’s birthday party.
                                                  The Deputy PS on the right hand side cheers on.


 Ministry of Finance

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