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									                  Donna Lynne Champlin
                       As “Gracie” in
  (Directed by Hal Prince @ The Prince Music theatre, The
                    Ahmanson Theatre)

 “Donna Lynne Champlin is a heart-rending Gracie. There may never be a
sweeter heroine in pastel stripes, lime-green pants and a plastic fuschia belt.
  When she sings the show‟s anthem, a simple ballad “The Air Is free,” the
 sentiment that the show trumpets- dreams are available- is pungent enough
                              to make you cry.”
                           -The New York Times

  “Donna Lynne Champlin, in an adorable performance, plays Amazing
 Gracie, (Jerry‟s) walkie talkie helpmate. She sings the show‟s best song,
                             “The Air Is Free”.

“Donna Lynne Champlin wins your heart as the faithful girlfriend who packs
    his sandwiches and fends off spoilsports from the Federal Aviation
                       -The Philadelphia Inquirer-

“…with (an) enormously appealing performance by Donna Lynne Champlin
 as his devoted girlfriend, Gracie, this little musical is as touching as it is
                           -Philadelphia Weekly-

 “…and the divine Donna Lynne Champlin‟s New Joisey-voiced girlfriend
    launches her pivotal anthem out into Jennifer Holiday territory.”
                                -IN LA

                     “Lawnchair‟s Champlin is super.”
                         -Beverly Hills Courier

“The cast is superb, with special mention due for Champlin‟s show-stopping
           delivery of an inspirational anthem, „The Air Is Free‟.”
                                -Frontiers LA

   “Especially hilarious is Champlin in lime green polyester pants and a
matching top as Gracie in “Lawnchair Man”, belting out her numbers with a
                          strong and showy voice.”
                                -Easy Reader

“Champlin stands out with her song „The Air Is Free‟ sung with conviction
  and a New Jersey accent as she fights for jerry‟s right to keep flying.”
                            -Palisadian Post

“…Donna Lynne Champlin is perfect as the supportive girlfriend who packs
   him sandwiches to go and cheers him on through a walkie-talkie.”
                           -Moorpark Star
 “Gracie, Donna Lynne Champlin is unforgettable, pinning the FAA agent
down and the lawn in Passaic New Jersey and singing, “You don‟t own the
                            -KCRW 89.9 fm


  …impressive is the delightful Donna Lynne Champlin as (jerry‟s) feisty,
                            caring girlfriend…
                              -Daily Tribune

“Gracie (Donna Lynne Champlin), who sports lime-green stretch pants and
  red hair…gives (her) character an unrefined sense as well as a lovable
                         -Los Angeles Loyolan

 “…extremely good performances in all three musicals, particularly Donna
                         Lynne Champlin…”
                        -Larchmont Chronicle

“back on earth, Jerry‟s supportive girlfriend Gracie (Donna Lynne Champlin
 in plastic earrings, also endearing, and the most supportive girlfriend a guy
                                  ever had)…”
                               -Back Stage West

“‟You don‟t own the air‟, sings Champlin, belting it out in a hearty, crowd-
                  pleasing manner. „The air is free!‟.”
                        -New Times Los Angeles

    “…his girlfriend, Gracie (Donna Lynne Champlin), is a paragon of
                         enthusiastic support…”
                        -Orange County Register

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